no trash hygiene

Plot twist.

So, it turns out you don’t need clothespins to line dry laundry. I gleefully stumbled upon this ingenious technique during a meandering internet search. How did I never think of this? It’s so simple and efficient. The twisted line seems to hold garments even better than my spring clothespins. And I like the snapping sound it makes when I pluck the dry clothes from it’s grip. This method is especially good for my indoor setup, which I hang up and take down with each load I dry. Outside in the garden, the line I share with my landlady is a more permanent, untwisted setup. I imagine that in an open air situation, a twisted cotton line might be prone to grow mildew after a rain. At any rate, the pin-less approach will be my new indoor jam for the remainder of the cold season.

Hygiene in NATM ??!

-Do all the exhibits need to pee and poop?
-Poor Ahkmenrah stuck in his sarcophagus for all those years????
- Dexter leaving little poops everywhere for Larry to find !?(・_・;?
- Imagine Teddy being so engrossed in a newspaper he’s reading on the toilet that he doesn’t realise dawn is coming and he nearly gets stuck pooping???

-Smelly breath??? Kisses?????

-Imagine how sweaty they’d be from running around like little puppies??
-Do they need showers???

- Larry showing Ahk how to shower…….(0.0) ????
- Octavius trying to explain to Jed the importance of saving water, and suggesting that they shower together……….. Jed being like “but bro we’re like 3 inches tall???? We’ll barely use any anyway???” Octavius: “EVERY DROP COUNTS.”


a list of things i've found in the women's bathroom at work

a pile of shit, plopped in the crevice between the toilet and the wall.
literal human feces smeared on the wall.
more piles of feces dropped in various places
even more feces in the trash cans meant for hygiene products
pee on the floor, no where near the stalls
used (and full) condoms
period blood. all over the floor in the stall.

bonus outside the bathroom!!!: a used and positive pregnancy test, three used condoms (2 of which were full) and yet even MORE human feces on the ground, literally smeared down the hall and into the connected mall.