no txting

One time Spot picked up an apple from the bowl on Jack’s coffee table and before Jack could tell him it was styrofoam he bit it and then made direct eye contact with Jack and kept eating because he didn’t want to admit it was fake.

Imagine telepathic aliens.  Imagine aliens who have no concept of language, who maybe didn’t figure out writing or math until they were figuring out electronics, who still struggle with the entire idea of symbolic thinking, and then they find us.  And they’re going “I can see the technology and cities, and it all looks made for and by these bipeds, but where is the sapience and WHAT IS ALL THIS EFFING HOOTY MOUTH NOISE?!” until someone wonders if the hooty mouth noise has meaning in it.

Imagine aliens going “OMG they’re communicating by noise” and “OMG they’re using code naturally” and “OMG they’re using open-ended productive recursive code how is that POSSIBLE” and “OMG writing” and “OMG they have THOUSANDS of codes”, and it’s all paroxysms of academic delight and then someone discovers metaphor, and someone discovers encryption, and someone discovers slang and l33t and txting and emoji, and this entire telepathic species has its minds completely blown and the one who went “what if the hooty noise has meaning” wins the alien Nobel.

ive read a lot of tododeku fics and theres a lot of variety but my personal fav is when neither of them have enough social points to know what to do on a date

so theyre just like:

for maybe a good half hour or so…just standing there and internally panicking…


(screencap cr: @–尹小鱼– on weibo)

all tomo’s attention is on beyoncé and i’m like dlsjdkahdkajdka

BUT when tatsu asked “are you for beyoncé or adele” tomo said “i’m for justin bieber”

ngl moving out/living alone is so liberating??like of course its super tough with bills, managing budgets and how to make food last but its past midnight and i just made caramelized potatoes with sauce and listened to my favorite songs and i can do whatever i want and even though i moved out four years ago its still such a nice feeling?? like i come from an abusive home where shame was a big part of living there - both being shamed by parents for everything i did but also feeling shame when i brought friends over and now i can control that? its so much better and im honestly grateful. if you live at home and its terrible and you dont believe itll get better: keep fighting because it will. one day you will have your own place with your own set of rules and even though it will be tough in the beginning (because it will) keep going!! you will have nights and mornings and days where you feel like this and thank yourself for staying.

More YouTube thoughts
  • I’m sorry I just really love my Jackcrutchie YouTube AU
  • One time Jack accidentally publicly posted a video he’d mean to only show to Crutchie
  • It was him singing a song he’d written and playing guitar and he doesn’t realize he posted it publicly until he starts getting notifications
  • he’s mortified because it was pretty personal? not in a way that violates Crutchie’s or his privacy but it was just very intimate since it was for his boyfriend
  • it becomes his most popular video because who knew that boy could sing? well?
  • Jack’s snapchat story becomes a thing of legend among his subscribers
  • ft. 
    • zooms on friends faces until they notice
    • Romeo dancing and then falling over
    • Davey ranting about whatever book he’s reading
    • he managed to catch the EXACT MOMENT Spot realized he had a crush on Race
    • which was basically Spot looking at Race and then saying “shit” and looking angry
    • and then the next one was “goddammit Kelly I’m not supposed to have a crush on him he’s an idiot”
    • Les at midnight on New Years after three cans of caffeinated root beer and way too much candy and nobody was quite sure what was happening because Jack was laughing so hard the camera was shaking but Davey was yelling and Spot and Race were cheering and Les was on top of the coffee table
    • Slow zoom on Katherine bc she didn’t realize Sarah was slowly adding straws to her hair (this was at least ten snaps and there were about 30 straws in the Curls before Kat noticed)
    • after the Song Video Incident Jack with filters/voice changers on singing
    • putting filters on his friends to see if they care
    • senseless inside jokes
      • pic of urinal simply labled “darwin”
      • a blank paper with the caption “milky lemons”
      • a rainbow of colored pencils captioned “timepiece”
  • The first time Crutchie and Jack get to meet in person his story is even better
    • “I’m gonna be cool I’m gonna be so cool everything will be fine”
    • “Oh god his flight just got in I have to stay cool it’s not like I’ve never seen his face before”
    • “There he is! *drops phone*”
    • then there’s a twenty-minute pause
    • and a selfie
    • and then all if their adventures
    • like the catwalk in medda’s theatre
    • the first time Crutchie meets the gang
    • it’s rly cute
  • Jack’s channel eventually is pretty much a vlog with art on the side and music thrown in every once in a while once he’s comfortable with it
  • he gets pretty big for very quickly and he doesn’t know what to do
  • the boy is very awkward and doesn’t know what to do with himself
  • which is one of the reasons he’s so popular because he seems so real since there are awkward moments of his messing up that make him seem like a real person