no trick knights

You know, why is it that hardcore yuri shit always goes down in the nurse’s office, and the nurse is never there? It’s like, all these raging lesbians are hanging out in their office either conducting sexytimes or dramatic/romantic tension or both, while the nurse is constantly curiously absent from the place during such moments. From this, we can clearly gather that the nurses must totally be in on it. Like, I bet she’s got a secret camera set up somewhere so she can greedily sweep up the memory card later, foaming at the mouth thinking “aWWW YISS LET’S SEE WHAT DELICIOUS YURI I’VE CAPTURED TODAY.” Eventually this situation becomes increasingly frequent as her prey in question are lured into a false sense of security by her unknowingly intentional absence, and the nurse finally decides to create a compilation DVD out of her hobby titled, “Tales of the Mythical Lesbians: Poor Communication Kills.”

Mostly happy scenes? KotWA 23.5

SWTOR. Spoilers for the tricks of Knights of Zakuul in KotFE. I think you learn it in Visions in the Dark.

Senya tested Xalek’s guard, her sole training sword against his double-bladed construct. “You wear what you call the Dark Side like a second skin,” she said. “It is…interesting.”

“It is victory,” said Xalek. He spun and made a flurrying attack, his double-bladed sword whistling in full circles.

Senya interrupted the turn and struck back. Within seconds she had a touch on his shoulder.

Xalek backed up a step, eyeing her warily from behind that bone mask. “How?” he said. “Your power is not mine.”

“Knights of Zakuul use their focus on the law and the Emperor to be made worthy of their power. It is neither abnegation nor domination.”

“But you serve the Emperor no longer.”

“That’s true,” said Senya, as if that hadn’t occurred to her before. “Hm. I guess then it’s just me.”

She smiled.

The next bout was a crazed tracery with an underlying logic, swing to block, lunge to parry, coiling darkness to a structure in the Force that could never be sustained but for a lifetime of discipline. Senya wore down Xalek’s guard and hit him again, this time squarely in the chest.

Xalek’s frustration rippled and stilled. “I yield,” he growled.

Senya nodded, then drew herself up and bowed. “Thank you. For everything,” she said, and walked out with a spring in her step.

Some Halloween things to think about:
-Tinker Knight trick or treating
-King Knight terrorizing children
-Propeller Knight at a Halloween dog parade
-Plague Knight vandalizing property
-Treasure Knight getting lost in a corn maze
-Specter Knight hosting a haunted house
-Mole Knight going to Specter’s haunted house and accidently burning it down
-Polar Knight…would probably stay home
-Shovel Knight and Shield Knight carving pumpkins together
-Black Knight stuck giving out candy in front of the Tower of Fate
-Troupple King wearing a lion costume
-The Bard trying to play a spooky tune on his loot