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The Rise and Fall of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (7th Anniversary)

Back in early 2010, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was one of most popular cartoon shows that ever came out and surprisingly on par with Adventure Time back in the day. Here are the reasons why this was so great.

1) This Show was Created by Lauren Faust

Lauren Faust is one of the best storyboard artist, animator and creator of cartoon shows. What I like about her is before she made the show, she ask questions to fans first about MLP on DeviantArt before setting up her show and then made the pilot. Animated one of the best movies like Cat Don’t Dance and Iron Giant. She worked on great shows cartoons, mostly everyone childhood shows like…

PowerPuff Girls

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Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

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I don’t know why she leave the show but my guess is time, working on other things like Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls, Wander Over Yonder, and DC Super Hero Girls. Overall, she’s pretty great.

2) Plot

The plot is simple, Twilight Sparkle, with Spike the Dragon was given the task is go to Ponyville and learn about friendship. There she meets her friends, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash. Together, they solve problems, go on crazy adventures, and learn the magic of friendship

For story driven episodes, it usually airs on seasons premieres and finales like

Season 2 Premiere: The Return of Harmony

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Season 2 Finale: A Canterlot Wedding

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But most of the episodes are different, no story what so ever and that’s fine because after all, it is a little girls show. Most of episodes are friendship solving and it’s really adorable to watch.

Mane six go on adventure

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Hanging out or an episode about secondary characters

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Although most of the episodes aren’t story driven and feel most of the lesson are repeats to each episodes, they’re very enjoyable to watch.

3) Characters

Almost everyone character are great, there’s not one thing I hate about them. The mares (females) of the show are portrayed as competent and strong and none of them as portrayed as be stronger and better. We’ve got Twilight Sparkle the intelligent, Fluttershy the shy one, Rainbow Dash the action, Applejack the hard worker, Rarity the fashionista, and Pinkie Pie the joke of the show, also the one who keeps breaking the 4th wall

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They develop greatly in the show like Fluttershy, from season 1 to 4, she was always shy and timid, never able to speak up for herself and letting others to push her

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But in recent seasons she now more assertive, speak about her concern

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Even the villains are great in the show such as 

Discord who’s play by an actor that play Q in Star Trek. He’s deceiving and manipulative at first but a very fun villain watch with creating chaos. He also hangs with Fluttershy a lot 

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4) World Building/Lore

The society the ponies live is quite interesting. There are three types ponies

Unicorns that can do magic 

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Pegasus can of course fly, control clouds, and live in them

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and Earth ponies are just like humans but horses

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There’s is one type that rules them all and there called Alicorns. Alicorns are princesses of Equestira. There are only four alicorns, Celestia Princess of the Sun, Luna Princess of the Moon, Cadance, Princess of Love Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship.

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Don’t worry, it’s not just ponies that live in this world, there’s dragons, ox, seapoinies, dog creatures, and many more.

5) Music

For a show that’s for little girls, the songs aren’t good… It’s the greatest sh@t you’ll ever listen to. It’s seriously Disney movie level like oh my god, it give so many emotion such as

The Magic Inside

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This Day Aria

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We’ll Make Our Mark

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Even the mulilanguage openings are great to listen like the Italian one!

I’m sorry Steven Universe, your songs are great but yours can’t compete with this.

6) Fandom

This fandom is probably why most people watch the show. Unlike most fandoms that are mostly toxic, this one is really decent throughout the years. You can ship any character you want and no is going to tell you otherwise (excpet filly with mare/colt), everyone can speak about their opinions, and everyone gets the message of the show by being kind to each other

What I like most about the community is there content. Seriously this fandom makes some great content like music, fan-animation, and fan-art.

For example

Lullaby for a Princess by Ponyphonic

Button Mash Adventure by Jananimation

So great that non-fans of the show listen to a song called “Discord” by Tombstone and people got pissed when they found out when they found it was created by a Brony

The fandom even given names to all the background ponies!

Such as Derpy Hooves, Lyra Heartstrings, Bon Bon, Octiva, Vinyl Scratch, Berry Punch and Doctor Whooves.

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Also, there is one time that the fandom got upset about one thing and it actually very reasonable compared to most fandoms of right now. When “The Last Roundup” came, it was Derpy first time that she talk. People got offended for having crossed eyes, reckless and being a poor portrayal of a autism person and demand for that pony to be removed off the show. 

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The bronies got upset and start a campaign, #SaveDerpy and to that I say

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After that, she stayed on the show. The best reason why the fans get frustrated about that. Not because of a ship, not because of sauce but for a fan favorite character was about to be remove

So now let’s talk how did this show fall


So probably many fans,including myself stop watching the show because with other cartoon shows popping with more mature story-driven, and action shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Legend of Korra, Rick and Morty, and Star vs The Forces of Evil, people lost interesting in the show.

Also the show is pretty much over now

The Cutie Crusaders got their cutie mark

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Twilight becomes a princess and even has an apprentice

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Rainbow Dash becomes a Wonderbolt

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Rarity has own fashion buisness

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So there’s no point in watching the show anymore, a similar situation to Adventure Time


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the show that used to be so popular back in the early 2010s, good plot, great characters and have great support by fans. With season 7 actually getting interesting, I think this show will get back on their horse

Happy 7th Anniversary! 

I’m about to cry oh my god why am I so unlucky I mean what did I actually do to deserve this?

So, I had this whole thing written out. Entirely written out, all the terrible jokes, all the explanations no one wants to hear, all of it. It was long, and mostly interesting, and even had a gif at the end, like I never do that, that’s how into it I was. Then, I left it for three seconds to quickly check if I spelled ‘repression’ correctly, and I had, and then I went back and for some reason it was just gone! Gone! GONE! Why are even the simplest tasks so difficult for me to do?

Anyway, ehm, even though this story isn’t told through Rarity’s perspective, it’s narrative is still mostly driven by her scrapbook, which at first mostly contains almost stalkerish pictures of Applejack but eventually leads into the school year, which is the duration of time this story tells or whatever.

The basic storyline is this: Twilight Sparkle, a junior reporter attending Ponyville High begins her school year by delving into Ponyville’s unassuming history in order to figure out the cause of all the magical mishaps happening in Ponyville and how new girl Sunset Shimmer ties in with it all. Her photographer, Rarity Belle, struggles to cope when her mother’s old process camera begins to capture shadows, strange figures and feints of light that aren’t there, while also very awkwardly wooing her romantically oblivious crush, Applejack. Pinkie Pie, resident class clown and conspiracy theorist, attempts to get the attention of Twilight through numerous acts of love, but they ultimately end in misfortune and mess up her investigation. Fluttershy Breeze, an amateur voodoo practicer, keeps getting prophetic nightmares about her classmates, and, more specifically, her best friend Rainbow Dash, whom she had begun developing feelings for. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash really begins to feel the burn of popularity when her boyfriend, Soarin, and the football team start getting in the way of her friendship with Fluttershy, and with her younger adoptive sister Scootaloo suddenly hospitalised and her parents divorcing, begins to emotionally distance herself from her friends and family. Applejack Smith begins suffering with paranoia and anxiety when touching people leads to them acting on their more sadistic and honest desires, which only gets worse when she begins to do the same with the people she cares about. Eventually it all leads them to the same place; the Everfree forest, where they discover they are connected to both each other and the forest in more ways than one…

Real quick apology to @feellikeaplat because I accidentally gave my Twilight your Twilight’s hair. I swear it was an accident I didn’t even notice until the drawing was finished and I was casually stalking your page and it was too late to change it.

And now also a huge shoutout to my boy @slendyanswers who has been endlessly patient with me and has helped me with many parts of this storyline, which he will be credited for more specifically when they show up! Also, public apology to him too, I know I suck at keeping up conversations and I know I can get weirdly distant and stuff but it’s just I get really nervous when I text people sometimes and I’ve been really busy lately. When I get the time I will absolutely send you a hello or whatever, thanks for being so cool about my terrible social skills.

In other news, I went to see Wonder Woman today and it was AMAZING and everyone should watch it. At the end she does this like care bear stare thing and it’s really cool. Yup yup yup.

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Hexafusion: Silly girls edition.

Planned on having this done sooner, but after getting on a Sunset Shimmer kick this sorta took a backseat. Started this not long after the first hexafusion. I thought this would be easy and quick to do with the simple designs here, but it took longer than I expected. Not sure if this came out as good as the first hexafusion. The last fusion I started two nights ago and rushed it a bit (just finished it this morning). I honestly just wanted this done and out of the way, so I can move on to the other hexafusions I’ve planned. And get back to Sunset.

Calling all POC voice actors! 

We are currently holding auditions for a main character in our dub for Butterfly Blues!

What is Butterfly Blues? It’s a webcomic created by @spoonychan, @yuurikatsudone, and @hideki16seiyuu. It takes place in a world destroyed by the Gods, following the journey of a homeless trio who takes on a job to help two brothers from a prestigious family hunt down an infamous terrorist group, Butterfly Blue. (you can check it out @butterfly-blues)

What character needs a voice? Half-Bath (or “Halfy” for short), pictured above, is the eternal optimist with a sunny disposition, always making the best of things and picking up everyone’s spirits around her without really trying (or realizing it). She was found in the half-bathroom of an abandoned mansion by a boy named Czex with no recollection of who she was and a shoddy, artificial leg. Her voice ranges on the higher side, but nothing Pinkie Pie style or shrill. She is happy and cheerful, but she is in no way an obnoxious ball of hyper-active energy. In fact, she is definitely the most down-to-earth of the squad!

Will I get paid if I get a part in the comic? Yes. It is $30/hr, and voice sessions tend to be around an hour long. The pay goes up the more money we make on Patreon. If you get an extra and you only have a few lines that take a few minutes, the minimum you will be paid is $15, regardless of how long it took.

Didn’t you already have a voice for Halfy? I did, but unfortunately, she no longer works with us. I started this project with the idea that I should scout out the main cast (we’re very picky when it comes to these characters) and cast everyone based solely on their voice and not their race/orientation/gender. In fact, I had no idea what most of the cast looked like until after I had cast them. While I still mostly follow this rule, I feel like it is important to cast a POC as Halfy. Halfy is very important to me and a direct representation of many girls from my step-family, who are all sweet, beautiful, intelligent, black women, and I feel if I cast a white person as her, that would be a huge slap to the face to all black girls out there. And I’m not about to do that.

I’m white. Can I still audition? You can! I will not cast you as Halfy, but we will need extra voices throughout the comic. So far, everyone who has sent us a demo reel has had a speaking part or has been guaranteed a speaking part. Chances are, I will find a place for you if your acting is solid and you have a good quality mic, even if it is way down the line.

I’m a POC, but I’m not black. Can I still audition? Yes! As long as you’re not white, I feel comfortable casting you as Halfy if you play the part well, to be completely honest. And as stated above, if you’re not well-suited for Halfy, then you can be an extra somewhere down the line.

How do I audition? Simple. Send a demo reel or some other example of your work to If you don’t have either readily available, you can workshop a few lines to send to me, varying in emotion. You can even check out @butterfly-blues for some lines to snag, or you can even watch the Chapter 0 dub to get some ideas from our original VA for her!

Is there a deadline? Yes, the deadline is September 15. If I need to extend this deadline, I will, and I’ll let everyone know.

Thank you all for your time! I hope to hear from you soon!

darkwee009  asked:

The character ask meme: Your fav Pinkie Pie.

general opinion: love them 

hotness level: gorgeous! Shes a pony if she was a human woman yes she’s gorgeous.

hogwarts house: hufflepuff

best quality: well she puts other’s happiness first over her own and she goes out on her way to make people happy. 

worst quality: she can be pretty pushy and thinks her way is the only way and that there possibly cant be different ways people do things like friendship. 

ship them with: cheese sandwich the only man i can ever see her falling in love with. 

brotp them with: she’s bff with everyone but i guess i can say rainbow dash or twilight. 
needs to stay away from: people like Sven gallop who will take advantage of her 

misc. thoughts: there’s more to her character then how the writers portray her in the show. 

Shortly after her forfeit, Pinkie packed up all of her party supplies, a distressed look on her face. She sadly rested a hoof on her chest of supplies and sighed.

Twilight: She’s not seriously leaving, is she?!

Rarity: It looks like it, darling.

Applejack: Some pony ought to stop her or talk some sense into her something!

Rainbow Dash took action and flew in front of Pinkie Pie.

Rainbow: Pinkie, I’m sorry! I got swept away with Cheese Sandwich’s antics!

Twilight: We’re all sorry.

Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, and Keira all sadly nodded in agreement. Discord… wasn’t sure how to react honestly. Was this normal for Pinkie? He didn’t know.

Pinkie: I’m the one who should be sorry. I let my pride get in the way of throwing the best birth-iversry ever. I should’ve been the bigger pony. Cheese Sandwich will make a terrific headliner.

So I got a really fun commission where in I replicated the Freedom from Want painting by Norman Rockwell only with ponies and pony like casseroles instead of a turkey since ponies don’t eat meat.

Also, since this is a commission, there is a copyright. Best way to get pony art from me without one is to commission me.

Pinkie Pride-review and thoughts

From the post below you will see what I liked and disliked about this episode.

In the beginning we see Pinkie coming into Ponyville while singing, this is what I enjoyed in this episode, being made into a musical! I guess it had to be if they have someone like Weird Al being the voice of Cheese Sandwich.

Lets take a look at Cheese Sandwich, his style is so similar to Pinkie’s and the way he acts, he is like the male version of Pinkie Pie. When he stroll into town he said that he had a “cheesy sense”. We can all agree that he base his looks on Pinkie when he was young which I will explain later.

Now the song which Weird Al, “super duper Party Pony” which his whole voice changes from low to high and happy, along with the polka music and accordion playing, this represent Weird Al in the best.

What I did'it like was how quickly Cheese Sandwich appeared and suddenly the mane 5 quickly forgets Pinkie Pie to go and hire him on the spot. especially Rainbow Dash. who quoted “Sure Pinkie’s party is sweet…..but now with you its going to be Epic!” and then Pinkie is Crying and Rainbow says “no offense” in which Pinkie just lets out a fake smile and pretended it did ‘it bother her.

Rainbow Dash the element of loyalty how soon you change sides.

Moving to the third song that Pinkie sang, while everyone is helping in Rainbow Dash’s party with Cheese, Pinkie is by herself sad and alone. It’s good that we see a different side of Pinkie than the happy, excitable and hyper Pony she is, because even the happiest person could feel down sometimes. When she goes into sugercube corner we see this.

What the-! who’s that at the botterm right corner, is that-!….A third sister! so the pinkie family expands, is this foreshadowing? Are we going to see an episode of Pinkie’s sisters? Yes for sure.

The song turns to a happier side when she wants to prove to everypony that she is still the best. We can all relate because who hasn’t felt their self esteem shot down because someone else was better than us? I know I have.

now for the Goof-off! Best face go!!!!

ooh~ Pinkie got the lead lets see Cheese.

oh he got out the mouse playing tuba!

okay moving on, and then we see this.

 In this we realize that she was caught up in her pride of being the best she forgot that its not all about her but for her friend Rainbow Dash.

When she is leaving Ponyville, which I have no idea why. she said whoever wins they get to plan Rainbow’s party not leave ponyville. Well, her friends come in and tell them that they are sorry and tell her that she and Cheese sandwich are both the best and that she should'ent think of her self less. and come in Cheese Sandwich!

I like this story of Chees'e past, where he was shy and had no friends, most of us can relate because I am shy too and I have trouble making friends but when we break out of our shell we can do great things. And my last thing.

Cheesepie, this is what I am calling the ship of PinkieXCheese, spread it around this had to be the name!!!!! CheesePie forever! I ship this so hard!. and enjoy some fan art below.

aww that’s cute isn’t it.

Now we have the third Key, the rubber chicken, I saw this one coming.

I gave this episode a 8/10

because it was relatable, the songs were catchy, I loved the polka and accordion and this is in my 3rd spot of top 10 pony episodes……and also cheesepie. Lets give a hand to weird al and really hope he comes back! we need more cheese sandwich!

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What is your view on each of the generations show and toys? For an example, here is my view on G3 (G1, G1.5, G2, G3, G3.5, G4). G3 - Show: It needed some work, especially along the later years. Toys: They were pretty nice, and lots of them too!

G1 toys - The BEST toyline hands down.  Simple yet carefully crafted.  Magical, exuded quality.

G1 “Rescue at Midnight Castle” - Amazing animation, amazing designs for the ponies.  Very horse-like, yet at the same time appropriately anthromorhpic expressions, etc.  Amazing villain.  Megan didn’t suck.  The best MLP animated feature.

G1 “Escape from Catrina” - Pretty good, weaker animation than RaMC.  I didn’t like how Catrina “turning good” was handled. She’s this bold, independent person while she’s bad, and suddenly when she turns good she’s all meek and demure?  What does that say about the writer’s view of what makes a “bad” woman versus a “good” woman?  Why couldn’t she be good and still be bold?

G1 show “MLP ‘n Friends” and the movie - I hate Megan.  She is a total canon sue. The last time I checked the show was “My Little Pony”, not “The Adventures of Queen Megan, Great White Savior of Ponyland.”  Inconsistent and often sloppy animation. Also the baby ponies talking baby talk—WHY?  

The basic plots are often quite good, though, with good villains. Ponyland being turned to glass?  Good.  The heart of Ponyland being disrupted and magic going crazy all over the land?  Yes.  So it does have an awesome epic vibe to it. I just can’t get over the ponies needing a twelve year old to run their lives.  It’s kind of pathetic.

G1 show “MLP Tales” - MUCH better animation than “MLP ‘n Friends.”  Terrible male characters.  Ace is a jerk.  Teddy and Sweetheart are headed for an abusive relationship.  Snoozer plots in Boringworld.  Too bad, because this was the first show to really focus in depth on individual characters.  I know Sweetheart is a fan favorite, but I loathe her.  Patch is the best.

G2 toyline - I don’t like their faces.  Specifically, I don’t like their muzzles / mouths.  They just look half-formed and, as I’ve mentioned before, I like pony toys that have more prominent nostrils.  

That said, this was THE toyline for accessories, often producing individualized accessories for each pony.  The US releases were a blob of muddy pinks and purples, but once the line became European exclusive they started utilizing some great color combos.  

Their symbols are disappointing, though.  Not in content, but in design.  They’re usually monochrome and just seem a little “clip-arty”. Few poses and the poses are all rather “samey”.

G2 show - None.

G3 toys - Second best toyline, despite being the start of the stupid “symbols on only one side” thing.  NOSTRILS. YES. Their heads are sometimes a little large compared to their bodies.  I love their ears.  Awesome variety of symbols.  Good variety of ideas (Jewel ponies, scented ponies, etc) without getting too gimmicky.

G3 show - If you look at them as the tales of a group of desperately, falsely cheerful survivors of some unknown apocalypse, they’re interesting.  (Why the heck do the Ponyville ponies not know about the unicorn kingdom a day’s walk away? Because they can’t leave home, because of RADIATION.)  

But that is delving more into fanon than into the shows themselves.  As shows, they have consistent animation, great voice actors, and boring, safe plots.  Except “A Very Minty Christmas”.  I flipping love that one.  Minty is the best.  I still enjoy watching them in the background while I’m cleaning or something, but there’s just no substance.

G3.5 toys - No.

G3.5 cartoon -  They changed G3 Rainbow Dash’s voice.  For this, no forgiveness.

Newborn Cuties toys - NO.

Newborn Cuties webisodes - The quality is so low it’s actually amazing.  The voice acting, the animation, the “plots” … It must take some dedication to reach that level of suckitude!

G4 toyline - Terrible.  The designs which work so well in the cartoon do not work well in real life.  The ponies have about an acre of forehead, disproportionately large ears, and, again, “invisible nostril syndrome.”  Their symbols are limited by their tiny, tiny bodies.  On the bright side, the best designed pegasus wings of any generation.  On the minus side, stupidly short unicorn horns.  (Shorter than their EARS?  REALLY??)  

But the main problem with this generation is that it barely has any characters.  Mane Six, Mane Six, Mane Six … I get that they’re the main characters and that lots of kids will want them, okay?  But do kids really want eight different Twilight Sparkles?  Maybe they do, I don’t know.  I know I don’t.

It’s not just the lack of characters, either.  It’s also the lack of poses.  It is RIDICULOUS that there are only two “normal” (i.e. not Celestia / Luna / other special char) brushable pony modes—the “standing there” pose and the oh so exciting “standing there with one leg bent” pose.  To put this in perspective, G1 had eight poses by its second year and G3 STARTED OUT with eight different poses.  For G4 MLP to be this popular and have so few brushable molds … It makes no sense. Especially with the Mane Six focus, since that would be a way to make the ten million versions of Pinkie Pie less “samey”.  

(I should add that blind bags, while cute, are not “the real My Little Ponies” to me.  Just like “the real Care Bears” are the plush toys, not the PVC figurines.)

As if this was not lazy enough, Hasbro often reuses G3 Ponyville accessories for the line. Oh yes, Hasbro.  Don’t think I don’t recognize them.

G4 cartoon - The best cartoon series (although “Rescue at Midnight Castle” is still my favorite piece of MLP animation overall).  Great world building, great characters.  I do think they should move the ponies out of Ponyville and have them go on more epic quests, because the whole “learning Friendship Lessons in Ponyville” thing is getting kind of stagnant.  But still.  The best series, with extremely consistent animation.  The animation is not what I’d call beautiful—I don’t really think it can be, being made as it is.  But it’s very functional, which is more important.  I really appreciate that the ponies act and move like horses in this (using their mouths to pick things up, etc).

Equestria Girls toyline - Not just a travesty, but a cheaply produced, overpriced travesty.  Sad Monster High wannabes.

Equestria Girls cartoon - Haven’t watched it.  I’ve heard it’s good, but … I watch for the characters who are ponies.  Take away the “who are ponies” part and I have no interest.

So, sadly I’m having problems left and right since more than a week by now and I really wanted to cheer myself up with the best way I can express myself… Drawing! 

I hope somewhere this helps someone else too, you never know when someone is going for hard times. Remember always staying positive and do you’re best!