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Plot twist.

So, it turns out you don’t need clothespins to line dry laundry. I gleefully stumbled upon this ingenious technique during a meandering internet search. How did I never think of this? It’s so simple and efficient. The twisted line seems to hold garments even better than my spring clothespins. And I like the snapping sound it makes when I pluck the dry clothes from it’s grip. This method is especially good for my indoor setup, which I hang up and take down with each load I dry. Outside in the garden, the line I share with my landlady is a more permanent, untwisted setup. I imagine that in an open air situation, a twisted cotton line might be prone to grow mildew after a rain. At any rate, the pin-less approach will be my new indoor jam for the remainder of the cold season.

Hygiene in NATM ??!

-Do all the exhibits need to pee and poop?
-Poor Ahkmenrah stuck in his sarcophagus for all those years????
- Dexter leaving little poops everywhere for Larry to find !?(・_・;?
- Imagine Teddy being so engrossed in a newspaper he’s reading on the toilet that he doesn’t realise dawn is coming and he nearly gets stuck pooping???

-Smelly breath??? Kisses?????

-Imagine how sweaty they’d be from running around like little puppies??
-Do they need showers???

- Larry showing Ahk how to shower…….(0.0) ????
- Octavius trying to explain to Jed the importance of saving water, and suggesting that they shower together……….. Jed being like “but bro we’re like 3 inches tall???? We’ll barely use any anyway???” Octavius: “EVERY DROP COUNTS.”


Mother Hotep,Shaharazad Ali: Preaching, Teaching, and Encouraging Misogynoir In the Black “Community” for 27 (maybe more) Years (Part 1)

Although not lazy by nature, she has become loose and careless about herself and about her man and family. Her brain is smaller than the Blackman’s, so while she is acclaimed for her high scholastic achievement, her thought processes do not compare to the conscious Blackman’s.

Her unbridled tongue is the main reason she cannot get along with the Blackman…if she ignores the authority and superiority of the Blackman, there is a penalty. When she crosses this line and becomes viciously insulting it is time for the Blackman to soundly slap her in the mouth.-Shaharazad Ali, “The Black Man’s Guide to Understanding the Black Woman”

She explains why she wrote the book:

“I wrote the book because black women in America have been protected and insulated against certain kinds of criticism and examination.”

I REALLY tried to like this woman. I first learned of this woman back in the 90s as a young teen when I viewed her controversial appearance on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show. I knew she was wrong in her black woman bashing and misogynoir then, I just couldn’t articulate it. I tried to ignore her extreme misogynoir through the years because she spoke the truth about white supremacy, but as I’ve gotten older and began to take a look at sexism and misogynoir towards black women, I couldn’t ignore it any longer. She speaks the truth about racism white supremacy out one side of her mouth white spewing misogynoir out the other. Hotep-ology 101!

She even trashed black women’s hygiene habits:

We bully Black men, we steal, we stink (especially our hair and armpits), and we are failing our community by failing to get in line behind our men. 

Here is her controversial appearance on Sally Jesse Raphael ……if you can stomach it. She had the audience all riled up. Disclaimer:She dragged Black Women to filth!

The sad part of all of this is that a shitload of misogynistic black men and (some) black women agree with her. I’ll leave it up to you’ll if you want to read the book reviews on amazon. IT WAS AWFUL!

Here is more  information about  how the book was received by wider society:

Critics complained that book offered no factual data to substantiate her views or information about how she came to her conclusions and was essentially as a vanity-press product that would have been ignored by black people and others had it not been for the media attention its novelty and outrageousness created. 

The book was controversial bringing “forth community forums, pickets and heated arguments among blacks in many parts” of the US when it was published in 1989.Stories about the book appeared in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Newsday, and Newsweek. Ali appeared on ‘Tony Brown’s Journal’, the ‘Sally Jessie Raphael Show’, ‘The Phil Donahue Show’, and ‘Geraldo’ TV programs, was ridiculed on In Living Color.[6] The book reportedly “brought black bookstores new business”, while other black bookstores banned it. It also provoked a book of essays (called Confusion by Any Other Name) “exploring the negative impact” of The Blackman’s Guide

For all of you Shaharazad Ali supporters, you said she didn’t mean it like like that, for black men to slap black women and the other misogynistic stuff she said, SHE MEANT IT LIKE THAT! Great advice to mend the already fragile collective relationship between the black man and black woman.***smfh***

Part 2 coming ASAP!