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Thank you for talking about your concerns re: Sony/Columbia and Rob Stringer. I thought I was the only one who felt sick to my stomach at the thought of the man who has been friends with Simon for years, and was head of the US label that helped to closet H & L, being the one to sign H. I don't know why people are excited, because the power dynamics are really messed up now, and there's no guarantee that the stunts are going to stop for L anytime soon. Trying to have hope, but it's hard. :(

It’s very hard, and you’re perfectly welcome, anon.

I thought I had posted about Rob Stringer in the fall, but all I can find is some articles I uploaded, so I’ll revisit now. Stringer has spent his career at Sony, he’s been running labels there since the early 90s, and his brother was a main exec and CEO of Sony Corp (not music) for quite some time. Stringer has headed Columbia since 2008, and he’s done extensive business with Simon Cowell in that capacity. Indeed, Simon was the first quote in the Billboard article announcing Stringer’s appointment as head of Sony this October. Their working relationship has been extensive, as far as I can tell. He has credited his work with Simon on XFactor acts as his gateway to success for getting Glee to work, which was hugely responsible for his success turning Columbia around. [Adele as well, and he’s partly responsible for a lot of a resurgent trend of U.K. artists’ US success.] He has called Simon the “best A&R guy he knows” in multiple interviews.

One Direction signed to Columbia in 2012 as they were breaking the American market; the closet clamped down during this time.

Sony purchased controlling shares in Syco in July of 2015 – paying £85 million total for it, and absorbing the £70 million debt it had accrued. While making £45 million from it personallyis somewhat pathetic for Simon, that’s a far better fate than being jettisoned from Sony and declaring the company bankrupt within five years. The buyout was, it would appear, the best possible outcome for Simon given the failures of his television series, losing One Direction, and being unable to produce a suitably earning substitute.

Rob Stringer was announced the new head of Sony mid-October 2016.

I say all this to suggest that thinking of a ‘fresh start’ for Rob Stringer or Harry is not logically sound. Rob Stringer has been involved in their business since 2012 – but even say for argument’s sake that perhaps he didn’t determine their marketing. But Rob Stringer has been calling the shots at Sony since this fall (and potentially had input before that official announcement). And we know Sony now holds the Syco strings and has since July 2015, a date we are all very aware of – so Rob Stringer stepping into the office in the last six months has certainly had power to ameliorate the situation, and he has not done so.

Harry has been constructed as the big fish, the Justin Timberlake, almost since the beginning. It seems Sony’s going to be damned if they don’t get what they’ve always angled for, by hook or by crook. Given what we have seen, they’ve been successful at backing Harry into a corner, as well as Louis, with profound effects for Liam and Niall as well.

Columbia and Sony are sure to promote Harry’s music thoroughly, because it could make them a great deal of money. But that is the equation. It is very much in their best interests not to help Niall, Louis, and Liam or One Direction, as that would distract dollars and time from Harry’s solo work, which will make them a fortune. It is quite evident by now that Sony has had the power to step in but have not, because such an extreme power imbalance in negotiating is much more expedient for their bottom line. They’ve been monstrous and it’s gotten them Harry’s contract, which is what they wanted.

Hope is not any easy thing in such a situation. I think patience will continue to be the watchword. 

I decided to draw more things regarding Poppy's mother

Aika meeting Maria, Branch’s mother, for the first time. Her bakery is most well known for her delicious strawberry shortcake. It quickly becomes Maria’s favorite nwn.

Aika holding just-born baby Branch 

Two besties with their babies! (Branch is around 7 months, Poppy is 6 months)

The moms taking their little toddlers for a walk (they’re around 2 and a half) (there was an attempt at making a background. Forgive me.)

Aika receiving some terrible news before opening shop (the fatal car crash that killed Branch’s parents occurs when they’re on the way to school)

And then her trying to get Branch to eat during the first time he tried to starve himself. She tried appealing to his sweet tooth, but it doesn’t work…

She’s also there for Branch when he starts going through a rough patch with Poppy once she starts dating Creek (because literally everyone minus Poppy knows he’s got a crush on her), and she’s there for Poppy when she starts having confusing feelings regarding both Branch and Creek.

And, finally, here’s her design for the main verse! Since “Aika” means “love song”, I assume her main verse name troll name would be “Song”. I love her, why does she have to be dead before the movie starts ;-;;;;;

And as per request from @tisbubb

A really, really quick sketch of ghost Queen Song pelting Branch and Poppy with acorns because the two of them are just. so. o b l i v i o u s.

Lexicography job essentially pays a living wage (for me, I guess it’d depend on how fast you write, but it’s very good pay per article regardless) and I’m flabbergasted because I’ve never earned a living wage in my whole life

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Why do you think SVU focuses so much on Benson? From the twitter account it seems as if they care about the other characters but every episode never focuses on anyone but Benson.

Honestly, I don’t know. Literally every single thing I read about it on Tumblr and from people I talk to are sick of it being about Benson so much and completely forgetting the rest of the characters.

It used to be SO good! Every character got at least one episode centered around them each season and it was so much more of a team than it is now. Once Elliot left it started going down and by the time Nick left, it was basically The Olivia Show with a few exceptions.

Most long-running characters leave whatever show they’re on because the actor’s think their characters have run their course and don’t want to keep going on just for the sake of going on. That happened with one character in Homicide: Life On The Streets - the show Munch was on before SVU, it even got a little shout out by Munch answering the phone for the last time saying Homicide at first - I forget which character, but one of them thought the character had run his course and wanted to be written off because he wanted the character to be remembered as the character, not a character that didn’t know when to leave. But the production/producers/fans/everyone else didn’t want him to leave, so they wrote it in that the character got a Stroke and the actor decided that was a good enough reason to stay, it brought something new to the character. Julian McMahon wanted to leave Charmed because he thought Cole had come to the end of his story, so they changed it up to make him evil again, make Phoebe go with him for a bit, make him evil and try to get Phoebe to become evil with him, all this stuff, but they still let him leave when that ended.

They don’t do that with Benson. They think they do, because they keep putting her through all this stuff, but it’s the same stuff. I think it was  @adarafaelbarbas who has a post about how it would have been amazing if Nick had the Lewis storyline and Benson had shot the boy. It would have put them both through something new. The post goes into it a lot more, but it was a really good idea and made me internally sing ‘We could have had it alllllllll’ and, let me tell you, I sound EXACTLY like Adele in my head! And that could have led to a really good, really fulfilling exit for Benson.

There’s only so much you can do with one character and making her act OOC or having her continually sexually assaulted doesn’t count as changing it up or making it interesting.

I love Mariska Hargitay and have so much respect for her. She’s an amazing actress and an amazing person. I’m not sure if it’s her or someone behind the scenes or a lot of people behind the scenes that won’t let Benson go, but it’s time. She’s an amazing character played by an amazing woman, but everything must come to end eventually and I think it’s time for Benson as a main character to end.

I wouldn’t even mind if she stayed on longer, if it went on for more five more seasons and she was in all of them, if they would just let other characters have some storylines. I shouldn’t have to play ‘guess which main character isn’t gonna be in it tonight’ for every episode, I shouldn’t have to rely solely on the fandom to get any sort of information about my favorite characters because the only thing we get is headcanons and fics made by us, I shouldn’t feel blessed every time a character besides Benson is on screen, the fandom shouldn’t be better writers than the actual, paid, professional writers.

This is probably a lot longer than you expected and I could probably go on ranting for even longer, but I’ll spare you and everyone else who stumbles upon this post from that. Basically, I don’t know why it’s all about Benson all the time, but if anyone else knows, please tell me ‘cause I’d love to know.