no weird hashtags this time

Does anyone else get that feeling when they’re feeling feelings, but they don’t know exactly what those feelings are..?

anonymous asked:

So do we have knowledge as to why Billie spent Christmas in Norway, while the rest of her family was in LA. As for the Gary thing, the hashtags do kinda feel weird but at the same time, I mean, from what I can tell the only appearances Gary has made have been at events sanctioned by Billie. Am I wrong with that thought?

She wasn’t alone on Christmas. She’s with her dad in one of the two pictures she posted of the northern lights in Norway and she tagged her step-father in the picture, who was also there with them along with Billie’s step-sister as seen in the picture her step-dad posted absolutely identical to hers in Norway. As for the hashtags, it’s not what bothers me the most. What bothers me is how Carrie’s former assistant, who now takes care of Gary full-time, uses Gary’s Instagram to “take advantage” of Carrie’s fame and her passing to promote Gary and his profile. Every time a picture is posted, he uses hashtags like the ones I mentioned and it’s absolutely unnecessary and borderline inappropriate. It was cute the first few times but now it’s just getting embarrassing and too much. Especially when Carrie has nothing to do with the content of the picture.