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Today in Japanese class our teacher explained why anime and manga are not good sources to learn Japanese. She also said that the word "Ashiteru" used in anime for love confessions is not used in real life because its VERY dramatic sounding, like something someone would say on their death bed to someone. Only thing I could think of in that moment was how Genos would TOTALLY use it because he'd think it the best way to fully get his feelings across to his Sensei and he's over dramatic as hell XD


And he’s say it as though it were just any other fact too, he’d be completely calm while somehow being as overly dramatic as possible. If Saitama’s drinking something when he eventually says it, he’ll choke, no doubt. Imagine him trying to ask Genos why he’d go so overboard about it, but Genos just answers that it was the most clear way of getting his feelings across. And Saitama’s just shouting about how that only works in middle of the night soap operas, not with no warning at dinner????? / / / / / /

Bring on the overly dramatic confession borg, anon, omg //////////

Ik it’s a bit late & it’s not the greatest drawing ever but..

Happy 27th Birthday @therealjacksepticeye!

Hope you had an awesome birthday, and I know you have another great year ahead of you =^,-,^=

You not only saved, but have changed my life forever Jack. A world without you would be one hell of a boring Earth. And I know a LOT of people feel the same way. You’ve changed our lives for the better.

We love you forever Jack, and we’ll stick with you till the bitter end ;D

@femslash-and-fandoms​ asked for : Strikhedonia | The pleasure of being able to say “to hell with it” | OT4 (The 100)

you didn’t specify this but i decided to write a scene from my current (as yet untitled) modern!au WIP which is turning into a beast of a fic and I’m so excited, as it is my outline is almost ¼ satisfied and I’m at 56k. This is from somewhere in the middle, but I hope you all enjoy this. Clarke, Octavia, and Lexa seducing Raven.

send me a word and a character/series/pairing and I’ll write you a drabble

“Octavia,” Raven leans over and whispers in her ear. “You realize your hand is on my thigh.” At the same moment Octavia nods she feels Clarke’s hand come to rest on the small of her back and the small patch of skin that’s exposed just above her jeans. “Oh,” she tries to not look surprised because even though the entire exchange that night could have been read as flirtatious or simply friendly, Octavia and Clarke are in a relationship with Lexa, and this is most definitely flirting.

Each of them discretely has a hand on her.

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I saw a ton of “Jack Quinn” drawings from @dork-iplier ’s edit,(which was super good!!) but I can’t help remembering how disappointed I was with they way they portrayed Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.
So here’s a Harley!Jack based off of one of her comic versions! I’ll do more versions later!

Edit: I was disappointed because she’s so much more than a “sexy crazy badass” and her design in the comics is way cooler. The black and red is traditional, ya know? The blue was added to make her “kiddie core” which is cool but not how Harley was meant to look! Edit2: I do absolutely love that edit tho

That being said my red copic is out of ink and this was hell to color!!


if you could do me a HUGE FAVOR and REBLOG THIS POST with your AGE, your preference between the PREQUELS vs. ORIGINALS, and your FAVORITE STAR WARS FILM (of the main seven episodes) in the tags i would really appreciate it! i’m doing a project for my statistics class and figured this would be a good way to get a lot of data! 

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you know the rest~

EDIT: if for any reason you feel UNCOMFORTABLE posting the information publicly, feel free to send me a message on anon instead! 

Forgot to tell you guys a story of why I don’t talk to people and socialize irl. So I had to go to a meeting for one of my classes (professor bought the whole class pizza, it was lovely) and it was way out of my driving radius (fun fact: driving scares the hell out of me). So I rode with three lovely ladies in their car.

On our way back, we dropped off the first girl at her house. Then me and the other two girls were talking about conspiracies. And one of them asks me if I know any good ones. First thing I say without thinking “I really only know about weird animals that might or might not exist.” Long pause. She goes “what”

I spend the next half hour talking about cryptids while this awesome girl literally is writing things I say down in a notebook. I gave the driver my Cryptozoology A to Z book in class today because they were both so interested and they room together.

Lesson: Wen will literally rant about cryptids for half an hour without a pause.