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“I give the whole living thing a chance. Even though I figured no one would ever need me…I kept surviving. Struggling, flailing around like a total idiot…But apparently, I kept at it long enough……that I found you again.”

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I’ve been reading your work for a pretty long time and got pretty familiar with the “stomach dropping sadness” feeling every time an amazing mini-fic ends. So I’m already getting myself ready for the end of the HSAU haha. When I put in the high school prompt I never thought it would turn into THIS. I love all your work but I’m absolutely in love with this one. It really shows how talented you are. You’re making a lot of people smile with what you’re doing and I hope you have a great day sis xx

Good grief! As the original prompter of the juggernaut that has become ‘BHSFTAU’ (all the way back on Friday 13th October 2017 if you can believe!) it’s only fair that I dedicate this next chapter to you dude. The chapters have gone way further than I’d ever imagined they would and writing this fic has cured my fear of writing smut. Thank you 🤗

Here is the penultimate chapter of the:

(Apologies - I’ve not had the chance to grammar check it - we’ve had a power cut and my laptop isn’t connected to the WiFi 🙄)

Chapter 20 - The Fight

Beca slammed her car door shut and slung her rucksack over her shoulder. She couldn’t help the grin that was wiped over her face. Yeah she was tired. Staying awake texting Chloe until around 4am hadn’t exactly been the best idea but she certainly didn’t regret it.

As the brunette made her way between the cars in the school car park she let out a happy sigh. She couldn’t wait to see Chloe again. Not that she’d be able to see her today like they had been while they weren’t in school. No, Beca had started to get used to the idea of only seeing Chloe while passing her along the school corridor. And after yesterday’s run-in with Drake in the ‘secret bathrooms’ in the science block, Beca wasn’t sure if she and Chloe could meet in there any more..

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This season we’ve seen Rafael struggle with his own masculinity. Do you think your work in the most recent episodes has influenced your work on Man Enough? You know it’s interesting, ‘cause I think it’s the other way around.

can I just say that in my lifetime I will fill in all the gaps that jk rowling left out, in fanfiction, for example

  • all of the marauders in detail (but with wolfstar)
  • domestic james and lily post hogwarts pre halloween
  • tonks and charlie weasley?? @ hogwarts??
  • lucius malfoys entire ridiculous life (and his steamy romance with gilderoy lockhart)
  • narcissa malfoy
  • draco and pansy being best friends and their dramatic love lives
  • molly weasleys entire life, being related to gideon and fabian and meeting arthur
  • luna and rolf scamander?? their twins?? maybe newt
  • neville longbottom post hogwarts
  • the lives of the house elves, featuring dobby and winky
  • a look at viktor krum and why he was good and nice
  • professor minerva mcgonagall from birth to death
  • fred and george + the joke shop
  • aberforth dumbledore maybe (why he hates his brother and his opinion on the goat rumors)
  • what hermione did from september to october before they defeated that troll
  • oliver wood and percy weasley @ hogwarts
  • the bill and fleur romance because we don’t appreciate it enough
  • harry and dudleys tentative reunion
  • why harry doesn’t buy any of the new things he needs even though he’s rich
  • what’s beyond the veil

feel free to add more

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In some alt universe, Phil chose someone else to Skype with. Dan got just the occasional reply. Phil's relationship didn't last. He had a few more boyfriends and a few more replies to Dan over the years. Until finally, he decides to just Skype with Dan. Why not? No one else has stuck around. And Dan posts that cheesy Tumblr post theory about atoms being close together during creation (aka "Scientifically Explain Soulmates") and Phil groans but secretly, he thinks he might agree.

okay, listen. alternate universes are one of my favourite things. you can’t come here and provide me with such a delightful opportunity to let my mind wander, and expect me to write a short post. so, under the cut because it got long, I expanded your scenario. this is NOT a fic. I want to make it clear, because oh how I wish I could write those, but I can’t, so this is more of an “imagine” type of thing. 

what would have happened if phil hadn’t replied to dan in 2009? maybe nothing. maybe dan and phil never would have met. or maybe they would have crossed paths at some point, but at the wrong time and nothing would have come out of it. or.. or maybe fate sometimes steps in not only to divide but also to bring together. and maybe soulmates do exist and are destined to meet, no matter how long it takes.

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An update on I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind)

This week I got accepted into a premed school in my country. And this feels like a great accomplishment for me because it’s a great start. And I’ll be doing the med school exam soon and that makes me happier!

Some days ago I was genuinely devastaded because I felt my supposed “dream career” being taken away from me. But the truth is I was just closing a cycle, because I knew I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to be a pilot, or an engineer or whatever, because If I had I would have fought for it.

I mean I’m passionate about it. And it makes me happy, and I like what they do. But for the most part I love the idea of what they do and their job, and not the reality of it.

Like sure, it’s okay to dream but you can’t make a dream out of fantasies. And that’s something I had to remind myself.

Medicine on the other hand… Has always been my dream. And even though you need a lot of discipline and hard work and skills, I’m actually willing to work to get there. Because I like it even when it’s not sugar-coated as “I’m going to save so many lives!!!”. Because yeah, that’s beautiful and makes me happy. But I also need something to keep me grounded.

In fewer words, Medicine is so much more than “helping people” and I like even the not so pretty parts of it.

There’s a reason why last year I was studying so hard to approve the premed exam, instead of working to improve my GPA. And the reason is deep down I knew what I wanted.

The important thing of all of this is… I learned my lesson.

I learnt that I shouldn’t just focus on an idealistic view of things, because that’s not how the real world works… and I can dream, but also focus on taking action. And lastly that I can’t stop having my life on hold for people who don’t care about me, and won’t wait for me.

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it's a small porg after all

it’s a porg with big eyes

on its cute little face

it’s a porg with hopes

of going into space

oh please don’t be rude


it’s a small porg after all

it’s a small porg after all

it’s a small porg after all

it’s a small porg after all

it’s a small, SMALL PORG

there are lots of moons

and there are lots of suns

porgs are ambassadors

of fun to everyone

though the galaxy divides

the porgs will be our guides

it’s a small porg after all

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Cayden James

Is Cayden James really Cayden James? My crazy theorising brain has been bubbling away over hiatus, and I started thinking that maybe this guy is an imposter.

We know Michael Emerson is only around for a few more episodes this season. MG talked about a big twist coming up regarding his character, and an upcoming episode title is ‘the devil’s greatest trick’…was convincing the world he didn’t exist. Myself and @almondblossomme have talked about this and the connection to the movie The Usual Suspects and the character Keyser Soze.

I just watched the trailer and there is a shot of what looks like Cayden pulling a bag off of someone’s head while inside what looks like a shipping container. Remember when we were introduced to Cayden James last season? He had a bag over his head, we never saw his face. At the time I figured it was because they hadn’t cast the actor yet, but what if it was because the audience wasn’t supposed to know who the real Cayden James was yet.

I know Alena acknowledged him in 6x04 face to face in front of Felicity, but maybe that was part of the plan. I wanted to trust Alena because I wanted a female friend for Felicity, but it was a little too convenient thinking back.

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No but you always have the best responses and you are so kind (OH AND I LIVE FOR YOUR TAGS) so it doesn't matter how long it takes for you to reply so please sit back, relax, drink your tea and put glitter glue in your eyebrows.

Um hello I adore you?? *clings to you forever* (THANKS FOR LIKING MY SILLY TAGS)

ALSO I just realised that basically the image of me that you all probably have is just… this tiny british guy with wonderfully sparkly eyebrows sitting at his laptop replying to asks while sipping tea and somehow screeching about changgu at the same time..and ngl.. it’s not wrong.