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prompt (now this is a challenge): the other four are kids and kevin is the adult in charge of taking them trick-or-treating. chaos and hilarity ensues.

sijshjsi his is lowkey my favorite au tbh its so so cute and kevin is such a Dad i hope i did ur prompt justice!!!

“but i don’t wanna go!” mitch wails, clinging to kevin’s leg. he cries - well, actually, screams - whining, “i don’t wanna go!” 

“mitchy, i told you, it’s not going to be scary,” kevin says gently. “scott was just teasing you.”

“scott’s a meanie!” kirstin adds, helpfully. 

“am not!” scott sounds genuinely offended and he reaches for her rapunzel wig, tugging on it. “’pologize!” 

“scott, stop it, or you won’t be going trick or treating with us tonight,” kevin says firmly. “now you apologize to kirstin and go finish getting dressed.” huffing, scott apologizes and does as kevin says, while kirstin fixes her wig and smooths out her dress. 

mitch, meanwhile, is still sobbing, insistent that their plans to go trick or treating will not include him in the slightest. “don’t like monster!” he weeps. “monsters are scary!” 

“but they aren’t real monsters,” kevin explains. he gently pries mitch off of his leg and kneels down to his level. “is avi a real dragon?” he asks, pointing to avi, who is proudly running around in his costume, despite the fact that he keeps tripping over his tail.

mitch sniffles. “n - no.”

“and kirstin isn’t really rapunzel,” kevin continues. “and scott isn’t really a cowboy.”

mitch sniffles again. “i guess,” he murmurs. 

“i think you’ll have so much fun trick or treating,” kevin tells him. “you look so cute in your kitty cat costume, i bet you’ll get loads of candy!” 

mitch’s face brightens immediately. “candy?” he asks, all of his previous fears about trick or treating gone so fast that kevin can’t help but to laugh. 

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23.01.2017 // The clouds are clearing: my PhD applications are in, my temp job is over, so I’ve got the satisfaction of having earned some extra cash. It was getting a bit stressful trying to balance everything: uni, work and a social life. Now, I have so much free time! By which I mean - free time to read for my coursework. And maybe treat myself to a face-mask tonight. 

Hope you guys are having a good start to the week! xx 

Pictured: make-shift desk at the kitchen table. 

A normal conversation with Nagisa and Karma
  • Karma: Hey Nagisa... How about tonight I treat you like I treat my homework?
  • Nagisa: What the f-
  • Karma: I slam you on the table and do you all night long.
  • Nagisa: *blushes* B-but you don't do homework...
  • Karma: *Whispers* Yeah but I'll do you...
hiatus complete! 2.75/3

That’s the number of graduate school applications I have submitted over the last couple of weeks. The last .25 is a component not due until mid-February, and I’m waiting on the school to initiate that part of the process - so - for all intents and purposes - I’m done!! 

Now to sit and wait for the fallout. All of these schools are quite selective and highly competitive so I am nervous. I’m also wildly relieved and really also kind of proud of myself. I have been putting these applications off for one reason or another for years, so to finally be able to say, in past tense, “I applied to grad school” is really kind of neat. I can’t fully describe it.

We’ll see what happens. One way or another, I’m moving on. <3 And I’m BACK! In typical onion-overworked-herself fashion, the letdown sickness hit full force earlier this week and I found out today I have a case of bronchitis. …so I’m back but on so many drugs, oops ‘’:D Please continue to bear with me! I have so many lovely comments and things to reply to (and read!!) from the last two weeks, my pace is just a bit slow yet <3 I so appreciate all the asks and messages and everything you guys sent over the last two weeks!!

Taurus & Gemini (w/ KITTENS )
  • Gemini, moving cat toys and other various cat items around, yells: Hey honey?! Are you alright over there with the kittens?
  • Taurus, laying down on the floor, kittens all over them, mumbles: I am at peace. My soul is now comforted by these soft precious beings
  • Gemini, walks over, sees Taurus on the floor, who looks spaced out:
  • Gemini, sighs & smirks: You know... if we finish moving in all the kitten's stuff before the evening... I'll treat you to something tonight
  • Taurus, looks over at Gemini: Do you mean sex or food because I don't need to eat today, give the kittens my share today. Sex, dear, you can handle yourself right?
  • Gemini:
  • Gemini: I think we should return these motherfuckers and go get Wendy's
WWE superstar Seth Rollins is thrilled to be back in 'party town' Glasgow ( Interview)

GRAPPLER Seth Rollins can’t wait for the first Glasgow Raw because every time he visits the city it’s a party.

The WWE will put on their first Scottish televised show at the SSE Hydro tonight and Rollins can’t wait to soak up the crowd.

And the former WWE Heavyweight champion reckons the audience are in for a “treat”.

He said: “This is the first time we’ve done Raw in Glasgow? Wow.

"The guys who haven’t seen our TV product in Glasgow you’re going to get a treat tonight for sure.

"The Glasgow crowd has always been fantastic. The great thing about the television product is that you get a continuation of the storylines as oppose to the live events where you just get straight matches.

"You’ll get a lot of interview segments and the production value is upped, the pyro, the entrances, the stage, the lighting and everything all together.

"It’s a different animal altogether. It’s hard to describe, it’s off the wall. Everyone is excited to be here.

"Every time we come here it is awesome. I feel like we stop in Glasgow every tour, so it’s been five or six times I’ve came through here.

"The crowd is always great, the people are good. I always hop into Crossfit Glasgow, I stopped by there this morning. Everybody is cool, it seems like a party. I’ve never had a bad time over here.”

But Rollins did concede that not everything is great about the city.

He said: “It’s cold, it’s very cold.

"The accent is also hard to understand, when Drew McIntyre was on the roster, I had many conversations with Drew where I had no idea what he said for the full time.

"It’s just a lot of nodding and smiling.”

The former Shield member wanted to be a major part of the European tour after suffering a horror knee injury in Dublin last year.

Rollins had to relinquish the WWE World Heavyweight title and was out of action for around nine months and is happy to come “full circle” with his recovery.

“I was looking forward to this tour specifically, really because one year ago I had my injury.

In Leeds the other night, I had a nice speech about how it has meant a lot to me to come back and be well received by the European crowd.

"It’s been fantastic to come back and know what I had to get too to get to that point and for everyone to appreciate that it’s been really cool.

"It’s been a long road, I missed Wrestlemania and I missed the April/May European tour which is always a bummer.

"It’s just cool to get back on the road with the guys. Like you said Full circle is a good way to put it.”

BTS Reaction #48

BTS’ reaction when you’re shy and can’t look at them in the eye as they make love to you.


“Ahhh my baby is being so adorable right now~ Trust me, I’ll make sure you have a good time tonight~” *devotes the whole night to you*

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*looks offended af* “Is there something on face or something???? Why are you not looking at me???” *prob will make you go to Hong Kong and back as a punishment*

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*squeals at the sight of you* “Jagiya, don’t worry, I’ll treat you gently tonight~ You don’t have to be nervous around me~” *treats you as sweet as vanilla*

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*starts laughing and squealing nervously* “Ahhhhh don’t do this to me Y/N! You being like this only makes me even more nervous!!!!” *the awkwardness disappears a few minutes in*

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“Oh? Is this jagiya’s first time? I’ll make sure you have a great time tonight, so no need to be so nervous honey~” *caresses you like you’re the most precious thing to him for the entire night*

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*acts like he’s incredibly distressed* “Ah… what do I do? My girlfriend doesn’t even want to look at me anymore… I guess I’m not good enough for her?” *makes you beg for him the whole night*

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*SMOOTH AF* “What do I do? You being like this just makes me want to dominate you even more?” *…but in reality is actually clumsy af, night is filled with awkward and nervous laughs*

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First date with BTS

Jin: Jin would invite you over to his house for dinner. He would have you sit on a stool at the kitchen counter while he cooked an amazing meal for the both of you to enjoy. As he cooked you both would talk about all kinds of things and you would of course offer to help but he would refuse telling you, “I want to treat you like a princess tonight, I don’t want you to lift a finger.” This would of course make you blush which would only cause him to coo at you and intensify that blush. When he was finished with dinner he would set the table by himself and help you get seated. He would then sit opposite you and you both would enjoy a really nice and yummy dinner. You would offer to wash the dishes and he would decline again saying he would do it when you left. After the date, he would walk you to your car, telling you how great the date was and that he would love to have a second which you would agree to quickly. He would then smile and place a soft kiss to your cheek. 

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Suga: Since he was a very chill person he wouldn’t want to carry you somewhere crowded for a first date. He would tell you that he would pick you up at eight in the night and to dress comfortably. You would be ready and waiting when he arrived in his car. He would then drive for a little while allowing you to be the DJ in the car as you sang along to the songs that you picked. He would laugh at how into the songs you got and decline when you asked him to sing along. He preferred to watch you enjoy yourself. He would finally reach the destination, the beach. You would smile at him because the beach was so calming especially at night. He would take your hand in his and you both would go for a quiet walk down the shore, admiring the scenery and chatting with each other. You would pick a spot for you both to sit and watch the stars. He would place one hand around your shoulder coolly however, in his mind he was nervous as hell. You would blush and rest your head on his shoulder. Afterwards he would drop you back home telling you he had a great time, you would smile and lean in pressing a soft, brief kiss to his lips before you went inside leaving him blushing and still trying to play it cool.

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Rap Monster: He would want to treat you to a really classy night. He would make reservations at an expensive restaurant and dress up in a Tux for you. He would pick you up at your home on time and stare in awe at how pretty you looked. “Wow, Y/N just wow.” he would say making you smile and blush. He would drive you to the restaurant and of course be a total gentleman opening all the doors for you and pulling out your seat for you to sit. “Order anything you want.” he would tell you with a smile. He would order a delicious bottle of wine for you to share. After you ate he would insist you ordered dessert as well which you ended up doing. You both would chat as you ate getting to know each other even more. When the bill came you wanted to pay it or at least pay half but he declined instantly paying the whole bill with his card. Afterwards he would drive you home asking you how the date was and you would tell him it was perfect. He would walk you to the door and give you a hug. He would want to kiss you so bad but not want to move too fast to scare you, little did he know you wished he would have kissed you to.

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J - Hope: Hoseok would be so overjoyed that you agreed to go on a date with him, little did he know how much you actually liked him. He would be so happy yet nervous. He would think long and hard on where to take you for the date, he would want you to have a lot of fun. He would end up taking you bowling, in a place close to your home. You would meet him there and he would grin so wide when he saw you. You would greet him with a hug and then your friendly competition would start. At the end you would win by a lot which would make him a little pouty. You would giggle and sit beside him telling him “It’s ok Hoseok.” He would just look at you and pout even more. You would smile and peck his cheek softly whispering “You’re so cute.” That would just get him so flustered. He wouldn’t be able to form a proper sentence after just making you think he was even more cute. Afterwards he would walk you home and this time he would peck you on the cheek before you went inside, just making your heart beat fast.

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Jimin: He would take you to watch the latest movie that came out in the cinemas. Out of all the boys he would be the most nervous. He would want everything to be perfect and for you to have fun. He would pick you up at your home and drive you both to the movies. You would notice immediately that he was nervous and think he was so cute. He would buy the tickets and food for you insisting he pay for everything. When you are waiting in the line you would take his hand in yours, just initiating a bit of skinship and with that his face would turn red with blush making you giggle, he wouldn’t let go of your hand though. In the movies he would give you his jacket since you forgot yours making you smile. Halfway through the movie he would get fidgety, contemplating if to put his arm around you or not. Eventually he would go for it and you would blush but snuggle into his side anyways. After the movie he would drive you home and walk you to your door. “So did you have fun?” he would ask and you could see that he was still blushing. You wouldn’t answer, you would just get on your tip toes and place a little peck on his lips making his face go as red as a tomato. 

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V: Taehyung being the fun person that he is would want to carry you somewhere fun and would settle with an amusement park. You would meet him there and he would grin and hug you tightly when you arrived. He would then proceed to carry you to a roller coaster. Your hand in his the whole time since he loves skinship. He would be a bubbly, excited mess waiting to board the ride while you would be slightly afraid. He’d notice and press a kiss to your hand and say “Don’t worry I’m right here love.” whilst smiling at you lovingly. That would calm you a bit. You would enjoy the ride with him, having a blast. You two would then go to three more rides before he’d buy you both hot dogs and sodas. Whilst eating he would be looking at you and smile like crazy. “What?” you’d ask with a slight blush. He would giggle like a kid and say “I’m just so happy I am finally on a date with you.” You would blush instantly. Afterwards he would walk you home and straight up ask to kiss you. You would nod of course and he would place a hand on your cheek before pressing his lips to yours in a soft and sweet kiss, just melting your heart.

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Jungkook: He would want to have a fun and relaxing first date with you so he’d just invite you over to his home. He would greet you with a huge smile and invite you into the living room where he would announce that you two would be having a video games competition. He would get super competitive but it would be really fun since you would also get competitive. “Let’s make a bet.” he would say before the games began. You would agree. “If I win, you have to watch that drama I was telling you about.” you’d say and he would groan but agree. “And if I win, you will have to…kiss me…on the lips.” he’d say shyly. You’d blush but agree. You both would start the games and it would be pretty even. Whoever won the last game would be the winner. You got the upper hand and knew you could win however, you low key wanted him to win so he would kiss you so you lost for spite. When he won he would jump up triumphantly making you roll your eyes at him. You would stand too and walk to him. He seemed to have forgotten the bet but you hadn’t. You would go on your tip toes and press your lips to his surprising him a bit. When you pulled away he would be blushing like crazy and stuttering to make a sentence.

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