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Ok, so, full disclosure: I am completely neutral on the genyatta ship. I’m not bothered by people tagging any of the previous sassy Zenyatta comic junk as “genyatta” I honestly have no particularly strong feelings one way or the other on it. That being said: It was just funnier to me if Sassyatta appreciated the aesthetic of dat ass. I’m not going to get all carried away with it, but if it makes me laugh, I’m going for it. 

This caps off all I had in my head for chillin in Nepal, so now it’ll probably be less linear as I get through my grab bag of ideas for this ridiculous series. 


So I was just thinking about those posts you get in the Discworld tag about the way belief works on the Disc and how Vetinari and/or Vimes is so integral to the way Ankh-Morpork works that they might just sort of… not ever die.

You know, the ones like ‘Vimes is going to become a god of policemen and he’s going to hate it”.

Well. What if it happens to both of them? There are two parts to the city, after all. ‘Proud Ankh’ needs taking down a peg or two (or seven) by Sam Vimes, and if anyone can terrify ‘pestilent Morpork’ into being better then it’s Havelock Vetinari. And they can drive each other mad with stealth puns for centuries, if they want.

Also, this would potentially make them literally Law And Order, and that just seems very fitting in a way that would probably annoy them both.

Speaking of Pinboard and Delicious today, one of the things that Delicious facilitated was being able to bookmark your own fanfic, then click a little link next to the bookmark and see all the comments and tags of other people who had bookmarked the same URL. 

So I sometimes checked on particularly new or controversial fanfics of mine, and I once found that someone had bookmarked a fanfic with “Good, but no werewolves.” Since this was a House MD fic, and not an AU, like, no werewolves had been implied, I was a little perplexed. 

I shared this strange review with @junietwohundred​, who is much wiser and more cynical in the ways of fandom than I am, and she said “Look at the rest of their bookmarks. I bet I know what you’ll find.”

Sure enough, this person had like…four hundred bookmarks, all rating every fic they had bookmarked on the presence or absence of werewolves. None of the comments were nasty or mean, it was just fanfic after fanfic – “Not enough werewolves.” “Excellent werewolves.”  “Interesting new werewolf ideas.”  “Werewolves are background only.” 

It was one of the most magnificently niche reccslists I’ve ever seen. I salute you, werewolf archivist, wherever you may be. I hope the werewolf tag on AO3 is constantly bustling for you. 

Imagine Daycare Teacher! Izuku and Single Hero Dad! Bakugou


A good wholesome AU where Izuku decides that the best way he can be a hero for the people is to be the best mentor/teacher™ to all kids at this Daycare like #1 Big Brother! Being a daycare teacher gives him an oppurtunity to help anyone and everyone he can, especially the children! These kiddos either call him Izu-nii or Izu-sensei.

In this universe, Bakugou has a child. The origin of the mother is unknown (I’d like to say she died from childbirth because I’m a cruel person). As a single father, he is forced to raise his child until they are old enough to go to day care which gives him the perfect opportunity to drop them off so he can go back to his hero duties (he took a maternal leave aaa).

Bakugou’s child becomes super attached to Izuku and these two hit off really well. (At some point, like any kid would, he declares to be Izuku’s future spouse while the daycare teacher laughs it off). For the the first few months, Bakugou grows curious whenever his child talks about (more like GUSHES) about this “Izu-nii”. Then that curiosity turns into jealousy because fUCK THAT GUY I WILL BE MY CHILD’S NUMBER ONE. 

One day when Bakgou is picking up, he asks to meet “Izu-nii” only to come face-to-face with Izuku. Suddenly years of GUILT AND PAIN drop on Bakugou.

From that point, it’ll be Izuku and Bakugou’s journey toward reconciliation!

Izuku is super wary and un-trusting of Bakugou at first, but he’ll soften up eventually! 

  • Edgy Tumblr Kid: killing stalking has abuse and depicts scenarios caused by a mental illness that I am completely disregarding. It's problematic and you should die if you even pronounce its name. Now, as offended as I am because of it, I will spend all my precious time in the ks tag and bitch about it. There is no other way to get rid of this monstruosity.
  • Me, who tags ks very cautiously in order to have it easily blacklisted by people who need it, and can tell the difference between fiction and reality: Thanks for the warning, not that it's in the name...

Hello guys!

I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and what better way to do that than just say it all?

Enjoy my weird accent and a cover of Do They Know It’s Christmas? at the end of the vid. (It’s my favourite Christmas song!)

Tagging people who I love (I wouldn’t be a person that I am without you), who changed my year somehow, who seem really cool or (if you have no idea who I am) who are amazing and I admire them.


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Slower (2) - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by wintersoulja

Words: 1441
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: probably swearing, fighting, talk of guns, getting shot, hospitals, a horrible atte,pt at writing flirting
Requested: kinda its a part two so
Authors Note: yayyy this was so fun! I loved part one and this was just so much fun to follow it up with. (Also, i was too tired to go through all the tags at the end to make sure they’re working so if they aren’t i apologize and i will fix it tomorrow when i am more awake)


Part One

Pietro’s mind could not wrap around the fact that you weren’t bothered by him. He was used to people falling for him instantly, as he flirts his way through life. He could have anyone he wanted; it wasn’t hard for him to get someone, but of course; he chose the one person that was unaffected by his personality.

However, it did get to his head. Being so obsessed with you and everything about you, it distracted him from what he really needed to be focusing on. You and Pietro worked well together as if something were to happen that needed to be stopped quickly, you could slow time and Pietro would run to whoever needed it. Sure, you could have done it, but moving while your stalling time uses a lot of energy you don’t normally have. So, it was nice to have the speedster on your side.

Ever since you joined the Avengers, it was hard for anyone to ever win. That was, until this fight where Pietro didn’t listen to you and flirted the whole time. Frankly, it was driving you crazy that he wouldn’t listen. Typically, you would get a good shot at the villain and slow the time for Pietro to knock out, but he wasn’t listening.

“Pietro! Listen to me!” You shouted through the comms as you fought off enemies. Sure, you could have stopped everything and just pushed them all over, but it doesn’t work like that. You may be powerful, but you also know how much energy slowing and stopping time takes. It could use all of your energy up to get rid of the smaller threats, and it wasn’t worth risking your shot at their leader just to get rid of a few pesky rats.

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could be in Ravenclaw if people think you aren't smart? I have a dyslexia and don't usually do the best in school. Yet I enjoy learning about new things. However, people always see me as "not smart" so I was wondering if I could still call myself a Ravenclaw?

If you go through our Ravenclaw tag, you will find this question again and again: Can I be a Ravenclaw if I am “not smart”?

The answer is a resounding YES.

Ravenclaws are:

  • Witty
  • Clever
  • Wise
  • Creative
  • Open minded/Accepting
  • Quirky
  • May have unusual interests

Ravenclaws are not:

  • “Smart” (whatever that means)

And the thing about being all the canon traits of Ravenclaw is that they are so subjective. There’s no one way to be clever or creative or wise. You write? Draw? Cosplay? Make people laugh? All of those are ways of being creative. You make good decisions? Can organize people? Think outside the box? Wisdom all around! You enjoy learning and do it on your own terms? You are SO RAVENCLAW.

Don’t let people get you down because you don’t meet some arbitrary definition of “smart.” Being good in school is one way to be smart, but learning on your own terms about subjects you find interesting is another. Being good with your hands is another. There’s no “right way” to be smart or “right way” to be intelligent. Just be yourself and you’ll show them just how Ravenclaw you are!

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

anonymous asked:

I don't know how to word this, but in what way does mogai confuse so many people that it needs a mogai hell denial tag? I'm not disagreeing, I am genuinely curious of how people can go through such a long journey of labels finding themselves

there are several core beliefs that mogai perpetuates

1) the more obscure your labels, the more oppressed you are

2) LG and binary trans people are actually privileged for their visibility

3) being MGA is more radical than being gay

4) you have to capture all facets of your identity and comfort levels through your labels

5) there’s never enough labels

so basically you have mogai constantly churning out more and more terms for really specific experiences and present them as identities on their own

let’s take a look at lithromantic specifically, which means something like “only experiences attraction to someone until they reciprocitate it” 

in reality, every lesbian who’s struggled with compulsory heterosexuality (the absolute majority of us) will tell you that the abive described experience is very common for lesbians who have yet to come to terms with not being attracted to men. comp het makes us attracted to them in theory - we think we like a guy - but as soon as he starts liking us back? nope

this is the point where you would stop and wonder if perhaps, maybe you’re not attracted to men? but enter mogai and their presentation of lithromantic as an actual identity that’s ‘Totally Real and Valid uwuw’ and instead of “maybe i dont like men?” you think “makes sense, guess i’m lithromantic (towards men at least)”. and so you’ve successfuly been fooled into putting off your personal discovery 


I love smiling, no matter what kind of day I had and how stressful of my work. I don’t have the best of all but I simply appreciate what I find on my way…
I will stay in Tokyo, Japan until the beginning of next year, to celebrate Christmas and New Year with family. I’ve met many amazing people this year, thank you for inspiring me.

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When will Ao3 finally introduce a main character search option

I am so tired of all those shitty writers who put a gazzilion tags to trick people into reading their fic. When I search the tags for a character I want to read about them. It’s really shitty when instead of a story about your favorite character you get  crap where they  have like two lines or hell they are just mentioned in passing.

Ditto for finally implementing an exclusion option both for ships and characters Yes I know that if you input it a specific way you can exclude some characters but this should be an outright option. This is literally the only category where is vastly superior to AO3 and I still can’t understand why they won’t fix their search engine

otabrilliant  asked:

I'm kind of new to writing fic again, and I really want people to read my piece. What's the best way to get people to actually view and read your piece? I'm brand new to AO3 and am not sure when the best times to post are, how tags really work, etc.

So, you want strangers on the internet to validate your writing? 

There’s no substitute for good writing. Period. Your style and grammar has to at least hit some kind of minimum threshold. For instance, I fuck up on tense and forget to put verbs in my sentences all the time, but I seem to meet people’s minimum threshold of tolerance because I can do characterization pretty well. 

So let’s assume you’ve got some shining aspect of your writing that is attractive, makes you a “good” writer. What’s next?

Well I think it’s mostly luck than anything else. When I started posting fic again in 2015 after a long hiatus ( account last updated in 2011) my writing style DID dramatically change from age 21-25. But there are still huge variations in # hits, comments, and kudos on my more recent works on ao3 (2015-2017). I don’t think my style has changed much since I joined AO3.

For example, of my 19 works, “See you Space Cowboy” a Voltron oneshot has the least # of hits (209) while another “From Almaty with Love,” a “Yuri on Ice” fic has the most # of hits (31k+).

But wait, there’s a huge difference there. “Cowboy” is a T rated oneshot 6k word oneshot. FAWL is a E rated 71k word novel. That’s not a fair comparison.

Okay. My least read multichapter fic “Red Coals” is an M rated 40k word fic with 2.7k hits. FAWL is an E rated 71k word novel with 31k hits. Whats the diff? I will explain.

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MBTI and the Seven Deadly Sins

Ok so I thought this would be a little… fun thing to do, so here’s the deal, state your type and then list in order where the 7 Deadly Sins fall for you, with a little note on the side explaining why (because just listing your sins is boring). Then at the end Tag from 5 to 10 different people or tag yourself, and let the party begin.


  1. Pride. My sense of self can come before all else. I can let my pride get in the way. I can see little in what others say and completely take over in my feelings of being right. 
  2. Sloth. I often settle for what takes the least responsibility. Whenever I am asked to do something more my instinct is always to say no. My first thought is not to do anything. After time I mull it over and change it, I can then be more proactive. But my instinct is to not do.
  3. Greed. I love things! I want everything and growing up I hated to share. Although my ideals lay in Marxism, I love all the materials capitalism lets me consume. 
  4. Wrath. Be happy you don’t actually see my reactions to some comments and messages I get. My wrath at others and ideas is what gives me my spark, but my instant reactions can be harsh and cruel. 
  5. Gluttony. I over indulged in books, television, and movies. I become obsessive. Be glad you didn’t see me back in the day when I discovered Doctor Who. I don’t know how to pace myself with things I love. 
  6. Envy. This isn’t a think for me now, but growing up I felt everyone was calmer, more social, and smarter than me. I had major competitive issues in all parts of my life.
  7. Lust. Back in my school days I always liked men who were taken and may have ruined multiple relationship because of this sin. This is not a thing for me anymore, but at a younger age I was quite the vixen.

@xtestament tagged me originally. I tag: @card-queen, @heroesandvillainsofmbti, @isfjwallflower, @lovenfj, @worldofanentp

Man, like, no offense to the people who are saying Isak will ‘save’ Even, but like mental illness doesn’t work that way?? Lmao. Y'all are fucking freaks.

Like, you can love someone with mental illness but your love won’t cure their manic disorders?? What the fuck? I am screaming at the Skam tag omg.

I hope Isak still loves Even but I hope y'all realize that if he’s manic…. he’s manic. And Isak can’t cure that. The fuck is wrong with y'all??

I’m back.

Hey guys, it’s Lauren (aka aniallate-1d). I have a new blog, feel free to follow if you want. I’m going to tag some of my old mutuals to let them know bc it’s easier than messaging everyone. I’m very sorry for being a bit wishy-washy with this whole blog thing but I needed a little break/a new start. This is just a side blog so I can only follow people from my main blog, fairyt0ld. I am sorry if I forget anyone. But hopefully you all will find your way back to me :)

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As a fandom we should be ashamed of how everyone is acting right now. How ungrateful can you guys actually be?? Wake up people!! Is this how you treat something when you don’t get your way? I see so much hate right now that it is making me physically ill! I went into the tags hoping to see the usual gifs and posts but all I see is people saying how horrible it was and how the writers forgot how to write apparently. I am disgusted! All three of those episodes were beautifully written but you all want to be a bunch of babies about a ship that the writers all said from the jump wouldn’t become cannon! You all knew what you were getting into. And as for the “queer-baiting” that has been a thing since episode one! Get a grip!!

Very tired.

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Honestly god bless you for shipping Jazekiel, I was almost convinced I was the only one? Like it's already a tiny fandom so having an unpopular ship in it is a nightmare. I have read and reread all five pages of fanfic on AO3 (your fics are great by the way) and I am dying, but your cute little imagines are Great. Unfortunately, I just went through your entire tag. Oops. But, hey, new episode tonight which might give us more fodder! Cheers!

Thank you!! I’m so glad to welcome more shipmates! I recommend checking out @queerseth, @huckleberrykim, @fangirlandtheories, @jazekiel, @jazekielstones, and @jbird181.

Okay so, I’m gonna leave my original post about this whole pewdiepie situation up, but any thing that has any sort of hateful speech or harassment in it will be deleted. The ask has already been deleted, as it contained a very hateful slur in it, and even though I am tagging stuff I just don’t want to expose anyone to it. Also my asks are off, and they will remain that way for an amount of time I’d rather not say here, so if you need to ask me something just pm me.

Also a huge thank you to all of you who reached out to me privately and/or publicly and defended me, as well as those of you who engaged with these alt right people, aka neo nazis (call ‘em what they are). I was encouraging people to not engage with them, so if you didn’t then don’t feel bad about it, it is for the best if you don’t. I really appreciated the support and it absolutely warmed my heart to see that the overwhelming majority of people were going against this sort of shit. Thank you all again <333 And I’m sorry for any of you who were exposed to this stuff before I was able to tag it, and even after tagging it.