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“Jacin is only a friend.”

It was the truth. He was a friend, albeit one she would cut out her heart for.

some more of these. Jacinter lured me in promising adorable childhood-friends romance but then buried me under angst and pain

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When the new fresh drama[tm] hits the fandom of the thing you enjoy and now the thing itself is proclaimed irredeemably bad, but you dont care because your enjoyment of the thing is in no way connected to what other people in-fandom do.

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Today, I came across someone claiming that when you make your original characters suffer in your stories, that makes you an abuser, and people shouldn’t declare original characters their ‘babies’ and then put them in harmful/dangerous situations.

We did it. We finally did it.

We’ve reached peak delusion.

Fiction = Reality.

Congratulations, Tumblr.

Reblog if you want a cute lil love letter from a fictional character or actor from your blog. I’ll write every one and put it in your ask box.


I never had a greater friend than you. And we traveled a lot and I’ve never had a greater friend than you.