no we're just slow

HeroAka Kareshi: Iida Tenya (Park)

Iida: I apologize for being late!!

Iida: I’m earlier than our meeting time? No! To make my girlfriend wait, as a boyfriend that is the worst!

Iida: …Thank you. You really are a nice person…

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lalefue  asked:

I love your Oc's do you a back story for them? Hehe I have asked hubedihubbe about them and was told told to ask you and luleo.

Well they’re all part of a story that I, luleo and hubedihubbe have been rping since early 2014. In their world some people have superpowers, and these are commonly referred to as Supers, scientifically they are called Genetically Deficient Individuals (GDI’s). Supers are extremely feared and oppressed, and normal people (normies) generally view them as unpredictable monsters and dangerous criminals. So it’s kinda like X-Men, except Supers have been around pretty much forever, the oppression is a lot worse, and there’s no Xavier school or any kind of safe spaces for supers. So if you’re a super you either have to hide it forever or live on the streets like a fugitive, or you’ll be thrown in prison, where you’ll abused, degraded and experimented on. All for the safety of the general public, of course

The story starts off with Jamie, Katie and Sid meeting each other and (reluctantly) teaming up in running from the police and helping each other survive on the streets basically. Worth noting is that Jamie and Katie hated each other’s guts at first, so Sid was basically the glue holding them together. But they eventually became a very close-knit trio, and little by little they started helping other supers and working against the corrupt government in what little ways they could.

After a couple of years they found a somewhat stable place to live, which ended up becoming their headquarters. Mich joined them pretty quickly after that, as the trio knew him since before. Then they took in Laura too, and it kinda went downhill from there. They unintentionally started making a name for themselves as a relatively successful super resistance group, making more people join them but also bringing them to the attention of TriCorps (the Big Bad™ company that controls most of the government/media/police). Eventually they became more organized and started making a serious stand against their oppressors, thus becoming a big part in the super revolution.


i can’t wait for “what animal does this blood come from” next halloween

Take Me Home sentence starters
  • "Come on and let me sneak you out."
  • "We'll be doing what we do, just pretending that we're cool."
  • "I know we only met, but let's pretend it's love."
  • "Don't overthink, just let it go."
  • "If we get together, don't let the pictures leave your phone."
  • "We wanna live while we're young."
  • "If you don't wanna take it slow and you just wanna take me home, baby, say yeah."
  • "I just wanna show you off to all of my friends."
  • "Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me."
  • "You've never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine, but I'll love them endlessly."
  • "I'm in love with you."
  • "You'll never treat yourself right, darlin', but I want you to."
  • "Come on and dance with me, baby."
  • "I been watching you all night."
  • "Let me be your last first kiss."
  • "I wanna be the first to take it all the way like this."
  • "I'm afraid you'll run away if I tell you what I've wanted to tell you."
  • "Maybe this is a mistake."
  • "Seein' you with him just don't feel right."
  • "You're all I ever wanted, thought you would be the one."
  • "Now that you're gone, I can't stand dumb love songs."
  • "Do you remember summer '09?"
  • "It was the best time of my life."
  • "They can never shut us down."
  • "I used to think that I was better alone."
  • "Why did I ever wanna let you go?"
  • "The words you whispered I will always believe."
  • "We should say goodbye."
  • "Are we friends or are we more?"
  • "If you say you want me to stay, I’ll change my mind."
  • "Up in my head I'm your boyfriend, but that's one thing you've already got."
  • "Reality ruined my life."
  • "Feels like I'm constantly playing a game that I'm destined to lose."
  • "I can't compete with your boyfriend."
  • "Would he love you like I would?"
  • "I'd never leave her."
  • "It's no joke to me."
  • "Can we do it all over again?"
  • "You know I can tell that your heart isn't in it, or with it."
  • "We can both remove the masks and admit we regret it from the start."
  • "You'll never know how to make it on your own."
  • "But do you really want to be alone?"
  • "Baby, you don't have to worry, I'll be coming back for you."
  • "I've never been so into somebody before."
  • "Tell me nothing's gonna change."
  • "We're too young to know about forever."
  • "This love is only getting stronger."
  • "I just wanna tell the world that you're mine, girl."
  • "I bet you if they only knew, they would just be jealous of us."
  • "They don’t know I've waited all my life just to find a love that feels this right."
  • "They don’t know how special you are."
  • "They don’t know what you’ve done to my heart."
  • "They can say anything they want 'cause they don’t know us."
  • "It's between me and you, our little secret."
  • "Can't believe you're packing your bags."
  • "Don't promise that you're gonna write, don't promise that you'll call, just promise that you won't forget we had it all."
  • "You always will be my summer love."
  • "Wish that we could be alone now, we could find some place to hide."
  • "So please don't make this any harder, we can't take this any farther."
  • "She's addicted to the feeling of letting go."
  • "I'm the only one that gets to take her home."
  • "Every time I tell her that I want more, she closes the door."
  • "She's so afraid of falling in love."
  • "Maybe she's just trying to test me."
  • "Maybe all her friends have told her 'don't get closer, he'll just break your heart'."
  • "Every time I tell her how I feel, she says it's not real."
  • "I was the only one who loved you from the start."
  • "When I see you with him it tears my world apart."
  • "I've been waiting all this time to finally say it, but now I see your heart's been taken and nothing could be worse."
  • "Had my chances, could have been where he is standing."
  • "I loved you first."
  • "I never understood what love was really like, but I felt it for the first time looking in your eyes."
  • "Together we're so good, so why are you tearing me apart?"
  • "Did I do something stupid?"
  • "There's gotta be some way to get you to want me like before."
  • "No one ever looked so good in a dress and it hurts cause I know you won't be mine tonight."
  • "You say to everybody that you hate me, couldn't blame you 'cause I know I left you all alone."
  • "I was so stupid for letting you go, but I know you're still the one."
  • "I can't believe that you are here and lying next to me."
  • "I'm just the underdog who finally got the girl."
  • "Somehow you kicked all my walls in."
  • "Should I act so cool like it was no big deal?"
  • "Here's the tragic truth if you don't feel the same, my heart would fall apart if someone said your name."
  • "I hope I'm not a casualty, hope you won't get up and leave."
  • "Might not mean that much to you, but to me it's everything."
  • "Come on over, I don't care if people find out."
  • "They say that we're no good together and it's never gonna work out."
  • "I know you wanna be bad."
  • "Kissed you once now I can't leave."
  • "Everything you do is magic."
  • "Don't try to make me stay."
  • "Heartache doesn't last forever."
  • "Should I see someone else?"
My Darkest Days {Sentence Starters}
  • "I wish my girlfriend was more like you."
  • "I've made up my mind, and I've accepted our fate."
  • "When anybody says your name, I wanna run away."
  • "I was fine right before I met her."
  • "You’re the only one who matters and the only one for me."
  • "I always hurt somebody when I fall in love."
  • "f you’re smart, you’d run and protect yourself."
  • "You said forever, and you'd always be there to the end."
  • "It’s time to face what this love has done to me."
  • "There’s nothing to be gained, cause I can never change."
  • "We pretend to get along, but the smile's getting harder to fake."
  • "I shouldn't have fallen in love at all, but I couldn't stop myself."
  • "What gives you the right to tear up my life?"
  • "I went and messed it up again."
  • "We can try and talk, but the fighting always gets in the way."
  • "We're gonna light this room on fire."
  • "So, where did you sleep the night before?"
  • "No way in hell we're slowing down tonight."
  • "You might as well just stop crying."
Song Lyric Starters {Part 1}
  • "I am affected by you."
  • "I know I really shouldn't stay."
  • "I'm not the one that's going to save you."
  • "I'm just another girl you know."
  • "There's a road that I've traveled to get where I am."
  • "And, I'm sorry if I didn't say it enough."
  • "I was bold, I was brave."
  • "I was foolish to go."
  • "No one is telling me!"
  • "You just wont talk to me."
  • "Tell me what all this is for."
  • "And I’ve gotten so good at not falling apart."
  • "You should have stayed."
  • "I should have kissed you."
  • "And I won't sit here, feeling sorry for myself."
  • "Sometimes you find love with someone whose busy loving someone else."
  • "You should have said, its always been you."
  • "Did I have a chance?"
  • "I was blind but I see you now."
  • "I got heart you got class, we got style."
  • "I took a bottle for a road."
  • "I regret not staying up that night..."
  • "Think about the way it could have been."
  • "I'm sorry that I wouldn't let you in."
  • "Do you wanna kiss me?"
  • "When you're here you know it makes me better."
  • "No rush we can take it slow."
  • "We're a home but this is just a house."
  • "And I am angry cause I am restless and I am flawed."
  • "She'll make you a beautiful wife."
  • "You seem to forget all the games I play."
  • "Candy-coated alibis for where you go and who you see."
  • "But does she know your heart belongs to me?"
  • "Somewhere in between these hotel sheets is something I miss heard or you mis-said."
  • "Maybe I misread."
  • "I don't break...But I could use a break."
  • "Perfect time to finally let me know that you have a girlfriend..."
  • "Don't forget that we're not telling anyone."
  • "No matter how hard I try, I can’t escape that gaze tonight."
  • "I’m hypnotized by the way she moves."
  • "And I’ve been catching myself thinking of it."
  • "She’ll make you believe anything she wants."
  • "And I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for you."
  • "I wish the music would carry me away."
  • "Could I be so cavalier?"
  • "You know the lyrics and I know the melody."
  • "I don't have to wonder if you feel the same 'cause I know that you do."
  • "You know it's taken my pride and now I'm frantic inside."
  • "Cause I just need the real you."
  • "They say love can make you blind."
  • "You had me wrapped around your pinky finger."
  • "I was never the first pick."
  • "I don't wanna be the next best thing."
  • "I ain't gonna be your safety net."
  • "This waiting game is getting old."
  • "Just lying in the dark."
  • "Now it feels like my walls are melting down."
  • "Who knew that letting go, would make me so complete?"
  • "Somehow you're burning away my doubt."
  • "Are we just friends tonight?"
  • "Can't figure out exactly how we stand."
  • "Are we off, are we on?"
  • "Is that it, is there more?"
  • "Not enough, or too far?"
  • "It's okay if the choice is scaring ya."
  • "It's time to decide."
  • "'Cause if we find a single diamond in the rough then it's worth it."
  • "I don't care how much it hurts...It is worth it."
  • "Once again we are standing at the hardest part."
  • "I know we said 'let's be naive'."


Parks and Recreation Starter Sentences
  • "I hate doing work, but I love being flattered. So maybe I'll give it another try."
  • "Earlier I was licking icing off my finger and boom, I swallowed my wedding ring."
  • "This is the hardest I've ever worked on anything since... wow - I've never worked hard on anything! What a cool life!"
  • "I love you and I like you."
  • "We're all just calm and happy people enjoying ourselves on Earth."
  • "Slowing down is not really my jam."
  • "Live your life how you want, but don't confuse drama with happiness."
  • "I think we should talk soon because I almost bought a toe ring the other day."
  • "If all goes well, this might be one of the last times I get to speak to you."
  • "When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die!"
  • "You can trust me because I don't care enough about you to lie."
  • "I formally retract my hug."
  • "This is like a waking nightmare of happiness!"
  • "Well, I think you have several options. They're all terrible. But they're options."
  • "I am 100% sure that I am 0% sure of what to do."
  • "No one achieves anything alone."
  • "Take the easy way out. I always do! It's easy!"
  • "I love this idea and I love me for thinking of it."
  • "First of all, you did the right thing by hiding under this table."
  • "Please let me get my insult out, I've been practicing it the whole way here."
  • "You look like I could use some company."
  • "I guess I kind of hate most things. But I never really seem to hate you. So I want to spend the rest of my life with you, is that cool?"
  • "That's the second most awkward way someone grabbed my breast."
  • "You only get one chance to make a second impression."
  • "Look, who hasn't had gay thoughts? Who?"
  • "Look, I love you like a sibling. But right now I hate you. Like my actual sibling."
  • "Well, I am not usually one for speeches. So goodbye."
  • "I have to tell you a secret. But if you tell anyone, I will kill you slowly with a giant syringe."
Rowan Blanchard Brilliantly Explains What Most TV Shows Get Wrong About Teen Girls
"On so many shows, they portray teens, especially teen girls, as these idiots."

She also talked to the show’s writers about adding a gay or lesbian character for next season and doing an episode about racism in order to shine light on stories that affect all viewers, not just the ones who identify with stories about straight, white characters.

(Article contains a light plot summary for an episode that hasn’t aired yet.)

how come real madrid, the king club of making poor decisions and angering its fans, is one of the few clubs that hasn’t had any transfer drama ………. what is going on @ real ??? what are you up to ??? i don’t trust u…..


((their relationship is kinda confused, because both refuses to talk about it. Gamzee is the playboy type and Tavbro is still too much attached to another gr8 quidditch player…probably they will clear the thing one day…let’s just say it’s a complicate situation))