no wait goal achieved

Got7 in High School

Jaebum: The hipster: Thinks he’s way too cool for school and tries really hard to look bored all the time. Has a rugged image and barely talks to anyone in class. Is mostly quiet and mysterious but once you get to know he’s has some awesome goals that he wants to achieve. Can’t wait to graduate and move on with his life.

Mark: The popular kid: Part of the popular crowd, probably doesn’t even know your name. Asshole friends but  he’s really nice to everyone. Low key uses the girls who like him. (Not in a bad way but I mean come on we’re talking about a teenage boy. He probably sweet talks them into doing his homework.) Really athletic, hella cute and he knows it.

Jackson: The class clown: Everyone knows class is going to be more fun if he’s in it. The life of the party and a social butterfly. Befriends everyone who walks through the doors of the school (including the janitor) probably hangs out with Mark. He’s high key scared of the future but can’t wait to start it.

Jinyoung: The star student: The low key smart kid in school. The one everyone knows gets good grades but shocks the whole school when he is announced as top of the class/valedictorian. Tends to keep to himself or his small groups of friends. A real life prince. Notices the way girls stare at him in class but just thinks they’re trying to cheat off of him. Probably is the kid who reminds the teacher about homework. Already has his whole life planned out.

Youngjae: The good kid: A sweetheart who everyone knows they can rely on whether it be with a secret or last minute homework. Rarely shows up to the parties and is really passionate about what he wants to do after he graduates. Usually is peer pressured into a lot of things.

Bambam: The gossiper: Knows everything about everyone, can’t keep a secret. Probably is the one who starts all the drama in school. Also the party animal who always gets too turnt. Can’t be around him too much because he’s seriously intense. Doesn’t want high school to end.

Yugyeom: The underclass man: The kid who tags along with the older crowd. Everyone is usually shocked when they find out his real grade. Worships the ground the seniors walk on. Always down to do some shady shit just to impressive everyone. Has some good stories.

This moment is not life waiting to happen, goals waiting to be achieved, words waiting to be spoken, connections waiting to be made, regrets waiting to evaporate, aliveness waiting to be felt, enlightenment waiting to be gained. No. Nothing is waiting. This is it. This moment is life.
—  Jeff Foster
I’m not waiting for summer to get my “bikini body”. I’m not waiting for the right moment to tell someone something. I’m not waiting for anyone or anything. I’m going to start my life and do things the way I want to whenever. I’m going to dream big and achieve my goals. Stop waiting and just do what you need and want to do for yourself.
—  reallisst

we’re all witnessing how bangtan is breaking different charts all over the world and that makes us armys the happiest but do we remember that moment when jimin was asked for his 2016 goal?

there’s still a long way to go for all seven of you but for now this goal is achieved, much deserved and the world can’t wait to see more of you guys :)