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Headcanons for all of the club leaders having their own unofficial club (if you want, including the human!placeholder leaders)

- Budo tries to convince them all
- Miyuji is way too hype for it
- Megami ends up being the leader even though she doesnt technically run a club
- They just trust her most
- Geiju and Kaga are both super skeptical of the club room
- Geiju gags when he sees it
- Kizana and Amai go blind
- Ue(how the fluff do you spell/say her name so thats all her name is to em now just Ue) tries to cover it all with potted plants
- Asu hides in Kagas lab coat
- Their eyes all explode


He inoa no Pele!

InuYasha Hawaiian(1910)!AU

The first part was just inukag cuteness, then I imagined InuYasha doing this Haka and I got carried away ~ (inspiration songs: xx-kahiko)

Culture notes: 

  • “He inoa no Pele!” = “In the name of Pele!”
  • “Tika tonu! Ue!” = “What is right is always right! Indeed!”
  • A “haka” was originally used before a battle, both to encourage/hype up the warriors, and to intimidate their enemies, and it always done in groups. Now it is used mostly in sports before the games (which you can see in University of Hawaii football and rugby)


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How has life on the UES been?

        ‘ hard? gosh! so many things and names and dramas per week and trying to figure out who’s connected to whom. also, oh my god, the whole GOSSIP GIRL ordeal has me freaked out still. just plain creepy. do these people realize that this is not a normal way to live? there’s a stalker! a general stalker! ‘

Okay so Osheli’ue is the name of the archipelago (actually forgot it had a name for a minute there lmao) and the spirits that reside there, in that they’re specifically spirits that exist in and around island environments, are referred to as the Aalrahi (and yes I’m reusing that name from before because lazy). 

Osheli’ue partially exists within the material realm, but only as a small, rocky island. It doesn’t even look like an island when you’re passing by it, it just looks like something that will sink your ship if you get too close. Mortals cannot enter the actuality of the realm on purpose, it must be by accident, or through the guidance of the Aalrahi. 

From within the realm, the Aalrahi have the ability to dip out into the material realm at any point where their domain resides. For example, while within her cliff-side jungles in Osheli’ue, Aolai’i can pop out into any of Sornieth’s jungles that she looks over. They’re almost all located exclusively in the Viridian Labyrinth, but she can still access them without ever flying across the territories that lie between the Sea of a Thousand currents and the lands of nature. And likewise, she can pop back into Osheli’ue, but only from within a material jungle. If she ventures out into the depths of the Labyrinth and strays from her cliff jungles, she’ll have to fly back to her domain in order to realm hop. 

Of course, this is only for the third-tier Aalrahi. Those created directly by the gods almost never leave Osheli’ue, but if they did they would be able to traverse Sornieth as they pleased without being restricted to their domain. This is mostly due to the sheer magical intensity they possess. 

#96 - “I was thinking about our future.”

Taehyung x You

Word Count: 616

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Dancing around your apartment while you cleaned was an occurrence that happened every Sunday for you. It was your day to rest but also a day to get some necessary items off the agenda. Namely, laundry and light cleaning that you always pushed to the last day of your weekend. Turning up the volume just a few more notches, you set the remote down before picking up the broom again and continuing to sweep the kitchen’s tiled floor. You swayed as you moved the broom from side to side singing into the top of the broom handle as if it was your microphone.

Lifting the broom up you bent over, cradling the handle as you sang passionately into the imaginary microphone,

“KIRA we are the KIRA

My name is KIRA even your KIRA

Ue de yami sougi no shuraba shinri rongi PEA-”

SIlence. Slowly you opened your eyes and rose back up looking around you to find out what happened to your beloved japanese screamo music that you learned to love thanks to an anime that your boyfriend had showed you a couple years ago. Death Note and this song had grown on you with each passing episode.

“Taehyung-ah, you cut off my favorite part.” Whining to the tall man that was across the other end of the island. Watching as he set the remote down, you moved closer to the island, leaning your hip against it.

“I was thinking about our future.”

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Manga Recommendation part 2
  • 100 no kimi e
  • Air (Katsura, Yukimaru) (!!!)
  • Akaiito
  • Aruitou (!)
  • Bit by bit (one shot )
  • Crazy for you
  • Crayon days (!)
  • Dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai
  • Hana ni kedamono
  • Haru no ogawa wa dokidoki suru yo (one shot)
  • Hatsu haru
  • Hatsukoi wa yuki no you ni awakute
  • Ichirei shite kiss
  • I love you baby (Komori Mikko)
  • Itoshi no karin
  • Junjou-lingerie-doll
  • Kanojo wa aitsu no osumitsuki
  • Kaoru kun to hana no mori
  • Katakoi densha
  • Kimi to kyun koi shiyou
  • Kingyozaka noboru
  • Koisuru mitsuba (!!)
  • Koi toka kiss toka karada toka
  • Kono oto tomare (!)
  • Kono bijutsubu ni wa mondai ga aru
  • Kuchibiru kudasai (one shot)
  • Kurayami no strobe (Shounen Ai)
  • Megane chan no akaiito (one shot)
  • Nanohana no kare
  • Neko to watashi no kinyoubi
  • Ochite chika chika
  • Pochamani
  • Rensou mode (one shot)
  • Rere hello
  • Sensei kiite yo
  • Sensei to kanojo
  • Sentimental shounen A (one shot)
  • Suki ni natta yo (one shot)
  • Suki yori mo chikaku
  • Tomodachi gokko
  • Tsubasa to hotaru
  • Ue kara kataomoi
  • Zettai Renai

(43 names) Enjoy *^*

How to add background to your theme if it doesnt support backgrounds

I am getting this question very often i made a post about it before but since then tumblr changed the design of customize page ( it doesnt effect the code  it is only the place of the buttons but  i can see it is confusing for some of you)  so i am writing it again for the new customize page

  i will try to explain as simple as i can it can sound long and confusing but it will be easy  if you follow the steps :)

ok here we go

we need to add some coding to your theme 

- open your blog click the “customize” button on the right top of your page

- you will see link “Edit html” on the left side of new page click it (you should see your theme code now)

-now find the line that says  body {   (use ctrl+f it will open a searh box write body {  and press enter it will find that line easily the first one it founds is the one you need  ) (there is a space between body and { dont forget it!!!)

- after  the body {  you need to add this code; 


background-attachment: fixed; 

background-repeat: no-repeat; 



TIPS:  this code will help you to add one image to your background as the one with poppies i have now but you can change last two lines as your needs

*if you want the image to repeat itself as the one i have on backgroundsbyfloralls  change it to 

background-repeat: repeat;

*if you want your image to be on the left side change position to 



- now ues ctrl+f again to find the lines start with  

<meta name=

there will be so many lines as a list  that start with it now we will add a new one  copy the following code and paste it to the top of  the list 

<meta name=”image:Background” content=”“/> 

 - click “update preview”  (the green button on the top)

we  just added the customizable background option to your theme 

now click the arrow (on the same line with green update prewiev button)

it will take you back to first page

-find the title that says Appearance scroll down and find the  ”background image” option under it;  click on “upload” , now you can choose any image that was saved in your laptop as the background it will upload and refesh the preview automatically finally click the “save"  button on the  top  

we are done !!!! 

i hope this will be helpful and good luck  :)