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Possession Sentence Starters

Send a sentence to my inbox for a starter in which one of our muses is possessed by a spirit, demon, or other being. Trigger warning for threats of violence, harsh language,  manipulation, and obviously sensitive religious content.

“You’re not eating. Are you okay?”
“Your breathing sounds rapid.”
“I’m concerned. You’re not yourself today.”
“We’ve brought you here because we’re all very worried about you.”
“What is -wrong- with you?”
“Seriously, it’s like you’re a different person! What the hell happened?”
“I don’t think I like this person you’re becoming.”
“Why? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Hey, calm down. You’re really scaring me right now.”
“Oh my God. Who - who are you? WHAT are you?!”
“You’re not [name] anymore.”
“What have you done with my friend?!” [change relationship as necessary]
“Oh God, you’re not even human!”
“Snap out of it! Come back!”
“Please, stay away from me. Don’t take another step closer.”
“You’re not fooling me. I know what you are.”
“Calm down, [name]. This will pass. This will pass.”
“Get out of my friend and never fucking come back!”
“I don’t believe you. You’re lying.”
“Why should I listen to anything a monster like you has to say?”
“You’re just a parasite. Nothing more than a slimy, pathetic parasite!”
“If you’re in there, you need to keep fighting. Don’t let this monster win!”
“It’s gone. It’s okay. I’m going to keep you safe.”

“I don’t feel so well.”
“Oh God, something is wrong with me.”
“I can feel it. It burns in my chest, it’s making it hard to breathe. Oh my god, there’s something inside of me.”
“I don’t want to be a monster.”
”I think I‘m going to be sick.”
“Please. Save me.”
“Get out! Get out of here!”
“I swear, I’ll cut you open if you come near me!”
“What are you afraid of? That I’ll hurt you?”
“Look, it’s still me. Don’t you love me?”
“Come back here! Don’t you walk away from me!”
“Oh, [name]~ I have a fun game we can play together~”
“I’m not [name] anymore. I. Am. God.”
“Pray for your life. I want to hear you beg for it.”
“Your friend is nothing but filth and rot, and I had no choice but to destroy them.”
“They’re gone now. I’m the only one left. It’s just you and me.”
“I’ve spoken to the devil, and he wants you next.”
“I’m not human. I’ve never been human, but you accepted me anyway.”
“Go! Leave before it comes back and rips you apart!”
“Please, kill me. It’s the only way to get it out of me.”
“I didn’t want to hurt you.”
“Don’t let it take me. Please.”
“Is - is it gone?”
“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I hurt you.”

Need some help with next animation!


Hey everyone! I’ve made a post about it before, but it seems I have lost that post.

Me and @blinddetermination have been working a long time (like, over half a year long time) on this next animation, because it is really something special made for @undertalepositivityproject. I have also been streaming the progress of the animation at , but that is not what I am here to announce. I am here to ask for help on this next bit.

We wanted it to be perfect, but one of the aspects I really wanted to add was you guys’ creations, or fan art, to help show love and support for undertalepositivityproject and the community around you.

To do this, I am accepting Fan art pieces directed towards undertaleposivityproject, or just positivity in general.

You do NOT have to be undertale themed, all I ask is to keep it sfw.

TO SUBMIT ART JUST DM ME YOUR  ART PIECE AND CONTEXT OF WHAT ITS FOR (like just say its for this animation) ((also if you got any questions feel free to ask))


Here are some examples of art I have received for this project:

(ARTIST IS @kakashisempaii)

(ARTIST IS @maria-artz​)


@ruki-32​ always inspires me to draw jaspidot whenever they post it AAAAAAA so here are some doodles from today


Jared Kleinman being comfortable about his figure (HCs)

Request: “Do you think you could do a Jared fic/HCs about him being very comfortable/confident about his figure? I feel like Jared find always have him being an insecure boy and I just wanna see him be happy and thrive. Thank you!”

Note: i got so tired writing ‘five years’ (long ass mike faist x reader fic) that i decided that im just gonna finish one of those headcanons request and here it is ! also, prepare yourself bc guess who’s posting ‘drop your pants’ (ben platt x artmajor!reader) part 2 in a few days ;—)


  • okay let’s do this
  • jared being confident about his figure is one of the cutest shit you’d ever witness
  • that boy would be SO proud of his muffin top
  • like one day, you’d be baking in your place and as you put the batter in the lil muffin wrappers, he’d casually just lift up his shirt
  • “babe you know it’s a good muffin when its shape looks like this”
  • he says as he points at his cute lil chub
  • and when he finds a muffin that represents his chub a lot, he’d be so excited

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Actually on the subject of Dream Daddy, I only played a little bit last night but here is an incomplete list of things Hal Forrester has done so far:

  1. Pretended to be dead when his daughter woke him up
  2. Gave a lame excuse for why he fired a flaming tennis ball at a police station and added that the police “didn’t believe it either.”
  3. Expressed pride in his daughter when she smashed something and shouted “I GOTTA PROBLEM WITH AUTHORITY.”
  4. Tried (with his daughter) to con free food out of someone who was clearly giving them free food anyway.
  5. Flirted by saying “Your face…is…good.”

It is so easy to imagine this guy as an alternate-universe Stan that it’s a little scary.

OTP Idea #883

Imagine Person A going for a hike alone in the woods one day, when they lose their path and get lost. After wandering around for a while and getting increasingly more panicked, Person A finds a small cabin. Upon knocking on the door, they meet Person B, a recluse who hasn’t seen another person in years. B gives A food and a place to stay and eventually, the two start to bond until Person A decides they need to head home.

Bonus points if Person A convinces Person B to come back to civilization with them.

I was crying over blupjeans on twitter so @chasertiff told me to write some HP!AU for them so here’s a start of something. 

Also, someone tell me if it’s Taaco or Tacco for their last name the fan wiki says Tacco but I’ve been putting Taaco uhhh….

The Taaco twins were famous throughout the halls of the school.

Or perhaps infamous was a better word.

Barry didn’t know much about them except that they were those powerful and beautiful people. Ones who thrived off natural talent as much as they did attention.

The fact that they were in two separate houses made the classrooms they shared even more dangerous. Taako in greens and silvers, Lup in red and golds, dishing out cool looks and smiles that might be considered leers to their fellow students.

They fascinated Barry, in the way that a Muggle scientist might like to watch a predator from a distance. Look, but don’t touch. Don’t draw attention.

That was one of his personal rules. His personal rules also included ‘stay on the other side of the library’, ‘always do homework as quickly as possible’, ‘avoid confrontation with students bigger or louder or stronger than him’, and ‘never make eye contact with either Taaco twin’.

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I know i do this a lot, but I’m needing to save up to pay for a portion of a room and a ticket for a con im planning on going to !! I also need to save up for supplies and such for said con. it’s not urgent at the moment, but I need to save up a lot for the costumes i plan on making.



Pixel Art-$5


Full Body-$10

Extra Characters are +$5 for each one!

send me a PM if you’re interested! thank u for ur time!