no u dont understand this is like my favourite picture omg

nct dream!youtubers au

in celebration of 1k ♡ 

-(in this au nct doesnt exist ;-;)


-theyre lil talented children omg

-they post videos on youtube (one person is assigned to one day and occasionally, they post group vids where they’re all together and it’s so cute omg)

-monday - jaemin, tuesday - chenle, wednesday - mark, thursday - renjun, friday - haechan, saturday - jeno, sunday - jisung

-they post dance/rap/vocal covers!! 

-people love them oh my gosh

-theyre all so close and theyre so sassy with each other

-whenever they do covers together, there’s BOUND to be bloopers 

-they always include them at the end of their videos bc it’s their (and their fan’s) favourite part

-one time jisung was singing and his voice cracked like an octave and everybody fell over laughing

-mark laughed so hard he threw up

-he actually threw up

-hae was half disgusted and half amused, even more than before and they had to clean it up and film outside

-jaemin and chen probably have nice harmonies together which make fans melt

-coolest kids in school!!!! even tho they’re all nerds

-they probably have a lot of fangirls and fanboys

-whenever they film videos at like, their school park

-a bunch of people crowd up to watch them and jisung probably blushes really hard when he sees how many people there are

-theyre all really playful with their dances and they look so professional oh my gosh

-they cover mostly kpop songs and stuff but if there’s another song/choreo they like that’s not kpop, they’ll do that too

-exo are like, their idols

-they look up to them a lot

-they have a second channel where they put up vlogs too!! omg those are the cutest things ever

-the vlogs can be of them doing anything, it’d still be cute

-they made a grocery store vlog too istg these boys

-jisung and chenle like sitting in the carts (they get weird stares but none of them care lmfao)

-mark threw frozen rice cakes into the cart and accidentally hit jisung in the head but he was ok bc he ducked and it hit chenle instead

-chen kinda cried but he was promised tteokbokki and bubble tea so he stopped

-he cried before he went to sleep instead but dont tell anyone shhh only ren knows bc they were facetiming

-they throw in the most random stuff and jisung throws it all out 

-well, he doesnt throw it but as soon as they put it in the cart, jisung puts it back as they stroll pass

-people stare at them a lot

-jaemin always pushes the cart

-they usually always go to the store before dance practice

-something bad ALWAYS happens when they’re at the store

-mark either falls, makes a kid fall or bump into a shelf

-hae has to watch over him smh

-when they learn dances together, they always accidentally hit each other

-one time, jaemin kicked jeno’s arm which gave him a huge bruise that lasted like, a month

-another time, jisung tripped and fell on his knees, scraping them and taking hae down with him

-then, this other time, mark and jeno were holding chen up but jeno shifted and lost balance so he brought mark and chen down with him

-they do competitions too!!!! no matter the outcome, they always stick together 

-the first time they won one, they all cried

-jaemin started tearing up and choking up on their congratulatory livestream and everybody started consoling him

-but jaemin NEVER cries and is always happy so when the boys see him cry, they all start crying too

-howeverrr, when they lose, jaemin’s the one that cheers them up

-they go to vidcon and kcon every year 

-theyre always excited too, no matter how many times theyve gone

-they travel alone, just the 7 of them bc their parents trust them enough (and trusts mark to look over them) 

-they fall asleep on each other a lot


-he also likes taking pictures of his ducklings bandmates sleeping

-”what’re you doing..?” -ren, disgruntled and confused (poor bby just woke up and saw mark taking pictures)

-”i mean, you were leaning on jeno as you slept and you looked so cute so"

-i feel bad for the hotels they stay in

-they run around a lot but they make sure to never bother the other people

-none of them understand english very well so they have trouble with vending machines without mark there

-they end up staring at all the pictures awkwardly until mark shows up and laughs at them

-other youtubers love these lil children omg!!

-they all work so well together and care about each other so much ;-;

-if one person cant perform, the others dont either

-a lot of people doubt they’ll make it far together but no matter what happens, theyll always be best friends and im gonna stop before i start crying

thank you guys again for 1k! i appreciate all of you guys so so much, thank you ♡ ♡ ♡

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also requested by grrywaren and a few anons

which friend eats 3-year-expired nacho cheese at 2 am for $2.50

  • BLUE

which friend offered the $2.50

  • there’s a shaky cam video of it taken by ronan and all you can hear is noah screaming in the background
  • but like. can you imagine an ot5 game of truth or dare and noah/blue/ronan’s increasingly competitive dares 
  • blue daring ronan to steal gansey’s journal and they take a shot every time they see a word over four syllables
  • noah daring ronan to fill his empty beer bottles with glitter and throw them off the roof
  • ronan daring blue to draw a unibrow and moustache on gansey’s framed picture of glendower

which friend brings stuff to bake whenever they go over to other people’s houses

  • this is noah tbh 
  • he can’t go over places but he loves to bake 
  • so he gets gansey to buy him stuff and then he has baking days in monmouth
  • adam keeps wondering where all these vanilla cupcakes (his favourite) are coming from 
  • noah the baking mom ghost. pls

which friend keeps extra clothes for friends who might need to change

  • i literally think about gansey doing this for adam every single day of my life
  • he probably has a whole drawer of comfy sweats and pj’s ready in case adam ever is in trouble and needs to sleep at monmouth
  • also blue has definitely worn his aglionby rowing team sweater at some point 
  • when they were out and it was cold and gansey couldn’t stop noticing how big it was on her and how the sleeves pooled around her fingers
  • actually adam has probably done that too and because he’s so tall when he stretches gansey can see his elegant hipbones (thanks raetxt)
  • lemme die. thank

which friend (who doesn’t menstruate) keeps hygiene products and midol for those who do

which friend is always leaving stuff behind at everyone’s houses

  • gansey u fricken dork
  • imagine him knocking on 300 fox way like every 3 hours because oops he “forgot” a pen there 
  • or like. a shoelace 
  • oh hey blue sorry didn’t see you there wanna go on a casual drive and discuss the names of our future children 
  • or oh gosh sorry adam i don’t mean to intrude i LEFT my journal here. here have 600,000 dollars a cruise to fiji and my undying love and devotion

which friend randomly shows up and drags their other friends on zany adventures

  • its literally canon that gansey does this 
  • but nOAH ALSO DOES IT 
  • *shouting in gansey’s ear at 3am* WOOP WOOP, GANSEY BOY!!!
  • “NOAH WTF” 
  • “…can we go to dollar city???”
  • so basically the end result is a very grumpy gansey driving noah to dollar city to 
  • literally not even buy anything just walk around the store shaking glitter globes
  • and then also to the skate park where noah tries to each gansey how to skate but they both just end up tripping over each other and giggling and drinking schnapps with noah’s head on gansey’s stomach
  • gansey x noah is the rarest thing i DEMAND MORE

which friend hosts all the meet ups

  • it’s usually gansey
  • but once in a while its adam 
  • and they all go there and keep him company and talk and laugh and get loud because it makes st agnes feel warmer and more like a home 

which friend can almost never make it to meet ups and are snapchatted the events from the meetup so they dont feel left out

  • NOAH AND BLUE ORCHESTRATING A 5000 PIC SNAPCHAT STORY FOR ADAM (lets assume our bb has a phone lol sob)
  • which is mostly ronan lovingly giving the camera the finger 
  • or blue and noah dropping peace signs 
  • and pictures of gansey’s ass (usually taken by noah)
  • so once in a while at work you’ll just see adam put away his phone and nod to himself

who goes all out on every holiday or birthday and insists even if no one else can afford it

  • its gansey until blue literally almost kills him once
  • he treads a lot more carefully after that 

which friend immediately befriends any and all animals/pets

  • R O N A N L Y N C H
  • like literally though I’m just imagining ronan petting friendly stray cats and holding their little kittens 
  • or ADAM’S OLD DOG 
  • (friendly reminder that adam parrish had a dog) 

which friend has special food needs and always feels bad about asking but needs to otherwise they might not eat

  • hmmmm idk. i feel like blue could be vegetarian/vegan
  • she gets into arguments with noah and adam all the time who don’t understand how you can go without eating a good BURGER and say you have TRULY LIVED
  • gansey finds out and buys like 4000 dollars worth of tofu and chickpeas and checks out like 5 books on getting the right amount of protein 
  • blue just rolls her eyes but it means a lot to her that he cares so much

which friend always remembers this and tries to remind the other whenever possible

  • again this is gansey 

which friend makes up friend group names or slogans or nicknames

  • this is noah and ronan’s game tbh
  • they probably do this thing where they call blue by every variant of the colour blue until she gets so annoyed that she finally answers
  • “hey aquamarine”
  • “cerulean”
  • “hey. hey cobalt”
  • “navy”
  • “cyan??”
  • “royal-”
  • its all fun and games until that one time she punches ronan in the face
  • and then adam is just every brand of pop known to man at different times 
  • or different superheroes 
  • he’s okay with “dr pepper” or “batman” but he draws the line at “7-up” or “deadpool”
  • and then they call gansey all of kavinsky/henry’s names for him when they really wanna piss him off 
  • they finally make him a shirt with “triple dick g” on it
  • also: blue calling gansey by different vampire weekend song titles 
  • nothing can top that. noTHING

which friend drives the van

  • gansey baby
  • but like. imagine blue driving up to monmouth with a tricked up honda civic she painted bubblegum pink 
  • “get in losers”
  • ronan is so proud. he literally has to wipe away a tear

which friend has everyone’s birthday and zodiac memorized and always sends little cute bday messages

  • and uses it to calculate their compatibility 
  • everyone else is always rolling their eyes but they think its so cute 

which friend depends on the others to get from place to place and to remember dates and events

  • idk i feel like all of them can take care of themselves 
  • can noah drive?? idk 

which friend is always available for advice and tips and tricks

  • blue is rlly savvy this way actually
  • adam’s pretty good but more with practical life stuff like handiwork/cars/study tips than advice
  • but whatever you do do NOT take advice from gansey. or ronan

which friend is always available for video games and bad movies and forgetting your problems for a while

  • whenever any of the others but esp adam or blue are sad he’ll make cupcakes and start pillow fights and do artsy things with blue
  • and he and adam will play video games in monmouth like dorks and adam always wins 
  • and then afterwards they’ll put on all noah’s favourite old terrible 80′s horror movies and laugh at the awful effects and fall asleep together on the couch
  • and ronan is like ew gross parrish czerny and sargent are all sleeping on the couch but he’ll throw a blanket over them when gansey’s not looking

which friend feels like an add-on or the last to be thought of but is actually very near and dear to the hearts of everyone in the group