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Imprisoned Love Series


(Klaus x Liz) (Spy AU)

A/N: This was actually the first fic I ever wanted to write and OMIGOSH! I’m so excited for you to read this I have half the plot figured out and I hope you all like this!

Summary: Klaus Goldstein and Liz Hart are spies for opposite sides. While Liz loves the blood rushing life of stealing. Klaus is trying his hardest to bring all criminals to their knees. But something by fate perhaps pulls the two of them closer than they want to be.

Inspiration: Brittney Spears – Break the Ice is what inspired me to start this amazing little series that I’ve been bouncing around since April.

*The title for this is not final I wanted to call this the forbidden desire’s series but apparently that is already taken and I’m not a fan of copyrighting*

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