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Finch, Romeo, and Specs are all dating each other. They live in a three bedroom apartment somewhere in Minnesota. People tend to assume they’re roommates who all have a room. Really they just gave their dog one room, their cat another, and share a huge bed in the third.

ive read a lot of tododeku fics and theres a lot of variety but my personal fav is when neither of them have enough social points to know what to do on a date

so theyre just like:

for maybe a good half hour or so…just standing there and internally panicking…

Imagine telepathic aliens.  Imagine aliens who have no concept of language, who maybe didn’t figure out writing or math until they were figuring out electronics, who still struggle with the entire idea of symbolic thinking, and then they find us.  And they’re going “I can see the technology and cities, and it all looks made for and by these bipeds, but where is the sapience and WHAT IS ALL THIS EFFING HOOTY MOUTH NOISE?!” until someone wonders if the hooty mouth noise has meaning in it.

Imagine aliens going “OMG they’re communicating by noise” and “OMG they’re using code naturally” and “OMG they’re using open-ended productive recursive code how is that POSSIBLE” and “OMG writing” and “OMG they have THOUSANDS of codes”, and it’s all paroxysms of academic delight and then someone discovers metaphor, and someone discovers encryption, and someone discovers slang and l33t and txting and emoji, and this entire telepathic species has its minds completely blown and the one who went “what if the hooty noise has meaning” wins the alien Nobel.

honestly i dont really have an excuse for this i just?? need it.,, 

- keith sometimes kisses the nape of lances neck which gives him a sense of security and comfort and…. its nice, 

- post-mission means cuddling with blankets..! dont tell me that lance isnt an expert at making blanket forts out of almost nothing?? look me in the eye and convince me if u can

- lances room is a constant blanket fort after the first time they made one and they decorate it a little with things they find from different planets - usually what reminds them of home

- the fort also evolves over time and lance did u convince coran to find another blanket again,

- they like holding hands whenever they can, whether its just their pinky’s touching or lacing their fingers together they do it a lot,, they also do it during dinner and try to be discreet but honestly evERYONE KNOws and its ok…. its ok :’’’)


- sometimes when keith feels bad/agitated or down about the galra thing and stuff lance will comfort him with small pecks on the cheek or simply just hold his hand and squeeze it ever so slightly,, its enough to make keith feel calm and more able to try and talk about his frustrations and feelings

- when lance is homesick or insecure keith is there doing the exact same thing for him and lance really appreciates it and after a while of silence keith will simply list good traits and things about lance that he likes and when he gets a smile out of him he’ll ask lance to tell him about his life at earth (his mother, what was he like in school before garrison?, did he often tease his siblings when he was younger?, favorite movie, describing his childhood bedroom, etc)

- lance starts talking vividly and keith likes to listen, loves to see lance’s smile and they’ll keep holding hands until they have to do something else/get up from their current positions

- keith doesnt have a lot of items since he didn’t really bring anything with him to space but sometimes when he gets up before lance to train or whatever, he leaves his jacket near lance/in the room as a way to say “ill be back” (its a gesture that makes lance happy because it confirms to him that keith wants to be with him and wants to come back)

- keith doesnt really care a lot for skin care and so, but he likes to watch and listen as lance goes thru his routine and sometimes he even lets lance do it on him because theres stars in the boy’s eyes everytime he gets a ‘yes’ and oh my god its too cute to resist

- generally just. keith and lance being happy 2kforever and when theyre sad they comfort each other and its, good.


ugh guys @ the opening ceremony store in manhattan there’s this SUPER HOT GUY who works there who looks literally exactly like this (this actually might b him?) and he dresses like an androgynous fashion god and im in love!! i stopped in while i was walking from madison to penn station and he put a choker on me to try it on and i bought it with my card and gave him my # by writing it on the receipt

Hey uh I’m a gay loser who loves Newsies and Newsies fanfiction and if you’re also a gay loser who loves Newsies and Newsies fanfiction and you haven’t already go read like everything @thestoryweneededtowrite has ever written because it’s all amazing.

A day in the life of Sam’s inbox:

1:30 PM : I’m coming to get u from school early I miss u

1:32 PM : This is dean by the way

1:34 PM : Be ready when I get there because I was thinking I could maybe take u out to get ice cream or something

1:42 PM : Just saw a book at the library while I was reading lore and it was a record book about giant kids, thought maybe u should be in there

1:57 PM : Can u txt me back, kid??? Need to know when I need to pick ur ass up

2:01 PM : Remember last night when we made out before bed? tht was nice

2:15 PM : K, i’m sitting outside the front doors waiting

2:16 PM : Now i see u walking out of the doors reading ur phone and now ur rolling ur eyes at me

2:17 PM : Can u slam the car door any harder???? My friggin’ ears r ringing

2:17 PM : Ok ok i will stop txting you now since ur sitting next to me

11:21 PM: Thx for today, Sammy I had a really nice time laying on the couch with u

11:22 PM: O yea, by the way, i luv u

part two


And the only way to mitigate
Would be to know the date
You scheduled to vacate
When are you going to die?
Look me in the eye
Tell me when you’ll die

When Will You Die by They Might Be Giants

(thank you @dont-offend-the-bees for introducing me to my new fave song with THIS SONG LIST)

Can I get uhhhhh Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue Jackcrutchie au because I’m feeling very strongly that it would be very good and I’m only like forty pages in.

Coincidences Part I (Bucky x Reader)

Okay, so this is me attempting at one of those “I texted you by accident and we ended up talking and I actually think you’re a pretty decent human being” tropes. I don’t know how it’s going to work out because this is the first time I’m doing something like this, but I dunno.  Maybe it’ll be cool. 


Without further ado: Happy Reading!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Modern AU if that’s what its called)

Words: 4259

Warnings: I mean, swearing a little. But none other than that. 

Excerpt:  Blowing a sigh through your nose, you realize you probably should just leave it alone and not answer at all. Then again, you are slightly curious to at least find out who texted you. They obviously thought they were talking to someone else, so it couldn’t hurt to maybe steer them in a different direction. Maybe.

*After writing this first part, I have determined that this is going to have to be a multi-part fic. Yeah. This got away from me, but I’m gonna try to post the parts in succession. 

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