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“Many of my films have strong female leads, self-sufficient girls who don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in. They’ll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a saviour.”

- Hayao Miyazaki (dir.) 


april 16, 2017 - trial and error

“you never fail until you stop trying.” -albert einstein

i was scanning a document with my printer yesterday afternoon, and i walked past my old computer and saw this post-it note stuck onto it with this quote. i remember writing it for myself back in high school, and i decided to turn it into a couple of motivational gifs! don’t let rejection, a bad grade, or any bump in the road stop you. turn it around and think of it as a chance for you to improve yourself. you will overcome these obstacles, but it takes time. be patient and persevere. you got this!

currently listening to: “sundays” - jufus


I was updating my ref sheets for Tulaya and Kanya and didn’t pull out my old ones until the ends and like woaHHH!! Check that improvement that I never noticed!!! Am I proud of myself? Yes I am AHAHAHAHAHA it’s nothing fantastic but woahhhhhh

(Left ones were January 2017 and right ones were April 2017!!)


got7 lineart edits, done in high quality so they can be used as desktop wallpapers!! 

story goes, i got really really into got7 recently such that they’re almost my favourite group and i wanted to explore into line art a lil, so here we go. 

and yes, my little mistakes can be seen but i’m really not that much of a perfectionist at my first try.


[who is your hero?] Well, my mom, definitely. And I guess probably Jim Carrey.