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Once Upon A Time: The Musical Episode

You can now purchase the FULL album (8 songs) for ABC’s highly anticipated Once Upon A Time: The Musical Episode on iTunes or Amazon or listen to it on Spotify

Tune in on Sunday, May 7th at 8/7C on ABC and watch the magic unfold. See your favorite fairy tale characters sing and dance their hearts out, and watch as Emma and Hook finally tie the knot! 


Spent all day posing these three in SFM and playing with Photoshop. I came up with a lot of images I really liked, so here’s all of them because I can’t decide which I like best.

Also ay these are perfect wallpaper sizes! (3840p x 2160p) You can use these as a wallpaper or anywhere else so long as you give me credit. These were super fun to make, I might do more in the future!


OTP: I realized I already have a family 4/?:  Zero, Mr. Strictly Business

It’s not deep, Jude, because I don’t make it deep. I don’t do relationships. We can keep having fun… or not. Up to you.