no voice already

tomorrow in therapy I have to confront my mom about all the things that are bothering me and why im so scared to open up to her/why i have no voice and im already having a fucking panic attack. this is not something i do

Coming home from a long day at the beach with Luke and he automatically heads for bed while you hop in the shower in order to wash all the sand and salt off of your body. You emerge later from the bathroom freshly clean with slightly damp skin dressed in a comfy t-shirt and shorts before climbing carefully into bed next to Luke who is already passed out wearing his usual bed attire of shorts and no shirt. Leaning towards him you kiss his cheek, noticing his bare shoulders that are now adorned with a splash of freckles from being out in the sun. Ever so carefully you brush your lips against the sun kissed skin, feeling Luke shift beside you. “Sorry, baby,” you whisper, running your fingers through his hair as his eyes sleepily squint up at you. “’S okay,” he mumbles, his voice already gravelly. He moves to lift the comforter up so you’re able to settle down next to him, your arms automatically wrapping around his waist as you lay your head on his chest. “Night, princess,” he whispers, kissing the top of your head before you both drift off to sleep.

summer!5sos blurb night with lashtonpetal​!


So, we’ve finally got a trailer of the Beyblade Burst anime + more info!

A rough translation of the text on the video:

News flash - passionate beyblade battles are unfolding all across the country!

Beyblade Burst - for sale July 18th.

Manga serialized in monthly CoroCoro Comic Magazine.

Manga by Hiro Morita

Anime broadcast on Spring 2016!

Animation production: OLM

Comic and original: Shogakukan

Toys: Takara Tomy

Production: D-Rights

The strongest tag bursts the world!

Stay tuned!


1 - As the video says, the anime will only air on the spring season 2016, to who’s not familiar with the japanese anime seasons, that means the anime will start on the first or second week of April next year.

2 - New Beyblade series, new animation company. This time it will be OLM, which animates (or animated) Pokémon, Inazuma Eleven, Danball Senki, Dragon Collection, Future Card Buddyfight, among others.


The Free! Eternal Summer dub is pretty much a reunion for the Ouran High School Host Club! 

think about it though: 

Rin is voiced by Vic Mignogna who also voiced Tamaki

Rei is voiced by J Michael Tatum who also voiced Kyoya

Haru is voiced by Todd Haberkorn who also voiced Hikaru

Nagisa is voiced by Greg Ayres who also voiced Kaoru

Miho is voiced by Caitlin Glass who also voiced Haruhi

Gou is voiced by Jamie Marchi who also voiced Chizuru (Lobelia)

Momo is voiced by Jerry Jewell who also voiced Arai

Coach Sasabe is voiced by Christopher Sabat who also voiced Kasanoda

I eagerly await the dub, but I have also seen many comments concerning the script. I guess I’ll just have to watch it for myself and decide.


Look. If you’ve got something to say, why don’t you stop hiding being that anon facade and just say it. If you send mean and hurtful messages to anyone in either Mark or Jack’s community, you’re proving you’ve learned nothing from them.

I just so sick and tired of seeing my friends get hurt over something that takes literally no effort to do but you’d only do it if you had no life.

anonymous asked:

How funny would it be if Dark's mouth could speak?!? XD

T̮͕̠̭̩ha̯̭͔̻̜̞͎͡t̪̟͖̜͍ ̮̝̜͇̰̬w̲̬̦͡ou͖̹͙l͇͚d͎̯͚͕n̮̲̲͞'̮̲̱͠t̹̞̗͎͔ b̶͇̲e̪͙̲͟ f͏̦͕͕̥̱u̦̟̺̱̲n̠͍̺͖͈͎n̢͔̺y̖͓͔̩͎̟͚ ̷̮͙͚̱̮͎ạ̰͉̟̼t̝̼ ̗͈àl͙̬̰̙̯̪ĺ̞̭͎̝̜,̯̤̗ ̧͙̠̦̱̬̹t̙̠ͅh͔a̰̻̙̲̹ͅn̠̹̗͓̙k͏͍͚ ̷͍͙̰y̯̥͖̬̬̼͍o̝̗̪u̢̯̘̲͉͇̭̪ ͖̖v̢͎̭ḛ͕r̻̤̙̫͎̰y̯̕ ̣̱͇͖̼̖m̠̩̬̮̥̣̹u̻͕̣̜̻̜̫ch̶͓̞.͘ ̹̲̯ͅ

I actually thought about giving it a voice at first seeing that there would be great opportunities for funny jokes and what not (Him arguing with it or trying to shut it up when he’s trying to be suave or intimidating because it keeps saying obnoxious things). But I decided to make it just a semi- mute monstrosity (on the outside, anyway.) Plus we already have Dark’s sassy mouth to deal with, I don’t think we need another.

Who knows though, I may change my mind on the matter :P

So what if Yellow Diamonds weapon is her voice? There’s already a theory that the Gem Disruptors are basically tuning forks and in real life we’ve found a frequency that makes people violently sick to their stomach. So what if her voice can hit a certain wavelength and cause whole waves of gems to just Poof from being disrupted? This would definitely make her the biggest bad on the block since homeworld seems to have a “Might makes Right” thing going on based off of Jasper and it would explain why Rose would be so stoked for a half human that can’t be disrupted and/or why Jasper was so disturbed by Steven.

I think my favourite part of this theory is this means Yellow Diamond would be voiced by either an opera singer or a metal singer.

Party Crasher.


From the floor of the newly refurbished Three Count Casino, The woman formerly known as The Boss looks up to see the Red Hood and some of his militia standing in wait. No matter how many times she had explained that crime was in her past, it was clear that those words meant nothing to someone like Jason.
“Are you fuckin’ serious?” She asks as around her patrons duck for cover. “There’s nothin’ illegal here so maybe you and your goons should leave.”

Jason shook his head, tutting. He held his two pistols by his side, not even feeling threatened enough to raise them. He spoke cooly, deliberately, and using some sort of voice modifier, though, she already knew his voice. “You know, I did warn you… plenty of warning, in fact. But you see, you’re just as stubborn as he is, aincha? So. What we got ourselves here is a little dilemma.”

He jumped down, the militia still training guns on The Boss, and anyone else in the casino, as Jason kept on talking. “Killing you clearly isn’t enough motivation for you to own up to your sins… but, as it just so happens, I’m working on something that just might atone for them after all. Everyone’s going to be there, including these guys!” He called out, pointing up at the militia. “So. You’re coming with us. Either as you are, or a corpse. Doesn’t really matter to me which.” 


Blake Griffin’s Slam Dunk Thought of the Day: Pluto