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Joshifer Reaction to The Kiss photograph

Clearly I have a little bit of Ben Wyatt in me because my OCD nerd is kicking.

Because everyone is using the wrong reaction for Jen when she views “The Kiss”. 

So Jen’s expression here as she grabs Josh:

Is actually in reaction to seeing a photograph taken with Liam, from ‘the other” kiss scene, you know the one, where Katniss sadly says goodbye to Gale (I’m not inserting that kiss):

And all the Everlarkers went:

You can tell by the shirt Liam wears in that scene. The image is a still probably taken by a photographer on set. Unfortunately I haven’t found it, but I did a lot of painful research (and saw Gale and Katniss kissing way too many times. Blegh!*)

Now when the next picture pops up with them about to kiss:

Josh and Jens natural reaction is to look at each other and giggle:

And may I add, that is not an awkward reaction, they’re so comfortable with each other and it’s such a cute happy moment. And right after that as the photo dims his smile is so sweet and look at her expression soften. 

And if you look closer Jen actually says “Awwww!” 

Which makes me go “Awwww!!!!” (What a cupcake!)

And it makes Francis laugh because Francis knows

*My feelings on the Gale kiss are no reflection on my feelings on cutie Liam

But honestly I’d prefer my fav to have a girlfriend rather than going around fucking anything that walks. It’s honestly easier to stomach the thought of them being in a solid relationship than just settling on random groupies all the time.

15 Accessories Every Girl Needs Before She Turns 21

The right accessories can take even the most basic outfit up a level. For example, you could throw on a completely plain white dress and sandals, and call it a day. Or you could throw on a white dress, nice shoes, some jewelry, a pretty bag, maybe a scarf… and you have a seriously glam look. Even if you’re don’t want these accessories for style purposes, you still need these basics before you turn 21. They’ll come in handy because they not only look good – they’re also useful. By the time you’re 21, you’ll have school stuff, fancy occasions, and job interviews to worry about. Make sure you’re prepared for all of that with these 15 accessories every girl needs before she turns 21.

i know most of you have seen this photo bc a lot of you were already following me when this happened (i remember sharing all the details with you and being so excited💜)
but im gonna post this again since its exactly 4 years today that i met these amazing guys for the first time! i still consider it one of the best experiences of my life, simply because the band & their crew showed me so much kindness (long story but basically they made it look like i was chosen randomly for the meet & greet, then over a year later i was told that when they found out i was there, it was decided i should meet them. Lauren, their manager, is incredible 💜 and we’re still in touch) anyway…i dont get sentimental over MCR a lot but when it showed up on my timehop, i thought about that day and realized that despite them not being a band anymore, the memory will ALWAYS bring a smile to my face 💜


That vicious aura… One look was all it took to break my will.

anonimo ha chiesto:

what do you think will have with zerrie on the perrie's birhday?

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your message. You may regret asking.

Well, let’s have a guess…

Zayn’s 21st

Perrie’s 21st

Care to hazard a guess?  *cough* theme park *cough*

But then again, this year alone we’ve had:

Zerrie break up rumours

Marriage rumours

Marriage not at any time soon stuff

Then baby nonsense from the prize baby herself.

Oh and I almost forgot, we had Cannes with the most ridiculous photos yet

And then the ‘house hunting’ which is strange that we’ve heard nothing since given they’ve hardly either been that busy doing anything other than stunting. Well actually its not strange at all, cos some of the pics looked hella photoshopped.

So that’s a pretty broad spectrum of stunts, now if Zayn IS going back to the band and if its as early as next week or shortly after, I would expect something huge to tee it up.

So here’s my proposition to Modest/HJPR et al if they’re at a loss as to what to do, and guess what it fulfills all their promo needs and gives us some drama too.

First we get some annoying Perrie:

Then we get bored as fuck Zayn:

Throw in some pining for Zayn by phone from Liam:

Get some affectionate tweeting from Zouis:

Throw in some Dark Mickey Mouse who stirs up things

Having been spotted with an evil grin while having a coke from one of his bottles

With some vodka in it after having seen the credit card bill for Minnie’s latest shopping spree at:

And next thing we know Perrie’s all:

And Liam’s all:

While Zayn is:

But really he’s:

And before you know it:

Happy birthday everyone I say!!

I await the cheque in the post Griffiths me old mate.

I get really godamn mad whenever people bitch that ponies have to be short and fat all the time like christ just look up ‘pony breeds’ on google and EDUCATE YOURSELVES.

*warning Phan theories ahead*


ANYWays, in the video, they skipped question 14. So, I look up the website, play, and I notice that they hAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CHARACTERS RELATIONSHIP.

AKA: Does your character have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?


1. They’re just trying to cut down on time. (but who are we kidding I mean cmon)

2. Phil has a secret relationship with someone we don’t know about (which in that case wow Phil sneaky much?)

3. They’re trying to keep Phan a mystery, and kind of have us always on our toes



(This was just for fun so please chill)

Besties (Part 1 of 3)

Based (kinda loosely) off Anon Prompt: “… I was wondering if you could write me an imagine where the reader is the Alfa to the normal T-Rex and they are like best friends kind of and Owen find it like cute how they act around each other (I know it’s confusing what t-Rex is cute) just super fluffy Owen x reader”

He always comes to visit you during his lunch, and when your lunch hours coincide, he insists on taking you out. However, the great Owen Grady’s charms don’t really work on you. He’s cute yeah, and he can be sweet when he wants to be, but you’re not exactly looking for a hook up or a boyfriend or whatever it is that he wants. Instead, you spend your time with your favorite girl. Everyone else is afraid of her, and quite right so. Tyrannosaurs are scary, but you’ve raised her since she was just a baby and you know she won’t hurt you. She’s really a big sweetheart, to you at least. They still won’t let you do trainer shows because the last thing they want is for something to go wrong and people watch you get eaten, but you know that would never happen.

Today, you’ve skipped lunch altogether to go in the paddock with the vet. She seemed worried, but your constant reassurances calmed her nerves. You pet Ronnie around her large eyeballs, telling her to be nice to the vet lady. She’s just bandaging up a small wound she got from stepping on the goat pole this morning. You can feel her growling and you hush her so that she doesn’t let out a full on roar, as this would probably scare the vet away for good.

After it’s all finished, you look towards the glass and see none other than Owen Grady leaning up against it watching you. When you come out of the paddock and walk around, you tell him exasperated. “Who let you in here? The exhibit is supposed to be closed”

“Yeah, well I’ve got friends all around this place,” he teases smirking at you.

You continue to stare at him, waiting for the truth.

“Okay okay,” he says putting his arms up in defense, “So I snuck in. Big deal.” He says nonchalantly. “Just wanted to see you.” He says, smiling again really turning on the charm.

“Well that’s very sweet of you Owen, but I’ve got to get back to work.” You say, honestly tired already from the long morning.

“Y/n,” he says seriously, smile dropping from his face. “You’re exhausted, take a break. Let’s go get lunch.” This time, when he says it, it doesn’t sound flirty or suggestive, and you are really hungry. You decide to give it a shot and nod your head.

“Yeah, okay, but just this once.”

He smiles and nods, then responds with a hint of sarcasm “Yeah, sure, just this once.”

After lunch, you can’t help but realize that you really did enjoy yourself. If you ignore all his shameless flirting and bragging about the raptors, you could actually see yourself with a guy like him. He walks you back to the paddock and stops to look at you seriously, “You know, you’re pretty badass.” He starts, “I mean, even I wouldn’t step in there with that thing.”

Something snaps in you when he calls her “that thing”; you know he wouldn’t put up with someone talking about his girls like that.

“Well, ‘that thing’ has a name.” you snap and don’t even understand where these emotions are coming from. You turn to walk away, “I’ve got to get back to work, thanks a lot,” you say, laced with sarcasm. When you’re sure he’s left, you take a deep breath, unsure about what has gotten into you. You weren’t really that mad about his comment about your girl. You can’t help but wonder if you just needed an excuse to push him away; you started to get to close to having feelings for him, and you had to shut that down right away. No matter how charming Owen Grady is, you need to be strong. You won’t be just another girl on his list.

The next day, you come into work to find a rose in your locker. You pick it up and smell it, smiling, but frown quickly when you see the note tied to it that reads “I’m sorry.” You throw it back into the locker and slam it shut. What game is he playing? You have heard all the rumors, but Owen Grady being sweet was not something you had prepared for. Maybe he just wasn’t used to rejection and needed to pull out the big guns. Well, it isn’t going to work on you.

You walk over the paddock on the catwalk as you whistle for Ronnie, but she doesn’t come out of the trees. The guests are lined up at the glass, waiting to catch a glimpse of her, but you begin to get worried. Did her wound get infected? Is she sick?

When she was little, the size of a raptor, she got sick once and you went into the cage every day so she could lay her head in your lap as you soothed her. Now, as she won’t respond to anything the trainers try, you decide to go in the paddock. Sarah, a guard tries to stop you, but you won’t listen.

As you walk in, you can hear the crowd begin to get louder, shocked at the idea of someone actually going in the cage with her. Finally, as you call her name, she steps out of the tree line, slightly off balance. She bends down in front of you and drops to the floor, knocking you to the ground and pinning you down with her head. You winced as she does this but hold back your scream. You’re pretty sure she broke a rib or two, possibly your leg, but there were hundreds of people watching, and the last thing you wanted to do was cause any panic.

You see Sarah rushing to the door with her tranquilizer gun, but you throw your hands up to stop her.

“I’m fine!” you shout. You motion above your head to one of the trainers for a mic and she tosses you her headset. You wince as you reach out to catch it, sure that something is definitely broken.

“Hello folks,” you say, adjusting your volume for the speakers. “I am perfectly okay!” you hold your arms in the air for reassurance, holding back a whimper. “This here is Ronnie, and she’s been a little sick lately. Apparently she thinks she can still fit in my lap like she did when she was little.” This gets a round of laughter and you try to keep up the smile. “We’re going to close the exhibit and get a vet in here to make sure she is okay. We should be able to open it back up by tomorrow. Until then, feel free to watch videos of her feeding in the Visitors Center.” You wave to everyone then reach down to pat her snout as the throngs of people are ushered out of the exhibit by the guards. When the gates open, you see none other than Owen Grady rushing in beside Sarah.

Ronnie seems very sick as she doesn’t even move at their entrance. Sarah pulls your legs out from under her head and you moan in pain.

“Can you walk?” she asks.

You clutch your stomach in pain, “No. I think she broke a few ribs. God it hurts.” You don’t cry but you can’t help the few curses that pass your lips as Owen puts his arms under yours to help you up.

“I didn’t mean for it to go to your head when I called you a badass; you didn’t have to fight her.” He says, chuckling, but his face remained tight. You could see he was genuinely concerned for you. You wince again in pain as the set you on the medic’s cart and Owen sits beside you. As they drive you towards the clinic you look at him.

“What are you doing here?” you ask, sounding rather rude simply due to the pain.

“I wanted to make sure you weren’t mad at me. When I said ‘that thing’ I didn’t mean-“

You cut him off. “Owen, I wasn’t mad. I was just… frustrated.”

He looks at you like he doesn’t understand and you go on. “I’m not looking for a boyfriend Owen, or a hook up or whatever it is you do.” You glance at him and he’s still staring at you. “I’m here to work, and after lunch I just felt like I was getting too comfortable with you.”

You avoid looking at him now but he puts his hand on yours, dropping the subject. “That was really brave.” He says, drawing your eyes back up to his. “I mean, she literally broke you and you just played it off like it was nothing.”

You just shrug, “Yeah, well, I didn’t want people to start panicking. Besides she didn’t do it on purpose, she’s obviously not feeling well.” Your heart begins to hurt as you think about her being sick and wishing you could be by her side.

“She’s going to be okay,” he says, understanding your silence. “When they take you in, I’ll go check on her to make sure she’s okay.” You smile at him again, trying to remember exactly why you were trying to stay single. Just because one guy messed you up, it doesn’t mean that they all will.

“Thank you, I’d really appreciate it.” The medics get you to the front door and there’s already a gurney waiting for you; Owen watches as they load you onto it and just before they wheel you away, you look at him, “Thanks for the flower. It was beautiful.” You watch him grin as he gets farther and farther away and you head off to get patched up.

Thanks for Reading!! Part 2 coming soon!

anonimo ha chiesto:

Imagine steve and sam drunkenly stumbling out of a bar together at the end of a good night, arms thrown around each other and giggling like kids

The only reason Steve’s drunk is because they’d pre-gamed with some of Thor’s mead, left over from the last time he was on-planet. Sam, on the other hand, is about fourteen whole sheets to the wind.

Bucky and Natasha are walking ahead of them, both more sober than they should have any right to be (Bucky doesn’t drink anymore, and sometimes they think Nat might be switching her white rum into water when nobody’s looking). Steve and Sam pause mid-step as a camera flashes at their faces, and they look up to find Bucky and Nat slouching against each other, smirking at them.

“Heeeey,” Sam whines, turning his face into Steve’s chest. Steve mumbles and cradles Sam to him.

“You know,” Natasha purrs; Steve and Sam resolutely ignore her. “You know, baby, I was thinking it might be nice to snuggle with my boys tonight, but those two are just looking so sleepy.”

“They really are, aren’t they?” Bucky replies, and on cue Sam and Steve make indignant noises and stumble toward them. “Aw, look at them, trying to walk.”

Steve makes a grab for Bucky, who dances back; but while he feints away, Sam nabs Natasha, and suddenly the four of them are piled against the nearest brick wall, drunken laughter mixing with sober as they hold onto one another.

fabtrek ha chiesto:

Okay but think about sarek and Amanda taking a cruise through the Norwegian fjords in May and sarek just spends the whole time totally bundled up even though it's only like 50 (Fahrenheit) out and Amanda makes sure to keep a cup of warm tea in his hand at all times

//that’s 10Cº…

And Sarek looking like this uwu

Okay, but I can’t stop thinking about this post and just. BFFs Kira and Derek teaming up.

“Okay, so I’ll order the grilled cheese off the kids menu while you go glare at that guy at the booth in the corner. It’s my favorite.”

“I want tater tots, too.”


Skip to ten minutes later when Kira and Derek are sitting at the corner booth eating grilled cheese and tater tots while the guy at the next booth sinks down further under the table every time Derek looks even vaguely in his direction.

Headcanon: Aymeric.
Haurchefant looks up to Aymeric and admires him. This is because the both of them were bastard children, and grew up having to deal with the circumstances of their birth. Haurchefant really admires that Aymeric gained his rank through personal achievement and actively tries to spend time with him as much as possible.


BC and SH letting loose, tie off ruffled hair, and having the time of their lives at The Serpentine Gallery summer party! July 2, 2015. Just look at the way BC looks at SH! Just wish we could see a picture of SH looking back at him.

And just look at how SH got right back to her pre-pregnancy self in not time. Pleated, sleeveless dress made of a thicker print fabric, bangs, minimal make up for the natural look, clutch, and her favorite heels she wears just about everywhere!  

anonimo ha chiesto:

I need some help. Ok, so I've been practicing drawing for quite some time now. And on a few occasions, I actually draw something I'm proud of. So I'm like "Wow this looks really good". But then when I look at ur, Kiinos, and Sara's amazing art and then I look at mine, im like "This is complete shit" and then I end up deleting it and starting from scratch. Please tell me how u become so good at drawing and how u made ur confidence so high cause both of those things for me are at very low levels.


alright, i’ve been drawing since i’ve been able to hold a pencil. it’s just been something i could do for about 13 or so years. (basically my whole life.)

what i drew as a kid was stuff from shows and shit on youtube as i watched it.

i drew a whole lot of sonic and kirby.

anyways, what you can do is stop comparing your art to ours, because one day i’m sure that you’ll draw as good- fuck- even better than us ok? comparing your art is a bad thing to do because it makes you not want to do it. i’ve learned tat the hard way, and i didn’t draw for 5 months straight after seeing a friend’s art.

my skills faded- but once i motivated myself again it took me a bit to freshen up those skills and it made me mad as fuck to do so.

draw regularly. it helps. use references, and fuck trace somtimes if you need to- only if it’s something you just can’t get right. i’ve done it  few times at a younger age and it helped me.(just don’t forget to credit the artist if you plan on posting it)

now, i may seem like i have a high confidence when i post my art- but i can assure you i crititque my every stroke as i draw and it’s a bad habit to get into.

when you’re finished your drawing, please don’t say it’s bad. it’s called improvement for a reason. there is always room for it, and that work you’ve made is just one of those steps to getting to where you wanna go.

remember, drawing takes time, and with enough time and effort, you’ll soon get there.

i believe in you, many others do too.

anonimo ha chiesto:

D'you think Kamui went to Camilla and was like "How do you turn men into a quivering mess?" and Camilla instantly knew by men she meant Marx? Camilla just starts dressing Kamui in risque outfit after risque outfit and parading Kamui in front of Marx. Considering how shy Marx is the poor man would have to sit down in an empty room/cold shower each time he had to watch Kamui walk to and fro.

I think Kamui went to literally every woman in the Nohr army and took cues from all of them (except Elise. never would she expose her lil sister to the amount of sin she has planned). Like, she gets the pattern to worm her way into a man’s heart from Charlotte. She gets the “came dressed to actually legitimately murder someone” queenly look from Belka. Luna inspires her to have the confidence to go up to any guy and just fucking wreck havoc. Nyx gives her helpful mature woman advice on how to remain cool and composed and always be in control of the situation. Camilla teaches her exactly the right ways to work with what mommy Mikoto gave her both strut wise and clothing wise. Idk wtf Pieri would teach her but that’s a thing too.

and Kamui just synthesizes all of this knowledge and then starts adding her own nuances and spin on everything and just keeps refining it and all of them just look on in awe like. what have we created. the end of the world. but it will be a beautiful end. and they all just slow clap it out

You let out another frustrated sigh, closing your eyes for a couple of seconds to try and calm yourself down as the group of girls continue giggling. You had been sitting in the library for only half an hour and for the whole time you were there, the girls continued their giggling and whispering as they stared at the boy sitting at the table next you.

“Hey,” you hiss, your eyes flicking to the group of girls sitting at one of the back tables. “Hey.”

The dark-haired boy looks up at you, taking out the one earbud he has in to hear you better. “Me?”

Your breath hitches in your throat when he makes eye contact with you, his green eyes full of innocence as he looks at you questioningly. You feel your face heat up, your heart racing as you clear your throat. “Uh y-yeah. Could you go over to that group of girls in the back and go talk to them or do something to shut them up? They’ve been staring at you and I assume talking about how attractive you are, and I’m trying to study for a test that I have on Monday.”

“They what?” he giggles, his face flushing at what you said. “Are you sure? They’re probably looking at someone else, I’m not attractive. I-I don’t think-”

“Trust me,” you interrupt him. “They’re staring at you.”

The boy slowly turns around to look behind him, giving a small wave to the group of girls and quickly turning back around when they begin to giggle and squeal excitedly. You watch his face redden even more and you can’t help but smile at how embarrassed he is.

“I’m really sorry,” he says as he nervously fiddles with one of his bracelets. “I don’t think they’ll be leaving soon and I’m not good at talking to girls.”

“Well you’re talking to me, aren’t you?” you tease, surprised that you’re able to act this confident in front of a boy as attractive as he is.

“Yeah,” he nods. “I guess I am. I’m Michael by the way.”

“(Y/N),” you reply.

“What class are you studying for?” Michael asks “I could try and help you over the weekend if you want. To make up for this.”

“Are you asking me out on a date?” you clarify, tightening the grip you had on your pen when you feel butterflies appear in your stomach at the thought.

“No!” he exclaims, slumping down when he realizes how loud he had been. “I mean, not if you don’t want it to. I don’t want to pressure you or anything- It’d be really cool if it was a date because I think you’re really pretty-”

“Tomorrow at 5 o’clock,” you laugh, your heart feeling like it was about to burst at how cute and embarrassed Michael looked. “Meet me outside of here and then we can go wherever.”

“Okay,” Michael nods enthusiastically. “5 o’clock.”

You look back down at your textbook, letting your hair fall in front of your face to hide your wide smile as you try to continue studying and ignoring the giggles and whispers from the girls in the back.