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Nibs is holding a tiny baby in her arms, "Look Professor, it's so smol and cute," She's holding it the way you should, head supported, the whole length supported in her arms. One of the tiny little baby's hands holding on to Nibs little finger has she coos over it, completely enchanted by the little thing.

John stares for a moment. Nibs has something tiny and pink and wriggly in her arms and is cooing softly at it, so John approaches cautiously, peering down at a little red face as it wiggles. The baby opens soft blue eyes with pretty little long lashes and it gurgles at him, smacking it’s lips and reaching tiny, chubby fists up out of the blanket to grope for John. The astronaut very gently extends the tip of one of his pinkie fingers to softly brush it against the babies soft cheek and forehead, and the child latches on, sucking the end of the digit into it’s mouth.

“Oh!” John’s eyes widen, big and blue with delight, his cheeks flushed pink. “Hello there little one.” He remembers looking after Gordon and Alan at this age; all tiny bundles and hungry tummies. Speaking of… the babies’ face screws up, and it gives a small, plaintive wail of dissatisfaction that John’s finger is not as tasty as it had hoped. The wail is followed by another, the child becoming more distraught, wiggling, small and upset in Nibs’ arms; big fat tears rolling down tiny cheeks.

“Oop.” John says, soft and apologetic. “Do you mind if I…?”

Not really waiting for an answer, John very carefully slides his arms out and around the child, pressing close to Nibs so that he can support it’s soft little neck. He bounces the baby gently in the crook of his elbow, rocking softly the way he and his Momma had done for his little brothers, and tucks the blanket a little closer, swaddled and warm, so it can’t scratch itself as it bubbles. “Ah come on little one.” And the baby gurgles back, snuggling into his grip, quieting softly for now, placated by the motion. Cradling it close, the baby has that warm, soft milk smell all babies have; talcum powder and sweetness and little duck down hair.

“Nibs I think they’re hungry?” John comments, “You know this daycare center better than I do… think you could make up a bottle? I’ve got them.”

A pen stroke at a time!

Hey guys! Okay, so, at the moment right now my parents are really struggling and making ends meet and as their daughter of course i’d want to help out! how could i not after they’ve give me as much as they could and more even when they had absolutely nothing for themselves? Recently, i’ve been taking what i want to do when i’m older more seriously. That’s why i created this! i don’t want to make this lengthy so i’m trying to keep it short, but there’s more of a better explanation there~. Please check it out! Thanks so much! ♥

Everyone goes on about Killjoys/Youngbloods crossovers, and don’t get me wrong, I am all about that shit. But. Just imagine. Desolation Row/A Little Less 16 Candles… crossover. Just…….Imagine………………………………..

“I just got back from a Disney trip in the beginning of March after only going in June or July my whole life. I’m tempted to never go back in the summer again - we practically walked on ALL the rides this time and even got to stay in the log on Splash Mountain for a second ride one time! AND it was still hot compared to the snow and ice I’m getting here at home!”


I had a spectacular, adventure-filled weekend; I honestly can’t tell you the last time I had so much fun.

These girls came to Utah to run a scenic half marathon, which was challenging, I’m sure. (I only ran two miles of it, and I was getting tired of the constant uphill.) The thing is, no matter how stunning the views along the course, no matter how physically challenging the race, you will never truly experience all that this rugged, terrifying, gorgeous place has to offer if you stick to the beaten path. There is always a more physically (and mentally!) taxing feat, and there are always vantage points more beautiful to attain.

Sam and Katiegirl embraced this notion wholeheartedly. They wanted to see more, to do more. KC gave them a list of hikes/adventures within the realm of feasibility for them; some were harder, others were easier. I made realistic comments regarding each, and in the end, they both chose the most psychologically (and possibly physically) gruelling option. Because obviously.

KC, Jeremy, and I were just along for the ride. We helped facilitate their adventurous hearts and wanderlusting ways. This was their trip, and so I will leave them to post their own words and photos when they get around to it. I won’t say much more than this:

Being courageous isn’t about being fearless. It’s about walking to the edge of your comfort zone while shaking and sweating profusely, and then stepping off the proverbial ledge anyway. It’s about being terrified and taking a leap of faith in spite of your misgivings. Occasionally, the leap of faith will be literal, and the proverbial ledge will also happen double as an actual 70’ canyon wall.

They did things in their first 48 hours in Utah that I refused to even contemplate doing until living here for six months.

Here are some photos of this weekend’s leading ladies demonstrating what it means to be brave as fuck, total badasses, and complete babes.