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tumblr mobile has decided to start grouping likes/reblog by post but they don’t like… show you what post it is. it’ll just say “59 people reblogged your post” and then you click on it and it’s just their names, linking directly to the main page of their blog. no way to go see the reblog or even just see the original to figure out what post 59 people reblogged

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People literally think this is romantic. This post has 61 likes and reblogs. Hey guys? This is stalking.

Lemme tell you a little story about the time I was stalked. Towards the end of their marriage, my mom and step dad had this period where they both knew the end was coming.

My step dad decided that he just wanted to talk, because if he could talk to us, we would forgive him. So he used our cell phones to keep track of us so that he could follow us and corner us so that he could “Just talk”.

This was a man who had abused us both and gave the excuse of “loving us both too much” as to why he did the things he did.

And when I called the police to tell them he was stalking me and I didn’t want to speak to my abuser, I was told that because he didn’t have malicious intent, I should just ‘hear him out’ and there was nothing they could do.

For stalking to be punishable, there needs to be an intent to harm, however, that doesn’t mean that following someone against their will isn’t innately harmful to them. Which is why I hate seeing this behavior glorified and excused by saying “he just wants to help” or “he was just worried about her”.

His intent does not matter to me because his actions will never be excusable. And that is my biggest problem with Sun.

The Problem with Modern Clown Breeding

Alright, this may be out of line, but there’s an elephant in the comically-undersized room and it’s high time we addressed it. Simply put, breed standards have become stringent to the point where inbreeding, and all the health issues that come with it, is rampant in the clown-showing circuit. Confused? Let me show you an example.

This is what a Belgian Spurthigh looked like in the late 1800s. Like most breeds in the Japing group, it was bred for function over form - those distinctive bony spurs on its hips, for example, protected the pelvis during particularly intense pratfalls. But over the last 100 years, we’ve exaggerated these features to a grotesque degree - take a look at the modern Belgian Spurthigh.

A single-minded focus on aesthetics has turned the breed into a warped caricature of its past self, and a veritable time bomb of health issues. Cataracts and hip dysplasia are so common that newly-hatched chucklets have to be tested for them, and the hip spurs are so pronounced in utero that they run the risk of puncturing the egg sac. Let me emphasize that again: in their current state, they cannot lay eggs naturally - to prevent the eggs from puncturing themselves, you have to give the mother a C-section and pull the strings of egg sacs out like a bunch of handkerchiefs tied together. This is not a state any living thing should exist in.

But how did it get this bad, you ask? Blame clown-showing authorities like the American Kook Club. The breed standards they set defining “ideal” clowns have gradually called for more and more pronounced features. When individuals win big events like Jokesminster, every breeder of that breed wants to to have the winner sire a litter with one of their clowns. When everyone is focused on a single, homogeneous ideal, inbreeding runs rampant and the breed’s gene pool shrinks dramatically.

So what do we do now? Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy solution. Preserving high-risk breeds may require crossing over with related breeds (in the case of the Belgian Spurthigh, we’ve seen some success with Andalusian Fool mixes). Clown breeders must continue to put pressure on the AKC and other authorities to prioritize health when defining breed standards. The clown breeds we know and love are in danger, but I believe that if we work together, we can continue to have happy and healthy clowns for generations to come.