no watch it thrice

‘ve been hesitating to post this since the beginning of January but my style changes so fast that I’m not sure whether I’ll like it next month or so. 
Anyways, I know there’re few sea turts AUs already on tumblr but after watching Moana thrice I couldn’t help making Polynesian AU and that’s it. I’ve got so many ideas and hope to make a reference for all four turts in future but for now the only finished thing I’ve got is this sketch of Leo and Karai :)

coveredinthe-colors  asked:

Since boys will be boys came out, I've made my whole family watch it thrice. And all of my roommates. And I shout the song to people on the street. And any new friends I make, I project the video into their eyes until they go blind. No one will speak to me. It's all ben worth it. We do the best that wE CAN

I see you with the ‘it’s all BEN worth it’ haha. Thank you so very much! Glad you like the song 🦊

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Kagerou Project Gangnam style….! +_+ I laughed all the way while watching this :P

Tumblr doesn’t seem to embed this video well so you may have to click the video twice to see it in another tab…but it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! Believe me, I don’t say things like this often :)

Okay I really really wanted to share this with everyone after I found this video.

The creator did mention it could be embedded if you credit him(her?) so I’m guessing this’ll be fine. I’ve left a comment and if the orginal creator doesn’t like me doing this I’ll have to erase this post though…;A; BUT THIS WAS SO COOOL….!!!!!!


dragon age gothic
  • there is a dwarf drinking in the corner.  the dwarf is always drinking, but the corner changes.  space warps around him.  he has drank his weight in ale once, twice, thrice since you’ve been watching.  he is still, and will always be, alive.
  • “all men are created equally in the eyes of the maker” the chantry woman preaches.  “all men are created equally in the eyes of the meeker” she cries.  “all men are created aqually in the aves of the meeker” she continues.  “all men,” she repeats “cretins acquired.”
  • there is a popular book series sweeping across thedas.  it is written by varric tethras.  you’ve read it twice.  there is another book series you’ve read, written by varric tethras.  your sister recommends a new book and it is written by varric tethras.  when you open your diary, you find it is written by varric tethras.
  • you cannot go into the mountains.  the other villagers tell stories of vicious dragons.  you have never seen a dragon in your life, but you know they exist.  they have to exist.  it is the age of dragons, but you have yet to seen one.
  • the inquisitor passed through town yesterday.  he was an elf then.  today, she is standing on the platform giving a speech.  her horns are very threatening, but not as threatening as her two-handed blade.  when she comes off the stand, she is a dwarf with an axe.  as he passes, you shiver.  even human mages are frightening.
  • you have never met hawke, the champion of kirkwall, but you trust them.
  • every one in the city is bisexual.  you are bisexual.  whispered rumors of men and women attracted to only one sex have reached the town, but no one believes them.
  • the familiar lute chords are strummed and the bard starts singing.  “sera was never,” she sings.  you don’t know who sera is, but she was never.  and she never was.

Oh, thank you, you shouldn’t have
I say, manicured nails
on your skin and a smile that
holds the meaning of purity.

You tell me I’m beautiful
once, twice, thrice.
And I smile and watch you smirk,
dangerous glint in your eyes.
Because what you see is a doe-eyed beauty,
begging you to explain the word to her.
You can’t wait to get your hands around my neck.
Well, guess what?

They say girls who run with wolves learn to bite,
  and I’ve led the pack since I was five.
You think I paint my lips red so I look older,
and wear high heels so you don’t tower
a foot above me.
But it’s all a refined trick.
The cherry colour of my lips contrast against my teeth
so you can never look away.
My heels are so your eyes stay on my bum
each time they click-clack everywhere.
I’ll spin you out with lies and a bat of my eyes.

Poor boy, mum never did warn you
about girls like me.
Or perhaps she did, you just never believed.
You don’t know what to do,
but what I command.

And when I’ve left you,
Cold, broken and confused,
all you’ll remember is my smile and
shining eyes that day.

—  They say to love is to destroy, and, boy, are they right. m.v.r.

Preferred to Chance a Demon

Acrostics distrust
a muse, agnostic to the pulse,
acoustics relying
on a metronome, abecedarian
to skip the stove
and order out. Which is not
to say they won’t believe, but never
seen a seance free of threads, spun
for gold, turned table, for
the record, just a sleight
of foot. A stretch of capitals
can dictate, and paths footworn
can dodge the boughs and watch
the wilds from the road, but thrice
writ spelling lessons I prefer
are of incantations, summations
to summon with an arcane script.  

- B B Pine
‘Bob’s Burgers’ Writer Raises $14K in Two Days to Watch ‘Entourage’ Movie for Charity
Bob’s Burgers writer Wendy Molyneux hated the HBO series Entourage — so much so that she joked to her husband that someone would have to pay her $10,000 to see the upcoming big-screen version.
By Rebecca Sun

We are proud to work with this awesome lady! Go Wendy Molyneux!!! Sorry, you’re most likely going to have to watch ‘Entourage’ at least twice, maybe even thrice…!!! 

Srsly. Not lying about the free drugs.

So, years ago, I’ve just made my pact with the Oracle (the Bee-Maenad), and I visit a dispensary. As I’m interacting with the guy behind the counter, I start watching the spirit buzz around him.

Back and forth, back and forth, just zipping around. No one else was watching it, so I knew I was hallucinating (and at this point, still sober). Suddenly, the ghost is gone. I can’t see the bee, ‘cuz she flew into the guy behind the counter.

He gets this glazed look, and starts offering me free hashish. Copious amounts of free hashish. (I’d already spent $50, but that aint crap.) He starts jittering, and then looks me in the eye and repeats: “Now I make the magic happen!” thrice.

I watch the bee fly out of his chest as he hands me the change and then my copious amounts of intoxicants.

And then I get home, and immediately read this:

“The anthropologist Roland Dixon recounts how one North American Maidu shaman ‘resolved to acquire the spirit of the honeybee. This he did, and then was able. to secure whiskey in unlimited quantities, as the bee could insert its proboscis through the corks of bottles, or through the closed bung-holes of barrels, and suck out the liquor, which it afterward put into other receptacles for the Indian’s use. The bee could also enter anywhere, as it could unlock all doors by inserting its proboscis.”
- Emma Wilby, Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits. (P. 138 - 139.)

Now what fucks me up? The Maidu lived along the American river, and I can literally walk down the street to visit it. So sometimes I do wonder WTF my oracle ‘really is’ despite the fact that it seems perfectly relaxed being called a ‘beautiful Maenad’.

EDIT: And that is how I decided to befriend all the honey-bee spirits, because some are as shady as I am.

NovaForever’s Interview

We have a fantastic treat for you today with NovaForever’s Interview!  She even made animations to include in each response because she is just that awesome :)  Be sure to check out all of her 60 second fic animations if you haven’t done so already!  Thanks for answering, and animating, these questions Alice and thanks especially createdforogc who submitted these!

What originally got you started making graphics for Brittana?

…when Glee first started I had just moved to a new city for graduate school and everything about it was kinda stressful. I was studying basically constantly just to keep up in my new program and the only break I really allowed myself was to watch glee once (or thrice) times a week. It was definitely an outlet for me. And my stress relief therapy somehow evolved into an outlet of creating ridiculous animations. And even when I finished my degree I just never really stopped.

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