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Guys, as some of you may know, BigHit’s official webpage got hacked today, please avoid visiting it since autoplay videos add to the # of views! As mentioned in this tweet here the hackers can easily track your information, so let’s avoid it for now and wait until bighit fix the problem, they might even take legal action. So yeah, don’t open the page, avoid visiting it, make sure to clear your cache and cookies as well, stay safe~

Has this been done yet or...?

Me, looking at all unfinished assignments: there’s a million things I haven’t done
Also me, opening my laptop: but just you wait

//pops in

HI ^o^ Sorry for being inactive this week ahaha I got sick and the medicine I drink at night makes me super sleepy so I end up dozing off early ++ I still have to go to work because I’m saving up my vacation days ;;v;;

Anyway! I’m also answering && compiling asks right now (around 3k) – I’m so sorry I let them pile up ;;v;; I have some sets from … since what … October … I was wondering if it’s still okay to answer them (or not… they probably hate me now hhhh) ahaha I’m so sorry I feel so ashamed aksjhdkjsafsdf

tbh like half the reason why they have such a strong relationship is that there were so many subplots of mabel being like “HEY GRUNKLE STAN WHATS UP” and just tryin hard to spend him with him

like he loves both twins but dang they really cement this relationship as being important and positive

also theyre both funny and work really well against each other

remember that time she helped him get over his fear of heights and then later on when he was making up stories there was an entire plot involving helping mabel get over one of her fears

man i could talk about them all day but its 1 in the morning OH WAIT its saturday and ill probably talk about them anyway because surprisingly i havent

A Pop Culture Come Out:
  • <p> <b>Jack:</b> Maman, Papa, i need to tell you something. Me and Bitty, we are toge-<p/><b>Alicia:</b> Yo, Jack, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but me and your dad have one of the best relationships of all time! One of the best of all time!<p/><b>Jack:</b> Wait, what?<p/><b>Bitty:</b> ...*whispers behind his hand* its a beyoncé reference honey<p/><b>Bob:</b> It means we know about you guys, son. We wanted to accept him in a way that shows we care<p/></p>

Funny story, so me and my younger sister love How I Met Your Mother and one of our favorite episodes is the one with all the Barney Stinsons from the future that make the legendary joke and so one time on New Year’s we decided to say “Legend-wait for it-” and then we waited until the clock struck 12 the New Year’s after that to say “-dary” and now it’s a running joke that we do it every year on New Year’s and I’ve probably never been that committed to anything in my life

K Return of Kings Bonus Drama CD: In the Park Summary

This is a summary of the Animate exclusive bonus Drama CD that came with it if you purchased the first 4 volumes of K Return of Kings Blu-Ray/DVD featuring Fushimi Saruhiko (CV: Miyano Mamoru) and Yata Misaki (CV: Fukuyama Jun) 

It was thanks to a few kind souls who helped me (sorry can’t share as a respect), I’m able to listen to this wonderful drama which was set some time after the end of the anime.

Summary below. Any mistake is mine. I’m trying my best to listen and understand as much as I can. 

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I reiterate what I always say when I watch Race to the Edge:

Ruff and Tuff are the best part, hands down.

im crying he probably got so happy when the sun came out like “haha! thats so funny, i posted a picture about waiting for the sun and its here! the sun listened to me! my wishes came true!” like of course it did my baby!!! all the planets, the whole universe would do anything for u!!!!!!!!!!

This is about the soft awakenings,
the brave realisations, the happening miracles.
This is about loss,
and what you find after.
This is about how the sun loved the moon so much
she’d let her shine even in the day.
This is no longer listening to the room of echoes,
of finally letting go,
of getting to know lightness.
This is the swallows singing the sky home.
This is about the way you look at me
when you’re drunk. Like
I’m a miracle. Like
maybe this is all enough for us.
And this is laughter claiming home
in our mouths.
This is about the words you say
when you think I’m not listening.
And these are the battles that have left us defeated,
the wars we’ve won, and
the bloodshed that keeps on coming.
This is slipping through forever
and catching the moments as we fall.
This is what happens after.
The healing.
The days of barely making it.
This is setting yourself on fire
to burn through the darkness,
to get to the other side.
This is searching for something, anything.
This is walking through your ghosts and
finding pieces of yourself everywhere.
This is building yourself a home and having
every wall leaning a little bit to the left
because your hands couldn’t stop shaking.
This is standing at the edge
of some unknown
with a gentle tremble in your chest.
This is it.
This is it.
This is it.
—  A.Y. // this is it
Has Anyone Considered....

Izuku: Hey Mom, meet my hero trainer! *motions to SkeleMight*

Inko: Toshinori?!?!?! You’re Izuku’s trainer?

All Might: Inko?! I haven’t seen you in sixteen years! *looks at Izuku* I thought you looked familiar!

Izuku: You guys haven’t seen each other in sixteen years? Wow, that’s around the time I was born, how funny!

Inko: ……. *shuffles awkwardly*

All Might: *looks between Izuku and Inko with wide eyes*


Some more anime's in a nutshell.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Fullmetal Alchemist:</b> *Claps Hands*<p/><b>Soul Eater:</b> We still can't decide on a gender for Crona.<p/><b>Angel Beats:</b> Its all fun and games until someone dIES- wait wait, no we mean like, die, as in actu<p/><b>Naruto:</b> SasuuuukkkKKEEEe E !<p/><b>Black Lagoon:</b> Guns? No, wait, nuns. Nuns and guns? Nuns with guns!?!!?<p/><b>Fruits Basket:</b> The people in this <I>are</I> pretty fruity.<p/><b>Ouran Highschool Host Club:</b> Kouhai please notice the senpai, twins with homosexual tendencies, and Kiss kiss fALL IN L<p/><b>Attack On Titan:</b> Uh mah guh nekkid cennibulls<p/><b>Chobits:</b> Robots and ch-ch-chia pets! What? Wrong thing? What do you m<p/><b>Gintama:</b> Again- what the fuck is going on here<p/><b>Clannad, After Story(Dear You came on when I was wrITINF THIS):</b> no<p/><b>Wolf Children:</b> Furries<p/><b>Love Stage!!:</b> Gay, gay, gay, and gay.<p/></p><p/></p>
Random Transformers Prime Bloopers!

Disclaimer: Transformers Prime, and its characters are trademarks of Hasbro and Discovery Family(Formally the Hub). All rights go to them. The bloopers are fan-made by me! Also M.B. is short for Micheal Bay,(Because he was the only director I could think of.) 

1. Optimus: That…was not why….I had you…retrieve the Fork…
Smokescreen: Uhhhhh…
Optimus: (Realizes what he said) DOGGONE-IT! FORGE!!!!!
M.B.: (Laughing) Okay…pfffft haha…C-CUT!!!!

2.  Ratchet: But Optimus, I don’t need my T-Cog, not like…wait what’s his name again?
Optimus: Bumblebee?
Ratchet: That’s it!

3. Jack: Wait, Why isn’t Optimus here?
Arcee: Primes don’t potty..PARTY!!
Jack: 😂😂😂😂😂
Arcee: Wooo…haha…can I try that again…?

4. Starscream: Lord Knockout sir…
Megatron:(Confused) …..
Starscream: D***IT!
Megatron: WOAH Starscream watch your language this is a kids show!

5. Knockout: (looking at his reflection) Look at this handsome devil, Wooo baby I’m rocking this red color, I am HOT!
M.B: Uh Knockout, the camera’s been rolling this whole time…
M.B: All of it….

6. Ratchet: (Transforms into robot mode) “Then tell you what….we….Scrap Wait, that was wrong….
M.B: CUTTTT! Okay from the top!

7.  (TAKE TWO)Ratchet: Then tell me what we can-(Transforms, but hits a large heavy box in the process, and it lands on his foot) Ratchet: 0_0 ”….My foot….“

8. Starscream’s Clone: “My Leige, we have failed you.”
Starscream: “I know.”
Clone: “H-How did you…?”
Starscream: “Just a hunch, and this throbbing pain in my…(Trips down steps) ….side….”
M.B: “Starscream, are you okay over there?”
Starscream:(In tears) “….I..can’t feel my left leg…”

9. Knockout: “Did you tell lord Megatron?”
Starscream: “He was… otherwise engaged….”
Knockout: “That’s your problem Starscream, you’re always letting Megatron step all over you, well now is your time to fess up, and tell him, tell him all about how we-blahbluhblah…I don’t know what I’m doing….”

10. Raph:(After Ratchet show him the Synthetic Energon.) “Awesome it works, Bumblebee!”
Ratchet: “No, no, the Synthergon needs….(realizes what he said and starts laughing)”
Raph: “Bwahahahahahaha!”
Ratchet:(Still laughing) “Forget the synthetic energon, I need a pair of glasses!”

11. (Ratchet comes back through portal to base)
Raphael: “Hey Ratchet look!”(points to monitor)
Computer Moniter: (Gets blue screen of death.)
Both: “S*** NOT AGAIN!!!!”
M.B.:(sarcastically) “The iMacs were too expensive, they said, we’ll use a Windows 8 computer, they’re just as reliable, and they never get the blue screen!!!!”

12.  Wheeljack: (Hits Soundwave and shatters his visor.) “There I go again shattering expectations.”
Soundwave: (Stumbles back and puts hand over face.)
Wheeljack: “Any last words!?”
Wheeljack:“Strong silent type, that’s right.”(braces for attack)
Soundwave: (Turns the other way still holding hand on face)
Wheeljack: “Dude are you alright?”
Soundwave: (Turns back around and reveals he’s bleeding badly.)
Wheeljack: “WE NEED A TOWEL OVER HERE!!!!!!!!”

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh, evil Yami! /)O3O(\


Wait, wHAT!

Yugi’s soul is gone while Yami’s is still there?

This is what I was kinda hoping would happen in his fight with Pegasus in season 1, but no I dIDN’T ACTUALLY MEAN IT!


No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! NO! YES!





Axel: [has been looking for Roxas all day]

Saix: Were you able to locate Roxas?

Axel: I can’t find him anywhere…

Saix: Perhaps we shall try a different method

Axel: Wait…what are you talking about?

Saix: Xion is a puppet

Axel: …………

Saix: ………….


*a portal of darkness emerges out of no where*

Roxas: SHE’S NOT A PUPPET!!!!!!!!!

Saix: I found him

Axel: Damn……