no votes no hearts

eurovision during performances: come together! our hearts beats as one!
eurovision during voting: trust no one. burn all bridges. happy hunger games

salvador sobral: *tries to pass an important message about helping refugees but isn’t allowed to bc it’s too political*

salvador sobral: *thanks his sister and the composer luis figueiredo for making the song, giving them all the credit*

salvador sobral: *can’t get excited during the voting bc of his heart condition but when his sister is singing on stage he flails adorably at her performance*

salvador sobral: *during the press conference always refers to THE SONG WINNING - NOT HIMSELF bc that’s it’s the song that really matters*

salvador sobral: *doesn’t consider himself a national hero, he just wants to sing and live a peaceful life, he just hopes the song can make a change*

salvador sobral: *makes a slightly bad worded speech directing at ALL POP MUSIC, and NOT just for Eurovision competitors*

amar pelo dois: *a song with no specified gender, no specified sexuality, just the simplicity and strength of emotions conveyed in song can be applied to almost anyone over the world if you empathize with it, uniting people with a language that not the majority of the world knows about*

tumblr salty people: dude this guy is an arrogant shit saying he’s better than everyone what does he know about eurovision it’s supposed to be glamorous and full of glitter how straight is this guy with his incestuous boring duet ballad that puts anyone to sleep

me: ……….


“They broke my fingers on purpose, one by one” - Listen to the story of this Catalan women. 

She was kicked by the Spanish police, thrown down the stairs by them, touched and had her fingers broken. 

Yet she still came back to vote <3

Didn’t have any finished art to post this weekend, so have a FE9 scribble.


yuri!!! on ice instagram: phichit chulanont, leo de la iglesia, & guang hong ji

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au where jimin is a vlogger and jeongguk is his lovely full time boyfriend part time camera man. there’s a new trend of filming the reaction of the person you’re eating with when you steal meat off their plate. intrigued, jimin tries it on all his friends, but as jeongguk gives him more meat from his plate, jimin’s heart melts and really, he thinks he has the best boyfriend in the world. (based off this tweet!)

@kimtae: @babyg THIS IS SLANDER.
@kimtae: @goldenjeon you’re making me look bad!!!!
@goldenjeon: @kimtae ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jungkook: “I did it!”

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Jimin: “Don’t lie to our followers! I asked you out.”

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Jungkook: “But I said all that ‘can you do me a favor and wake up next to me every morning?’ and then you said that yoongi-hyung would be pissed off at us so we sleep in diferent beds until we opened the closet.”

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Jimin: “You said ‘opened the closet’….”

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Jimin: “Anyways, he asked me out, but I confessed first! For that I’m the real winner.”

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- Jikook.