no way out (2004)

we have always lived in the palace

I need to take you on a very important journey. We’re going through time, back to the summer of 2005.

In case you don’t recall, let me tell you a few things about the summer of 2005. Second-term Bush cynicism was heavy in the air. YouTube had been around for about two months. Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance were just starting to get popular. There was no such thing as an iPhone, we were still on Generation III of Pokemon and the PS3 wasn’t out yet. To give you a picture of exactly how early this is in internet history, the Numa Numa video came out in December of 2004. We’re talking way back in the wayback.

The internet used to be so fragmented. These days I’d say there are about ten websites that everybody goes on, the Walmarts of the internet, one-stop-shopping for all your social networking needs. Everyone is online, everyone uses their real names, and you have to be careful what you say, lest an unfortunate screencap be emailed to your boss.

It’s jarring. I feel sometimes like I’ve come home to find my house rearranged. It wasn’t always like this. Ten years ago “social media marketing” was not a thing, nobody had apps on their phone, and the internet was so much less corporate. It was a deeply embarrassing place, but it was genuine.

And I have a piece of it for you, pressed in my heart like a flower. Come back with me, for a while, to 2005.

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“You can’t fight progress, no matter how strange it sounds.”

I have a soft spot for the V1 Vocaloids, especially Miriam. It’s all come a long way since 2004. I wanted to test out Clip Paint Studio, which I got for Christmas. Touched up a bit in Photoshop and SAI.

Thanks everyone for all your support, I’m hoping to up my productivity a bit!

Emergency Commissions

I hate making these kind of things, but it’s really become a concern now… my graphics tablet is on it’s way out. It’s done well, but being a 2004 model Intuos 3 it’s really reaching it’s end. I can’t even get replacement parts for it any more… including nibs. I had to order a pack of 3rd party nibs the last week and…

They fall out, as you can see… this… doesn’t make art particularly easy really…

When the nib keeps doing this mid line… The other problem is that my cover sheet is completely wrecked. I tried to get a photo, but it’s hard to see without light shining on it…

Over the years the surface of the sheet has slowly worn away and now it’s really bumpy and scratchy…. and eats nibs fast, a big reason why I’m now running out.

So. I need a new Intuos. But these things are about $335 or something. I’m going to try continuing on with my old, worn nib for commissions, but it’s not going to last much longer… so if you guys could spread this around so I can draw for you to save up for a replacement tablet… I would REALLY appreciate it!

I’m offering the same old stuff, Osomatsu-san artwork in the style of the show OR the style of the official promotional artwork.

(This is old art now, but I can’t really waste nib drawing a new one for this… :( You guys know what my art looks like anyway! ;))

Commission Details;

$1 - 20 second doodle of a Matsu of your choice doing something of your choice

$18 - waist up, full colour picture with shading like in the show or official promo art

$25 - full body, full colour picture with shading like in the show or official promo art

$50 - Starting price for body pillow art

Extra costs may apply but I will settle this with you beforehand. Turnaround is usually next day or sooner. I will let you know if this is not possible.

Want extra characters in one pic? Prices are per character usually but what you want may get discount depending on the scenario. I’ll let you know what applies to what you ask for!

I can’t do NSFW, sorry! Anything to the level of what would be in the show is fine.

If you don’t want to contact me over tumblr’s messenger system, please feel free to e-mail me about it at domatsusan(at)gmail(dot)com!

Thank you all! This means a LOT to me since I draw pretty much all day every day. It’s a big part of me. Hopefully I can use the last of my good nib to help make you guys happy as well as let this old faithful tablet finally rest.


On this day, we lost an icon.

Eddie was amazing in the ring, on the mic, and whatever character his story direction was. I remember watching as an 8 year old and loving his Latino Heat angle with Chyna. Looking back, it’s crazy to see how over he was despite being in the lower card.

I’ll never forget the SmackDown after No Way Out 2004. After being the only person to pin Brock Lesnar for the WWE champion it felt so gratifying to see him finally winning the big one after 10+ years of blood, sweat, and tears.A celebration was warranted for his achievement. There was something about him that made me resonate with him. 

I know a lot of fans feel like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk were “their guys” but before them, it was Eddie. We rallied for him to be given a chance and finally the powers that be finally listened and gave him the opportunity.

It’s been 10 years and we are still talking about Eddie Guerrero. Despite being in WWE for a short period of time, he made a huge impact in the long term. He taught us all to be proud of who you are, you can defeat your demons, and to always love your family.

This is the one wrestler death that affects me the most, a wrestler taken in the prime of his career who seemed to conquer all of his demons and if was rumored was true he was about to become world champion once again. Eddie had it all man, he truly stole all of our hearts.