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A review I randomly found on one of my fics:

“The only thing I don’t love about this fic is the fact that Dean is a surgeon. Why?! Why can’t he be a firefighter or a police officer or a mechanic or anything else but a doctor. I mean there is so many more jobs that would suit Dean more and I feel like doctor is way at the bottom of the list. But that’s just me and the doctor thing ain’t really even a part of the fluff so I’ll let it go!l

I usually avoid reading reviews for my fic at all costs. People are entitled to their own opinions, and not everyone is going to like the work I produce. I’m completely fine with that. But this one literally fell into my lap and is so utterly comical I just can’t help myself: 

Hey there. Thanks for reading my fic! And giving it a lot of stars! And for letting go your distaste for Dean’s career. - But here’s the thing. This review is like if I went into a restaurant, and ordered a hamburger that had tomatoes, onions, and pickles on it and then wrote a YELP yelp review complaining about the tomatoes on my hamburger when the menu clearly stated they were on there… Doesn’t that seem silly?

So you would’ve liked to’ve seen a different career path for Dean. Do you know how many fic I’ve read with Dean as a firefighter, or a police officer, or a mechanic? Do you know how many fic I’ve written with Dean as a firefighter, or a police officer, or a mechanic? A whole hell of a lot my friend. You see, Dean is a surgeon in my fic because, well, I - as the writer - wanted him to be. And it fit with the story. So that’s how I wrote him. And I quite like doctor!Dean. He happens to be at the top of my - the writer’s - list. I guess you could say the fic I wrote - as the writer - was self-indulgent for me

And how would him being a mechanic have fit with the story? Castiel works the graveyard shift at the Gas-N-Sip. AKA he’s off by like six am. What would mechanic Dean need to be doing at a gas station between the hours of midnight and six in the morning? Furthermore, the obvious turning point of the story is when Dean almost lost a patient he wanted to be with Cas. At the gas station. How would that have worked if he’d been a mechanic? He… almost lost… a car?… I don’t think so, my friend. Cop, firefighter, sure it might’ve worked. But you just had to go and mention mechanic, didn’t you?

Also, this particular review confuses me because on AO3 the fic is clearly marked Doctor!Dean; the summary explicitly says “The one where Castiel is a gas attendant, and Dean is a doctor.” And on tumblr? In the author’s notes before the fic: “Doctor!Dean/Gas-N-Sip!Cas AU. 1.9k. Fluff.” So like. If you don’t like doctor!Dean, why did you read something that clearly stated it had doctor!Dean in it? That sounds a little silly to me! And then commenting on that particular plot point at all is, well, even sillier! 

In conclusion, I thank you, again for reading my fic, recommending it, and all that. That’s really awesome of you. But the review? Meh, I guess I’ll just - as you said - let it go!

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Does anyone else get that feeling when they’re feeling feelings, but they don’t know exactly what those feelings are..?

Alex Gaskarth: Just Shut Up And Kiss Me

Request: Could you do a fluffy Alex Gaskarth imagine where you’re best friends and he’s your crush you are quite a bit younger than him though. You have a supernatural marathon and you start to get the feels that make you squirm and there’s a sad part and you hold his arm as time goes on you get closer and closer until you’re basically lying on him. You go into the kitchen where he holds you in his arms for a really long time and tells you he loves you and kisses and fluffy fluff!


A/N: This was really fun to write. :) How cute is Alex looking in the picture, by the way?!

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