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When Dany came in to save her bae/hubby Jon and they first made eye contact.

Dany: Concerned Wife

Jon: Proud Husband




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Todoroki Shouto

Asshole Endeavour

Panic attack/rape flasbacks (s/o)

Self-harm (s/o)

Suicide saviour

Cat reincarnation

Reverse cat reincarnation

Abused s/o 1 & 2


Coma (s/o)

Old cutting scars (s/o)

Exotic pets (s/o)


Prince HCs

Wheelchair BFF


Deaf s/o

Random fluff

Midoriya Izuku

Cat reincarnation

Reverse cat reincarnation

Villain part 1, part 2

Dating a villain

Wolf (s/o)

Villain HCs

Old cutting scars (s/o)

Bakugou Katsuki

Deep angst/suicide (s/o)

Cat reincarnation

Car reincarnation reverse

Dating a villain part 1, part 2

Villain part 1, part 2

Exotic pets (s/o)

Exotic pets HCs (s/o)

Self-harm 1 (s/o)

Self-harm 2 (s/o)

Love in the fire fic

Abused s/o part 1

Shinsou Hitoshi

Villain HCs

Some fluff I guess

Human trafficking

Some angst

Childhood friends


Cat reincarnation

Villain s/o

Kirishima Eijirou

Anxiety attack (s/o)

Dating a villain

Villain HCs


Exotic pets HCs (s/o)

Cat reincarnation


Deaf s/o

Kaminari Denki

Cat reincarnation

General angst

Exotic pets (s/o)


Cat reincarnation

Dating Dabi HCs

Dabi breaking up with the s/o to protect them HCs

Dating a UA student

Tokoyami Fumikage

Villain HCs

Human trafficking

Dark Shadow out of control

Egyptian god HCs

TokoDark AU (Not a ship btw, just twins)

Self-harming Fumi


Sick Dark

Random scenario

Aizawa Shouta

Fight club

Badly injured s/o


Random scenario

HCs and stuff

Anxiety attack, Toshinori, Stain and Endeavour



Horror movie night at the dorm



More Kiribaku

Lost Dekusquad

Lung infection, Bakugou, Toshinori and Stain

General HCs for Tokoyami and Shinsou


General angst scenario

Type. Katsuki, Shinsou and Todoroki

Vent art

Fantasy AU HCs

General stuff



So. . . I was flipping through the channels when I came across this Hallmark original movie entitled ‘The Royal Christmas’ and got serious TRR and ROE vibes. I mean, the queen’s a real bitch who’s trying to break her son’s relationship with a commoner. The kingdom’s name is freaking Cordinia. And guess what the prince’s name is? Leo.

hey y’all, if you’re looking for something to do today, the good place just got put up on netflix and it’s one of the greatest shows ever put on television. season one is only 13 half-hour episodes long, so you can mainline that sh*t in an afternoon. it’s about a woman who wakes up in heaven and quickly realizes that she wasn’t meant to be there - she was an asshole who just got mixed up with an ACTUAL good person. so naturally she decides she has to pretend to be good forever so she doesn’t get sent to hell.

it’s written by some of the same people responsible for parks and rec and brooklyn 99, so it’s absolutely hilarious, BUT there’s a really tight and interesting plot with a lot of mysteries and intrigue and some SERIOUS plot twists. basically it’s like parks and rec but with a more serialized story, way higher stakes, and also, god is real

National Library of Ireland on The Commons

“Group of women activists holding protest posters and an American flag, being directed by policemen, at an unidentified location" is mostly right

- England: American women condemn your reign of terror in the Irish Republic

- America can not continue relations with an England ruled by assassins

“B-But Sportacus! You’ve got to tell Robbie how you feel!”

Largely inspired by THIS blog, particularly the many asks people have been sending in lately on Sporty’s crush >:3

Just wanted to let you know that THANK YOU for dedicating your time for this blog and it really cheers me up everytime your posts appear on my dash. Here’s a little fanart for this blog as my thanks. Keep doing what you’re doing, dood! (Get Lazy!)

// ASDFGHJKL thank you so much!