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and this is only 1/3 of the things they have achieved in over eight months. :’) they worked hard, squeezing in broadcasts on vapp and worrying about fans in between everything they did. they love their fans more than anything, making every concept about their fans. i’m not pushing you to vote for astro because you should always follow your heart and vote for the group in it. but if you don’t have a favorite in the mama 2016 vote for best new male artist, i’m just asking you to maybe think about voting for astro. thank you for your consideration.^^ - your friendly aroha next door

In 1967, Richard and Mildred Loving were at the heart of the landmark civil rights case that legalized marriage between races—this documentary novel tells the story of the devoted couple who faced discrimination, fought it, and won. Loving vs. Virginia isn’t out until January, but we’re sharing it today to honor the stories and people around the country that fight hate with love. We hope you go out and vote!

If nothing else, people of color in this godforsaken country have been survivors, from the jump.

You may not think you harbor hate in your heart, but if you voted for Trump, you’ve damn sure proven that even “if you’re not racist” you’re willing to sell me and my people out. And sell us out for basically nothing concrete in return except for validation in your shitty opinions.

And so while you may act nice to my face, I know that at your core, you don’t give a single fuck about me.

And if there’s something that being a black woman in the USA has taught me, it’s that the road to success is too perilous as it is to be playing house with wolves in sheep’s clothing.

So let this be me going on record and saying that if you voted Trump, unfollow me and stay away from me.

WHEW. Okay, now that my anxiety about being able to vote before work is no longer an issue, I can focus on my dread about the outcome of the election. Hey. Please vote today. And although I’m a typical Hollywood bleeding-heart liberal cuck and so forth, I am NOT specifically asking you to vote for Hillary. If you truly feel that the other guy is the best candidate for President, I disagree, but that’s your choice. Wanna do a third-party thing? NOT CRAZY ABOUT THAT, but it’s your choice. I just want everyone to make a choice. Don’t sit this out. Don’t sit ANY election out. There are people in this country, the United States, for whom voting has been made difficult. It’s mind-boggling but true. And you know what? Those people DO NOT sit out elections. Because those people have been made KEENLY aware that voting is important. If your vote didn’t count, there would be no such thing as voter suppression. Don’t indulge in the idle cynicism of privilege. Please vote. For ALL the things in addition to President. VOTE. #Election2016


Hey I made a small thing

Who of those ponies should I draw??

These are my favorite canon ponies designwise (female). I wasn’t sure if you knew their names, so I added vectors to it. I haven’t found much fan art yet for Scarlet Heart and Amber Laurel, and nothing for Tangerine Tassels! So I decided that I should draw at least one of those ponies!

Who’s your favorite?

im thinking about louis tweeting to vote when anne gemma and all harry’s people did, like at the exact same time, when he could have waited to win and thank everyone like liam and niall (and harry later) did 

I’m just throwing this out there: I’m genuinely terrified for tomorrow. I’ve already voted by mail, so I’m done and set, but my heart has entered my throat and I don’t think it’s going to be gone for the next two days. 

I’m white. But I’m also female, and bisexual. If Donald Trump wins, I can say goodbye to possibly marrying a woman. I can say goodbye to any abortions I might need that are safe and legal. I can say hello to justified catcalling and harassment in the streets. 

I have black friends and family, I have Muslim friends, I have friends who live in this country legally that are from Spanish speaking countries who could be deported. I have transgender friends and lesbian and gay friends and Jewish friends. And I’ve never been so scared for any of them before now. 

i’m terrified. If Trump wins, I could lose people I care about. I could be hurt myself. Racism and homophobia and Islamophobia could become more normalized than it already is. I’m not ready for that kind of America. 

Please, if you’re thinking of staying home tomorrow because “no way Trump will win,” please just take a second to sit down and think about what could happen if he DOES. Think about your mothers or your sisters or your nieces or your female friends. Think about your friends of color, your friends and family who identify somewhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Take into consideration what Trump winning would do to them. And if you can, if you have the ability to, please vote. 

Because I don’t want people to realize what an evil person this man when it’s too late to change it. 

We all know that many groups are having or have had comebacks in February. Cross Gene, an amazingly talented boy group, recently had a comeback. They debuted in 2012 and still haven’t gotten their first win despite putting out fantastic music. Their contract expires this year and there is a chance they will disband if they don’t get their first win. If you are able, please stream their newest mv Black or White, and vote for them on music shows. As a fan it breaks my heart just thinking about them disbanding. They’re all so talented and they deserve the world