no trash gifts


I didn’t want you to find me. 

↳ happy birthday @mai-valentine

“You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.” (Star Wars TFA/Avatar AU)

Happy birthday to my beloved @matereya!! ♥ ♥ I’m sorry for the lateness of this gift, but I hope you enjoy Zuko and Katara as lightsaber-wielding badasses in the final TFA duel (BECAUSE OF REASONS OK ;D)

Also a tribute/thank you for always inspiring me with your beautiful SW and ATLA art, and for being such an epic friend in the trash compactor across these two fandoms!! _(:з」∠)_

give me insecure Taako wasting spell slots on his image

give me mortified Taako the first time Kravitz sees him without his glamour

give me touched Taako crying when Merle and Magnus gift him with enchanted cosmetics (Fantasy Better Than Sex Mascara)

give me desperate Taako binge watching Fantasy YouTube beauty gurus

give me astonished Taako when skeleton Kravitz asks him to take his glamour off too

give me nervous Taako

give me shy Taako

give me insECURE TAAKO

“Witches are the real gods. They are older than Zephyrus and Chloris, older than Jupiter and Saturn. Older than Time. They were here when the first light crept through solid dark,” he speaks, as if reciting from an old story. “And they will be here when it’s dark again.”

Suddenly, his obsession, his addiction becomes clear.

 hell with you ( a klonnie fanfic by the fudge is grumpy)