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Movie Night

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Title: Movie Night

Characters: Castiel x Reader, Dean, and Sam

Word Count: 1,058

Warnings: fluff, comfort

A/N: This was requested by @flufy07! I hope you all enjoy this!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

Movie night with your brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, was originally your idea.  It was meant to relax you and your brothers after a hunt.  It wasn’t meant for you to watch one of the scariest movies of your life.  The movie scared you more than your job did.

As the movie ended Sam and Dean were cracking jokes about the whole movie.  You were supposed to be laughing with them, and you would have too, but you were too scared.  When you went to get up from the couch, Dean playfully tapped your arm.

“Oh come on [Y/N],” Dean smirked.  “You aren’t scared of that movie were you?  You’re a Winchester.  There’s more to be afraid of in our line of work.”

“Pssh,” you scoffed.  “That movie was a joke.”  You forced out a yawn, stretching your limbs.  “If anything it almost put me to sleep.”

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A:TLA had its flaws, but I think it’s got one of the best examples of “how to deal with the genocidal dictator villain without making your child protagonist kill someone”.

So, right from his very first appearance, it’s clear that Fire Lord Ozai is bad news. If there’s a sliding scale of successful villain character establishments, then “he burnt his son’s face off for speaking out of turn while said son cried and begged for mercy” has gotta be pretty high on the scale, right? The reminder of his cruelty and villainy is present in literally every single episode that Zuko’s in, which is basically all of them, because that reminder happens to be on Zuko’s face.

Come Book Three, and Aang starts to feel conflicted. It’s never questioned that he has to stop Ozai in order for this to end. There is no option of just talking to Ozai. That’s not happening. What Aang is conflicted about is having to kill Ozai. This is the main conflict of the second half of Book Three - can Aang kill? He doesn’t want to, and a good chunk of that comes from his upbringing as a peaceful Air Nomad, as well as his naturally kind and positive personality. Everyone around him agrees that there’s no way for him to spare Ozai and still end this.

Was energybending a slight Deus Ex Machina? Kinda, but the lion turtles were foreshadowed and they didn’t make it easy for him. What matters is that Ozai was still conclusively defeated. He was beaten to within an inch of his life and then had his bending taken away from him, stripping him of his power to harm others. Then he was thrown in a Fire Nation jail and left to rot for his crimes. Ozai gets his and Aang doesn’t have to kill anyone.

I don’t trust SU to do this.

It’s clear that there will have to be a confrontation vs the Diamonds at some point. They are the main villains, after all. It’s also clear that Steven is not going to like the idea of killing them in order to liberate Homeworld, especially after his reaction to the Breaking Point. Which, you know - fair enough. He’s a kind, loving, extremely sensitive fourteen-year-old raised to respect all life and to care about others. That’s totally a believable character conflict, just as it was for Aang.

But I don’t trust the Crewniverse to actually defeat the Diamonds. I strongly suspect at this point that a) the Diamonds will live, and b) they won’t even be defeated in the same way that Ozai was. I have a sneaking suspicion that Steven is going to talk them down and convince them to be better, or something like that. 

This would be a terrible resolution to the conflict between Earth and Homeworld. The Diamonds would essentially get away scot-free. They wouldn’t be punished for the crimes of a) trying to destroy the Earth and all life on it, b) shattering gems for disrespecting them, including threatening to do so to Ruby in a blatant parallel for homophobia, c) literally owning sentient people like they’re objects, d) ruining countless other planets, many of which may have had life on them, e) running a literal human zoo like what the FUCK, f) setting up a tyrannical, unjust social structure that treats living beings like disposable cannon fodder, g) denying an entire species the ability to really form an identity, h) various other offences. 

Like, if the Crewniverse found a way to depower the Diamonds or make them less dangerous without killing them that was actually believable AND punished them for their crimes, then fine, sure, I can respect that, just as I respect how the A:TLA writers dealt with Ozai. But I’m not convinced the Crewniverse are going to do that at this stage.

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My extended family are raccoon hunters and they run the dogs in the woods year round but only kill during hunting season. One of the side effects of that is finding sick, injured, and abandoned baby raccoons in the spring. So they rehab them for release or some used to try to keep them as pets. All the pet ones ALWAYS have to be put down eventually. They are dangerous "pets" that can badly injure people without trying. I'm shocked from that post that people are still trying to make them pets!

Yep, there are actually breeders for raccoons now. Sigh. I don’t think most people realize how challenging they are, not to mention some of the zoonotic dangers of having raccoons around. I would expect it’s less of an issue with captive-bred ones, but I’m still very leery about the idea of raccoon roundworm even in pet ones. The rules around rehabbing raccoons in Michigan were extensive enough that it was a major factor in why my rehab wouldn’t take them in. The other main reason was because they’re currently overpopulated in MI, so they really just do not need to be rehabbed. They’re so overpopulated that they’re actively harming the turtle populations due to nest predation.

TMNT Bodyguard!AU

Michelangelo/Part Four

In the end, the wonderful wedding was saved.
Well, sort of. Y/N’s parents eloped to Japan, to visit the groom’s family and, because they certainly couldn’t leave their daughter alone and vulnerable, they paid Mikey to stay a little longer.
Two weeks longer in fact.
After the first attack, Michelangelo could barely sit still, constantly looking over his shoulder for danger, always afraid that someone would try to take Y/N away.
But he started to relax. And he began to enjoy this time with her.
After all, it might be sometime before They could do it again. Mikey had the feeling that his family would have some choice words for him when he returned home…
So they ran around the nearly empty home (except for his men and some workers, there was absolutely no one else) and laughed and kissed and loved every second of thier time together.
And the whole thing, it made Michelangelo realize something. Something incredible.
He realized that he always, always wanted to protect her. Not as her bodyguard, not for money, but because she was his girlfriend.
He realized that he no longer cared what his family thought because, well, he knew what they would think. And he would make them change thier minds.
He would make them take him and his team seriously, they would see them as the ninjas they were. He would make them understand his love for Y/N and he didn’t care what he had to do to make it happen.
As long as no harm came to Y/N.
It was his last day before he returned home and he had to give a formal report.
Michelangelo was under the willow tree, leaning back on the trunk with Y/N on his lap.
“Hmm?” she said sleepily.
“Eveything’s gonna work out, right?”
She turned to look at the turtle, pulling her hair away from her face. When his blue eyes locked with her gold ones, he felt it once more. A wave of unending happiness bursting over him.
“I can’t tell you that.”
But her smile said it all.
Michelangelo kissed her once more, his arms wrapped around her tightly. And suddenly, the future seemed to scare him a little less.
It seemed golden.

The Do's and Don'ts of Scuba Diving

Whether you are just starting out as a new diver, or have logged thousands of dives already, scuba diving still brings the same sensations and star-struck feelings every time. However, it is important to remember a few good, ocean-friendly practices while you are diving to best protect our marine environment. 

  • Do not stand up on your fins, especially on corals. Practice good finning and buoyancy to avoid accidental contact with the reef or stirring up the sediment. Many coral species and smaller animals are very sensitive, and you will be killing them instantly if you stand on the reef. 

(Do not stand on the reef. You will cause physical damage to creatures that have taken years to get to that size. Photo source: Wikipedia.)

  • Do not touch anything. First of all, you never know what you may be touching, and it can sting you or be extremely poisonous. You might even come in contact with powerfully venomous fishes such as scorpionfishes, who blend in extremely well with their surroundings. Second of all, you touching corals can harm them, transmit bacteria or diseases, or stress them. You may transmit diseases or remove protective coatings on fish, mammals, invertebrates and other species.

  • On that same note, do not chase or harass marine life.  I have witnessed people chasing poor turtles and hanging on to them while the poor animals were trying to go up to take a breath. Keep clear of free-swimming animals (such as turtles, whales and sea snakes). In particular, do not chase, ride, grab or block the path of these animals. Even if you think it’s cool, do not ride a turtle (they also might bite you!). Do not cowboy a manatee. Do not hold on to the fin of a dolphin or a shark. Look but never touch and try not to get too close. 

(Source: Aquaviews)

  • Do not leave your diving gear dragging on the reef, such as pressure gauges or regulators. Keeping gear close to your body reduces drag and the chances of entanglement. Sea life is everywhere and can be harmed by the kick of a fin, bump of a tank, or knock of the hand.
  • Do not wear gloves. Or at least when the temperature allows you not to. Gloves only bring you a false sense of security which may lead you to holding on underwater. This can cause corals to break, or allow you to get too close to marine life by holding onto rocks and can lead to you harming yourself as gloves will not actually provide reliable protection against dangerous marine life.

(Refrain from wearing dive gloves, as they may give you a false sense of security and you will be more likely to hang on to the reef. Photo source: Greenpeace)

  • Do not bring anything up to the surface, other than recent trash. Similarly, don’t buy souvenirs of corals or marine life – this encourages people to remove tons of alive or dead marine life from marine ecosystems each year for selling to tourists. If we didn’t buy it then people wouldn’t collect it. Leave it where it belongs.
  • Do not feed the fishes. Feeding fish or any other species can lead to them becoming reliant upon that food source. It makes fish more aggressive towards divers and can lead to species interacting with others which they wouldn’t naturally come into contact with. 

(Pick up any recent trash you might encounter. Photo source: Project Aware).

  • Do pick up trash, plastic bags or any other recent littered items.

  • Do respect the marine environment, only observe the sensitive and fragile species that live within it. All divers should refrain from intrusive and damaging interactions such as handling marine life or manipulating it.
  • Do learn about the local ecosystem before your dive, and what animals you may be able to spot while diving. 

  • Do practice good buoyancy and refrain from touching the bottom with your fins and body. Practice buoyancy control over sand patches before approaching a reef - test buoyancy whenever you’re using new equipment such as new wetsuits, buoyancy control devices (BCDs) and cameras. Remember to always lift your feet up!

(This is the ideal diving position you would like to maintain throughout your dive. A streamlined horizontal position, keeping your feet up, and your hands to yourself will give you low water resistance! Photo source: Ilios Dive Club)

  • Do patronize reef-friendly dive shops, hotels and tourist operators that promote eco-friendly practices. 
  • Do lead by example. Remember that other divers may look up to you. If they see you touching or manipulating sea life, they will assume it is alright to do so. Similarly, if they see you pick up trash, they may start doing it in their future dives. Be an ambassador for good, eco-friendly diving practices.

  • Do stay humble. You are in their world for a limited amount of time. Enjoy the wonder and amazement that is our marine life, and do not act like you own the place and can do whatever pleases you.
  • Have fun!  Every dive is different and a chance to discover more natural wonders.

(Source: Splash Dive)