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Cooking some fruits to make a fruit spread. About a dozen home grown pears, another dozen or so of tiny home grown plums, an over ripe Papaya from the market, Orange peels, Marigold petals, Cinnamon sticks, Star Anise and some more Cinnamon (powder) for good measure (I love Cinnamon). Will add the Cardamom honey later once I see how it boils down. The kitchen is going to smell so good!

wild things

pairing: harry potter x pansy parkinson

setting: modern, non-magical au; loosely based on this post

link: ao3

notes: ch. 2 / 14

Harry James Potter arrives on a Saturday.

Gilderoy and his squadron of beleaguered looking assistants have already been at the farm for a week and a half, moving furniture around and filming atmospheric B-roll and installing cameras in increasingly bizarre places—inside the rusty tool shed next to the chicken coop, and above the soil-crusted potting bench in Flora’s greenhouse, and on a fence post out by the farthest, most remote corner of the dairy pasture—and Pansy’s had her closet ransacked, old jeans and frumpy sweaters and car wash fundraiser t-shirts replaced with short skirts and sheer blouses and grossly impractical lace-paneled ballet flats; and she’s been given a list of talking points for her sidebars, stacks of notecards cramped with blurry streaks of bright pink marker, subjects to avoid and subjects to tread carefully around and subjects to exploit for the ravenous pack of editors back in L.A.; and she’s had her blonde hair dyed blonder, platinum highlights put in and cherry-red lowlights removed, and she’s had her eyebrows re-shaped and her lipstick re-touched and she gets it, okay, she gets that she’s just playing a part in what is essentially going to be a forty-two minute commercial for her grandparents’ new creamery, but—

She’d never thought of herself as the girl who needed a fucking makeover montage.

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Located in the far northwest of the Shifting Expanse is a stretch of quiet desert spotted with the ruins of abandoned watchtowers. One of these such towers flickers with electricity and storm seeker wings, close to 40 feet tall, reconstructed from its ruins. Beneath the tower, a maze of tunnels dug from sand and stone snake for over a mile beneath the structure, the home of a motley clan of rogues, warriors, mediums, couriers and engineers. Tread lightly, for they do not forgive trespassers.

My clan’s lair, Coppercoil Tower c: I didn’t paint most of the landscape, that’s a photo with some paint strokes to match the tower, but the rest was me! I’m glad to finally have a visual.

Of everything that happened last night, the only part that really bothered me was being openly mocked. I’m very very bad at interpreting tone, and I’m slow to understand jokes. So to be mocked and not even understand at first that that’s what’s happening always feels like that vulnerability is being specifically preyed upon, and it strikes a nerve deeper than I would normally let on. So yeah, I’ll be back in a few days. Love your neighbor, tread with kindness, think before you type, and forgive. Please.


Relaxing Game Music Collection Volume 5: Ragnarok Online

Tracklist :
00:00 : Peaceful Forest
02:32 : Tread On The Ground
04:28 : Streamside
06:57 : Everlasting Wanderers
09:08 : You’re in Ruins
11:37 : Desert
15:19 : Ancient Groover
17:26 : Plateau
20:02 : One Step Closer
23:04 : Brassy Road
25:55 : Yuna Song
28:20 : White Christmas
30:32 : Come on my deer!!
32:43 : Welcome, my lord
34:46 : Silver Bell
36:50 : Don’t cry, baby
38:56 : Jingle Bell on Ragnarok
41:04 : Wanna Be Free!!
43:51 : The Great
46:21 : Muay Thai King
48:39 : Alpen Rose
51:19 : Good Morning
55:30 : Tale of the East
57:41 : Splendid Dreams
1:00:16 : March with Irish Whistle

The Boys Talk Cars, Amazon vs BBC, and Being Recognized in Syria

Wearing some dapper tuxedos with some tire tread marks across the front and back, Jeremy, James, and Richard showed up for a photoshoot and interview with British GQ. The result? Some interesting behind the scenes info and loads of trademark Clarkson, May, and Hammond wit.
Jeremy: “…like jockeys? Oh those blue M&M type things? No, we don’t do riders.”
Richard: “We should do them, it would be really funny.”
James: “BMW i3 this week (after being accused by Jeremy of driving Ferrari 458 ‘Special Needs’)”
Jeremy: “Volkswagen Golf GTI”
Richard: “Land Rover Defender”
Richard: “It influences my every waking hour. I get up in the morning as that. I eat my cornflakes in that frame of mind.”
Jeremy: “I still stand wherever I am when I’m feeling fortunate in the world, going how on earth did I end up here?”
James: “I do that when I see you standing somewhere… how did he end up there..”

Jeremy: "No it wasn’t; the Daily Mail said it was a $160 million budget. Wikipedia says it because the Daily Mail said it, and even Wikipedia described the Daily Mail as ‘not a reliable news source.’ Nobody knows how much it was. It was SOME…broadly the same as it was before.”
Jeremy: “We used to be quite good at annoying everyone at the BBC. You can’t annoy anyone at Amazon because they’re un-annoyable…whereas the BBC would get annoyed if you’re shoes weren’t clean. You know when you leave school and you can suddenly smoke in the street, you think OH.”
Jeremy: “You look back on some things and think ‘I wouldn’t do that, I wouldn’t do that…’ There are one or two things were we look back and think that perhaps we’ll have a rethink in Season 2.”
Richard: “We had to try some stuff; it would be a wasted opportunity if we didn’t. Some of the stuff we carry on, some we didn’t.”
James: “We were a million miles from anything, no one had a telly, and people were still 'Welcome to Syria, Mr. Slowly.’ ”
Jeremy: “It doesn’t matter where we go, everybody seems to know who we are.”

Oh, Danny. Where would you be without your wingman?

Inspired by a scene from chapter 19 of Treading Water. I laughed hard and had to draw it. Go read it if you love the fandom. I guarantee it won’t disappoint. ;)