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can you tag mcreyes?

Hey nonnie, 

First of all, sorry for late reply but I was in a bus after standing 1,5h in cold, tired as hell when I noticed the ask.

I suppose you mean the art with Reyes holding Jesse in his arms, right, the vampire? I don’t ship them this way, yanno so I don’t see any reason to tag it this way on my blog. I know the original artist tags but, I am not obligated to tag it the same. I don’t see it ONLY this way, I love their father-son relationship and please, don’t associate any touch like this. I know some of you don’t like some ships but I appreciate some art. I do not tell the others what to tag and what not to tag, I just scroll through if I don’t like it, no big deal. Everyone has their own blog and we all should respect their decissions. 

If you feel bad with it, I am not keeping you, I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable on my blog but I won’t tag pics with names of ships others can see when I don’t see it myself


We are all missing her just a little bit more today. It really helps to know that I’m not alone in this and that there are so many people out there who are missing her as much as I do. This fandom is the best one I’ve ever been in and I’m so grateful for every single one of you. Your words, your fics, your arts, your humor, your resilience, and your strength, they have all helped me heal so much in the past year. I have no plans of “getting over Lexa,” in fact, I hope she stays with me forever. 

Been scrolling through the ClexaCon tags on Twitter and I just have to say, you all look so cute!! I just wanted to share some pics I found of Little Lexa at ClexaCon….she is literally the cutest!! xx

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The lovely Brianna @ydg-ing tagged me in this lil challenge

  • Rules: To post my 9 fave albums!!!
  • And tag others after completion

I am absolutely terrible at favourites and there’s no way that I can put all of the ones I love in and they’re all amazing so i’m just ordering it alphabetically (I’m cheating and putting 11 but I couldn’t choose just one from these bands)

1. Chasing Ghosts by The Amity Affliction

2. Dear G-D by Being As An Ocean

3. The Difference Between Hell and Home by Counterparts

4. I’m Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel At Home by Hotel Books

+ Run Wild, Young Beauty by Hotel Books

5. Somewhere At the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair by La Dispute

+ Wildlife by La Dispute

6. Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez

7. I’ll Keep You In My Mind, From Time To Time by Moose Blood

8. Chemical Miracle by Trophy Eyes

9. The Wombats Proudly Present… This Modern Glitch

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(warning, overdramatic person here) okay listen, Dae's love confession to Guk is all nice'n'cute, but what got me the most shook about it is that he said "i don't know how i would have survived." ... that hit me hard. like ... think about it. Without Yongguk (without B.A.P in gneral, probably), what might have happened to Daehyun?? and even more important, Yongguk, the guy who so openly talked about suicide himself, makes somebody close to him say that thanks to him he survived.

I know, Nonnie. I don’t think you’re being overdramatic.

We knew Daehyun was really depressed during the hiatus, but that confession really made me think it must’ve been even worse than I first thought.

I found BAP and AM 4:44 after the hiatus, but I’ve seen other babyz describe how much Yongguk’s lyrics scared them. He truly sounds suicidal in that song, and it’s still heartbreaking to hear. I don’t think there’s a way to sugarcoat this. He was in a really bad place, and this song was an honest confession.

I’ve said it before on this blog, when talking about BangDae’s relationship, but they really do seem to be closer since Matrix era. I know I’ve joked about it in my tags, what the hell happened between them during the hiatus, but honestly… I know all members must’ve supported each other a lot during that time, and maybe Yongguk and Daehyun helped each other in a whole different way.

Seriously, Daehyun’s words make me so emotional.

If you weren’t in my life,
i don’t know how i would have survived.
I don’t think i would have been able to
figure it out alone through the difficult times.

He’s always referred to the hiatus as “the difficult times”. I don’t think there’s any other way to interpret this. Yongguk took Daehyun through that time.

Exams are over

But I want to do nothing and been watching kitchen nightmare n hotel hell for the past 6 hours

Alright Kiddies Let’s Talk

So the Jaspvid tag is getting some nasties for some reason, so I’d like to just talk about my stand on it.



It’s fine if you decide to ship them as kids.

It’s fine if you prefer the Jasper lives au and ship them as adults

It’s fine if you go the angsty route and ship ghost Jasper with kid David

But it is NOT okay to ship ghost Jasper with adult David. When Jasper died, he stopped aging. He might have some form of maturity from being stuck on Spooky Island for so long, but physically(or as physical as being a ghost can get) he’s still a kid. 


I am all for Jaspvid. Hell, it’s my favorite ship. But that does not mean that I am okay with people shipping a kid with an adult. Even if they were the same age once.

TL;DR: Don’t ship Jaspvid unless you mean it as when they were kids or in a  Jasper lives au. If you can’t do that, then get the hell away from the ship.

Not Going Anywhere

Pairing: Jared  x Reader

Warnings: Body image issues, 

Wordcount: 488

Requested by: @capsofwinchesters : Number 338: “Will you just shut up for a moment so I can say something nice to you!” and 372 “You look beautiful.”

A/N: Unbetaed. All mistakes are mine. Written for  @wayward-mirage RPF Appreciation day

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You had no idea why you were freaking out like this. You and Jared had tried to get pregnant for months. You had been ecstatic when it finally happened and he had been over the moon. You had barely left the bed for the entire day after you told him. Even if you didn’t have to try anymore it didn’t mean you couldn’t celebrate getting it right. Or at least so Jared had insisted, not that he had needed too.

But now standing here looking in the mirror, as you were starting to show, it finally hit you how your body was going to change. Jared must have seen something was wrong by your expression, cause his worried voice sounded behind you, asking if you and the baby were okay. Rather than answering him a stream of words started falling from you lips.

“I am not going to look the same anymore. I am gonna be fat and ugly. Even when the baby gets here my boobs with be saggy and I will probably be so loose you can’t feel a thing,” you rambled trying to hold back your tears. Tears that quickly turned into angry tears when your husband started laughing.

“Yeah sure go ahead and laugh. It is not your body that’s going to change. You can just run off and find some young blonde chick on set and I will just be ugly at home with a baby,” you rambled, not making any sense causing your husband’s jaw to to drop.


“Actually you should find someone you can sleep with… as long as you come home to me and the baby afterwards. I can find a way to live with that,” you started crying over the images you had managed to conjure in your head, “just please don’t leave me.”

“Will you just shut up for a moment so I can say something nice to you!” Jared all but yelled and you stopped, surprised by his sudden change of tone and you nodded, hanging your head making Jared sigh in defeat as he walked up to you, wrapping his arms around you.

“You look beautiful. You’re the most gorgeous woman I have ever met. You are getting more stunning every passing day,” Jared spoke softly and you looked up at him through a tear blurred vision.

“You won’t leave me?” you sniffed, making Jared smile and shake his head lovingly at you.

“You have lost your mind woman. I don’t want anyone else and there is no way in hell I am going anywhere. Even if that crazy pregnancy brain of your kick me to the curve I will just camp out there until you remember how much we love each other and let me back in,” Jared teased, succeeding in making you laugh, before he tenderly pressed his lips against yours and every doubt you had felt moments before vanished with his affections.  

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Got7 as Writers

JB: “his hyung” “the older one” “the younger one” “the other one”

Jinyoung: *deletes entire paragraph while thinking ‘what the hell am i doing’*

Jackson: [google search] how to spell ____/ another word for ____/ another way to say ___

Mark: “Last updated: two months ago.”

Youngjae: *blushes bc he just wrote a kiss scene*

Bambam: #fluff #cuteness #cuddles (warning: anal fisting)

Yugyeom: “jsut”

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SO I ADORED THE TORTURED!KAREN PROMPT! I LOVE PROTECTIVE FRANK! Could you maybe write a follow up with Frank being the one to clean Karen up afterwards for a change instead of the other way around? 💕💕💕

Thank you!!! I am in love with the idea of Frank cleaning up Karen (I need it canon in my liiiiiife) so hell yeah! Also tagging @i-rely-on-you​ who replied wanting more of this fic too ^^ Hope you enjoy; thanks again!

Part 1

Karen walks home at the cusp of dawn without her shoes for the first time since high-school.

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“Wonderful”  from Screamers (BBS Heathers AU version of “Beautiful”)

(There a lot of cameos in this one by YouTubers not from the BBS gang and a couple who aren’t YouTubers at all [ie. Kelly and Amy] if any of you are confused, just ask me, I’ll let you know who’s who.)


“September 1st, 1989… 

Dear Diary, I like to believe that I’m a good person. That I see the good in everyone. But here we are, first day of senior year! and I look around at these people I’ve known all my life, and I ask myself…what fucking happened?“ 

Various YTbers and other people: 

Freak! (Ethan) 

Slut! (Amy) 

Sellout! (Pewds)

Bug eyes! (iDubbz) 

Poser! (Will {DAGames}) 

Lardass! (Panda) 


We were so tiny, 

happy and shiny, 

playing tag and getting chased. 

Various YTbers and others: 

Freak! (Jack) 

Slut! (Wiishu) 

Loser! (Wade) 

Shortbus! (Daithi) 


Singing and clapping, 

laughing and napping, 

baking cookies, eating paste. 

Various and others: 

Bull-dyke! (Minx) 

Stuck-up! (JennaMarbles) 

Hunchback! (Ian and Anthony) 


Then we got bigger. 

That was the trigger, 

Like the Huns invading Rome- 

runs into someone Sorry! 

Welcome to my school, 

This ain’t no high school: 

This is the Thunderdome. 

Hold your breath and count the days, we’re graduating soon. 

Various and others: 

White trash!


College will be paradise If I’m not killed by June! 

But I know, I know, life can be wonderful. 

I pray, I pray for a better way. 

If we changed back then, we could change again. 

We could be wonderful… 

(Mark knocks Lui to the floor.)




Just not today. 

Hey, are you okay? 


Get away, nerd. 

Various and others: 




Hetro! (Aaron) 

Hetro! (John) 

Hetro! (Danny) 


Things will get better 

soon as my letter comes from Harvard, Duke, or Brown. 

Wake from this coma, 

take my diploma, 

then I can blow this town. 

Dream of my ivy-covered walls 

and smoky French cafes… 

(Evan jostles Brian.) 


Watch it! 


Scowls Fight the urge to strike a match and send this dump ablaze! 

(Brian upends Evan’s lunch tray.) 


smirks Ooooops. 


Brian Terrorizer. Third year a linebacker, and eighth year of smacking lunch trays and BEING A HUGE DICK. 


What did you say to me, ya dick? 


… Nothing. 

Evan & Various and others:

But I know, I know, I know… 

Life can be wonderful. 

I pray, I pray, I pray 

For a better way. We were kind before; we can be kind once more. 

We can be wonderful… 

(Brock approaches.) 


Agh!… Hey Brocky. 


smiles Hey. 

(Brock helps Evan pick up his tray.) 


Brock Moosnuckle. My best friend since diapers. 


We on for movie night? 


Yeah, you’re on Jiffy Pop detail. 


I rented "The Princess Bride.”  


Again? Don’t you have it memorized by now? 


What can I say? I’m a sucker for a happy ending. 


Brock Moosnuckle! Bright load coming throoooough! 

(Ohm knocks the tray from Brock’s hands.)


scowls Ohm Wrecker. Quarterback. He is the smartest guy on the football team…Which is kind of like being the tallest dwarf. (Furious, to Ohm) Hey! Pick that up right now! 


I’m sorry, wiener head, are you actually talking to me? 


Yes, I am. I wanna know what gives you the right to pick on my friend. You’re a high school has-been waiting to happen. A future gas station attendant. 


… You have a zit right there… 

Evan & Various and others: (Variously) 

Evan: Dear diary: 


(MatPat) Why do they hate me? 

(Ken) Why don’t I fight back? 

(Ohm) Why do I act like such a creep? 

(Evan: Why…

(Cry) Why won’t he date me? 

(Brian) Why did I hit him? 

(Dan and Phil) Why do I cry myself to sleep? 

(Evan: Why…)

Various and others: 

Somebody hug me! 

Somebody fix me! 

Somebody save me! 

Send me a sign, God! 

Give me some hope here! 

Something to live for! 

(The Screamers enter.) 

Various and others: 

Ah!… Tyler, Marcel, and Craaaaig! 


Then there’s the Screamers. They float above it all. 

Various and others: 

(Repeating.) I love Tyler, Marcel, and Craaaaig. 


Craig Thompson. Head cheerleader. His dad’s loaded - he sells engagement rings. 

Various and others: 

I hate Tyler, Marcel, and Craaaaig! 


Marcel Basically. Runs the yearbook. No discernible personality, but he is black, so there’s something going for him. 

Various and others: 

I want Tyler, Marcel, and Craaaaig! 


And Tyler Wildcat. The Almighty. 

Various and others: 

I need Tyler, Marcel, and Craaaaig… 


He is the biggest dick. They are solid Teflon - never bothered, never harassed. I would give anything to be like that. 


I’d like to be their boyfriend. 

Various and others: 

That would be wonderful… 


If I sat at their table, guys would notice me. 

Various and others: 

So wonderful… 


I’d like them to be nicer. 

Various and others: That would be wonderful…


I’d like to kidnap a Screamer and photograph him naked in an abandoned warehouse and leave him tied up for the rats! 

(Evan enters the boys’ bathroom. Tyler and Craig are watching Marcel vomit into a toilet.) 


rolls eyes Grow up, Marcel. Bulimia is so ‘87. 


Maybe you should see a doctor, Marcel. 


Yeah, Craig, maybe I should. 

Mr. McQuaid: 

Ah, Tyler and Craig. 

(Marcel vomits.) 

… and Marcel. Perhaps you didn’t hear the bell over all the vomiting. You’re late for class. 

(Evan scribbles on a piece of paper.) 


fake look of concern Marcel wasn’t feeling well. We’re helping him. 

Mr. McQuaid: 

Not without a hall pass you’re not. A week’s detention. 


Actually, Mr. McQuaid, all four of us are out on a hall pass. Yearbook committee. 

Mr. McQuaid: 

grits teeth I see you’re all listed. Hurry up and get where you’re going.


grabs note and looks at it in surprise This is an excellent forgery. glares at Evan Who the fuck are you? 


Evan, uh, Vanoss. I crave a boon. 


eyes narrow What boon? 


Let me sit at your table at lunch. Just once. No talking necessary. If people think you guys tolerate me, they’ll leave me alone…Before you answer, I also do report cards, permission slips and absence notes. 


perks up and looks at Evan over the toilet bowl gets up and walks over How about prescriptions? 


Shut up, Marcel. 


Sorry, man. 

(Tyler inspects Evan’s face.) 


What the hell? For a greasy little nobody, you have good bone structure? 


nods And a symmetrical face. If I took a meat cleaver down the center of your skull, I’d have matching halves. That’s very important. 


Of course, you could stand to lose a few pounds. 

(Evan blushes a bit as the Screamers chuckle) 


And ya know, ya know, ya know? This could be wonderful. 




shakes head Maybe some lip gloss, and we’re on our way. Get this boy some blush; and Craig, I need your brush. Let’s make him wonderful. 


Let’s make him wonderful… 


Let’s make him wonderful. 


Make him wonderful… 




(Another day, another hellish lunch) 


Out of my way geek! 


I don’t want any trouble - 


You’re gonna die at 3 pm! 

Tyler Oakley and Connor Franta: 

Don’t you dare touch me! Get away, pervert! 

Kelly: What’d I ever do to them? 

Various and others: 

Who could survive this? 

I can’t escape this! 

I think I’m dying! 

Mr. McQuaid: 

Who’s the new Screamer? 

(The Screamers enter again…) 

Various and others: 

Whoa. Tyler, Marcel, Craaaaig… 

Connor Franta: 

And… someone! 

Various and others:

Tyler, Marcel, Craaaaig… 

Chilled and Ze: 

And a babe! 

Various and others: 

Tyler, Marcel, Craig… 


Evan Vanoss?! 

Various and others: 

Ev'n Vanoss? Ev'n Vanoss? Ev'n Vanoss?!

(The Screamers part, revealing a smoking hot Evan who has been given a make-over.) 

Evan & Various and others: 



And ya know,

ya know, ya know life can be wonderful. 

You hope, you dream, you pray, and you get your way! 

Ask me how it feels 

looking like hell on wheels… 

My God, it’s wonderful!

I might be wonderful 

And when you’re wonderful… 

It’s a beautiful fuckin’ day! 

Various and others: Tyler… Evn Vanoss! 



Craaaaig…Evn Vanoss! 


jumps on top of the nearest table Evn Vanoss! Evn Vanoss! 

Various and others: Evn Vanoss! Evn Vanoss! 

His watchdog (Loki x Reader) Part Three:

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

Note: Description of violence, swearing 

Words: 1170 

I swear on everything that is good I am going to punch those pearly white teeth out of his skull without hesitation. Those damn dreams are getting worse and worse each day that I am forced to watch him and make sure he doesn’t escape. Each night brings us both a step closer to actually doing something more than touching and… no. I growled softly before shaking my head walking down the hallway I knew like the back of my hand now. I stopped in front of the door, knowing that the horrors of those dreams would give to me once I cross the threshold. He’ll be waiting with that stupid smile and greeting me like I’m his friend, and part of me is starting to realize I don’t hate him.

I immediately shut off the argument that was raging on in my head as I stepped into the room taking notice that Loki was actually asleep. My eyes widened softly, because that never happens like ever, he always awake whenever I come in. I ignore that thought before sitting down in the chair with a sigh of annoyance that I heave ever since I started watching him about four weeks ago. I heard shuffling as I look up to see Loki slowly sitting up in his bed as he sighed rubbing his eyes. I suppressed a chuckle noting the messiness of his raven colored hair and the dazed expression he held. “Well good morning.” I said as he looked over to him with a small frown.

“How long have you been here?” Loki asked quirking an eyebrow. “Not even five minutes.” I said with a small shrug. Loki nods softly, he’s not his usual snarky self which actually worries me because he looks distance. “Hey is… is everything okay?” I asked quietly. “You realize you’re asking a murderer if he’s feeling alright.” Loki countered as I rolled my eyes. “Listen here Dick, I was only asking if you were okay. You look… upset I don’t know.” I huff. “I do?” He asked as I nod my head. “Yeah, it’s like the look when you lose someone you care about.” I said looking down as he glances over to me. “You are a lot wiser than you look my dear.” He comments.

“What do you mean?” I asked looking up at him as he runs his fingers through his hair causing the tangles to smooth out into his perfect hair. “Because you are right.” He said crossing his arms. “I was?” I asked as he rolls his eyes. “I’m starting to take that comment back.” He said sarcastically. “Who did you lose?” I asked deciding to change the topic off me. Suddenly he grew silent again, face showing so much emotion it was hard to comprehend it all. “Loki, you don’t–” I started to tell him that he didn’t need to tell me if he was uncomfortable, but he cut me off. “My mother.” He spoke so softly I had almost missed it, but I didn’t and it broke my heart.

“Loki..” I whispered as he looked to me seeing the worry I held on my face, opening my mouth to finish when the alarms started to blare. “What’s going on?” I asked as it rumbled causing me to hit the ground with a thud. “Agent (L/N), we need you up here now.” Fury barked over the speaker as I sighed standing up. “I’ll be back.” I said to Loki who grins. “Take your time.” He waves before I flip him off as I run out the door. There was gunfire as I ran up the steps pointing out the handgun I had been giving in case Loki escape. Lot a good it would do though, he’s a frickin’ God, how would a bullet stop him in any situation.

I was running down a hallway when there was a gunshot that almost hit me before I immediately slid into a crevice. I peeked down the corridor taking notice of the four men that were waiting for me as I cracked my neck. “Alright,” I grinned cocking my gun. “Let’s dance.” I whispered before pulling out as I took out the first two easily. I ducked and dodged the other two before taking them out as I took off down the hallway. “Sir, what’s going on?” I asked into my comm. “One of the prisoners escaped and called his army.” Nick explained before I gasped being slammed into the ground. I looked up to see cat eyes staring back at me. “Agent (L/N) are you alright?” He asked.

My eyes widened as the woman slammed her claws down beside my head cutting into my cheek causing me to hiss before I kicked her away. She hit the wall before landing on her feet as she growled lunging at him, but I got up in the nick of time. Her claws scraped against the ground as it squeaked loudly in my ear as my eyes snapped shut before I covered my ear. I grunted feeling this creature tackle me again as my back slammed into the floor causing me to hiss at the sharp pain. I glared before grabbing her hand when she tried to slash me again when I pushed it back trying to break her wrist. “Get fucked you bitch!” I spat before kneeing her in the stomach.

She stumbled back as I reached for my fallen gun I had dropped when she first tackled me. I cried out feeling her sinking her claws into my leg as I started to kick her in the face to get her off me. She started to literally climb up my leg sinking her claws deeper each time before I turned as my eyes snapped shut. My hands felt cold, like freezing cold and everything around me felt cold when I started to pant before looking up  I felt froze in place as I looked to the cat woman who was actually froze in ice when I looked around to see for Loki. He was a frost Giant, but he was nowhere to be found when Nick and the others came as his eye widened.

“What that hell happened?” He demanded as Phil helped me from underneath the frozen feline when he glared at me for an answer. “I have no idea! I just.. I was fighting with her and then poof she was frozen!” I huffed glaring at Nick before crossing my arms. “Loki is still down in his cell.” Nick asked as I frowned. “I need to talk to him.” I said softly as Nick quirked an eyebrow. “I think he will probably know what happened.” I said before wiping the blood from my cheek as I walked down the hallway, more like limped. “Go to the medical bay first, then talk to Loki.” Nick said. “Yes sir.” I said turning the other way. One question was racing through my mind, How in the hell did I do that? 

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Callout post

The person who made a typo on paperwork somewhere along the way in the titling process of my car so that my name reads “Haitlin” on my registration. You have made my life a living hell of paperwork, phone tag, everyone pointing fingers at each other saying the other entity got it wrong and is the one who needs to fix it. Between the dealership, the finance company, and the Secretary of State, I am sick of rude clerks telling me I’m being irrational when I say that I need it fixed. I spent two hours waiting in line today to fix it, only to be told I was making too big of a deal about my name being spelled wrong, then got issued a renewed registration that still had the misspelling, basically negating what I waited two hours for. If I didn’t care about the misspelling I could have used the kiosk and been out of there in five minutes. Rant over. I’m not letting this ruin my last day off, even though I just cried a bunch in my car.

You May Not.

So there has been a lot of BS going on in these tags lately, and i just want to address the people who have taken it upon them selves to “crusade” against fictional ships.

Firstly, as someone who has been sexually abused as a child at numerous points by different people let me say this; You do not have the right to speak for me. You don’t. For you to come into these tags and say things like “omg you people are such trash, think of how Child sex abuse survivors feel! why would you support pedophilia?! you are disgusting, go blah blah blah.” 

Now maybe some of you are survivors, I don’t know, and I don’t care when you take it upon yourself to speak for everyone. You should be speaking for yourself alone. 

 You are not doing this for the good of others, you are doing it for the good of YOURSELVES. So don’t pretend that you’re really out doing this for anyone other then you. 

Frankly I find your behavior to be patronizing in the same way that i find
Trigger Warnings and Safe spaces to be patronizing, useless and insulting. I mean its basically saying you are not mature and in control enough of yourself to handle adverse stimulation, so you have to be coddled like a child lest you crumble under the pressure.

Its hilarious to be me that these people are going around Crying about Abuse, pedophilia and Homophobia while they attempt to bully and shame people into capitulating to their desires. When you sink so low as to use tactics like that you’re really not much better then the things you are crusading against. You’ve lowered yourself. 

You don’t get to be the Thought Police. There is no room for your Facism on the internet–this should be the freest forum that we as human beings have. If people want to WRITE or DRAW incest/rape/pedophilia or depict abusive relationships, then be glad they are only putting it on metaphorical PAPER and not actually doing it.

If those things help them work through whatever it is that’s going on or has gone on in their lives LET THEM DO IT. Its fiction, its not real. No actual people are being harmed and that’s whats important. 

You are absolutely free to have your opinion–just as they are free to have theirs, and express it but the way that you are conducting yourselves is unacceptable. I mean do you think that if you go around calling people Disgusting Trash, you’re somehow going to win them over and see the light of how wrong they are?

I have news for you; It won’t.

Even your arguments for why some of these ships are wrong is problematic. 

“Pearl’s a lesbian, Pewey is wrong stop trying to erase Lesbians!” Pearl does not have a gender, she’s a space gem. Every Gem thus far has chosen a Female form but that does not make them Female. If she’s not a Female in love with a Female, it does not make her a lesbian. If anything you could Argue she was a Rosian…but not everyone only has one love for all eternity. 

( I’m not very into SU, but I watch enough to have common sense :| )

“Mabill/Billdip and Sebaciel are pedophiliaaaaaa/abusive!!” 

Mmm…do you know the life cycle of a demon? when are they considered “mature” and “immature” When do they become “adults” or what age being a Child is in Demon years? Also, They’re demons and frankly the more depraved and disgusting something is the more likely they are to like and indulge in it. that’s the nature of the beast at the end of the day. So its pretty in character.

Also, SOME people are into the abuse aspect of those relationships. I do not ship Sebaciel because of their actual dynamic in source material, but lots of people have their headcanons where Sebastian isn’t evil hell-spawn intent on a meal and nothing more. 

Just like lots of people have their Headcanons where Bill turns out to not be so bad. Lots of people age up these characters, or platonically ship them as buds and you just throw out blanket statements like a bunch of asshats. 

I personally do not approve of Incest, but I am not going to go in their tags and raise hell about it, because I am a MATURE, RESPONSIBLE, DECENT, human being who does not go out of my way to expose myself to things I dislike in an effort to ruin it for other people.

That in itself is a symptom of out current society. We’re no longer content with “to each their own.” We now have the need to force people to capitulate to our desires/world view and if they don’t we shame them, insult them and demonize them, and I’m not playing that game.

Now that I have addressed the haters, let me address Everyone else…

Do not let people like them ruin the things that bring you joy. When you allow them to do that, you’ve let them win, and when you let them win they think what they do is acceptable and they will escalate their childish behavior because its already proven to be effective.

What you should do, is create more, draw more, write more, talk more. Show them that they are insignificant in the long run and that their behavior is only detrimental to themselves in the end.

If it hurts you when they throw their callous words out and call you Trash or whatever Vitriol they start spewing out—as someone who was molested in the past, as someone who was bullied in high-school to the point I was going to take my own life let me give you the epiphany that washed over me not long ago;

” You cannot change what happened, you can’t stop them from saying what they will say, but you CAN control how it affects YOU today, and tomorrow and ever after.”

The world, Internet included is a rough place. People are mean, cruel and often self absorbed. but there are two choices before all of us. 1. curl in a ball and feel miserable. 2. put on some armor and go about your life tougher, and infinitely happier because Bullshit no longer phases you.

Tl;DR: Just because you do not like or approve of something does not give you the right to terrorize people who do. If they are not physically hurting others, leave them alone. Far better to write about it then actually do it.

I just want to say, I love everything about this song. Everything. 

When I first heard the little music snippet in the ad with the dots, I was intrigued immediately and kept playing it over and over, getting it stuck in my head. Then when I heard the whole song for the first time on Thursday night, I couldn’t stop grinning because, first of all, it was the first new song of Ed’s that I’d heard in such a long time and I was so happy to be listening to something new again, but also it’s an immediately very sexy song and whenever I encounter something sexy I pretty much just blush and grin like a huge dork until all the sexualness gets sapped out and buried under my complete nerdery. Also I listened with three other people and they were looking at me and it was embarrassing. But! I really liked it on first listen, without giving it very much thought. I liked the music, and I liked the sexiness of it. Now that I’ve had some time to really think about it, though, I like it five thousand times more.

Shape of You is an appreciation song about a woman’s body. Ed is basically saying, “Hey, I like the way you are put together. I am very physically attracted to you.” There are a lot of songs out there that are about liking women’s bodies and being attracted to them because of their bodies. But the thing that I love about this song is that it doesn’t reduce the woman to just her body. Her body is one aspect of her as a person, and while this song expresses appreciation for that aspect of her, it also acknowledges that her body isn’t all she is. It’s not her defining quality, and it’s not the only reason he’s attracted to her.

The song literally starts out by saying, “The club isn’t the best place to find a lover.” Clubs are designed to emphasize bodies. They are generally too loud to do much talking, so all you can do is drink and dance – and while that’s fun too, any connection you make with another person there is going to be purely physical by default. But where Ed goes instead - the bar - is somewhere that you can actually talk and get to know someone. The girl in the song comes up and starts a conversation with him, and he’s interested in her first because of that, and then they put on some music they both like, and then they dance. But even then, their “story” doesn’t begin until a week later when they go out on a proper date and “talk for hours and hours about the sweet and the sour” - which I’m taking to mean they’re not just discussing the food but also good and bad things about their lives - and they even talk about the girl’s family. This stuff is important to the guy in the song. When he wants to meet a woman, he specifically goes to a place that doesn’t put the emphasis on bodies because he really wants to know his partner, not just to have sex with her because he thinks she’s pretty. 

One of my favorite lyrics is, “Girl, you know I want your love. Your love was handmade for somebody like me.” I really dig this idea! If something is handmade, that makes it unique and personal. It’s… more precious, you know? He’s saying that the love this girl has to offer is special - priceless, even - because it’s not the same as anyone else’s, and it’s exactly the sort of thing he’s looking for. Isn’t that beautiful? I love that such a beautiful sentiment is present in a song like this! Maybe I’m over-identifying with this line because I like to hand-make gifts for people who are important to me, but I just think it’s such a great idea. It makes me picture this girl literally making something, some sort of lumpy stitched-together heart or something that’s a little wonky because it was handmade, and giving it to him, and him being like, “Oh my god, this is perfect! It’s exactly what I wanted!” :’)

The other line that really pops out at me about this song – where I really think the crux of it is – is, “Although my heart is falling too, I’m in love with your body.” What this means to me is an acknowledgement that he’s falling in love with her as a complete person, all the different parts of her, but this particular song just happens to be an ode to her physical appearance. Essentially, “I love everything about you, but let me just take a second here to admire your body, which is one of the things I like.” And of course that’s what the primary theme of the song is.

And let’s talk about the girl’s body! Where is the part where he mentions her tiny waist and big boobs and curvaceous ass? Where are her slender ankles and large eyes and perfect hair? WHERE? Oh. He doesn’t specify. He doesn’t say that she has conventionally good looks. She might, and she might not, but the important thing here is that the actual shape of the girl doesn’t matter because whatever her shape is, it’s a shape that he likes and finds sexy. I love this. The song isn’t called Shape of a Supermodel. It’s Shape of YOU, because your shape is unique and attractive and the perfect fit for whatever person falls in love with you. And! Holy shit, their first date is to an all-you-can-eat restaurant where the girl actually FILLS UP HER BAG WITH FOOD. YES ED!!! THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS! THRIFTY EATING. GET YOUR DAMN MONEY’S WORTH. YES. YESSSSSSSS. And that line, “Every day discovering something brand new,” is so right because when you’re in love with someone, or in the process of falling for them, you do notice new things about them all the time, and every new thing is a little treasure that makes them who they are and gives you even more reason to love them. 

Oh, and I also want to point out that the guy says, “Follow my lead,” and then the girl says, “Follow my lead,” and they “push and pull like a magnet do.” I’m loving that bit as well, because no one is in charge of this relationship. It’s perfectly equal, with each one contributing the same amount, exactly as it should be. And I love the fact that Ed sings higher when the girl starts talking in the song. That’s a nice touch. :D

Gosh, the more I think about Shape of You, the more impressed I am with it. It’s catchy as all hell and perfect for radio, and it’s super sexy but in an inclusive and body-positive way, without reinforcing any harmful stereotypes, and it actually has a beautifully romantic message in it too. Everything about it is perfect and fun and emotionally healthy. This is exactly the kind of music we need right now! I hope other artists are taking notes.

Meet Mattie

✗ The name is Matt. I’m 27 as of October 2017, French, and not quite boobs-free yet.

I teach French in Cambodia, stare at pretty people while wondering what the hell my preferences are, and long for the day when I finally get a dog of my own.

I also write stories in which I spend way too many times thinking about fictional gay idiots and giving them my issues to sort through. I suspect there will be more trans dudes in there in the future.

Other hobbies include : observing the various cultural divides I am confronted to, sighing at the global state of politics in the world, tearing my hair out over stories that won’t be written, and babbling in the tags. (A lot.)

If I were a dragon, my hoard would be made of meta posts.

woah look i did a thing because i love kirby so much


y’know what no one ever asked for? more singable english lyrics of love live! songs.

y’know what i have for you? more singable english lyrics of this love live! song.

NO EXIT ORION by Printemps under the cut. please enjoy.

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It's open! I would like a soulmate au with our lovely captains?

my dear anon do you have any idea how long I have been waiting for someone to request for a soulmate au? a while. BLESS YOU AND I GET TO WRITE FOR MY FAVOURITE CAPTAINS! I hope you don’t mind me writing for Daichi, Oikawa, Kuroo and Bokuto only? if you’d like more captains, don’t be shy and hit me up with more!!



Everyone was born with a countdown on their wrists. The moment you came out, all sticky with blood and bawling was when the countdown started. It was a pretty intimidating number in the beginning, that counted down from years.

On the first day of kindergarten, everyone was comparing their countdown imprinted within their wrists. Some of them had a shorter time compared to others, and it seemed that everyone else would be meeting their soulmates in junior high whilst you had to wait until high school. You never really gave much thought to the countdown clock, for when the time comes, you’ll definitely find your soulmate.

However, it was when everyone started pairing up with their soulmates was when the nagging feeling of jealousy began setting in. You watched as your best friends soon spent less time with you and with their soulmates instead, and went on per say double dates together. Your parents too met each other in junior high - so why did you have to wait until high school? But you were a patient person, by nature and so you waited till high school.

Come third year high school where you have managed to find a friend who still had their countdown clock running. The two of you had similar times which was one of the reasons why the two of you started talking but over time, found similar interests and hobbies. However, as similar as the two of you may be, she was definitely more of a party animal compared to you. With close contacts from a notorious party school, Johzenji, you had reluctantly tagged along with her to one of their parties.

“_______, loosen up! You’re in your third year of high school - let’s party!” she dragged you around in circles until you were dizzy and unable to decline her offer.

Unlike most of the small reserved parties you had been to, you definitely knew that you were not going to get away by wearing a simple top and jeans. Instead, she had other ideas for you. “No way in hell am I letting you go out with that!” she pointed at your simple getup of a flowy top and skinny jeans. It was comfortable and casual.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”

“We’re talking about Johzenji hello? You need to spice it up!” she hopped off your bed, rummaging through her bag. “I knew something like this would happen.” After minutes of rummaging, she pulled out a fairly decent mini black dress and tossed it in your direction.

It was a decent length which surprised you, for you had originally thought the dress was going to be shorter than it actually was. It stopped just in the middle of your thighs, swished comfortably and showed off your fairly decent assets. Thankfully, she was allowing you to get away with minimal makeup and within half an hour you found yourself in the middle of Johzenji’s wild parties.

Naturally, the atmosphere was lively and full of teenage hormones especially. The loud pounding bass of the music drummed in your ears and you wondered how did anyone survived a party without going deaf? The dance floor was a mess. “I’m just going to get a drink!” you yelled over some obnoxious pop song to your best friend who had already found herself a dancing partner. You recognised the person dancing with her in an instant.

Terushima Yuuji, the current captain of the Johzenji volleyball team, host of this particularly wild party and also your cousin. You were pleasantly surprised that he was studying within your region but never really gave much thought in meeting up with him. Instead, you left him with a warning look over your best friend before slinking out of the mosh pit of bodies to find some fresh air.

Suddenly, there was a shock within your wrist and you quickly stared down at it. The crappy flashing lights made it rather difficult to watch the time on your wrist but you knew something was happening.

Your soulmate was nearby.

Staring back at the mosh pit of bodies, your heart sank to the floor, knowing that it would be physically impossible for you to find your soulmate in a scenario like this. Why the hell did the gods think this was a great place for you to find your soulmate? The countdown had not ended yet, instead, it was counting down rapidly, faster than it normally would and you were frantic, pushing through sweaty bodies trying to find your soulmate.

You almost made it out of the mosh pit when someone who seemingly had two left feet tripped you just as you were exiting the group of bodies. Just before your face made impact to the ground, a pair of sturdy arms stopped you from falling to your demise (an exaggeration) and helped you back to your feet. As the two of you made eye contact, the countdown stopped, dissolving away in your skin.

“Hi..” You mustered after staring at the man before you for a while. He had dark chocolate eyes to match his hair (even the terrible light can’t hide how good looking he was). “Uh, thanks for saving me.”

“Not a problem.” he answered, giving you a small smile. “So I’m assuming that your countdown had just stopped rather abruptly?”

You chuckled then nodded. “You could say it has. __________, a pleasure.”

“Sawamura Daichi, nice to meet you, soulmate.”


(cr: jensendaddy)

You stared at the now reddish tint that was glowing on your palm, sighing at it. It was painful, but you had grown accustomed to it. Along with the other injuries and pain that you experience on a daily basis. You shook your head, ready to give your soulmate a piece of your mind when you met them. You knew they were a volleyball player, from the bruises on your arms, sometimes on your face and the hand.

You had already known your soulmate was a volleyball player at a young age - however, you had never bothered trying to find them. What’s the point of trying to find a soulmate? But as time passed and your friends found their soulmates, sharing injuries together and treating each other’s injuries, you couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of their relationship. You wanted to know who this mystery volleyball player was, as it was because of them that you had to wear a knee brace in your right knee where your soulmate had badly injured himself.

“You’re an idiot for not trying to find him, you know ______.” your best friend scolded. “If I were you, I’d be at the gym every day trying to find this idiot who gave you that knee injury and give him a piece of my mind.”

“It’s okay I guess. At least I get excused from sports.” you mumbled, returning to your book. You had always preferred books over sports, which was another reason why you didn’t bother about finding your soulmate, because you two are such polar opposites there was no way the two of you could work. However, it was after all in the gods decisions for the two of you to be soulmates and there was no denying fate.

Enter third year and your best friend still wouldn’t let you go for not finding your soulmate. She constantly nagged at you on a daily basis to go to the school’s gym but you would always find an excuse not to watch the volleyball players practice. But today, there was no avoiding the gym because there had been rumours of Karasuno High coming for a practice match. You knew the captain from Karasuno High briefly from junior high but parted ways for high school and never talked to each other again. You were curious to find out how he looked.

Seijoh was losing to Karasuno, you couldn’t believe it! You were too engrossed in the match to try searching for your soulmate, as none of them could be your soulmate. Firstly, it was because watching the way the ball impacted their arms as they received it, would’ve made you feel the pain and yet you were feeling no pain, which ruled out all the volleyball players on the court. “See, my mystery volleyball player is not here.” you told your best friend, resting your chin in your hand as you watched the game from the sides.

Karasuno’s captain seemed to have shaped up pretty well from when you last saw him from junior high. Even though it has been a couple of years since the two of you saw each other, you were still able to recognise him. The two of you had a curt chat before returning to your seats to watch the match unfold.

You were not friends with any of the third year volleyball players because firstly, they were intimidating, especially the ace: Iwaizumi Hajime. Surprisingly enough, your best friend had the honour of being his soulmate and she gushed on a daily basis. “I wonder who’s Oikawa’s soulmate.” you heard your best friend sigh. You looked to the left to see lady charmer Oikawa Tooru strutting into the gym, with his jacket loosely around his shoulders and a gaggle of fangirls gushing.

“Oikawa-senpai!” your underclassman squealed. You couldn’t help but notice the white knee brace he wore on his right knee and touched your knee consciously. Could it be? Nah, it’s just a coincidence, right?

You watched him warm up effortlessly and as Karasuno thought they were about to win the second set, Oikawa was switched in. The atmosphere in the court changed, everyone knew Oikawa was Seijoh’s official setter and boy was he good at his position. However, he was brought in as a server and you touched your palm, waiting for the pain. Oikawa spun the ball in between his palms and bounced it on the floor. Tossing the ball up with grace, he broke into a run and you immediately felt a slight amount of pressure on your right knee. With a light jump, he smacked the ball across the court and there was a searing pain on your palm.

You were Oikawa’s soulmate.

“Knew it.” your best friend smirked. “Hikari owes me mochi. Do you want me to stay after practice?”

“Sure. You’re just excited because now you can double date.” you nudged your best friend who giggled to herself.

“You said it, not me!” she sang in a singsong voice. The match finished up and both teams bowed in respect and Karasuno headed back. Seijoh’s first years began cleaning up quick but Oikawa and Iwaizumi were still practicing. Your best friend ran over to her soulmate slash boyfriend and patted his arm fondly and you tagged along awkwardly.

Oikawa was busy practicing some jump serves while Iwaizumi chatted with your best friend. He snuck glances to his best friend every once in a while. “Damn it Shittykawa, you’re gonna injure yourself! And your soulmate.” Iwaizumi reprimanded as Oikawa slammed a pretty hard ball. You clutched your hand and tried to hide the pain. It’ll be a little too awkward to announce that you were Oikawa’s soulmate.

However, Oikawa kept practicing and Iwaizumi gave him a slap on his back. “Shit!” you swore loudly, jumping forward at the pain and the two boys stared at you.

“Oh shit Shittykawa.” Iwaizumi swore.

Oikawa rubbed his back but stared at you carefully. “I’m guessing you’re my soulmate?” he asked, walking up to you sheepishly. You nodded, unable to form proper sentences from the pain just now. “I am so sorry for all the injuries that I have caused you over the years.” he apologised quickly.

Iwaizumi and your best friend had disappeared, leaving the two of you in the gym alone. “It’s okay, it’s made me tougher and more resistant to pain. I’m sorry that I am so clumsy and often end up with too many clumsy bruises.” you apologised as well, blushing as you did.

“I’m assuming you have a knee brace too?” Oikawa asked and you nodded. “Damn me and my insane passion. How are you coping?”

“It’s bad but hey, I get into more accidents on a daily basis trying to navigate my way around, so that’s equally as bad.” you made light of the situation. “I’m __________. Nice to meet you, soulmate.”

“Oikawa Tooru. A pleasure to be yours.”



You were always born like this. One eye a dull, plain hazel brown whilst the other was a brilliant gold that often glinted under the sun. You remembered looking back at your reflection for the first time and knowing how royally screwed you were because: who the heck had eyes like that? Your parents however, had one of the easiest eyes to find in your opinion, your mother having a brilliant blue whilst your father an emerald green. It was unique, yet common, unlike this stupid gold looking ones.

There were lots of teasing at school, especially by your friends whom had already found their soulmates. It was easy for them, and should be easy for you as you lived in a small town. Surely the gods above would match you with someone within your town, right? But that hope soon diminished when you graduated junior high and with most of your friends already paired up with their soulmates, planning for their futures.

“I heard she still doesn’t have a soulmate.”

“How unlucky. I mean look at those gold eyes! How could anyone find a soulmate with such unique traits?”

“It’s so sad. I’m glad I found mine.”

Whispers like these filled your daily life and you slowly began to lose hope in this soulmate thing. You started to think that you actually did have heterochromia and you will never ever find your soulmate.

However, there was a turn of events when your parents were relocated to Tokyo. Your father worked as a university lecturer and he had been wanted by a university in Tokyo for quite a while but he had rejected as he didn’t want to move you in the middle of your junior high. But your father had only begun his relocation in the beginning of your third year which made matters worse because you had to endure two years of slight teasing and whispers about not having a soulmate.

Tokyo, was a beautiful city. You had expected to be living in the direct hub but you were slightly disappointed when you had to live in the suburbs area of Tokyo. However, the bustling hub was just a few train rides away which cheered you up. Lying in your bed, you looked at your new uniform that lay before you. It was much simpler compared to your old school, with a white collared shirt, grey blazer and a black skirt. You also had a ribbon which was all good.

The night before you began your first day at Fukurodani Academy, you tossed and turned. What if you couldn’t find your soulmate at Fukurodani? What if you were destined to never ever find your soulmate? Hell, what if your soulmate lived half across the world? Thoughts like those flooded your mind but you soon fell into a deep slumber, the thoughts disappearing into the pool of dreams.

“Nervous?” your father asked as he walked you to the school. It had been a while since your father had walked you to school, for you would usually walk with your best friend back home. It was an odd feeling but you liked it all the same. It brought back memories from kindergarten and those were the good days where soulmates were disregarded.

“I just hope to find my soul mate here, that’s all.” you answered truthfully, tugging at your skirt.

Your father chuckled. “You and your soulmate talk. Give it time ______. You’ll find them.” your father reassured, kissing the top of your forehead. “Take care!”

You nodded, grateful for his blessing. But within the first few minutes of stepping into the school compound, your father’s blessing seemed to have been jinxed because you heard someone yelling: ‘Watch out!’ and a volleyball smacking you right in your face. The impact of the ball was hard and you tumbled back, dropping to the ground. A collective gasp erupted amongst the students who saw the whole thing unfold. ‘Take care’? Yeah right. You had already made a fool of yourself at your new school and to make matters worse, blood was pouring out of your nose.

Someone was running in your direction, spiky silver grey hair was all you can make out from the blur. There were a few other heads following the person as they crouched around you. “I am so sorry! Are you alright?”

“No she’s not alright Bokuto-san, her nose is bleeding.” another voice spoke, lifting your chin up. He whipped out a packet of tissues from his pocket and passed it to you. You were still seeing stars as you twisted the tissue paper and carefully placed it up your nose to stop the bleeding. “Someone get her an ice pack.”

You laid on the ground for quite a long time, as the group of boys helped you to stop the bleeding. The one who offered you the tissues, Akaashi, as you had gotten to know was your underclassman and it was his captain that had accidentally sent the ball in your direction. The team gathered around you in a collective silence, eyeing you up and down. You noticed some of them had mismatched eyes like yours and instantly knew that they were wondering if you were their soulmate. But when all their eyes registered yours, they groaned quietly to themselves and crossed their arms, whispering amongst themselves.

The captain, or Bokuto-san, was all you knew, rushed back with an ice pack after an agonising wait. You had already gone through five packets of tissues in which you promised to pay them back and the bleeding still wouldn’t stop. “Crap I am so sorry for hitting you with the ball, I didn’t even see you there dear God, please forgive me.” he babbled, fumbling with the ice pack.

“Bokuto-san,” Akaashi said quietly.

“Yes Akaashi?” he turned his head to your underclassman. The two of you had yet to make eye contact and you were curious about his eye colour.

“There’s a small cut in between her eyes, there may be a bruise there so placed the ice pack there.” Akaashi explained. He looked you in the eye and gave you an odd nod of his head. You raised an eyebrow. What was he playing at?

“Thanks Akaashi!” Bokuto-san replied and patted his underclass man’s back with pride. He returned back to your face, and that’s when both your eyes met. You saw his left eye, that beautiful shade of gold that glinted under the sun. And his right eye was the chocolate hazel shade that you knew was yours. The female’s original eye colour was always on the right and the male’s on the left. And you watched as that hazel colour of yours faded away and shimmered into that brilliant gold. You blinked your eyes and suddenly realised, you had found your soulmate.

“We’ll just leave it to you ace!” the team whistled as they got up to leave. You stared back at the now matching golden eyes and gasping in disbelief. You couldn’t believe it! Just this morning you wished that you could meet your soulmate, and now you did.

“Bokuto Koutarou.” he introduced himself once the two of you stopped admiring each other’s eyes. “Um, I’m very sorry about hitting you with the ball.”

“________. And that’s okay. Who knew I would be meeting my soulmate over a volleyball?” you chuckled, shaking his hand.

Patience truly is a virtue.



From the first day you are born, you were already born with a tiny charm clasped within your fingers. Everyone was born with a charm within their palms and it was up to them to decide how they were going to wear it. “It’s how you’re going to find your soulmate.” your mother had explained from a young age, tying the charm into a fashionable necklace with brown string and twine.

Your mother told stories about how she found your father, her soulmate, in high school. “You see, your father was a volleyball player and he had the greatest hair ever.” she would swoon telling the story over and over again and your father would kiss her cheeks whilst you squealed in disgust. “My friends were constantly dragging me to the gym to watch them practice and every time I attended, this necklace grew warmer but I never gave much thought because it was the gym - it was bound to be hot. But one day, somehow, your father sent a volleyball straight in my direction and I smacked it away quickly, and he ran up to me and that’s when I realised my necklace has been heating up ever since I stepped into the gym.”

Your mother ended the story with how they ended up going on a date at the ice skating rink and she would be in a lovestruck mood throughout the whole day. As a young girl, you grew up listening to that story, hoping that you’ll find your soulmate as cute as your mother does - or even cuter, for your future children. Most adults confessed that they found their soulmates in high school or even university but it seemed as if all of your friends had found their soulmates already - and you were in junior high. How was it possible that all of them had already found their soulmates?

“Keep your chin up darling. You’ll find your soulmate.” your mother would tell you as she kissed your forehead lifted your chin up whenever you told her about how your friend found her soulmate today. Your stone was always cold, which dampened your hopes slightly because everyone’s was always so warm.

Flash forward, you were about to start high school but you were moving to Tokyo. It was a hard time, trying to argue with your parents and convincing them to stay because what if your soulmate was right here in this town (but even you knew it was unlikely because it was stone cold) wherever you went. “Chin up darling.” your mother smiled, lifting your chin up the way she did when you were a kid.

You forced a smile on your lips throughout the journey to Tokyo. It was painful to leave the little town but even you knew it was impossible to find your soulmate in a tiny town like that - but the chances of finding your soulmate in Tokyo was even slimmer, because Tokyo was a metropolis for god’s sake! You were starting to think it was impossible to actually find your soulmate as your charm grew cold against your skin.

The first day of high school rolled along and you were a bundle of emotions. There was excitement yet nervousness swirling around in your mind. Your mother was to be a teacher at Metropolitan Nekoma High which undoubtedly, landed you a spot in the school. It was a little awkward to be walking alongside your mother to school because most of the high schoolers walked to school by themselves but you still stuck to your mother closely because Tokyo was a huge city compared to where you had lived.

“I’ll be heading off to the office now.” your mother said, straightening your collar and tugging your skirt a little lower. You smiled and hitched your skirt back to its original length. “Take care, alright?” she kissed your forehead and walked off in the direction of the teachers’ office. As you had arrived with your mother for a tour during the break, you already knew the ropes of the school, however stuck along with orientation as it was key. Many of the students seemed to know each other from middle school, as they stuck together in groups of threes and fours chatting together happily.

You sighed quietly to yourself, knowing that you’re the odd one out. A hand tapped your back and you spun around quickly, your charm bouncing against your chest in coldness. Knowing that it isn’t your soulmate, you quickly dismissed soulmate thoughts and focus on making friends. A tiny petite female, almost your size with long black hair stood above you. “Is this seat taken?” she asked quietly.

“Not at all!” you answered in a chirpy voice. It’s better to have a friend on your first day than none at all. “I’m _______.”

She replied with a smile. “Yukine Hikari.” shaking your hand.

The two of you eventually became best friends, lasting beyond first year. Enter third year and the two of you were closer than ever, sharing the mutual feeling of trying to find your soulmates as the two of you have yet to find any. Often, your charm will feel warm in class, but you had dismissed the feeling, as only when it feels searing hot will you actually know the person was your soulmate.

“Want to see the volleyball members practice today?” Yukine asked, leaning on your table as you opened up your lunch. You raised an eyebrow at her sudden interest in the male’s volleyball team.


“No particular reason, it’s just Fukurodani’s playing against Nekoma today.” she twirled her hair, swiping a piece of sausage from your lunch. “And I know you have a crush on one of their members.”

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “As if, come on Yukine, we all know it’s you that has a crush on their captain.”

Yukine winked and shoved you lightly. “Please?”


As the clock chimed four, you barely had enough time to pack your things as Yukine was bouncing excitedly outside your class. Being in the college prep class, you took your studies seriously and so did the rest of the class and the teachers. Your mother, who was the teacher, was being particularly annoying today by holding your class back but there was something in her eyes that made you slightly uneasy. Announcing the dismissal of your class, she snapped her fingers and called you to the front of the class. Almost everyone knew she was your mother and yet they were not jealous as she placed harder and higher expectations on you.

“Mom…” you dragged your speech. “Yukine really wants to go watch the volleyball match today, please let me off early.”

Your mother chuckled and patted your back. “You took the words right out of my mouth.” she giggled. “I’m working in late today, so by the time the match finishes, come straight to my office and we’ll go for dinner together. If I’m later than usual, I’ll text you.” she straightened your collar yet again. “Have fun!”

Her words barely registered in your mind as Yukine politely bowed to your mother, hastily grabbing your wrist and practically running down the corridors. “Come on _______-chan!”

“Slow down Yukine-chan! It’s not like they have started anything yet.” you tried catching up with your speedy best friend. The two of you arrived at the gym, panting heavily. You felt your charm warm inside your uniform but dismissed it as your body heating up due to the pace you were running. The boy’s volleyball team had simply ended their warmups and Fukurodani was in the other half of the court, warming up as well. “So we all know you have a crush on their captain, he’s right there talking to Kuroo.”

“As if I’m walking up to those two!” she shoved your shoulder. She snuck a look at Fukurodani’s captain, holding her charm tightly against her wrist as she had decided to wear it as a bracelet. “It’s getting warmer you know.”

“Mine too.” you confessed. Yukine gasped.

“It’ll be really cool if our soulmates were the captains!” she squealed a little too loudly. You quickly clasped a hand over her mouth.

“Not so loud!” you hissed. “Besides, that’s going to take a whole lot of fate for that to happen.”

“It’s such a nice thought though.” she sighed, staring at Bokuto. Her crush began when Fukurodani practiced with Nekoma in their first year and it has been two years and she still hadn’t mustered up the courage to talk to the captain. “Hey, if that happens, I’ll buy you ramen, what do you say to that bet?”

You smirked. “Deal.” slapping her hand in agreement as the two of you watched.

Your charm grew warmer and warmer during the match but you were still unable to pinpoint who your soulmate was. It could be anybody in the vicinity of the gym - from the third to even a first year. But the gods weren’t that evil to pair you up with a first year, right? By the end of the match, Nekoma was close to bagging the match with a win but Bokuto, racked up a point to a deuce between the two schools.

As the match ended, with Fukurodani winning their final set, Nekoma and Fukurodani both shook hands and began cooling down. Yukine began slowly getting up from her seat and you quickly grabbed her wrist. “What are you doing?” you whispered.

“I’m going to talk to Fukurodani’s manager.” she winked. You watched her effortlessly hop off the stands and walked up to their one of their managers who was coincidentally talking to their captain. You saw the whole thing unfold, the moment when she was side by side with their captain, both their expressions changed. ‘No way.’ you mouthed. She waved at you excitedly, jumping up and down and you hurried and walked in her direction.

“I cannot believe this!” she exclaimed, holding your hand tightly and you hugged her. There was a slight twinge of jealousy that she had found her soulmate, who was currently talking animatedly to Kuroo with their setter next to him. Suddenly, it was not only your best friend who felt their charm heating up, it was yours. You looked up to see Bokuto, Kuroo and their setter walking up.

“It’s her Kuroo, I found her!” Bokuto exclaimed to Kuroo happily. Your charm began heating up violently and you stared at the other two guys in front of you. Which one was it?  “What a shame she’s in your school.”

“Is it just me, or is it really really warm in here?” Kuroo suddenly asked, cooling himself down by tugging at his t-shirt. Yukine gasped and nudged you, hard.

“Uh, post match sweatiness?” you suggested. Although Kuroo was in your class, and was one of the top mind you, the two of you had never conversed with each other.

“For goodness sake.” Yukine pulled your necklace out to see it glowing orange. Bewildered, Kuroo pulled his out too, an identical orange glow. “I cannot believe this.” Yukine’s jaw dropped. Fukurodani’s setter, Akaashi Keiji, had slowly slunk out of the scene leaving the four of you together. “Oh my God _______, this is exactly like your mother’s story!”

Kuroo raised an eyebrow. “Your father’s a volleyball player too?” You nodded, still shocked that both your soulmates were the freaking captains. What was even more surprising was the fact that you and your mother had identical soulmates and found your soulmates in the exact same way.

“I think she’s at a loss for words.” Yukine chuckled, patting your shoulder. “Hey, it’s a Friday night, and I promised _____-chan that I’ll buy her ramen, what do you say we all go out for ramen tonight and maybe sort of get to know each other?”

Bokuto and Kuroo whooped in idea and excused themselves to return to the team. Yukine smiled and tugged at your cheeks. “I should be a fortune teller.”

“I still cannot believe.” you stared at your charm in awe. You quickly pulled out your phone to text your mother about your dinner plans.

YOU: Mom, I’ll be going out with Yukine tonight. We both found our soulmates!!

MOM: That’s great honey! Who is your soulmate?

YOU: … Kuroo

MOM: Ah, I had a gut feeling. Tell me all about it tonight, stay safe! :)

You smiled to yourself, hurrying to catch up with Yukine’s pace. Dinner tonight will be interesting.

An Unlikely Pair (part 4)

A/N: I am SO SORRY! you guys will never know how sorry I am to keep you waiting, but I did have finals and I needed to put those first I’m sorry. But on a good note, I passed finals with flying colors and I have part 4!!! I hope you guys enjoy, there have been a lot of people wanting to be tagged, so if you are in that majority, thank you!! and if you would like to be in that majority plz just ask :) THANKS A TON!!!! 

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Pairings: Bucky/(F)Reader

Warnings: swearing!! self loathing, buck and reader are oblivious to each other, wanda and scott being funny 

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 

“I’m so sorry,” he swallowed, his throat bobbing. 

“I messed up,” he cleared his throat, “I… I’m not right for you alright?” 

She spun around to face him. “What in the hell are you talking about? Not right for me? The universe paired us together. We were meant for each other. It is written in our skin to be together. I can’t- what in the hell do you mean you’re not right for me?” 

Okay, she was definitely mad. How could he say that? 

“I am a monster,” he raised his voice and finally met her eyes. His icy blue eyes seemed to entrance her. “I am no good for you. Why can’t you see that?” he was getting more upset. Y/N was getting nervous. “I will ruin you! You can’t have me! I can’t have you!” he yelled, punching the wall next to him. 

She didn’t think twice, she ran. 

“Guys, what the hell is going on with Bucky and Y/N?” Sam said, walking into the room. The Avengers sat around on couches, watching Scott and Wanda duel it out on Mario Cart. Wanda’s thick accent could be heard saying I’ll stomp you, you fucking ant and then Scott’s Whoa

Clint looked up at Sam. “Individual cases or is it between them? Wait, do they even know each other?” 

Steve sighed, “They definitely know each other. They are… they’re soulmates.” 

Scott paused the game. “Hey!” Wanda yelled. 

“Soulmates?” everyone focused their attention on Steve. 

“Yeah. And it did not go so well. He- well he.. I don’t know how to say it.” 

“He finds her repulsive and disgusting? That’s actually a first for Y/N, literally everyone loves her,” Tony butted in. Everyone nodded.

“No! No. He thinks he’s not right for her,” Steve put together. “He thinks he’s gonna hurt her or something.”

Everyone was quiet. “She can hold her own, you know,” Sam muttered. The Avengers nodded. 

“She’s very upset about it,” Wanda broke in. “I read her thoughts. Only because I sensed something was very wrong,” she shot a pointed look at Sam (who often accuses her of invading people’s minds for fun). “She thinks he hates her, she thinks it’s something about her… something he doesn’t like. She didn’t even take in consideration that maybe it is him.” Again, quiet. 

“Steve, and the rest of you boys, you are in charge of Bucky,” Natasha commanded. She had lost her own soulmate before her days at SHIELD, and she didn’t want to see her dear friend Y/N go through the same thing. “Girls, we have Y/N. Oh, and Tony, you are with us. I have a plan.” 

“What? Why can’t I be on the guys team?” Tony whined, ruining the moment.  

“Please shut up, Tony,” Natasha sighed, rubbing a hand across her face.  

“Fine, but I get to make the shirts.” 

Okay, yes, he should have done that differently. Twice, in two days he royally fucked up. 

But every time he gets around her his tongue is fat and heavy in his mouth and his hand sweats and the other one clenches and he is so nervous. He wants to kiss her. Hard. He wants to shove his tongue in her mouth and taste her and hear her whimpering for him and claim her because she is his. 

It’s just not that easy. If it was James Buchanan Barnes from the 1940′s, you bet he would have gotten the girl. Even then, he wouldn’t have deserved her; but then, he was a cocky bastard. 

Sometimes he wishes he was still that guy. Especially when he sees her. He isn’t, though. And that makes all the difference. 

He actually scared her this time. He almost lost it! He knows it. She’s probably sitting in her room now calling her mom and telling her that her soulmate’s a psychopath and wondering why she had to be paired with him. He really did scare her! And it was all because he was mad at himself. He never meant to punch that wall in front of her, he only did it because why couldn’t she see how fucking terrible he was. She looked at him like he wasn’t a monster. 

“Bucky! Hey bud,” Steve chuckled, nervously. Um, what the fuck? he thought. 

“Hello?” his gruff voice spoke. He was grumpy, Steve interrupted his self-loathing session. And now he sees Steve is not alone. 

“Hey Buck!” Sam grins. Motherfucker, he rolled his eyes. What is everyone doing here? 

“What are you up to?” Scott creepily smiled. 

Bucky glared, “What does is look like I’m doing?”

Scott’s smile faltered, “You’re hilarious. You’ve always been hilarious, right guys?” He wiped the sweat on his forehead. Bucky almost laughed. 

“Listen Buck, we were all gonna go out and we were wondering if you wanted to tag along?” Steve asked. 

“I think I’ll stay home on this one, sorry Steve.” 

“Um, no that’s- that’s fine. I guess we’ll see you later.” Steve smiled sadly, and Bucky almost reconsidered, but he didn’t. They all awkwardly shuffled out of the room. Well, all except Clint. He took one final look at Bucky and just grinned, and then shaking his head, he left. 

What the fuck? 

Wanda nodded showing Natasha the text, okay target acquired. Natasha rolled her eyes and took the phone texting back what the fuck scott. Some people couldn’t be helped. 

“Hey Y/N!” Wanda smiled, walking in to the kitchen behind Natasha. 

“Oh hey guys!” Y/N smiled back. It was a half smile. Where’d our Y/N go? Natasha thought. 

“We were all about to go grab some dinner if you wanted to tag along?” 

Y/N pondered it for a moment. She hadn’t been out in a few days. She just sat around like a sad sack of potatoes. Fuck love. “Sure, I’ll go get ready real quick.” 

“We’ll be waiting here,” Wanda smiled.

Y/N nodded and made her way up to her room. She put on some jeans and a nice t-shirt and checked herself in the mirror. She thought back to that morning. She ran only because she knew Bucky needed space. He was trying to let her down easy, and that was the gentlemanly thing to do. It was thoughtful and very mature, but she saw right through it. He got a bit upset, but she figured that was only because he realized she wasn’t oblivious to the fact that she was the problem, not him. She was the fuck up and he was stuck with her. 

She found herself softly running her finger over her ‘JBB’. Oh, how she wished he wanted her back. 

 She mussed her hair and touched up her makeup. Still, she didn’t think she looked pretty. She sighed and shook her head and was interrupted by a knock on the door. 

“Hey sugar lips, listen I got a problem,” Tony greeted. 

“Um, hey Tony, what do you need?” she spoke, surprised at his unexpected appearance. 

“Okay, I am looking for a key. It’s about this big,” he squeezed his fingers together, “silver and blue, blue only on the top and- you know what just follow me. The last time I saw it was in the lounge.” 

“Tony, I can’t Wanda and Natasha-” 

“PLEASE,” Tony cut her off. Her eyes widened slightly. “Y/N, you don’t understand, I need this key. Please, if you help me find it, I will love you forever. I’m begging you,” he clasped his hands together. 

“Okay! Fine. I’ll help you find it.” she sighed. What a child

She followed him all the way to the lounge and when she stepped in the room she looked around and asked “Now where is the last time you saw it?” but when she only heard silence she looked up and Tony met her eyes. 

“Sorry, Y/N but until you two make up, JARVIS?” Yes, Mr. Stark? “Lock this room and don’t let Ms. L/N and Mr. Barnes leave until they are on better terms. Maybe they’ll even kiss.” 

Cold chills shot down Y/N’s back when she heard Mr. Barnes. She never left Tony’s gaze. He shrugged, “Sorry, Y/N.” He left and the doors made an audible click. 

He would regret this. 

“I had nothing to do with this, I swear.” Upon hearing his voice, her shoulders slumped. She closed her eyes and released a sigh. 

SHIPPING INFO // answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST. don’t reblog.

For Sombra? I am down with Symbra the most because I just love the way the two VA’s for them interact with each other, but @metal-sparrow​hasdraggedmedownto NEON DRAGON hell.

I really enjoy seeing the fluff and mushy romance, but conflict and angst always makes it interesting~! Developing ships makes it even better, and totally makes more AUs and plot ideas possible. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at writing smut, so I opt out of writing it.

Sombra is 30, so I guess just around a 10 year age gap both ways. I can make exceptions though for certain muses if the other mun and I agree on the ship and have an idea of what we’d like to do with them.

I try not to avoid forced ships, it just feels weird to basically force my muse to have feelings with another, especially if it’s the first interaction. I had one kinda forced on me when I was starting the blog by an OC character, so it was weird. ;m;

I like to see if muses have chemistry together, because every mun plays their muse different~!

Depends??? Again, I’m pretty bad at writing the smut, so I’ll probably let the other mun if they can either take over detailing or timeskip. I’m fine with intense making-out, teasing and not-so innocent teasing, losing the clothes, etc..

Lmao, as you can see, my friend and I are in love with our ship of Genji/Sombra, but I could see her going with a couple of people, even omnics~ She’s not exactly picky since some members of Los Muertos were omnics.

It would help to prevent misunderstandings and all, but it’s not required. After all, most of the time, I’ll assume platonic/friendly at first.

Pretty often, I like to think of cute headcanons/plots/AUs for ships on my free time or when I’m dying in lecture. 

*Sweats* Maybe.. It helps give me motivation to draw and write things, shipping is just really cute when done right, okay? I live for that kind of stuff.

Yes, no worries about cheating too! Each ship with each different muse (even duplicates) will have it’s own verse and plot~!

McHanzo got me into the fandom, I will die with that ship if I must. I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY!

It sorta just happens, I guess just establish a relationship to Sombra, whether it be platonic or a rivalry sort of thing, just get an idea of how I play her and if you want to, then..

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