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swanfire appreciation week // day 1: moment you fell in love with them

“go, we got lucky.” “…we?”

You need to be content with small steps. That’s all life is. Small steps that you take every day so when you look back down the road it all adds up and you know you covered some distance. It took me a long time to accept that, but it’s true. You need to have patience.
—  Katie Kacvinsky, Awaken

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I am so turned on by you. I want you to bang me doggy style in front of a mirror so you can see how happy I am the whole time. And when I try to put my face down you grab my hair and pull my head back up cause you love seeing that look on my face. 😘

Taylor has finally gave in and started using the dating app her friends have set her up with. She unexpectedly meets Calvin who already has the ability to make her smile and feel better which is something she hasn’t had in a long time but Taylor isn’t sure what his intentions with her are. Is he worth taking a chance on or will she shy out of the possibility of meeting up with him to see where things could possibly go? 

Word Count- 6807

Begin Again- Part 2 of 3 (Tayvin Three shot)

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Taylor Swift made me quit smoking

So here’s a thing that just happened today I just quit smoking and it’s all Taylor Swift’s fault, I have smoked for a long time (don’t ask) and have tried quitting several times the last being about four years ago. Re-wind to Christmas my wife and I both got really sick for the entire Christmas to New Year period, my wife ended up quitting but I didn’t.

So anyway back in May for our 33rd Anniversary I purchased my wife two tickets to see Taylor August 1st in Vancouver BC, this will be the first time either of us has seen her live and we are both looking forward to it tremendously and last week we were sitting talking about how great it’s going to be and she turns to me and says you know that you won’t be able to smoke anywhere close to the venue and if we don’t go in early we can’t stop by the Taylor Nation booth.

So then if we do go in early like really early I would have to go without smoking for 5 to7 hours Not good. Well anyway I woke up this morning and decided that not missing out on anything at a Taylor Swift concert was worth the effort needed to quit and thanks to out BC stop smoking program I get all the help for the twelve week program for free.

I have 25 days left in July to make this work and it will work there is no way in hell I intend to miss one thing at this concert, so thank you Taylor see you August 1st


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the new RvB PSA from Rooster Teeth is essentially just a six-minute video making fun of trigger warnings. just a heads up for your followers for when they release it tomorrow.

Yeah this has really blown up in the RT fandom, for good reason. I don’t get what they were thinking tbh - why would they alienate people who have triggers? What’s funny about triggers? They keep doing this, and keep showing time and time again that they don’t care about certain, more vulnerable parts of their fanbase. If anything, they seem to think it’s funny that they hurt some of their fans (and it’s looking more and more deliberate).

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i was like 14 when my mom sat me down to watch the original star wars movies. the whole time she was talking me up about "the terrible ewoks" and psyching me out by looking at me with her eyes wide open with this grave look on her face and saying "ohhh they're horrible." She did this for the entirety of ep IV and ep V and throughout ep VI. I was about to keel over dead from fright when the ewoks finally came on.

ewoks are so cute tho

Ngl, I came close to crying a few times because I looked over and saw this and was like shit okay this is my datemate how the fuck did this happen to me I meAN LOOK HOW STUNNING THEY ARE HOW DID I END UP WITH A FUCKING DEITY THIS IS GROSSLY UNFAIR.



im very lazy today (everyday) but i look kinda cute in a ponytail for the first time probably ever so thats cool

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what do you like the best about Connor/what personality traits stand out?

hmm, connor comes off to me very similar to troye, yet he is very unique than a lot of people. i think connor is very fascinated by the world, he looks into every situation very carefully and truly sees the beauty of simple things. connor needs his alone time to think and rest, yet wants to be loved and accepted- especially by one. when he is around others connor likes to let what his mind has come up with while alone, out. he talks about everything he’s passionate and loves about the world, or simple things that have made him smile. he’ll talk out things he is confused or wants to know more about so easily bc he’s comfortable with someone and values discussion. i think connor values and looks for the good in all people, and tries to understand his relationships with others and if they are quality. connor also has a deep passion, similar to troye, in art, music and beauty. although it may not seem special to normal people, connor looks and thinks deeper about the process and the meaning the piece has to fully appreciate it’s worth. finally i think connor values happiness. it’s been a long journey but i think connor is finding what makes him happy, and what he can do to make other’s happy at the same time. 

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Which new villain do you think will end up getting more fans: Screwball or Dominator?

Look, Screwball Jones is amazing.  But Dominator’s our new fifth main character.  

That said, I think people are going to love and hate Dominator in equal amounts at the same time.

long update: boo york, boo york is now added to the directory (this means astranova, cleo, deuce, elle, luna, and mouscedes)

if city schemes nefera and catty have diaries, they’ll probs go up eventually too but until now catty and nefera don’t have diaries as far as i know so have the entirety of boo york instead

A lot of ambidextrous people use one hand for some things and the other for other things. My mom used to write with her left hand but because she’s right handed for most other things people kept saying “no, that’s not how you hold a pencil” and switching hands and not realising she was ambidextrous.

“I fell in a hole..” A Liam Dunbar Imagine.

Can I request an imagine? A Liam one where he likes you and Scott and stiles found out and tease him because he’s too shy to say anything to you?💖

Liam didn’t know why he couldn’t talk to you, he just couldn’t. There was something about you that made him nervous and all giggling and his gaze never left you when he had a chance to look at you. And unfortunately, Scott and Stiles quickly noticed. The night they were out following Theo also just happened to be the night you decided to go for a midnight run since you couldn’t sleep. As Stiles and Scott went ahead, Liam turned around just in time to see you running past him, and you looked up in time to see him smile at you. He almost fainted when you smiled at him and gave him a small wave as you ran past. Liam stood as paralyzed to the ground when Scot and Stiles came back after him. 

“Why are you blushing Liam?” Stiles asked. Liam’s gaze followed the path you had taken. 

“Oh no reason..” He said trying to cover it up. Stiles smirked. 

“You’re thinking about Y/N again, aren’t you?” He said with his signature smirk plastered to his face. Liam blushed even harder. 

“No. I just fell in a hole. That’s all, okay? Can we move on now? Please?” He begged, hoping they would let him off the hook. Scott and Stiles just laughed as they swung an arm around the young wolf. 

“We’re gonna hook you up with her, just you wait and see.” Stiles said causing Liam to groan. 

“Oh god..” He whispered under his breath, knowing that there was no way he’d get out of it.

Worried about Emma being a villain?

In my never ending quest to try and calm fears I remembered something today … the promo for The Crocodile.  Go ahead and watch … I’ll wait.

Did you hear that?

Imagine someone more despicable, more evil than [Rumplestilsktin].

How one charming swashbuckler became one of the greatest villains of all time.

Hmmm … it seems to me like there is always some exaggeration in their promotion and it often starts with Adam and Eddy and goes down the line. So, are we going to see Emma being evil? Probably some version of that. But promos and teases are designed to generate buzz and excitement so keep that in mind.  A&E have oversold story lines before.

All that being said, it’s totally okay if you’re extremely wary of this storyline but it may end up being really great for all the characters. One thing I’m looking forward to is the possibility that we’re going to see Emma actually speak her mind about some of the wrongs she has endured …