no trees will be harmed

* Sasuke fed Naruto even though Kakashi said it was prohibited.
* Naruto admitted it was one of the first bonds he’d ever had.
* Sasuke admitted he was always drawn to Naruto.
* Naruto said Sasuke was his closest friend.
* Sasuke said the same.
* Naruto awakened the Kyuubi for the first time when Sasuke “died”.
* Sasuke jumped in front of Naruto to save his life despite promising himself that he wouldn’t die till he killed Itachi.
* Naruto got stronger so he could save Sasuke.
* Sasuke couldn’t kill Naruto despite Itachi telling him he had to in order to defeat him.
* Naruto had a panic attack when he thought Sasuke would die.
* Sasuke jumped in to save Naruto from slamming against a tree (even though it wouldn’t have harmed him that much) despite being injured.
* Naruto took a beating to save Sasuke and begged the elders for his life.
* Sasuke needed to kill Naruto to be in the darkness.
* Naruto said he would shoulder Sasuke’s hatred and die with him so he’d never be alone again. Willingly leaving his goal of being Hokage behind.
* Sasuke was told by his brother that the person who could change him was Naruto.
* Naruto saw a shooting star, touched his heart and whispered Sasuke’s name.
* Sasuke was worried Naruto was dead somewhere so he excused himself from breakfast and went to look for him.
* Naruto was the only person (other than Itachi) who managed to make Sasuke cry and laugh in Shippuden.
* Sasuke admitted Naruto saved him.
* Naruto came to understand Sasuke’s motives and never gave up on him when everyone else did.
* Sasuke was never able to truly cut their bond even though he tried to.
* Naruto spent five hours laying in bed and thinking of Sasuke even though a girl had confessed her feelings for him and risked her life for him that very same day.
* Sasuke and Naruto are soulmates in canon.

But what a wild concept that people ship SasuNaruSasu. I mean why would they? It’s all obviously platonic.

You could get splinters

We’re playing a custom 5e campaign our DM came up with. I’m playing a Tiefling bard who’s also a prostitute, and so far her womanly charms have gotten us out of a few messy situations. We’re heading into town when a dryad forbids us from crossing in her path. All of a sudden she starts hardcore hitting on my tiefling. 

The dryad is massaging Lily (the tiefling)’s shoulders at this point. 

Tullrix (a half orc barbarian): -grabs the dryad’s shoulder- Hey could you leave her alone and just let us pass through?
Dryad: -shifts back into tree form and becomes a huge angry tree monster- YOU DARE HARM ME IN MY OWN DOMAIN?

Me, OOC: Can I flirt with the tree to make it calm down?

I then nat20 a persuasion check and we pass through. The entire table is laughing and we end the session a few minutes later due to our inability to get out s**t together after hearing something so ridiculous. 

Horse logic

*Cars, motorcycles, heavy traffic, bicycles*
Horse: this is okay. None of these things mean me any harm, live and let live

*funny looking trees, tree stumps, very small natural jumps, certain plants*
Horse: a tree stump JUST LIKE THAT murdered my entire family. This is too much I can’t do this. WALK BY IT??? Don’t you understand??? This is not okay, I know best just let me save your life.

Fantastic Beasts Headcanon

Newt is a part of another very dangerous situation in which his life could end and he has no more creatures left to help him–or does he? 

He’s about killed or tortured by someone (presumably Grindelwald or one of his fanatics) and he’s literally about to die when BAM, Pickett busts out and gouges the person’s eyes out. 

Bowtruckles are known to attack those who cut down/harm the trees they live in, most often using their claws to gouge out eyes. Pickett is so attached to Newt, he sees Newt as the tree he must live off of and protect. 

If someone physically hurts Newt, Pickett will literally gouge out their eyes. 

Autumn Leaf Magick

Using the beauty leaves of fall for magick is fun and easy. Going outside and gathering a few leaves off the ground is quick, it’s free and it doesn’t harm the trees! It’s perfect for any autumn magick or spells you may have.

Tree Correspondences:

  • Almond: clairvoyance, divination, moon magick, wisdom
  • Apple: healing, love, romance, fertility, lust, youth, prosperity
  • Ash: protection
  • Apricot: love
  • Aspen: protection
  • Birch: new starts and beginnings, protection, purity and purification, fertility
  • Cypress: protection, past life work
  • Elder: prosperity, protection, healing
  • Elm: protection
  • Eucalyptus: healing
  • Fig: sensuality, fertility, healing
  • Fir: immortality
  • Grape: joy
  • Hawthorn: protection, love, cleansing, Fae (faeries)
  • Hazel: wisdom, strength, divination, protection
  • Maple: divination, love
  • Mulberry: wisdom, willpower, divination, knowledge
  • Oak: healing, money and finances, longevity, strength
  • Peach: divination
  • Rowan: magick, protection, strength
  • Walnut: healing, divination, protection
  • Willow: enhancement, moon magick, the Underworld, healing, protection

Color Correspondences:

  • Brown: earth, cottage magick, the home/hearth, animal magick, generosity, friendship, endurance, protection, grounding, strength, decision making, finding lost objects, concentration, focus, family, construction, real estate, material goods, food, harvest
  • Gold: Masculine energies, great fortune, abundance, prosperity, divination, understanding, fast luck/temporary luck, sun magick, positive emotions and energies, justice, health, attraction, luxury
  • Orange: relieving depression, abandonment, opportunity, happiness, alertness, kindness, material gain, energy, legal matters, strength, creativity, self-expression, overcoming addiction, ambition, success in business, fun, vitality, celebration
  • Red: passion, love, lust, anger, strength, confidence, fire, courage, power, joy, desire, health, business deals, combat, confrontation, hunting, survival, fertility, sexual natures, competition, sports, mercy
  • Yellow: air, healing, friendship, productivity, remove negative thoughts, creativity, invention, beauty, life, intellect and intelligence, prosperity, self-esteem, motivation, happiness, success, memory, learning, inspiration, the imagination, travel

Ideas and suggestions for using leaves for magick:

  • Decorate your altar with them!
  • Press them into your grimoire or book of shadows for safe keeping or use later in the year
  • Draw sigils on them then crumple them up or burn them to activate
  • Crush them into a jar for potent jar spells
  • Line your plants with them for not only nutrients and to hold in moisture but to give them the traits of the leaf’s color and tree
  • Charging stones, crystals, water, oils and tarot/oracle cards with the energies of the tree
  • Use them in curses to cause sudden change, destruction/death of things or decay of things
  • Grind them into a powder to mix with salt or egg shells and use for protection, cleansing and warding
  • Using fresh ones line the edge of your tub with them during bath spells and magick, wash them in a sink and let them float in the tub with you if its safe
  • Cut them up and put small pieces of them in oil and into a pendent bottle/bottle charm to wear
  • Drip wax on them to seal a spell into them for later use
  • Hang them on or around your door and other entry points to ward off negativity and protect your home 
Snk 88 thoughts: The Eldian Tree


replied to your



Snk 88 thoughts: The 5 stages of grief

After all this time, I am still backing the theory that Titans are of plant origin. The whole thing with Eldians being connected is like a large organisms with many splitting paths. Then there is the fact that Titans regenerate and need sunlight, just like plants. Also there are those flowers in the anime which appear during the most convenient moments. Personally, I’d say the Source is a gigantic plant of some sort, which has a presence in non-physical space as well.


Your theory reminds me this panel from chapter 65, which implies the majority of the Walls are those forming the “tree”, while the minority groups like the Ackermans and the East Sea Clan are the “weeds”.

Weeds can cause harm to the tree. I will elaborate it in the last paragraph.

According to Snk 88, it’s revealed that Eldians are connected by invisible “paths” to the “Coordinate”. When a titan shifter dies without passing the power to the other, the power will be passed to an Eldian baby randomly through the “titan power lottery”, or the network connected all Eldians together. No matter who will be the receiver, the titan power must travel through the “Coordinate” first.

I have a feeling that the “Coordinate” does not refer to the Progenitor Titan herself, but the source of the “Coordinating ability”—that the horn bugle held by the Progenitor Titan is the tool to command the titans. The power of the horn bugle is derived from the “Coordinate”.

So where is the Coordinate?!

Imagine the Coordinate is that tree, and the network of the roots connected to every Eldian on the physical world. What will happen if the Coordinate has been removed from the system? The answer is, the Eldian “paths” will be destroyed, and the “titan power lottery” system will be shut down forever.

In the Norse mythology, there is a wyrm called Nidhogg who gnaws at a root of the world tree Yggdrasil, after he has gnawed the roots, the Twilight of the Gods (Ragnarök) occurs.

Now back to the topic of Snk 65.

It is implied the minority groups of the Walls are the weeds in the pot.

Talking about weeds, some of them are parasitic plants, attaching themselves to the host and absorbing its nutrients.

What if…the Ackermans and the East Sea Clan are the “weeds” of that “Eldian Tree”, the enemies of the Walled world?

As I’ve mentioned in my post about the 5 stages of grief, there may be possibilities of Mikasa choosing the path of “bargaining”—she will figure out a way to travel the place of “the origin of all organic matter” through some sorts of magical portal and try to end “the curse of Ymir” by bargaining with it?

Oh wait. If the Source is actually a gigantic plant, it may not have the ability to communicate, as Mikasa is not an Eldian connected to the Source (Coordinate World Tree). If the Source has intelligence and tries to cease her with the mind-manipulating power, Mikasa is also immune to the attack.

…And she might chop down the Tree in order to destroy those network of paths. No more titan lottery. No more titan shifters in the end. Humans on the Earth will be able to get rid of the fear of the titans in the end.

Yet about how to deal with the existing mindless titans and turning them back to humans, there’s another story lol

Story Shard 575

Fruit Dragons:

-They carefully cultivate an orchard of their favorite fruit trees, since fruit is their main food. If a bug infestation occurs though, they will eat every harmful bug to protect their trees.

-To start their orchard, they will find an open field or meadow and plant the seed of their favorite fruit. Once planted they use a special spell only known to their kind to rapidly grow the tree. 

-Usually the size of a large housecat, they are long and slender with dexterous clawed paws. Their scales change to match either the fruit of the tree they’re in or the fruit they are craving.

-They can fly but have no wings, as they would get in the way as they check the branches on their trees. They are often checking their trees for dead branches, damage, and such.

-In their oldest trees they weave hammocks from things like vines and stash their hoard their. If one tries to approach one such tree, they will be viciously driven from the orchard.
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My naym is Tobe
I am a marm
I don’t eet grains
They’ll do me harm

I eet sum insekts
Or chew tree gum
But grains dunt go
Into my tum

But when my frend
Gets out the froot
I don’t lik bred.
I lik the bloob.

In my wildest dreams, this will become part of the cannon.

Leshy ([Leshii’] рус. Леший “Forest man”) — a woodland spirit, the master of forests in east-slavic (and most-commonly russian) mythology, protector of local flora and fauna. In most tales leshy looks like an old-man, endowed with both animal and plant characteristics. It is noteworthy that in its characteristics animal/plant nature may prevail over human: leshy might look both like a tree covered in human skin or like a wolf with human eyes, for example. Leshye (I have no idea how to say “leshy” in plural in english) are shapeshifters, therefore their appearance is a totality of the infinite variations between animal, human and plant characteristics. In any form, however, leshye have a blue blood, and that is why their faces are bluish. As zealous owners, leshies control everything that happens in the forest, including animal migrations, tree growth and even human activity.
Leshy is not harmful for humans only in case if they show a deep respect to the forest and it’s inhabitants and don’t forget about special rituals. Otherwise he enjoys luring travelers into the most deepest and dangerous places of his forest, causing illness and insanity, robbing or even kidnapping. According to the legends, to do that leshy appears in a more or less human form, though his clothes worn inside-out and continued mumbling “walked, found, lost” gives him out. If a person manages to spot a leshy in a form of a stranger, he has to shout a protective spell, after witch leshy would disappear.
It is believed that leshye can perfectly imitate different voices of humans, animals, birds (and even sound of trees). They like to sing (never in human language, though), accompanying themselves with claps and their beloved whistling. It is prohibited to whistle in the forest, by the way, because it was thought to be leshy’s privilege.

Our Epic Business

I see the monkeys hiding in the trees
Grinning with aggression, they mean us harm
I see the bone-splitting horns in the breeze
Cracking with obsession, they mean us harm

It’s the same old tired thing, rest up dear
It’s something the ancients sang, lay down dear
Don’t worry; it won’t make the world end
We go around pushing another off
Turn, we open up for Georgia O'Keefe
Afraid I’ll be alone; we’ll be alone
Around we all go on the merry-go-round
We’ll do as you please; we’ll do as we please
Swirl the sky like Monet, only worse
Think we melt the clocks like Dali, of course

The octopus hides; the cockroaches wait
Around we all go on the merry-go-round
We go around, pushing another one off
Around, around, how long can this go on
Before we all fall down and don’t get up


ok so like draco is very tol (canonically) and hermione’s v v smol and its so cute and she’s so small and he’s so big and she just barely brushes draco’s chin in heels but she’s all like FIGHT ME but dracos all like you dare not touch her because he knows that even though Hermione can take care of herself she’s just so small goddamit look at her she needs to be protected from the world and he causally uses her as an arm rest and she gets so mad and he takes her bookmarks out and holds them above his head because he knows she can’t reach and she just fucking climbs him like a goddamn tree because Draco malfoy you might be a fucking lamppost but I fought in the war and I know how to climb trees and I will not hesitate to cause you bodily harm but he still does it because it’s fun watching her trying to reach his arms but the two of them would have it no other way because they fit each other like puzzle pieces and just height differences


So much grams, unzip the bag
Dip in my hand, then I palm trees
So when you throw shade, it could never harm me. 🌴🌴 #girlswhosmokeweed #glass_of_ig #weedstagram #weed_of_ig

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Legendary Creatures [B]

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