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I’ve had many faces, many lives. But I don’t admit to all of them. There’s one life I’ve tried very hard to forget. He was the Doctor who fought in the Time War and that was the day he did it. The day I did it. The day he killed them all. The last day of the Time War. The war to end all wars. Between my people and the Daleks. And in that battle there was a man with more blood on his hands than any other. A man who would commit a crime that would silence the universe. And that man was me.

Canon Disney/Lucasfilm sources: Kylo doesn’t want to kill Rey, he feels a mysterious connection with her and wants to teach her the ways of the Force


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Fan site completely unaffiliated with Disney or Lucasfilm: Kylo Ren hates Rey and wants to kill her, Rey bought BB-8, Han Solo and Chewbacca had a torrid love affair, Bush did 9/11, 


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team sleepovers
pt. 1

•it’s at suga’s as he’s an only child and his parents treat them all like their own children

•with noya and tanaka on snack detail, there isn’t a single item of healthy food in sight

•sleeping arrangements are,well, there are none, just a mess of pillows and blankets and duvets all over the floor of the living room which is also the seating area for the team

•monopoly, destroyer of friendships, is played with daichi as the banker
~he cheats big time;
~suga finds out and makes it his mission to bankrupt him
~he succeeds and wins
~ennoshita manages to spend 99% of the time playing in jail
~tanaka and noya get bored and forfeit in favour of an intense mario kart session

•yamaguchi forces everyone to watch shrek two as it’s ‘the dankest of them all’
~this confuses everyone apart from enoshita and tsukishima and they all end up unironically enjoying it

•tanaka initiates a creep shot war between himself and kageyama
~kageyama is sorely losing
~other people slowly get dragged into it
~turns out it’s impossible to get a bad picture of nishinoya

•there is a short game of just dance™ but everyone gives up when daichi gets serious because he can out dance all of them

•despite jumping off the walls for three hours, shouting that he’s going to pull an all nighter, Hinata is the first to sleep at ten (10) pm
~sadly falls victim to a permanent marker
~he somehow falls asleep on yamaguchi and he’s too kind to move so he falls asleep shortly after

•everyone but suga and enoshita is out by twelve meaning the pair can have their 'we’re not gossiping just sharing information’ chat that lasts a good hour

•Tsukkishima is the first to wake up and is glad to wake the others by blaring evanescence
~of course, after checking suga’s parents are already gone for work
~suga somehow sleeps through it

The 100 Hellatus Survival Kit

Since I know all of us will be in various stages of mourning and death over the next 9ish months, here’s some fandoms to fling yourselves into to cope! (WARNING: There’s a lot of books..)

* = (post) apocalypse / dystopia setting
** = relationship dynamic reminiscent of bellarke
*** = both


**The Expanse

Want to fantasize about the delinquents in space? This is basically the S5 au you need.

  • kick ass space opera
  • diverse af cast
  • Nolden = Space Blarke (not kidding, this is what would’ve happened if she went to space)

**The X-Files

I know I never shut up about this show, but it’s for a good reason. Are you sad about Bellarke and need a long ass show to invest yourself in? With a slow burn couple, built on trust and respect and support? LOOK NO FURTHER!

  • government conspiracies
  • sad space parents
  • the longest slow burn that will renew your faith in blarke (its literally 7 years)
  • 10 seasons worth of content so you won’t run dry


Looking for another “diverse group of misfits that create their own family” to cry over?

  • 8 people share a psychic link
  • the bad government want to experiment on them
  • the most diverse cast i stg (gay ships! trans characters! poc!)
  • ships that will make you cry for 17 days 
  • so many people sleep on this so and i not qu(white) understand

***The Walking Dead

How about another power couple leading a rag tag group of peeps through the apocalypse? (Yeah I’m talking about Richonne)

  • zombie apocalypse
  • i don’t think i really need to explain this
  • but ana would literally kill me if i didn’t include them on this list
  • richonne = bellarke material


You can thank Mik and April for this one. In case you’re wondering what’s in store for blarke next season, or if you’re wanting to imagine that reunion.

  • bunch a strangers plane crash on a magic island
  • it’ll melt your brains (I’ve watched it twice and I’m still not sure i completely understand everything)
  • but seriously ask mik about desmond x penny because she’ll make you cry about s5 blarke


Just want a cute feel good show with just enough angst and a ship that will cause you only minor pain?

  • girl with a made up brain condition “stitches” into the minds of dead people to solve murders
  • camsten gives me butterflies
  • its just really cute

Honorable Mentions: *Attack on Titan, *Psycho Pass, The OA, ***Battlestar Galactica (I’m still crying about lee and starbuck ok?) *Firefly, Teen Wolf, Glitch, Agents of SHIELD, Roswell, *3%, *Falling Skies, American Gods (SUPPORT RICKY)


***Pacific Rim

Stay with me here. How about a visually stunning movie about the people fighting monsters in giant robots? But with important character backstories, diversity, and Idris Elba?

  • giant godzilla like monsters crawl out of the ocean and terrorize the world
  • special pilots operate huge transformer like robots to fight them
  • watch and just imagine blarke isn’t drift compatible (can’t relate)
  • a sequel starring John Boyega

*Goodbye World

Still feeling that apocalypse vibe?

  • group of old college friends try to ride out the apocalypse in a cabin
  • its simple but dramatic

*Tomorrow, When the War Began (also a tv show and book series)

How about some Australian teenagers fighting back against a country on the brink of war and chillin’ in the outback?

  • its basically Red Dawn in Australia
  • its v dramatic 
  • based on the book series by John Marsden

*The Stand

I mean technically it was a mini series, but whatever. Down for the film version of Stephen King’s greatest work about the battle between good an evil across a pandemic ridden America?

  • a virus kills almost everyone in literally a couple days
  • survivors are called from all over to join either the good guys or the bad guys
  • its much cooler than it sounds
  • I’d recommend the book but its 1200 pages and I know y'all don’t have that motivation

*How I Live Now

Have a need for even more teenagers at the end of the world? 

  • political / nuclear apocalypse
  • group of kids try to survive in the english hills or whatever
  • ft. baby tom holland and a weird cousin relationship that i don’t get
  • its still good though

Honorable Mentions: Ginger Snaps, *Resident Evil (but just the first one), Electrick Children, *The Matrix, 28 Days Later, Children of Men

Books (this is gonna be a long one)

lets get the obvious ones out of the way…

**Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo

If y'all haven’t heard of this yet between me, Ana, and Delaney in the past month where have you been?

  • ragtag (diverse) group of criminals misfits band together to pull of the ultimate heist
  • lgbtq+ characters! characters oaf color! disabled characters!
  • the ships will literally tear your actual heart out (*whispers* kanej)

A Darker Shade of Magic (and sequels) by VE Schwab

pretend to be shocked for a minute… are you in the market for a soul crushing series, with morally grey, but entirely lovable characters, and relationships (romantic and platonic) that make you cry?

  • parallel londons, blood magic, pirates, and princes
  • lila bard
  • bisexual prince and his pirate privateer lover
  • lila bard
  • otp thats meets when person a robs person b and leaves them bleeding in an alley 
  • seriously if you take one recommendation from this list make it this one

ok on to the ones i haven’t spent the last month yelling about

Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson

book hangover after you’ve finished the first 2 books? well here comes the perfect combo of both!

  • fantasy dystopia? basically a fantasy world if the dark lord had won
  • alchemy magic!
  • group of misfits come together to perform a heist

***The Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi

Does the absence of blarke have you longing for an angsty, enemies to friends to lovers ship?

  • dystopia where some people have super powers
  • girl who can kill people by touching them (she’s basically Rogue)
  • aaron warner <3
  • the angstiest shit i stg
  • its a romance hiding behind a dystopian storyline
  • i think warner has elements of S1 bellamy so I’m considering a similar dynamic, deal with it

*This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

I couldn’t not include more from my queen. Looking for a book about monsters, and music, and the end of the world?

  • a future where  every violent act a human commits manifests an actual living breathing monster
  • the city of verity is controlled by 2 warring families, (August’s and Kate’s)
  • Kate and August come together to battle the big bad that’s threatening their town
  • the writing is so. fucking. poetic.
  • also no romance!

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

do you love witches? and kickass female friendship? and love interests that stab each other in the heart?

  • witch best friends (aka threadsisters) on the run
  • a complex af magic system (truthwitch-sense lies, windwitch-control wind/air, you get the idea)
  • seriously the female friendship tho
  • angsty ships that try to kill each other!!!
  • ongoing, but book 2 just came out

*On the Beach by Nevil Shute

Can’t get enough of people dealing with the impending end of the world?

  • last survivors of a nuclear apocalypse sit on an australian beach and wait for their death basically
  • how people handle knowing they’re about to be wiped out
  • be prepared to cry

***The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

More. Space. Stuff???

  • fairytale retellings in space??
  • cinder(ella) with a cyborg arm
  • + red riding hood, rapunzel, snow white
  • its been 84 years since i read, but i think cinder/kai reminded me vaguely of blarke so I’m counting it

*The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

I actually haven’t read this one so I don’t know if there’s a Blarke-esque relationship, but are you on the market for a book about gays and aliens in space??

  • space opera
  • introspective look at humanity and alien shit
  • some AI drama
  • f/f relationship (party!)

The Wrath and the Dawn (and sequel) by Renee Ahdieh

How do I open this one? Maybe you’re down for a retelling of 1001 Arabian nights?

  • such poetic writing
  • as i mentioned, retelling of 1001 Arabian Nights where this dude takes a new wife every night and kills her every morning
  • but then our salty heroin marries him and because she’s amazing she tricks him into keeping her alive through stories
  • and the romance is so angsty
  • i just started this so idk much else

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Looking to find a book basically about all of our lives?

  • fan fiction writer goes to college 
  • social anxiety is a bitch
  • theres a cute boy
  • its so fluffy it’ll make you smile

**Saga by Brian K. Vaugh and Fiona Stable

how about a few comic books? maybe one about a man and a woman from 2 warring intergalactic species on the run from their people?

  • forbidden romance between a bad ass black woman with wings and her kick ass asian husband with horns
  • running from both their governments that want their “abomination” baby dead (not a spoiler the first panel is literally her giving birth)
  • theres people with robot heads and alien orgies
  • its so fucking good
  • i feel like this is how 30 yo blarke would handle this situation

Teen Titans by Geoff Johns

On the look out for a superhero comic? Maybe, oh, ANOTHER ragtag group of misfits?

  • I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite iteration, but it’s mine and I love beast boy and raven so deal with it
  • robin, beast boy, raven, cyborg, etc.
  • just read it

Honorable Mentions: Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova, The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Steivfater, Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee, The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare (listen, she’s trash, but Jem is my son and I love him), An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, ***Red Rising by Pierce Brown,

I hope this helps everyone out! I tried to think of as many similarities as I could and then threw in some that are worth the interest! Happy Hellatus lovelies!

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My personal JAIMExBRIENNE fan fiction list

All credits go to these amazing authors. Enjoy!


*searching for a heart of gold by janie_tangerine. Involves Jaime defending Brienne’s honour and knighthood. Amongst other things. Words: 8745.

*Home is Wherever I’m with You by BrienneofThrace. Jaime and Brienne’s first kiss takes place at the top of the Wall. Words: 5815.

*The Warrior by researchsociety. Honestly the best smut fic I’ve found for this ship. There is intense feels too. Words: 4298.

Valkyrie by pearypie. Intense sweetness! Jaime’s thoughts before he meets Brienne at siege of Riverrun. Words: 999.

*For Honour’s Sake by coaldustcanary. A simple story about how Jaime and Brienne try to keep each other warm in a blizzard. Smutty-smut-smut! Words: 6970

i carry it in my heart by bergamot. Season 7 spoilers! A much need filler taking place between the second last and final episode of the season. Words: 3390.

Blossoming Roots by gnsiophobic. Desperate tale of survival in winter with a more established version of JaimexBrienne. Words: 5110.

He Chose Honor by 13letters. “She was always so stern. Stalwart. Strong. Stoic.” Words: 2618.


The Higher Education of Brienne of Tarth by BrienneofThrace. I usually hate modern AU’s, but this one is an exception. An easy read and deliciously fluffy. Words: 8377.

*Of Ignorance and Honor by twistedkaleidoscope. This fic is funny and sentimental - especially the end of the last chapter. The story is unfinished, but that last chapter is really packed with feels and worth a read. Words: 7585.

The Covering Sky by Rellie. The most-praised and popular fan fiction in the JaimexBrienne fandom - and with good reason! A definite for this list. Words: 136 469.

**Sworn by the Noose by gnsiophobic. Book-universe fic where Brienne takes Jaime to the Quiet Isle after making an oath with Lady Stoneheart. I was hooked from the first sentence. This author writes just like George RR Martin except he/she does not leave out the tenderness I feel Martin sometimes lacks regarding romance. Words: 24 908.

**Remember: Spring Swaps Snow for Leaves Unknown author (full story explained in the A/N’s). I am a sucker for angsty stories but this story caught me off-gaurd. I was still upset three hours after reading it. This story is ridiculously beautifully written (and an absolute must-read!) but be warned: “the tissue warning needs to be taken seriously.” Words: 28 769.

Obstructed View by AlynnaStrong. Very strong start but the story drifts a bit later on. It is still incomplete, so my opinions might still change. Still worth a read. Words: 28 898.

Nights Without Armour by bratanimus. An unlikely dream team - Jaime, Bri-Bri, Pod and Sansa - go on a quest to make someone Queen of the North. Background Podrick/Sansa; which is very interesting indeed. Words: 32 285.

A Septa’s Advice by Currawong. Jaime comes to Tarth after the war is over. “A gentle romance between two people who have travelled a long way together.” This one is fluffier than a newborn unicorn. Words: 11 481. 

*one of the better ones

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a top 10 or top 5 of the nastiest fandom wars that ever happened around the years on the internet in the Rivals verse and why they happened

Top Ten Nastiest Fandom Wars of the Rivals!Verse Skating Fandom

10) The ‘Only True Viktor Fans’ war - a war that happened relatively early in the series when a bunch of Viktor fans started getting elitist and claiming that a lot of Viktor fans were fake fans who only liked him because he was popular and famous. They claimed you had to have liked Viktor before he was popular to be a real fan or know loads of random facts about him to show how dedicated you were to him. There ended up being a online quiz made called ‘How To Prove You’re A True Viktor Fan’ asking all these different questions like his birthday and his favourite colour and all that. Phichit dared Yuuri to take it while Yuuri was drunk. Yuuri did and got 100%. He didn’t speak to Phichit for a solid three days afterwards.

9) The ‘Is Katsuki a Virgin’ war - When Yuuri was about 18 there was a big fandom war over whether he was a virgin or not as some people claimed he was too 'cute’ and 'innocent’ and some claimed he was clearly mature and experienced. It was fuelled a lot by the fact that no-one had ever seen Yuuri date and so they didn’t know if he was extremely good at hiding it or just didn’t do it. There was a lot of gross speculation going on and digging into Yuuri’s past through social media to try and figure it out. Eventually people on both sides really crossed a line trying to find 'proof’ either way and when people started asking Yuuri about it in person other parts of the fandom got together to tell them that it was wildly inappropriate and invasive and clearly made Yuuri very uncomfortable when people asked him and they all needed to stop right now

8) The 'Viktor/Victor’ war - A massive prolonged fandom argument over the correct way to spell Viktor’s name. Viktor eventually settled it by saying his name was written in Cyrillic anyway and so he really didn’t care how people wanted to translate it into the Latin alphabet

7) The 'Phichit/Yuuri vs Viktor/Yuuri’ war - Fandom war between shippers that got really nasty. People on the P/Y started calling V/Y disgusting and abusive and people on the V/Y side started calling P/Y manipulative and wrong and it all became a massive shitshow where people started to insult the real people they were talking about (Viktor, Phichit and Yuuri) over imaginary ships

6) Chris/Viktor vs Viktor/Yuuri War - Very similar to the above war only with Chris/Viktor instead of Yuuri/Phichit

5) The 'Stop Showing Real People Fanfic/Fanart’ war - Some Viktuuri shippers were taking things too far and asking invasive questions about Viktuuri to Viktor and Yuuri themselves or sending them links to explicit fanart or fanfic. Other people in the fandom had to step in and remind them that it wasn’t ok to show the real people fanfic or fanart unless they explicitly asked to see it as they might not be comfortable with it and that asking shipping questions to the real people involved was inappropriate. This was before Viktor and Yuuri were together and contributed to Yuuri’s fear of revealing their relationship as he knew that some people would never leave their personal lives alone once they knew.

4) The 'Sabotage Conspiracy Theories’ war - Some of this you saw in the fic itself but this was a prolonged war over all the conspiracy theories like 'Viktor Crashed Into Yuuri On Purpose’ theory, the 'Yuuri Sabotaged Viktor With The Doping Scandal’ etc etc

3) The 'Yuuri Katsuki is a Slut’ war - A small subset of Viktor fans started this war after Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship was revealed and started claiming that Yuuri was just a slut who slept around with other skaters to convince them to let him win. Viktor was FURIOUS when he heard about it and he spent about a solid week online absolutely ripping apart anyone who had been speaking badly about Yuuri. Chris and Phichit also helped very enthusiastically

2) The 'Viktor Fans vs Yuuri Fans’ war - The fandom war that extended across the whole series between the Viktor fans and the Yuuri fans that you see a lot of in Rivals. Most of it stayed to insulting each other online but there were several actual fights at competitions and some really bad sportsmanship shown during times when the fans booed or catcalled the opposing skater

1) The 'It’s All Fake’ war - The final big fandom war that happened after the Viktuuri relationship was revealed. While most fans accepted that they were together and were happy that they were happy regardless of who they supported before, there were a subset of skating fans who still loathed either Viktor and Yuuri and were convinced the whole relationship was fake. Viktor was manipulating Yuuri into being with him, Yuuri was blackmailing Viktor into pretending to love him, all stupid conspiracy theories like that along with the people who thought that they were both faking it for the publicity. These rumours were only completely crushed after Viktor and Yuuri got married and everyone could see how completely in love they were and how committed they were to each other.

Okay but seriously, imagine this:

a Hollywood movie based on Evgeni Malkin’s escape to America

why do antis think there’s like this war going on between people who “support pedophilia” and people who are against it

no one…virtually no one here is supporting pedophilia. real actual child predators aren’t gonna fucking out themselves, first of all, they’re criminals and opportunistic and also probably not hanging around your fandom circles on tumblr

what there is is an ongoing debate between people who think the definition of pedophilia includes shipping anime teenagers and people who know it doesn’t.


I’ve had many faces, many lives. But I don’t admit to all of them. There’s one life I’ve tried very hard to forget. He was the Doctor who fought in the Time War and that was the day he did it. The day I did it. The day he killed them all. The last day of the Time War. The war to end all wars between my people and the Daleks, and in that battle there was a man with more blood on his hands than any other. A man who would commit a crime that would silence the universe. And that man was me.

50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor


The Burning Monk

On June 11th, 1963 a Buddhist monk named Thich Quang Duc entered a busy square in Saigon accompanied 350 of his fellow monks and nuns. The monks and nuns formed a circle around Duc as he was saturated with gasoline, and to the shock of foreign corresponds and journalists, was lit on fire.  As the flames consumed Duc, he sat serenely in lotus position, completely oblivious to pain as he was consumed by fire.  When the flames died down, what remained was a blackened, charred corpse.

The self immolation of Thich Quang Duc resulted in one of the most iconic photographs of Vietnam in the 1960′s. As news of the self immolation traveled around the world, the question arose, why did he do it?

At the time South Vietnam was primarily governed by a Vietnamese politician named Ngo Dinh Diem. Diem had been made President of South Vietnam in 1955 after winning a heavily rigged election.  Although he was officially the president of a representative government, in reality he had the powers of a dictator. Diem was a Catholic, and throughout his rule he enacted pro Catholic policies that heavily discriminated against non-Catholics. Around 70-90% of South Vietnamese citizens were Buddhist, but despite being the overwhelming majority Buddhists found themselves second class citizens in their own country. Catholics were favored for high ranking military and civil positions, while Buddhists were likewise barred from such positions while Buddhists serving in the military were turned down for promotions. Catholics also were granted several privileges such as special tax breaks and exemption from corvee labor (labor performed in lieu of taxes).  The government distributed firearms to local defense militias, but only to those in Catholic villages. The Catholic Church was the largest land owner in the country, and was granted special exemptions in land acquisitions. Catholic priests and bishops often had private armies, which would loot or demolish Buddhist temples, or conduct forced conversion of villages. The Vatican Flag was flown at official government and public events, yet the Buddhist flag was often banned during Buddhist holidays. In order to publicly celebrate Buddhists holidays, special government permission was needed.  In 1959, Diem officially dedicated South Vietnam to the Virgin Mary. Yeah Diem was a man of incredible chutzpah as well as excessive stupidity. 

 Diem’s Pro-Catholic policies led to severe distrust between the South Vietnamese people and the Diem regime. In May, the Diem government decreed that the Buddhist flag could not be flown in Hue during the Buddhist holiday called Vesak, which celebrates the Buddha’s birthday. In response, people protested by taking to the streets and marching with Buddhist flags. Government forces responded by firing on the crowd, killing nine. Protests erupted across the country.  In one incident, when monks occupied a square in protest, soldiers and police poured liquid tear gas chemicals on the monk’s heads, severely wounding 69.  Martial law was also declared, and the military undertook a campaign or raiding Buddhist temples, shrines, and pagodas. As the protests grew, the Diem regime responded with increasingly heavy handed tactics. When students in Saigon protested, Diem order 1,000 of them arrested and sent to re-education camps, some of them being as young as 5.

After Duc’s self immolation many other monks would repeat the act in protest. It is often erroneously stated that Duc burned himself to protest the Vietnam War, however this is not true.  It should be noted though that throughout the Vietnam War, 5 American anti-war protesters repeated the act between 1965 and 1970. Many people in Eastern Europe would do the same in the late 1960′s and 1970′s in protest against Communism and the Soviet Union. 

Under pressure from the American Government, South Vietnam’s prime backer, Diem agreed to a list of demands by the Buddhists.  However, Diem never followed through with the agreement. In October of 1963, a US backed coup erupted and toppled Diem’s regime.  Diem was captured while trying to escape on November 1st, and was executed by bayonet.

Thinking  Malachite and...

Hi everyone its Fixitstevenjunior here back at it again with another long ass post anyways this is about the whole Malachite situation between Jasper and Lapis.. Literally just over a year ago this time the fandom was in a huge war between who was the abuser and while many people rightfully said Lapis many people also pointed the finger at Jasper treating Lapis like the innocent victim or a selfless hero (people saying she sacrificed herself to save Steven and the others) despite the high amount of facts exposing Lapis as the abuser and the  use of common sense to show she was the one at fault. Looking back on it I am actually not really surprised why people may see Lapis in that way. 

No I am not ignoring the dialog said by Lapis in Alone at sea exposing herself but there are many people who do and the main reason for this is Steven he immediately denied what Lapis had said and because Steven is the main protagonist of this show and most  if not all of its morals is based on his it is obvious why people may see Lapis as wrong and Steven as right.  And no one ever tells Steven that he is wrong. It is obvious why Steven sided with Lapis if you think about it. He sees Lapis as a friend and Jasper as an.. well..  nemesis and because of that viewers see Lapis as one of the good guys and Jasper as the bad guys Lapis being one of the good guys can make it seem that she can do no wrong as she is acquainted with the protagonist even though that is not the case. When Jasper shows up Steven immediately summons  his shield and  tells her to stay back while Lapis looks like the terrified damsel in distress in the back I mean anyone who was first seeing the show for the first time would immediately see Jasper as the abuser from this image alone. Steven constantly tells Jasper to leave Lapis alone like she  the big bad wolf in this situation. Steven at one point said “Don’t worry Lapis I wont let you sleep with the fishes” focusing all of his concern on her and no one.. and I repeat no one says anything about Jasper it is all about Lapis Lapis Lapis.

No one ever acknowledges how dangerous Lapis actually is apart from Jasper 

And are viewers ever going to consider what Jasper says with any bit of truth? No. Because she is the supposed “bad guy” an antagonist therefore it seems that she is never right especially when her statement contradicts the main protagonist and even when she is most qualified in speaking about Lapis as it was she who was trapped in the fusion for months not Steven. Steven at one point says “Lapis don’t listen to her!” which makes it even less likely for viewers to listen to her doesn’t it. Steven is still seen as being right even though Malachite had nothing to do with him. Him being there to support Lapis even though it made sense him to support her it just made Lapis look more innocent while Jasper more guilty Steven being in the scene adding his useless contributions just confused the situation further. And now did the confrontation end? By Steven literally running up to Lapis hugging her screaming “Lapis you did it!” (oh gosh his voice drived me insane in this episode)

I mean how does that make Lapis look? How does that make Jasper look? The only notable thing Lapis did was admitting she did was wrong and it is clear that is not what Steven meant, he obviously meant standing up to Jasper.. Im done I can not take this anymore moving on

Another quite small but large in meaning is Peridot in Back to the Moon

So when Amejasper (Amethyst shapeshifted to look like Jasper) asked if the pair wanted to join in on the mission or whatever Peridot literally grabbed onto Lapis like she was about to protect her from the big bad wolf known as Jasper and this being Peridot another known friend to the main protagonist and always right Steven Universe her actions are obviously going to be seen as right. While Lapis clearly doesnt look bothered Peridot still acts in defense treating her like a damsel in distress. So we can be clear that Lapis told Peridot about Malachite (which yeah makes sense as theyre now friends and all) and I am sure Lapis didnt bend the truth to Peridot and after hearing it from Lapis Peridot still acts in defense? What?  Another piece of evidence is when Jasper is mentioned in front of Lapis Peridot jumps in and says something like “we do not mention that name here” just yet another way characters in the actual show see Lapis as the victim and if characters in the show see Lapis as the victim how likely are viewers going to see Lapis as the victim especially when it is their favorite character seeing her that way.  

And this is not the viewers fault as well they didnt write the show to be like this did they? It all boils down to well bad writing I guess.. it has been confirmed many times outside the show that the writers wanted to make Lapis the abuser Lapis saying “I am your prisoner and I am never letting you go!” and many other quotes proves so but having many characters bend over backwards for Lapis and having no other character call Lapis out on it but Jasper who is seen as the big bad wolf in every situation so it is obvious why no one would listen to her just confuses the situation so looking into all of this I guess it is clear why many see Lapis as the innocent victim as many characters in the actual show do! So.. show if you really want to make Lapis the abuser 

Seeing posts about how Rebels could end after S3 really makes me realise how much i need this show to LIVE.

New Miraculous Season 2 Trailer

Yet ANOTHER teaser trailer for Miraculous was released today (10/10/17).  I guess they got tired of the mini fan war between the Gabriel-Is-Hawkmoth/Gabriel-Is-Not-Hawkmoth people -_-

New Trailer Here

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Chocobros: Sons of Egyptian Gods

Noctis: Son of Osiris, God of the afterlife, death, life, and resurrection.

- He tends to remain in the underworld with his father. Noctis has only shown interest in the human world once and has visited it because of his curiosity, but when he actually experienced it, he didn’t like it. Though people were really interesting, it was too loud and exhausting for him. 

- This Prince of the Afterlife is the most introverted person you will ever meet. He’s extremely shy when he talks to wandering souls, or anyone for that matter. When he visited the mortal world he barely talked to anyone, when he had to talk to someone who questioned who he was it drained all his energy and he had to quickly return home.

- He strongly dislikes when people suck up to him or sugarcoat things, he prefers when people are blunt. Noctis himself is kind of blunt and he appreciates when people are truthfully blunt with him. But, at the same time it isn’t good to always bluntly tell Noctis something since he’s sensitive and will be upset if something hurts his feelings. 

- Noctis gets worried that he’ll develop a crush on a human if he goes back to the mortal world, he finds them to be fascinating even if it’s hard for him to interact with people. What’s even worse is that Noctis gets even more worried that he’d get a crush on a soul. Noctis’ awkward self would have no idea what to do then. 

- Most of his days are very lazy days. He tends to stay in his room most of the time, either sleeping or watching the equivalent of TV. His father dislikes it when Noctis is lazy. He thinks that his son should be focusing on taking over the underworld. 

- His father, Osiris is merciful and tends to resurrect most souls, giving them a second chance. Noctis dislikes when his father offers for him to judge the souls who would either be resurrected or not. He hates having that much power, and truly doesn’t know how to correctly judge a person. 

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Prompto: Son of Hathor, Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music and fertility.

- Prompto was so incredibly loved by all people he met, mortals and Gods alike. In fact, he was incredibly popular with both and didn’t mind one bit. He loved the attention he was getting, the attention mostly stemming from the fact that his mother, Hathor was beloved by all. 

- His mother was important to the mortals, and even the dead. One of her jobs included welcoming the dead into the next life. During one trip to the underworld, Prompto met Noctis and the two immediately became friends. Both were in awe of each other because of how cool their parents are. “WOW YOU’RE OSIRIS’ SON?!” “Hathor is your mom?!? That’s so NEAT! She’s so amazing.” 

- Prompto spent the majority of his time in the mortal world. He brought them joy, music, and even taught the humans how to dance. Though they didn’t dance well at first, the more Prompto came back, the better they got at it. Prompto was happy being with the humans, even at times wishing that he was human so that he could experience mortal life. He doesn’t know what a camera is since that hasn’t been invented yet, but he still loves preserving memories somehow so he has taken a strong liking to paintings. 

- Prompto was happy. He was so happy all the time that it was impossible to wipe that big smile off his face. However, he did get sad. It was surprising, the humans never expected him to suddenly have this change of behavior. He had enjoyed spending time in the mortal world so much that he forgot the one thing that separated him. He was a God. Humans die. He had made so many human friends, but he had lost track of time, and they had passed away. It hurt him and he didn’t make an appearance in the mortal world for some time after that. 

- It had taken Prompto some time until he understood that humans would die and he couldn’t do anything to change that. Bbbbbut, he kind of could. Because the spirits of his human friends would simply go to the underworld, he could just have his good pal Noctis resurrect them. Prompto really wanted to do that, he REALLY wanted to do that….but he knew that he shouldn’t interfere with death. It wasn’t his realm of specialty and he knew it wasn’t right. 

- The only thing Prompto could do was move on and continue to bring the pleasure of happiness to those who were still alive. If his old mortal friends were given the opportunity to be resurrected, he would be filled with a joy that would motivate him for years to come. 

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Ignis: Son of Thoth, God of knowledge, the moon, measurement, wisdom, the alphabet, records, thought, intelligence, meditation, the mind, logic, reason, reading, hieroglyphics, magic, secrets, scribes, and writing.

- Ignis is very intelligent, maybe even more so than his father. Ignis has done extensive research on the human race. He has read all of the books, writings, etc. that they have published over the many years. Yes, he’s managed to read everything. Ignis even knows multiple languages. 

- He has never been to the mortal realm yet, he wanted to educate himself about them before he went. As a God who has never met a human person, he didn’t exactly know how to interact with them. When he did go to see the mortals, he was surprised to see how much they respected him and were interested in him. He found himself intrigued by humans and stayed with them longer than he anticipated. 

- At times, Ignis actually forgot that he was a God. Spending so much, perhaps too much time with them had made him forget. Ignis had an affinity for the scribes and he shared as much knowledge as he could with them. He taught the people about science, philosophy, religion and magic. At times when the people were having endless arguments, Ignis stepped in as mediator. Just like Thoth, Ignis was particularly good at balancing good and evil, making sure neither had victory over the other. 

- If Ignis had the option to become mortal, he would never want to take it. It wasn’t because he disliked humans, it was because as a human he would die, and dying would prevent him from gaining more knowledge since life would continue to move on. 

- When Ignis visits the underworld, he tends to assist Noctis with the judgement of souls. Ignis was taking over more tasks from Thoth and represented the judgement scales where the deceased person’s heart would be weighed against a feather which would determine their fate. Ignis enjoyed his time in the underworld just as much as he liked being with the mortals. 

- One of Ignis’ dreams is to travel the world, gathering all the wisdom he possibly can, however it is an impossible dream since his duties lie with Egyptian mortals and Gods. Ignis has definitely attempted astral projection as an effort to explore the wonders of Earth while still remaining in the place his duties require him to be at. 

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Gladio: Son of Horus, God of the sky, kingship, war and hunting.

- Gladio’s bird tattoo represents his father Horus who flies across the sky as a falcon. Also inherited from his father are his eyes, his right containing the sun, and the left containing the moon. Mortals admire his eyes, the sun in his eye shining much brighter than the moon. When Gladio looks at his reflection in mirrors, his eyes don’t seem special to him and he can’t see the moon and sun in his eyes that the people speak of. 

- Gladio has a great love for hunting, more so than his dad. He tends to go hunting for animals with the mortals since they seem to enjoy it as much as him. From every battle with animals, the hunting group always comes back victorious, probably because they have Gladio on their side. 

- He also represents a symbol of power, and brings great protection to the mortals who worship him because of that. It seems that Gladio is much more powerful than his father, and has taken over his jobs for him mostly. 

- When in the mortal realm, he dislikes seeing war break out between people. He doesn’t understand why they would do such a thing and destroy themselves usually over a stupid argument. He typically doesn’t know what to do and calls his friend Ignis to help mediate and stop the war. When Ignis does this, it makes Gladiolus feel somewhat weak since it should’ve been his responsibility to stop the fighting. 

- Gladiolus tends to isolate himself in the most peaceful places, maybe tombs or near The Nile. Gladio reads there, Ignis providing him with new books to read whenever he finishes the others. It’s relaxing and shows the mortals that Gladio is a bit lazy, but not as tough as they originally thought once they see him curled up by the river with a nice book. 

- This isn’t known, but Gladio helped build the pyramids. He’s super strong and buff of course he’ll help. In fact he did the majority of the work. But being the nice guy he is, he gives the humans all the credit. Once the pyramids are built, one of his new reading spots becomes the highest point of the pyramids. From there he can overlook the town to make sure everyone is safe while reading as usual.

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A/N: I was debating whether or not to do this for the Greek or Egyptian Gods and realized that the Egyptian Gods don’t get enough love and truly aren’t as well known so here we are. BUT if people do want a Greek God post I’d be happy to do it! I’ll also do the Egyptian God for other FFXV characters if requested! Though he wasn’t included in these, my favorite Egyptian God is Anubis!! REQUESTS ARE OPEN. 

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Stop being such huge pissbabies about Shallura or Shaladins. It’s so fucking immature of you guys to be saying shit like “DON’T TALK TO ME IF YOU SHIP _______” or if you try to disprove / hate on the other ship because YOU don’t agree with it.

You know what we could do instead? Maybe fucking accept that people ship different things, and that these are FICTIONAL characters and in no way have any goddamn affect on the real world because they aren’t physical people?

Let people ship whatever the fuck they want to ship. Stop making it a war between you guys, this is why people look at our fandom and think we’re fucking bad. 

Sheith? Okay.

Shance? Okay.

Shidge? Okay.

Shunk? Okay. 

Shallura? Okay.

Asexual Shiro? Okay.

Shoran? GO FOR IT.

It doesn’t fucking MATTER what someone ships, whether it makes sense canonly, their ages (which by the way, nothing SOLID has been actually confirmed aside from general age gaps), their sizes, their races, ANYTHING. IT. DOESN’T. FUCKING. MATTER. 






That lots of fascists and other reactionaries appear “dumb,” in that their views and positions have no relationship with historical/biological/sociological reality, doesn’t mean they have no political savvy. If anything that’s what makes them a danger, not having to remain grounded in the rules of the game that is rational public discourse. They’ve cottoned to the fact that liberal society will let them play that game without fuss anyway, even if their contribution is “there is a race war between white people and the Jews and we’ll stop at nothing to see our side win.”

I was talking with a group a few weeks ago about how fascist ideology (and right-wing ideology more broadly) is deliberately anti-rational - it appeals to cults of action and war, mythical depictions of a glorious past, and emotional manipulation through patriarchal affirmations and racial scapegoating. And then someone replied by saying “well, I agree that fascism is a dumb ideology,” which is precisely the opposite of what I was saying. Some of its adherents might be dumb but as a political strategy, it is very, very clever.

That’s the threat they pose. There are some who will actually be dumb saps and some who will just be playing the part to sneak their way into the mainstream, as they have already done; either way it’s to our detriment not to take them seriously, or to not take the steps to dismantle even the potential for them to gain any more ground than they have.

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Omg! I've been dying for someone to write a one shot with Natsu and gray at a laser tag place and then lucy, levy and Gajeel there too and it's Lucy's first time so she's screaming her head off and natsu laughs and goes "who's the chick screaming?" 😂😂 if you have time then I would love to request this 💖

Sorry, I hope this is okay!  I got a little stuck writing it, but I do hope you like it :)

“Dude, what the fuck was that?”  Natsu was startled out of his very intense trance of looking for his next victim.  He and Gray had accompanied Erza and Jellal to a laser tag place, and Natsu had fully planned to annihilate the couple with Gray, but his focus was disturbed by the unholy screaming that was coming from deeper in the course.  “Did you hear that?”

“Yeah, it sounds like someone is being strangled.”  Gray replied, lowering his gun and glancing around the darkened room, strobe lights and loud music pulsing around them.  “Whoever it is is pretty freaking loud considering you practically need to scream to the person next to you to be heard.”

“Too slow!”  A voice suddenly called from behind them, and when they turned to meet the owner of it, they were both promptly shot in their chest pieces, alarms taunting them from their own suits letting them know that they had ‘died’.  “Seriously, who just stands there looking like idiots?  What are you two doing?”

“That’s not fair!”  Natsu spat and Gray rolled his eyes.

“That’s literally what the game is, dude.”  Gray scoffed and Erza smugly fist bumped Jellal.

“No, it’s not because I was trying to figure out what the hell that sound was.”

“Poor baby,”  Erza walked up and patted Natsu’s cheek.  “Hearing voices again?”  Natsu practically growled in response and shoved Gray in the direction away from the pair before their suit’s cool down was over.

Yelping kids ran around shooting each other or whining about being shot.  Natsu knew Erza had some sort of sick satisfaction shooting a kid with her laser gun, but Natsu usually left the kids out of it.  When they played laser tag, it was war between his friends and whatever asshole teenagers were running around tripping people.  

Natsu was deep in concentration, eyes sweeping the scene before him making sure no one was lurking in the shadows, when he heard it again.  It was a shrill scream as if it came from someone who knew real terror.

“Oh my god!  This is crazy!”  Came a panicked voice to the right of them.  Natsu raised a brow questioningly at Gray who just shrugged in response.  Another yelp of fear sounded and Gray and Natsu crept forward carefully. 

“You seriously need to calm down.”  Came a gruff voice from the direction of the screams.  “You’re gonna let everyone know where we are.”  

Natsu snickered finally piecing everything together.  A few more squeals and Natsu was laughing openly, Gray shooting him a look of confusion.

“Hey!”  Natsu shouted loud enough for the people that were near them to hear.  “Who’s that chick screaming?”  As Gray and Natsu rounded the corner, strobe lights swept over three sets of eyes, three people, one on the floor cowering in fear.

“Whoa, everything okay over here?”  Gray asked, concern laden in his voice.  The pair that were hovering over the girl on the ground sighed; one was a short, blue haired girl who was, in Natsu’s opinion, much cuter than the burly, tall man with a mane of wild black hair falling to his mid back.

“Sorry, please don’t shoot!  It’s my friend’s first time and she’s a little….  Overwhelmed.”  The blue haired girl apologized.

“Is she okay?”  Gray asked and Natsu observed the girl on the ground as her two friends moved to the side.  She had long blonde hair swept into a side ponytail.  She was scrunched on the floor, back against the padding of one of the many random obstacles littered throughout the course, and big brown eyes wide.  Natsu walked up to them and crouched down to her level, looking at her curiously.

“Hey, what’re ya-”  The black haired man began, but Natsu ignored him.

“Hey, you okay?”  The girl’s face was a bit flushed and she looked more than a little flustered, but she nodded and Natsu smiled brightly down at her.  “It can get kind of crazy in here, but it’s fun!  I’m Natsu.”  The girl eyed him almost suspiciously and Natsu frowned a bit.

“You’re not going to shoot me, are you?”  She asked and Natsu broke out into a light laugh.

“No, you’re clearly a noob, I’m not gonna be that mean.” 

“A ‘noob’?”  She frowned, straightening her back up.  “Is that some sort of insult that I should kick you in the face for?”

“It just means you’re new.  Please don’t kick me.”  Natsu chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck.  Being so close to the girl allowed him to see her features more clearly.  Her blue haired friend was cute, but Natsu thought that this girl was absolutely gorgeous, and he wasn’t one to be smitten with girls by just looking at them.

“Good.  I do have a mean kick so, consider that a warning.”  She crossed her arms over her chest, “I’m Lucy by the way.  These guys are Levy and Gajeel.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Natsu grinned again and a blush seemed to creep it’s way onto her face.  “That’s Gray.  We’re here with our other friends Erza and Jellal.  Currently we’re trying to kick their asses.”  Lucy looked apprehensively at him.

“Yeah, well the whole idea of this place is just so….  I hate jump scares!” Lucy declared angrily.  “I hate them in movies and this place is basically one giant jump scare with snot nosed children laughing when they jump out like little demons and surprised you!”  Lucy huffed and Natsu bit his lip to keep from laughing.

“It’s okay, scary movies aren’t my thing either.”  He admitted and Lucy’s frown lessened a bit.  “It ya want, you can come with Gray and I.”

“Hey, you’re not just gonna steal her away from us!”  Gajeel protested and Natsu rolled his eyes.

“I’m not.  And I’m not some pervert either, though I don’t know about Gray, he may strip at some point.”

“Hey!”  Gray snapped and the trio eyed him suspiciously.  “God damn it…”

“I meant all of you.  We could all hangout if ya want.  Our friends are pretty easy to spot, one has red hair and the other has blue.  They’re in the lead too, so I really want to kick their asses.”  Natsu stood up and Levy smiled appreciatively at him while Gajeel just stood their with a permanent frown.  He offered his hand to Lucy who looked up at him almost in embarrassment before tentatively accepting it.  Natsu pulled her up, steadying her as she wobbled a little bit.

“You know, I don’t need protecting.”  Lucy replied stubbornly and Natsu snickered at her expression.

“I’m sure you could kick my ass outside, but in here I’m the king,”  Natsu smirked, tapping his chest plate where it read in digital lettering ‘Dragon King’, the name he chose every time they went to play laser tag.  “And if a princess needs protecting, I think I can do that.”  Natsu chuckled, gesturing to her own chest plate that read ‘Princess Lucy’.