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Types of Slytherins (Based on People I Know)

The Visionary

One of these Slytherins’s main defining characteristic is their desire to leave a mark, either by protesting their school’s unfair dress codes or by all-out changing the world. These Slytherins are very driven: they have a clear idea of what they want and what they need to do to achieve them. This focus is both the Visionary’s strength and weakness. While it allows them to achieve their goals, their intense focus could turn into a kind of tunnel vision that might cause them to neglect other parts of their life.

The Loyalist

These Slytherins are defined first and foremost by their loyalty. Yes, they have goals (being ambitious is a trait that all Slytherins share), but while they are also dead-set on achieving their goals, they would refuse to do so in a way that compromises their loyalty, either to their values or their people. While it’s extremely difficult to gain a Loyalist’s trust, once you do so you could guarantee that you have a lifelong friend and ally by your side. They are the very definition of “ride or die”.

The Mastermind

These Slytherins are the planners, the puppet masters. While this might sound like they are your typical villains, that’s not always the case. Masterminds are, simply, adept at finding connections between things and using them to their advantage. They are frighteningly efficient. They are deeply ambitious people, but unlike Visionaries they are more practical when it comes to achieving their goals. They are willing to wait for the perfect opportunity, and might even use that time to acquire new skills and knowledge that they could use in the future.

The Underdog

These Slytherins gain a lot of satisfaction from proving others wrong. Underdogs could be extremely prideful in that they think  they can do a better job than others. At the same time, their perfectionism and the high standards they place on themselves render them very susceptible to anxiety. Like Visionaries, Underdogs know what they want and they will do anything to get it, even if it means crawling from the lowest of the low to the very top. In fact, they prefer situations that place them on the losing side, as they crave the excitement of going against impossible odds.

Match (Father!Jungkook)

Plot: Watching the twins alone with father!Jungkook

Word Count: 917

A/N: so this wasn’t requested, it was just an idea I had but I am planning to have pirate!Tae out either tomorrow or the following day so there’s some exciting news !!! the link for this is father!Jungkook (all of the father related posts are here)

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“Go out to dinner, have fun. I’m their father, they’ll be fine.” he’d insisted, ushering you over to your best friend. “Believe it or not but I do know a thing or two about handling my own kids and getting them to bed.” 

He stared up at the ceiling three hours later, the loud screams and squeals of his two children coming from all around him. The family dog had already joined in, chasing the kids around and getting chased right back once they were caught. He let out a loud sigh as he contemplated getting up, seeing a brief glimpse of one of his children peeking into the hallway he was in before squealing out a laugh and running away as fast as they could. The two of you hadn’t put the kids to bed solo in over a year and it had been long enough for Jungkook to forget why but as he heard their feet running up and down the halls, all of the forgotten memories came flooding back in.

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House of Cards in the Wind

TITLE: House of Cards in the Wind


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you were a powerful villain who was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and put in Cryogenic storage because there was no other way to deal with you. After doing some research, Loki learned about you and became obsessed. So much, that he looked for you and woke you up, knowing that you’d seek revenge and he would be more than willing to help.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES/WARNINGS: This story is the result of an imagine I saw on another blog theartofimagining13. The credit for the imagine goes to the author on that page.

Warning death of minor characters and violence in this fic

To Loki’s great joy, she was everything he had read of and more, born in a war-torn region, she lost her father and brother young to fighting and her mother to the stress of it all. Angry and never willing to accept her lot, Rebecca fought authority and ran from every care facility and home she was kept in, what made it all the more amusing was the angrier she became, the more her gifts developed. In the end, she was able to evade capture, fleeing to America and starting a life there, until S.H.I.E.L.D. found her that was. She had just wanted a normal life, job, home and perhaps someone to care for, but Nick Fury caught her scent and had agents hound her. She stated their deaths had been in her self-defence, but she was overpowered and caught, before being sentenced to a fate worse than death, eternal darkness in ice. Loki swore that together, he would aid her to elude capture once more, and once their revenge was completed, he would bring her far away from Midgard, as he called it, and to a place where she would be able to have such dreams of a life free and her own.

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Hello people of tumblr! Let me formally introduce myself so yall can get to know me~

Name: Abby

Class of 2020

Haven’t received my schedule yet so..

U.S. (I also am sorta fluent in Spanish yeet)

Subjects I’m teaching myself:

Psycopharmacology (love it)

Cardiology ( My goal is to become a cardiac surgeon)

Korean (love the language and kdramas)

Umm I love all sorts of music


Why kochastudies?

The word “kocha” is the pronunciation of black tea in Japanese

Favorite movie?

I cant choose for movies so  Napoleon Dynamite, Coraline, and My Neighbor Totoro

Fav studyblrs

@kaiistudies @thesmartstudies @studydiaryofamedstudent @winstudys @studyeols @study-kuma @kyoko-studies @hwangmyeons @julstudies@moosenotes @applesstudy @studyquill @mochi-studies @sugastudys @milkyjournals @studylithe @studykouffee and much more

That’s all for now, I cant wait to post my creations, and achieve my goals for the future ahead~

I also track the tag #kochastudies

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Wait, so how are the SQUIPS going to achieve your guys' goals while being in the other's body? If I remember correctly, Jeremy's directive is "be happy with Michael" and Michael's directive is "be chill/cool for Jeremy", so?? how? Also, Jerm you should tell Michael about the "changing your directive" biz now that he knows he doesn't need to be cooler for his boyf

That’s the beauty of it:
-Be happy with Michael could either mean assisting Michael in making sure Jeremy is happy with him or making sure MICHAEL is happy with Michael
-Be cool/chill for Jeremy could mean making sure Jeremy thinks that of Michael or that he thinks it of JEREMY
Nice, right? :P

“I’m bored” is the most common facebook status i read whenever i scroll my facebook home page.
By far, the biggest factor that limits productivity and your happiness is not fatigue, skill, multitasking or lack of direction.
It’s boredom.
Think about it this way – if you’re in a job and you’re bored, if you’re in a class and you’re bored, if you’re in a relationship and you’re bored – you’re wasting your time. You’re wasting your energy. Those are things that you’re never getting back.
“I’m bored” is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of. Even the inside of your own mind is endless; it goes on forever, inwardly, do you understand? The fact that you’re alive is amazing, so you don’t get to say ‘I’m bored.
If you’re aware of how many people you could help, how many things you could discover, how many places you could visit, how many goals you could achieve, but meanwhile you just sit, wait and complain about being bored, then you’re just insulting your own intelligence.
When death will be knocking at your door, you’ll be wishing to have back all these years of your life you wasted just waiting and complaining about being “bored”.
“There is something more terrible than a hell of suffering–a hell of boredom. ” — Victor Hugo
“Children can create fun out of nothing and when this great talent is lost you become a boring creature which is called adult!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

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cowboy, the junkboi, and german grandpa with a rather.... dominate fem s/o (who is so very tiny)

AAAAAHHHHH this is so cute!!!


-When they first act dominant he finds it kinda funny

-They try to pin him to a wall but their arms are right by his upper arms instead of by his head where their usually supposed to be

-”Stop Laughing!!”

-”Hehe Sorry sugar, but this is adorable”

-His s/o gets really mad at him for not taking them seriously

-He gives in and all dominant acts they perform he takes seriously…mostly


-He’s 6′5″ so this ends up being a sight to see

-They grab him by the arm and dip him into a long, and passionate kiss

-He’s completely stunned.  He didn’t think they could do that especially when their around 13″ shorter than him

-He wants them to do it again because of how amazing it was

-They will do it a thousand times if he wants them to


-This is a very interesting engagement

-Reinhardt is 7′4″ which is huge his s/o around 5′7″

-His s/o attempts to pin him against the wall it fails adorably

-They can barely get their hand to the wall without hugging Reinhardt

-He finds it so adorable he wants to give them a big Lion hug, but he wants them to achieve their goal first so he waits

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Hi, I was wondering if you could explain why you think Sam Drake's an ISTP? ^-^ Thanks

Sure thing! I’ve seen a couple of people wondering about this choice actually. For those of you who haven’t seen it, I made this pos of MBTI choices for the Uncharted characters and I put a lot of thought into them - none so much as Sam Drake.

I’ll put a TLDR at the end of this post because I’m sure I’m going to go into a lot of detail in my explanation. Also, spoilers for UC4 but if you’re asking I’ll assume you’ve played.

He was a difficult one to pin down, particularly because his personality changes over the years, but that’s a huge part of why I love this game and Naughty Dog so much - it’s so human. Personalities do change. People fluctuate when they test and people change over time; I believe we are not born with a personality but rather shaped, and we are all the culmination of our experiences.

The breakdown of the ISTP personality type is Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving. I would also add Turbulent (ISTP-T) to that for Sam, rather than Assertive (ISTP-A).

Okay, here goes.

Sam’s experiences in life have been extremely turbulent. When he was around 10 years old, his mother committed suicide. It wasn’t long before his father dumped him and his brother at an orphanage and skipped town. This is not the makings of an extroverted or emotionally open person. We see this in the game - Sam is not emotionally conflicted by his lies, his sensitivities do not prevent him from manipulating others to get what he wants, but he is also quiet, reserved, soft spoken. It was really hard to decide, but in the end I concluded that if Sam had been an extrovert at all, it was only before his time in prison. When we see him as a teenager, he seems more brash and confident - but confidence is not the same as being an extrovert and Nate is Sam’s comfort zone. Introverts aren’t shy - they’re just not as outwardly social as extroverts. Many introverts can socialize just as well as extroverts, even thrive (personally as an introvert, I am exceptionally good in social situations, but it drains me until I can barely function afterwards) but they recharge by spending time alone, or with people they are completely comfortable with. I can personally see teenage Sam (and post-game Sam) taking long motorbike rides alone to clear his head, breathing a sigh of relief when he was still at St Francis’ when Nate finally went to sleep and he didn’t have to extort himself entertaining him anymore. Sam is not a show-off, and when we see him at the Rossi estate, his social prowess (with the waitress and the guy Nate pickpockets) revolves around reserved, personal conversation.

The ISTP personality is made up of explorers - people who are curious to examine the world with their own hands. They enjoy interesting and unusual challenges and prefer to learn through trial and error than be educated. They’re happy to let others in on their projects and explorations - as long as those people do not interfere with their principles or their freedom. I hope you see why this is starting to sound like Sam.

ISTPs are also optimistic, energetic and good-natured. Sam’s optimism feels endless in UC4 even though reasonably, he has no idea how close they are to achieving their goal, if there is any chance of it at all. He’s always saying “we’re going to do this together”, “we’ll find it, just a little further”, “almost there”. He’s undeniably energetic, always first into a fight, but also I believe he is good-natured, despite his lies. He’s kind, always quick to leap to defend people he cares about, and friendly as hell when he’s not under pressure. He doesn’t want to make a big show of it, but I bet he doesn’t think twice about slipping Avery’s coins into Elena’s pockets.

Some of the other strengths of an ISTP - they are imaginative and creative, but best apply this to practical situations. They are both spontaneous and rational, meaning they are very flexible and versatile, easily able to adapt to cope with new situations. This comes with some unpredictability but they are able to prioritize, save their spontaneous bursts of energy for what’s most important. We see this throughout Sam’s life - he is a practical problem solver, but he only thinks well on his feet in the spur of the moment. This makes Sam great in a crisis, and ISTPs enjoy physical risk and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when they need to. Say, holding a gun to Nadine’s head, or hurling a fist at Gustavo’s gang of inmates when they threaten Nate. They are also not worried about the future - Sam definitely never seems to worry about the long term consequences of his actions - and prefer to live in the moment and take life as it comes.

Because Uncharted 4 is ultimately a story about trust, honesty and loyalty, it is the negative traits of an ISTP that really sealed the deal for me. We see Sam and Nate in this situation of extreme duress that tests them and their close bond mentally and physically, and it is times like this where the worst of people’s true colours show. ISTPs are stubborn and insensitive. They happily move in their own direction with little to no apology, and even when they try to meet others half way with emotional sensitivity, they fall short and nothing comes out right. They are notoriously hard to get to know, keeping their personal matters close to their heart, and easily become blunt and irritated when called out on their lifestyle or choices. 

They are also easily bored and hate commitment. Second time around when you know the story, it’s easier to look at Sam in an unbiased light - he is extremely impatient at times when Nate is piecing together the Avery clues, and on first playthrough I brushed this off as impatience to pay back Alcazar, that he was running out of time - but actually this is just a trait of his personality. He hates to wait, wants to achieve his end goal but hates to have to commit his full effort to it. It’s a somewhat childish “why can’t I have it now” sort of attitude that is typical of people who don’t like committing. I can’t imagine how hard this must have been for Sam in prison, locked down in an endless and unwanted situation with no light at the end of the tunnel. If anything, this would have made him more insular and more insensitive over the years.

Finally, ISTPs biggest flaw is their inclination towards risky behaviour. Their difficulty with other people’s emotions and focus on the moment with no interest in the future leads them to push boundaries and take unnecessary risks, escalating the conflict and danger for no real reason, which tends to have disastrous consequences when it gets out of hand.

The prime example of this off the top of my head without going back and looking for more is when they are on the edge of the cliff with Nadine and Rafe, before Nate falls. This is an intense scene and I’ve gone over it with a fine-tooth comb analysing how differently things could have turned out if Sam has not acted out like this. Obviously, he is defending himself and Nate here, and after two years with Rafe he probably knows more of what our precious angry villain is capable of than Nate does. He’s also been cornered because Rafe has called him out on the lies he’s told Nate, and his betrayal of Rafe’s trust.

Knowing Rafe is dangerous and that they do not have the upper hand in any way at this point, this is not a situation to escalate. But Sam Drake cannot resist. He hates how Rafe is having so much fun exposing the truth and driving a wedge between him and Nate; and yet, I am convinced Rafe is coming to some sort of mutual agreement at this point. He has his fun, he has his rant - he tells Sam how angry he is and then he physically relaxes because he’s got that off his chest and he says “but that’s all behind us now.” Say what you want, but if Sam hadn’t butted in here, I think Rafe would have made them an offer. Help him find the treasure and leave with their lives. Nate’s right, Rafe is a businessman, and he knows he needs their help. But Sam has to go and raise the stakes and say the one thing guaranteed to get Rafe’s blood boiling.

“You don’t deserve it.”

Goddamn it, Sammy. There is no reason for him to say this other than to escalate the situation. He knows it is going make Rafe angry. He knows Rafe is unpredictable and violent. He does it anyway and then the situation gets out of control.

Luckily I don’t think most ISTPs get the opportunity to escalate a situation that is this dangerous.

Perhaps this isn’t the perfect personality diagnosis for Sam Drake, but it works for me. This is how I see him as a character and it explains (although doesn’t justify) many of the actions he takes through the game. I hope you see why I chose it - but if anyone thinks I’m wrong, I’d love to hear what you think!

TLDR; Here is the ISTP traits I believe Sam Drake exhibits:

  • Introverted and reserved
  • Energetic, cheerful and good-natured
  • Very imaginative when it comes to practical things
  • Spontaneous and rational, can switch mindset to fit new situations
  • Unpredictable but able to prioritize Naturals in crisis situation, enjoys physical risk
  • Stubborn and insensitive
  • Notoriously difficult to get to know
  • Easily bored Hates commitment
  • Risky behaviour, unhelpful boundary pushing and they are known to escalate conflict and danger just to see where it goes

I stumbled upon the blog of a guy I used to know in college, someone I really liked, and I was amazed to see how much we have in common. So many similar interests, similar styles. And I’m so jealous to find out he remained on good terms with the same friends he had in college, when that could have included me, had I not been such a closed-down dickhole those four years. I could contact him, but I’ve likely wasted my chance to go beyond casual pleasantries now.

Honestly, if I could give any advice from this position of looking back in hindsight, I would tell others not to let this happen. If you have any sort of mental condition – depression, anxiety, trauma – that keeps you from doing what you want to do, be it socializing with others or achieving your goals, don’t wait until you’re older before you start working on your issues. Do it now. It’s not as though it’ll be impossible to make great things happen later in life, but it causes so many unnecessary regrets. This shit matters. You’ll regret pushing it away. You don’t want to lose all those years, and look back with a sigh, thinking: “If only.”

November goals!

I made an excellent new start the last week of October and I cannot wait to continue the strike in November. Here’s some goals to achieve in November:

  • Get down to the 60′s again with my weight and reach my second goal (4 pounds to go!)
  • Exercise/workout/be active every single day
  • Hit 7,000+ steps every day
  • Take my medication and vitamins every day
  • Make a weekly eating schedule and stick to it
  • Do a run at least twice a week
  • 2L water every day, and 2 cups of tea
  • Do! Not! Spend! Money! On! Expensive! Takeaway! Coffees!
  • Don’t eat too much unhealthy shit when I’m in LDN at the end of the month…

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GOT7 in High School

Jaebum: The hipster: Thinks he’s way too cool for school and tries really hard to look bored all the time. Has a rugged image and barely talks to anyone in class. Is mostly quiet and mysterious but once you get to know he’s has some awesome goals that he wants to achieve. Can’t wait to graduate and move on with his life.

Mark: The popular kid: Part of the popular crowd, probably doesn’t even know your name. Asshole friends but  he’s really nice to everyone. Low key uses the girls who like him. (Not in a bad way but I mean come on we’re talking about a teenage boy. He probably sweet talks them into doing his homework.) Really athletic, hella cute and he knows it.

Jackson: The class clown: Everyone knows class is going to be more fun if he’s in it. The life of the party and a social butterfly. Befriends everyone who walks through the doors of the school (including the janitor) probably hangs out with Mark. He’s high key scared of the future but can’t wait to start it.

Jinyoung: The star student: The low key smart kid in school. The one everyone knows gets good grades but shocks the whole school when he is announced as top of the class/valedictorian. Tends to keep to himself or his small groups of friends. A real life prince. Notices the way girls stare at him in class but just thinks they’re trying to cheat off of him. Probably is the kid who reminds the teacher about homework. Already has his whole life planned out.

Youngjae: The good kid: A sweetheart who everyone knows they can rely on whether it be with a secret or last minute homework. Rarely shows up to the parties and is really passionate about what he wants to do after he graduates. Usually is peer pressured into a lot of things.

Bambam: The gossiper: Knows everything about everyone, can’t keep a secret. Probably is the one who starts all the drama in school. Also the party animal who always gets too turnt. Can’t be around him too much because he’s seriously intense. Doesn’t want high school to end.

Yugyeom: The underclass man: The kid who tags along with the older crowd. Everyone is usually shocked when they find out his real grade. Worships the ground the seniors walk on. Always down to do some shady shit just to impressive everyone. Has some good stories.

John Blake and Bane: The Fettered and the Unfettered

So, I was browing TV Tropes (as I so often do) and I found the perfect description of John (also my favourite character archetype). Then I clicked on the opposite trope, and it turned out to be the perfect description of Bane. The two tropes together are why I love writing them, complete dysfunction and all.

*weeping forever*

John Blake: The Fettered

It’s common for a Fettered character to be a police officer, paladin, soldier, or other law enforcement/martial profession focused on bringing peace and justice to the world.

John Blake, Gotham PD, everyone. (…sorry, I’m always gonna find that adorable XD)

That said, choice and freedom are an important aspect of a Fettered character; while they freely choose to adhere to a code, the temptation to desert it is always present, but placing their trust in these ideals serves to give them and others strength to stand firm. … Choosing to live by these ideals is never easy, and it has tangible drawbacks. If they put their faith in an unsound moral code, or obedience in an authority that is less morally upright than they, there will be a reckoning where they must choose To Be Lawful or Good.

“Those men locked up for eight years in Blackgate, and denied parole under the Dent Act, based on a lie?”

“Your hands look plenty filthy to me, Commissioner.”

“You were right, about the structures becoming shackles. I just can’t take it.”

John’s character arc/development, where he moves from seeing things in pure black and white to… more complicated greys, is the whole reason he makes his choice at the end between being Lawful or Good.

(Also see: my John Blake character tropes set! :D *shameless*)

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Did a little something for RED’s birthday !

Hand coloured all the letters one of my favorite lyrics. I associated these lyrics to motivation. To me it means that nothing that you’ll be granted for sure with no effort is worth the drive. Because you have to fight to get something that really matters. And the wait, the drive, the struggle, the energy given to achieve this goal will be worth it. Whenever I struggle with university I think about this, because it’s hard but it’s worth it.

And now this motivation is stuck on my appartement’s wall where I’ll see it every day.

Red helped me through so so much. This quote was also on all my text books in senior year to remind me that it’s worth it.

Happy birthday RED.
And thank you to @taylorswift for bringing it into the world.

Here’s another Jathea headcanon we can cry about. You can also read it on AO3. It starts when they first move in together in Ep 16. 

Jade reads whatever she can find on the bookshelves at Althea’s place, even though it’s mostly fashion magazines. After four articles on how to please your lover, she gives up (but not before trying #8 on Althea that night). Maybe there’s a use for those magazines after all.

When they move in with Batchi and later, Wila, a slow and gradual collection of books starts to accumulate. Althea repeatedly trips on them and struggles to glare at Jade for being messy (and a Senorita). Wila is much less civil and loudly whines about not being a cleaning lady for an heiress.

As Miggy adjusts to life at home with the two of them (and weird Aunt Wila), Jade starts to bring over books that they can read together. She can tell that Miggy doesn’t like it at first, mostly because he would rather play outside, but also because his reading level is far below other kids his own age. Jade patiently starts with easy books and relentlessly cheers his progress. Althea shakes her head as she watches them; her son doesn’t stand a chance against that smile.

Reading with someone is not something Miggy has ever experienced before, but he soon loves curling up into Mommy Jade’s side and giggling over the funny voices she makes. Sometimes one of them falls asleep on the couch, sometimes both of them do – which is why they completely miss Althea’s too-bright eyes as she carefully drapes a blanket over them. After they complete their first big book, Miggy spends an entire afternoon sketching Miggy the dog with three heads. 

On the rare and precious nights when Miggy is away at Marinelle’s, Althea pushes any and all books off their bed and Jade is all too happy to let her. It’s how they learn that Althea has a weakness for Jade wearing her reading glasses and Jade has a weakness for Althea whimpering in long-forgotten Tagalog words.

It all comes to an abrupt end. Miggy and Althea move into their new place and for weeks, Althea finds books hidden within different boxes (that sneaky son of hers). She refuses to have anything to do with them and dumps them all into one box to keep in Miggy’s room. 

It’s only on her weakest days that she allows herself to caress the sleeve of a book that is not hers – that will never be hers – and attempts to trace Jade’s scent among the pages. Over the next months, Althea slowly begins to read every book that she has ever seen Jade read and collect those that she doesn’t have (even while telling herself that this habit has nothing to do with Jade herself and more to do with becoming a better informed mother. Miggy gets a lot of practice rolling his eyes at this explanation).

Time passes and life is peaceful for Kathleen, Miggy and Althea and no one really comments on the growing bookshelf that lines the walls of Althea’s bedroom. Kathleen sometimes wonders why Althea has so many travel books, especially to foreign destinations which Kathleen knows that Althea has never actually visited. And why there’s a few business magazines and newspapers tucked in among bridal catalogs, all featuring the same prominent Chinese-Filipino tycoon and his family. She keeps these questions to herself, mostly because Althea has never been forthcoming about her own past. One wrong question and the woman seems to brood for days. And really it’s Miggy who endearingly shares details about a woman named Mommy Jade. 

Seeing Jade at the park destroys many carefully constructed illusions. Within a matter of seconds, Kathleen witnesses every painful truth that Althea has hidden from her. She waits for Althea to say something, but the woman stumbles home that night in no condition to talk. The alcohol lays her flat, but Althea sleeps fitfully and twice over, calls out for lablab. It’s not the first time Kathleen has heard that word and when she presses for an explanation in the morning, Althea has none to give.

Nothing changes outwardly, but the temperature at home begins to simmer with tension. Above them hangs the looming threat of a confrontation. And maybe that’s why Althea finds herself increasingly escaping to the same park where her past had stood before her like a shimmering daydream.  

Sometimes Althea sits on a park bench and reads until the evening light has completely faded. Sometimes she doesn’t read at all and just sits, running her thumb up and down the ridges of a worn out cover. 

There are some books that are meant to be read in reverse, she thinks, and some that were never meant to be written with final chapters at all. 

She finally accepts why she’s been reading the books all this time.


This moment is not life waiting to happen, goals waiting to be achieved, words waiting to be spoken, connections waiting to be made, regrets waiting to evaporate, aliveness waiting to be felt, enlightenment waiting to be gained. No. Nothing is waiting. This is it. 

This moment is life.

why tri taichi is terribly IC

(tri spoilers!!)

So, Tri: Saikai is about how Yagami Taichi awkwardly deals (or rather, does NOT deal) with things when too many variables are outside of his control. It’s a different picture of Taichi than we’re used to - even the other Chosen seem confused as to why he won’t take the lead like he always has before. But I would argue that, contrary to what Yamato says about Taichi “changing,” this is actually par for the course with him. He’s changed, certainly, but not in the way Yamato thinks. Taichi has always frozen up when he feels overwhelmed.

In this long, self-indulgent piece of Digimon meta, I’m going to talk about the four times in Adventure where I feel Taichi has a “freeze up” of the same style as what happens in Tri, and then speculate on why the same thing happening drives the whole story in Saikai.

During Adventure

When the kids first landed in the digital world, Taichi was an unstoppable bullet of energy. The others’ caution only propelled him to take initiative, to take greater risks.

But then the group was separated and Taichi glimpsed what was really at stake - from Yamato, whose fear for Takeru’s life drove him to be riskier than Taichi had ever been. He empathized with Yamato by imagining it was his own little sister who was lost somewhere. He empathized… but he didn’t quite understand, yet.

He got a burst of determination on learning that they were specifically chosen to come to this world and that they had a goal to work toward. But reaching that goal killed Takeru’s partner. Once again, Taichi observed, but was an outsider to another’s grief.

Freeze-Up Number 1

Then he trusted the Pagumon, which led to Tokomon’s capture and Agumon ending up in danger. Then he found his Crest. It was that Crest that set off the string of changes in his character that lasted till the end of the season.

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