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Vivienne shuts the door of Nick’s apartment and glances down at herself to be sure that she has retrieved all of her belongings. Pumps? Check. Dress? Thank the gods. Great legs and overwhelming sense of sexual superiority? Of course. It isn’t until she is lazily pressing the button for the elevator that the daughter of Poseidon can finally snap open the clutch in her hand and tug out her phone. This moment has been nearly three years in the making and, now, as she unceremoniously types in what has grown to be an unfamiliar number, Viv knows that this is it–– she’s prepared.

She lifts the phone casually to her ear and waits for an answer (or, more accurately, answering machine).

Going to work on the 3k+ project, but I need some help

(( Don’t worry! It’s not much! While I’m pretty much SHOVELING my way through all my followers, I’ve been having trouble since I need your references!
Plus, apparently, some blogs I bump into have been inactive for a long while now       v v v

(( Because I am very close to 3k, I want to take the opportunity to be able to promote other blogs ovo”! ))

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Thank you all so much for sticking around, even if we have less than 20 story related posts ;w;”

- Ebbs

PS. I expect to have this finished after 3.5k qwq //that’s a long while from now. I just expect to be drawing a lot of ponies- several times as well .w.” I need to do this in my spare time too, since I can’t do it everyday ))