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Character aesthetics 4/?: Gabriel Boutin

‘You’re my friend, Gabriel. My best, my only friend. But…’

He turns to me. “I’ll stay with you always; go where you go always. I don’t want to be anywhere else. I couldn’t stand to be anywhere else. /../ ’

I turn to face him and see how angry he looks. I say, ‘Thank you.’ I think it’s the first time I’ve thanked Gabriel for anything but I know that he doesn’t want my thanks; he doesn’t want any of it.

-Half Wild by Sally Green


     “Tell me your greatest wish,” Dorian murmured into Sorscha’s hair as he entwined their fingers, marveling at the smoothness of her tan skin against the calluses of his. Such pretty hands, like mourning doves.
     She smiled onto his chest. “I don’t have a greatest wish.
     “Liar.” He kissed her hair. “You’re the world’s worst liar.”
     She turned toward the window of his bedroom, the morning light making her dark hair glow. It had been two weeks since that night she’d kissed him, two weeks since she’d started creeping up here after the castle had gone to sleep. They’d been sharing a bed, though not in the manner he still yearned to. And he detested the sneaking and the hiding.
     But she’d lose her position if they were found out. With him being who he was … he could bring down a world of trouble on her just for being associated with him. His mother alone could find ways to get her shipped off somewhere.
     “Tell me,” he said again, bending to snatch a kiss. “Tell me, and I’ll make it happen.”
     He’d always been generous with his lovers. Usually he gave them gifts to keep them from complaining when he lost interest, but this time he genuinely wanted to give her things. He had tried giving her jewelry and clothes, and she had refused it all. So he’d taken to giving her hard-to-come-by herbs and books and special tools for her workroom. She’d tried to refuse those, but he’d worn her down quickly— mostly by kissing away her protests.
     “And if I asked for the moon on a string?”
     “Then I would start praying to Deanna.”