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As BTAS shifted into the New Batman Adventures, they updated several of their character designs to fit the more uniform style established in Superman: the Animated Series which would become more or less the standard all the way through to JLU.

Several of the changes go unexplained, The Penguin going from a more Danny Devito inspired look to a regular person, for example, isn’t really explained. Ditto the Joker loosing his lips and getting black eyes.

They do explain the change from Selina Kyle being blonde to brunette, and Poison Ivy from caucasian to having green/white skin, however. Cosmetic changes, but with DRAMA.

With Selina, we get a storyline about why she and Bruce are on the outs in TNBA, where it turned out that she actually dyed her hair, but stopped after she learned her brand was created a woman running an illegal animal testing lab.

The falling out occurred when, after Batman showed up to rescue the billionaire from Selina (and to inform her that her activities had been revealed to the press), the woman thought that it would be a good idea to kick one of the cats on the way out. This results in Selina clawing up her face, an act so horrible that this permanently ends the Selina/Bruce friendship apparently.

With Ivy though, the tie-in comics explanation actually is more widely tied into the changes she’d undergone in both BTAS, TNBA and the comics themselves. See, while Pamela started as a regular person but her continual self-experimentation first leads to her being immune to all poisons and toxins, then her seemingly turned into an actual plant-person like the ones she’d frequently been creating in vats in both shows.

Note my use of the word “seemingly“, it’s eventually revealed in the story the Flower Girl, that when Pam left Gotham for South America in the episode House and Garden, she never actually came back… And instead sent an unknowing plant duplicate back to Gotham to keep Harley company as she’s the only human connection Pam has.

So yeah, the reason for Ivy’s pigment change (and over-reliance in plantfolk) is because that wasn’t actually Ivy, as she’d gone to hang out with pre-Swamp Thing Alec Hammond in Louisana instead. Kind of makes sense that she’d make a friend for Harley though, this photo album was one of the few things Pam managed to save before fleeing in her final episode.

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Michael Slusher worked as a vivisectionist for a prolonged number of years. He would perform experiments on a wide variety of animals and quite often struggled with the attachment he felt for them. He often tried to convince himself that the research he was doing would be valuable toward science and beneficial.

Eventually, wracked with guilt, Slusher quit, became a vegan and wrote a memoir titled, “They All Had Eyes: Confessions of a Vivisectionist.” In this book he raises awareness to the moral consequences and brutality of animal testing, something he is now staunchly against. Many people are aware of animal testing but not aware of the amount of pain and terror the animals suffer before finally dying or being killed.

In an interview, Slusher said: “One of the reasons I wrote the book was so that I could confront my demons and hopefully slay them. It still depresses me greatly that I didn’t see what I was doing at the time.” The book contains data which shows how the practise of animal testing is outdated, cruel, and unnecessary. Part of the book’s proceeds also goes toward Triangle Chance for All, a sanctuary for rescued farm animals.

If companies don't test on animals, what do they test on? 💉

In our modern day society we need to understand that there are over 240 alternative methods of product testing that do not involve animals. The only reason animal testing still exists is mostly because of the large amounts of money exchanged between labs and breeders. There’s amazing software that has been developed, that can almost accurately predict the type of reaction that chemicals will have on a human. Synthetic skin has also been invented which is truly incredible as, even though it has no human or animal product in it, it behaves exactly the same way as human skin would when exposed to chemicals. Most importantly, animal testing is inconclusive, and as a result 90% of all test results are discarded anyway. People defend animal testing, because they do not want humans to be the testers themselves but every single product on the market is actually tested on numerous humans before it can be sold to the public. So quite honestly testing on animals doesn’t have much point. Also, medicines and surgical procedures have been delayed in the past for several years due to animals behaving differently to how humans would have. Interestingly enough, if we completely trusted the results of animal tests, we would say that lemon juice is poisonous for human ingestion, while bromine, iodine and hemlock would be safe.

Now I hope you can see that there is no need for animal testing.