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MOVIE TRIVIA: In the early 80s, June’s first draft of “The Terminator” was rejected by the studio because they didn’t think “Terrifying cyborg assassin sent from the future to stop Sarah Connor from shopping at Tesco” was exciting enough.

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Earlier, you told someone to "get a John Watson". How does one go about that? Not exactly on offer at Tesco.

I wouldn’t know. Mine was delivered to me by one Mike Stamford in collaboration with the British Army.

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover....

………was what wanted to say (well yell, hello pmt!) to this guy in town this afternoon….

Today for the first time in months I got up, got dressed, jeans (M&S), baseball boots (fake/Primark), nice top (hand me down from sister) & blue/ white spotty spring jacket (present from mum) and went to the doctors and Tescos this morning.

I then went to meet up with my buddy at Starbucks. I walked past this guy who was ranting at his girlfriend, saying look at her, like she wouldn’t know a thing about struggling would she!

It literally took every ounce of my reserve not to lift up the arms of my top & say ‘No I haven’t got a f****** clue what struggling looks like!’

I hate arrogant people who judge on appearance. Today was the first day in ages where I’ve worn 'an outfit’ and it was difficult, my body image is crap but I did it. And to have someone judge me because I looked like I fell out of a 'Joules’ catalogue really pissed me off!!

Mental illness is not a look! Maybe if he’d seen me a month ago in sweatpants, greasy hair in a ponytail, etc he wouldn’t have commented!

In reality you cannot tell what is going on in someone’s head just by looking at their outer shell 😥

I kind of want Emily to be a trope savvy civilian. Mostly so she’s the one who comes home to Tracer and hers apartment to find weird stuff going on and just rolls with it. Girlfriend’s boss comes back from the dead? Okay it’s a Tuesday. Girlfriends co-worker is fighting his brother on your balcony? Fine, but if they take out the weapons, they have to take it down the block. Girlfriends enemy hacks your computer and says “I know your secret”? Just reply “it’s apple body wash, five dollars at Tescos, thanks for noticing”

Just Emily rolling with Tracers very crazy life.

Emily: “You will not believe the day I had-”

Emily: *Sees Bastion, Widowmaker and McCree on the couch*

Lena; Eh ello luv-

Emily: “I’ll make some tea.” 



by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

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Fandom: One Direction (Band)
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Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Tesco AU, Smut, Butt Plugs, sex toy discussion, sexy cornetto eating, Bottom Louis, Blow Jobs, this story basically revolves around a twenty pence piece, Office Sex, inappropriate declarations at the height of arousal

Part 1 of the Tesco series


Curiosity mingled with pity inside of Louis as the man took his tote bag from his shoulder and rifled through it, seemingly looking for change at the bottom. He became a little frantic, unsuccessful in his hunt for coins.
“Come on, 20p. Twenty fucking pence. Where are you?” The man mumbled.
Pity won out in Louis; he dug his hand quickly in his pocket.
“Here you are, mate.” He handed the man a twenty pence piece.
“Oh, um-” He frowned down at the coin that Louis had placed in his palm. “Cheers, that’s so nice.”
“Don’t mention it.”

Louis lends Harry 20p in Tesco, and Harry is adamant about thanking him properly.

Happy birthday B @nottooldforthisship! Enjoy x

Tesco slashes prices of women’s razors

  • British grocery chain Tesco has started to address gender disparity by slashing the price of women’s disposable razors to match that of men’s.
  • “We are guided by doing what is right for our customers and by our commitment to offering clear, competitive and transparent pricing,” a Tesco spokesperson told the BBC on Monday.
  • According to the outlet, Tesco representatives claimed differences in supply and demand were responsible for the initial price gap.
  • Apparently, men’s razors had been produced and sold to retailers in “significantly higher volumes,” driving down their prices in stores.
  • However, there’s good reason to think there’s something more insidious going on — not just at Tesco, but in supermarkets and drug stores around the world. Read more

umm john would set cute messages as his laptop password for sherlock to guess, and they would range from “get milk” to “love your navy shirt” and then one day sherlock would struggle with guessing the password, and when john comes back from tesco he’d find him on the floor violently smashing the keyboard, and he would scream, “i can’t get it, john, what is it??” but john would just lean on the door frame and look at him with a soft smile and say “take a guess” and sherlock would stop breathing for a second and do a blinky thing and come back to the keyboard, and his shaking fingers would type in the letters and the laptop would ping and he’d gasp and look back at john with tears in his eyes and whisper “i love you too”



by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

Chapters: 1/1 (4638 words)
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Timestamp, Boss Louis, Butt Plugs, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Rimming, friction burn, Carpet Burn
Series: Part 2 of Tesco


“I’m so fucking horny, Louis.”
Louis closed his eyes, taking a second to compose himself. That little prickle of arousal was swelling and it needed to be stopped.
“Harry, we’re at work. Control yourself.” He opened his eyes and cocked his eyebrow. “If my boss catches you in here-”
“Louis, you know as well as I do that all the managers are at a conference today,” Harry smirked. “And that means you are the most superior person in the building right now.”
“Yeah, that’s true,” Louis laughed.

Harry and Louis didn’t have sex last night and Harry’s finding it difficult to cope.

A Tesco timestamp which can be read as a standalone.

  • Queen Elizabeth II, on the phone: Hello England, how are you today?
  • England: I'm well thank you, a bit bored though. For once I don't have extra work to do.
  • Queen Elizabeth II: Oh I wish I could come over to knit with you like we always do, but it's getting harder to travel by myself in my old age.
  • England: it's okay Lilibet, my Queen- Oh...
  • Queen Elizabeth II: hm? What is it England, dear?
  • England: it seems that I don't have any food left in the cupboard and the fridge... I should go down to Tescos to get some-
  • Queen Elizabeth II: *driving her jeep at the speed of sound* DONT WORRY ENGLAND, GRANDMA'S COMING WITH FOOD!!

After @maverick-ornithography remarked on the unusual appearance of the shopping cart I saw the other day, I decided to check at various stores to understand whether this was an isolated phenomenon. Here are the results.

Tesco : has both regular shopping carts (large, low basket, with a child seat) and “leggy” ones (small basket, long and strangely balanced legs, no child seat). Pictures of both varieties below.

In the background of both pictures, you can see a vehicle carrying exclusively “leggy” carts (I didn’t take a closer picture because I wasn’t sure I was allowed to).

Lidl : same situation, with both regular and “leggy” carts, except that here, the relation between cart types is clearer (the regular type still looks strangely balanced to me, and the leg structure is similar). Pictures :

Dealz : only leggy carts ! The variety is yet a different one, and the only cart type with a drawer system for coins I saw today (the others have a slit system). Here is a picture :

This allows me to confirm that the overturned cart in the ditch thing is indeed a Lidl “leggy” cart, like the one I saw on the road close to it (notice the shape of the legs) :

To conclude this long post, I saw the heron and the egret again !

(A grey heron and a little egret standing in some kind of evergreen, 1 m or less from each other, the heron facing the camera and the egret facing right.)

This is the tree where I saw the heron the other day ; I was already surprised to see the egret in it, and I didn’t expect the heron to be that close, so I completely missed it until it moved its head.

(Same image, but with the heron facing right and the egret running its beak under its wing.)

The egret started preening, so I assumed it wasn’t particularly uncomfortable despite the proximity of the heron, but it might not mean that at all (I would be interested if anyone knows what might have been going on, I was surprised because most grey herons I have seen seemed very territorial).