no tumblr thats not how it works

long mornings and longer thoughts


hello I totally didn’t ball my eyes out both times I saw la la land idk what ur talking about (talk to me about la la land pls) ((oh yeah also I’m pan))

perhaps the best thing tumblr has collectively done in the last few months is accept the mcelroy brothers and their doings into their hearts

popular tumblr post: don’t date or be friends with people who [trait i have because of my personality disorder]

me: :-)

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Whos your favorite artists? Like not on tumblr or how can I put this... Traditional? I'm really curious!

i’ve come across so many traditional art works in my gallery and museum visits and tend to…heheeh, forget the artists’ names.. but my favourite art piece (since i was 12!) has always been the The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai.

Hi guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️
The haul today was very small, but I’m still pretty pleased with what I was able to bring home! 💖😊😘

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel: $2.94
Love Culture Hairbows: $2.12
Hot Topic Grey Beanie: $5.99
Lovesick Lace Ankle Socks: $1.00 (BOGO accessory for $1!)

Total: $17.11

And guess how much I got it all for? That’s right! $17.11! Because I BUY shit that I want, instead of stealing it and saying I’m just having a little harmless fun, or fighting the system! 😝

  • 707: ATTENTION!!
  • Yoosung: What? What happened? What?
  • 707: Nothing...just want you to pay attention to me. ;)

i really need to work on art stuff today. i actually slept last night so i need to take advantage of my slightly more clear head while i can.

im gonna focus primarily on my 413 project i think, hopefully ill have energy to draw something else as well so i can post something little at least

still kind of emotionally fragile after yesterday, not sure how thats gonna affect me today. i know my fuckin uterus is going to try to kill me today and thats not gonna help anything either.

anyway im gonna try not to spend my morning on tumblr. as soon as i get my energy up im gonna get to work.


Silly me, here I thought I needed an anti-virus program because viruses installed malicious code in the boot sector changing the way the operating system worked, but really the whole thing works by simply finding the text labeled “Malicious virus” in obvious-red amongst all the blue.

People on tumblr have this weird isolated perception of what success entails… if their names arent constantly on every billboard or if everyone isnt mentioning them in their posts then theyre a flop… thats not how things work lmao

“Central to many of the windows was the Deepness. Dark black - or, in window terms, violet - it was formless, with vengeful, tentaclelike masses creeping across several windows. Vin looked up at it, along with the brilliantly colored depictions of the Lord Ruler…”

I’ve been meaning to paint this for a while - I love the combination of mists and shining stained glass windows throughout the Mistborn series

I've gone off the grid

Yesterday I sat down to do some writing and instead spent the night on Tumblr like the weak willed, yellow bellied…uh…idk how that’s suppose to end but it’s derogatory. Not today. Today I spent the day ignoring all of my notifications and then realized that this is going to be my Tomorrow (and next Tomorrow, and next next Tomorrow, etc) as well. I’m going to (continue to) get some fucking writing done. I’m feeling kind of guilty for ignoring everyone, but it has to be done. You’ll see me again when I either finish the next chapter of 2sb1sf or I crumble pathetically and sneak back on here. Don’t mind the posts in the mean time, I’ve got a queue that’s a little too long. If there’s an emergency (idfk what would be an emergency but ok) then Commissioner Lu knows how to contact me lol. (She has access to the red Batphone my email). This feels so serious ok wow this isn’t a big deal but it feels like one. You can also try offering tithes to the MadaKaka god—as his high priestess, he’ll be able to contact me (if he deigns to work as a go between). See you on the flip side!

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h a l p.. so, I'm pretty new to Tumblr but have been following this blog (love it so much, btw) for quite a while, I actually wanted to write here too, but I really don't understand how to get a basic follow and make myself a bit more known, so I was wondering, how do you guys like 'feature' (i dont know if thats the right word sorry ) someone's shot or au, and what is a masterlist? *I really dont know how this works help* thanks :*

hello love!

Okay so first step to starting a blog and getting followers is to post stuff! So for instance, start off by writing something! A scenario and everything and make sure it’s very clean and well presented to attract your potential readers/followers! Once you got a post going, make sure to tag it! Tons and tons of tags! I believe the first 10 tags are what Tumblr take into account in terms of it being searched on Tumblr?? (correct me if im wrong)

An example of popular tags would be: “bts scenarios”, “jungkook scenarios”, “jungkook smut”, “jungkook fluff”, “jungkook angst”, and so on!

Once you have tagged your post, post it to your blog and wait for followers! You won’t get a whole lot of them but it’s just the beginning!

Make yourself known by consistently posting scenarios every now and then and dont forget to tag them! Slowly as time goes by, you gain more followers ^_^ 

A masterlist is a post that lists your work! You can create a masterlist by making a text post which is commonly used as the “mobile masterlist” for most blogs. The text post mobile masterlist is easier to access on mobile than a page on your blog you create in the “edit theme” spot.

Check out some of my favorite masterlists created by these writers: @jiminniemouse , @jungblue , @thesammtimes , @an-exotic-writer 

If you need more help or have any other questions don't be afraid to shoot us some! Goodluck!

-Admin Smuttyfairy

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Hey! Just wanted to let you know that you were on tumblr radar haha. Thats how I found you actually. Ive been scrolling through your blog for an hour now lol. I love your art! Everything you make is just so beautiful <3

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! I was wondering what was up with my tumblr notifications and didn’t know! 💦💦 I’m so glad you and so many enjoy work ☺️💕💕 You all have my heart, thank youuuu 💖

to all my non-binary peeps

You rock. I am glad for every single one of you in my life. I am so unspeakably proud of you for everything you’ve done to discover your most authentic self. Your gender identity and gender expression are totally valid whether the people around you understand or not. The pronouns that feel right to you are the only ones that matter. The name you choose for yourself is the only one anybody should care about. You don’t have to fit into anyone’s boxes and you shouldn’t try. You deserve all the love and respect in the world just the way you are. 

Whether you get to present the way you want to or not, whether you feel comfortable coming out or not, your identity is real. Whatever look you’re going for today, I bet you’re killing it. To me you’re always at your most beautiful when you’re feeling like yourself – your happiness shines through and makes you radiant. Strut your stuff and show off your style! Your presence makes the world that much brighter.

Please keep listening to yourself, learning about yourself, and most of all loving yourself as much as you can. I LOVE YOU ALL and I will always respect and acknowledge your identity however you choose to express it.