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Being a K-Pop fan is so stressful right now cuz like I want both Monsta X and Got7 to win?? And it breaks my heart to only get to vote for one and not the other??? Because both groups work so hard and were slept on for so long and are so deserving of wins????? HOW CAN I CHOOSE??!?!?


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We all know that many groups are having or have had comebacks in February. Cross Gene, an amazingly talented boy group, recently had a comeback. They debuted in 2012 and still haven’t gotten their first win despite putting out fantastic music. Their contract expires this year and there is a chance they will disband if they don’t get their first win. If you are able, please stream their newest mv Black or White, and vote for them on music shows. As a fan it breaks my heart just thinking about them disbanding. They’re all so talented and they deserve the world


This is going to be the official post for voting on the give away. So if y'all would like for to give away a Starbucks gift card please comment, heart, or message me. I need atleast 10 people to give away one but 20+ I will give away 2 gift cards. I’ll keep this post bumped for two days or until I get over 10 people interested. So let me know loves.

Why I vote Malec

I live in Sweden and a part of me wants to vote for my neighbors in Norway but my heart is with Malec. And here’s why:

  • I identify so much with Alec
  • The build-up to where they are now
  • The wedding
  • Magnus is amazing 
  • A half-angel in love with a half-demon, shadowhunter and downworlder
  • Alec is a stuttering mess around Magnus in season 1
  • Alec standing up for Magnus in season 2
  • Their communicaton in season 2
  • Magnus’s clothes
  • Gay and bi representation
  • Interracial couple
  • Magnus is flamboyant and bi
  • PowercoupleTM
  • Their relationship is so realistic, at least for a person who’s not espescially affectionate (like me and Malec)
  • The way Alec looks at Magnus
  • The way Magnus looks at Alec
  • Them smiling to each other
  • Alec didn’t think he could have what he wanted, until Magnus
  • Magnus closing off his heart for almost a century before Alec
  • Magnus when Alec was unconcious in “Parabatai Lost”
  • Alec not minding when Magnus talked about Camille
  • No biphobia
  • Simon’s face when Alec went to Magnus at the wedding (You and me both, Simon, you and me both)
  • Did I mention the gift??

I can go on, there’s so much about these two that I love so much. Whether you vote Malec or Evak, I hope you have a great time voting! And all of us that are part of LGBTQ+, we have already won.

lightwoodsbae  asked:

I voted a few times but it's still at 34% :(. Could you write a prompt about what would have happened between Alec and Jace if Magnus had been in the Institute when the sword was activated? I need someone to break my heart.

vote for malec and send me an ask with percentage and ask for a blograte or prompt!

“Heal him.” Alec snapped.

“Alec, I don’t think-”

“Do it now!” Alec screeched, tears streaming down his face as he held Magnus in his arms. “It can be done, I know it can!”

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