no way pinkie pie is the best

So I got a really fun commission where in I replicated the Freedom from Want painting by Norman Rockwell only with ponies and pony like casseroles instead of a turkey since ponies don’t eat meat.

Also, since this is a commission, there is a copyright. Best way to get pony art from me without one is to commission me.


Applejack Becomes Best Pony.

Part two of the 11K follower special!  Tune in next week to see part three!


Yes, it is a shot for shot remake.  In the end I only plan to cut maybe two scenes.  It’s quite an undertaking, but it’s way too much fun and the pay off will make you guys laugh, I hope.

So, I’ve watched up to mid-season 4 of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

I gotta say, it’s way better than expected. Which is strange because I actually expected it to be good. I am a weirdly big fan of pun-based humour though.

So when am I allowed to talk about it? Like, will people be upset if I don’t wait until I watch the EG movies before saying “fuck you all, Fluttershy is the best pony” or, can I say it?

No-one’ll ask me, so I’ll just order the main cast by how much I like them.

#1. Fluttershy - because I can empathise with her character so well.
#2. Pinkie Pie - because I like absurdist humour almost as much as I like puns.
#3. Twilight Sparkle - because I like the smart ones who don’t suddenly grab the idiot ball for no fucking reason. I like that her character is legitimately smart. I could rant about that concept for three pages, so I won’t. (I actually kind of did for one of my Uni classes.)
#4. Rarity - because fashion.
#5. Spike - because he’s not just a bumbling sidekick all the time.
#6. Apple Jack - because the folksy thing has charm but she hasn’t really done much yet.
#7 Rainbow Dash - because her whole competitive thing kind of just annoys me a little. Like, she is the only one who actively goes against her whole harmony thing and is generally the cause of her own and everyone else’s problems.

Come at me bro… nies.