no to every single one

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Reading this right now. Stop what you’re doing for a few minutes and read this, okay? It’s important. It’ll only take a few minutes, I promise.

Let me start off by telling you how incredibly brave you are. I’m serious. You’re living in an uncertain world, and you still woke up today. It doesn’t matter if you got out of bed. If you got dressed. You’re awake. You’re here, with us. With the community online that loves you. You’re here. You could have hidden yourself away today. But you didn’t. You were brave and came to be with your friends today.

You know what else, though? You’re a wonderful person. No, don’t argue. Just listen for now. It’s okay. You don’t have to believe it for it to be true. You have been through so much. It has made you stronger. You are so strong. That doesn’t mean you have to be strong all the time, though. You’re allowed to be weak. You’re allowed to need to lean on someone. It’s okay. Nobody is going to judge you for that. If they do, they must have forgotten that they’ve had to lean before, too.

You are not a mistake. You’re not worthless. You bring joy to peoples’ lives. You might not even know the people that you bring joy to, but they’re there. They exist. Just like others bring joy to your life. That’s an important thing to be a part of. We need more joy in the world. I’m so glad that you’re here to help with that. I’m so proud of you for being here.

You are wanted. You are needed. If something were to happen to you, there are people that would miss you. People who would ask what happened to you. There are people that care about your wellbeing. We love you. It’s okay to come to us when everything feels hopeless. You’re not worthless. I promise.

I’m so, so proud of you and so happy that you’re here, reading this right now. I’m so happy that you’re still with us. Please don’t go where your friends can’t follow. Nobody in the world can replace you.

You can keep scrolling now. Just remember that there’s someone out there that cares about you, okay? Have a good rest of your day.

alright so i went through all 458 of my posts on my simblr and heres what i learned

whats nsfw

  • pigeons
  • going out on a platonic dinner with your friend
  • watching movies with your platonic friends
  • hanging out with your very platonic friends (this happened at least twice)
  • standing (this happened at least twice)
  • eating breakfast
  • using a computer while outdoors
  • relaxing with your s/o (happened at least twice)
  • talking with your friends and girlfriend about what to do for breakfast
  • standing next to your spouse
  • BEDROOMS. EVERY BEDROOM. EVER. take a picture of a bedroom for the interior design???? nsfw
  • also occasionally the first floor of your house
  • taking a selfie. with your mother. when you are a child.
  • the entirety of sander cohens house except i think the kitchen maybe?. which leads me to believe sander cohen entirely is nsfw.
  • playing a song for your wife. and kissing said wife. who you are married to. legally.
  • brigid tenenbaums kitchen and dining room. (i believe this one is ken levine being spiteful i designed my own kitchen/dining set for her)
  • kissing your girlfriend in the morning in your pjs because your happy and you love her. hanging out with her in your pjs in general tbh. let them be gay tumblr they are being cute
  • being sad
  • kissing your very gay girlfriend. or polaroids. idk what it is tumblr was mad about polaroids or kissing or gays i dont know
  • toddlers
  • laying on your bed and looking at the ceiling
  • swimming fully clothed at night with your girlfriend
  • a living room (more then one if you include cohens apartment)
  • an apartment kitchen
  • joking around and making your spouse laugh on a couch
  • literally standing in a create a sim shot with a completely blank background
  • did i say kissing your girlfriend?? like just that?? because kissing your girlfriend
  • going on a impromptu date with your wife
  • helping your girlfriend through her anxiety and giving her a comforting kiss
  • arguing with your girlfriend about whos cutest and whos gayest

things i semi understand being flagged but also don’t

  • my bad jokes that only make me laugh. tumblr tried to save you
  • two of the few times i’ve posted sawyer woohooing because technically i guess it is? but its also sims and its woohooing and nothing graphic happens its just hearts and bats radiating off of a coffin i dont that is perfectly safe for a work environment. its sims

things not flagged as nsfw

  • also a sim i explicitly called skyler foreskin in the post i had posted

now that that’s clear, i guess i’ll just keep being nsfw in my room and wait for tumblr to flag this post because i mentioned bedrooms so, there’s that

@kyougi replied to your post

someone showed a sharingan one in discord and i was like ‘itachi would use that’

        – SHORP. yes ?? ? ? & now imagine all akatsuki members w/ their own customized fidget spinners

more underrated Iconic™ six of crows/crooked kingdom moments
  • nina’s singing
  • “on a dare, i once ate a literal trough full of waffles doused in apple syrup and almost went back for seconds.” - jesper
  • every time someone makes fun of kaz’s haircut RIP
  • creepy little genius
  • #NEVR4GET jesper mentally kicking himself for not paying attention when kaz was naked
  • kaz literally,,,, stopped in the middle of a job to give a dog a belly rub. this is still so funny to me
  • confimed curmudgeon matthias thinking nina looks glorious in her dumpy fjerdan sweater clothes
  • matthias’ middle name is benedik…… why have we forgotten this
  • inej “slowly wiped the blood of kings on her trousers” LEGENDARY
  • kaz stripping shirtless and washing himself in front of inej. inej blushing and wANTING TO MURDER HIM
  • secret tree handshake
  • every time kaz calls nina ‘dear’ or ‘love’
  • inej definitely has a Thing for kaz’s eyes. there are so many mentions of his eyes/eye color in her chapters                          
  • jes being in awe of wylan for getting away with lying to kaz. turns out kaz knew all along. #brekkered
  • nina trying to get kaz to join the group hug
  • “you heard right. stronger than wylan.”
  • wylan wanting to shove jesper off the wagon when he says “he has terrible taste in women”                         
  • that time matthias considered shooting kaz but then kaz stepped on a rifle, flipped it into his hands, and aimed it at matthias in the span of 1 second
  • the immortal “is my tie straight?”
  • you podge

You with me? 


fangirl challenge: [6/10] female characters   Penelope Álvarez

There are persecuted people all around the world who would love the opportunity to come here, but they can’t. Because the rules are different for different people. So some of them break the law and they do what they have to do to fight for better lives for themselves and their families.
And you know what? I get it.


Have some unfinished doodles of some punk kids, looks like today I have nothing better to offer m(._.)m