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Ruby is delicate.
Yoshiko is not.
And yet Ruby loves her anyway.

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A/N: Apparently I love YohaRuby so much to suddenly wake up at 4am and write a messy drabble thingy and then post it for the world to see




Delicate isn’t the word that Yoshiko would use to describe herself.

She’s not necessarily made of sharp edges either. No, she would describe herself as someone made of rough unsure jagged pieces held together with a lot of grandiose pride. She was loud, out-there, and admittedly strange at times but unafraid to express that she wouldn’t simply settle for plain or ordinary.

(Or maybe it was less the fact that she wouldn’t settle and more that she was afraid of facing the possibility that was all she could be.)

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So, I’m a Mercy main, because why else would I be on this blog being salty? But this story actually starts with me not playing mercy. It starts in arcade mode. Why?

1. I have over 70 hours on mercy

2. I have lost all faith in humanity.

3. I’m tired of babysitting.

I wanted some clusterfuck runs, some chillin with the enemy team runs, the type of general fuckery that used to happen in quickplay before Blizzard took hero stacking away from us. (yes, i really do miss having three hanzos on a team.) i wanted some nice, casual, fun.

instead i got this asshat.

This Asshat, as he will now be referred to, thought we were in comp or something. He kept bitching over voice chat about how we weren’t playing as a team, and we were going to lose, and he was the best player here and kept taking out the torb turrets.

1. no shit, asshat, we have two widowmakers and symmetra keeps portaling herself off cliffs. thats what were here for.

2. I honest to god do not care about losing. im having fun, dammit. :(

3. the enemy team has two or three torbs. as dva, ive taken out about 5 turrets by now. No, you are not, in fact, the mvp for killing one.

This Asshat’s main complaint, naturally, is our lack of a healer. specifically, our lack of a healer whos pocketing him. Yes, he actually said that. I fired back something about how I am here for one reason and one reason only, which happens to be, yknow, not playing Mercy. 

Asshat starts raging. 

Now Ive gone from being a “useless” teammate to the literal bane of his existence. It’s people like me that manage to singlehandedly throw every lost match in the history of the game and also I’m the leading cause of cancer in the US. There was a lot more swearing and slurs, but you get the idea.

Here’s the kicker.

“ur probably a shit mercy anyway u [r-slur] bitch. u just dont want to heal me bc u know im better than ull ever be [f-slur]”

I fire back some it-seemed-witty-at-the-time comment and end the game with a solid 0-2 loss and a decent card. Ingame, I seem calm, cool, and collected. But I know. I know, and I’m just hoping he doesnt. He won. I’m mad.

The thing about me is that I am unfortunately a very calm person. I say unfortunately, becuase spite works miracles. 

I bascially ragequit, if its considered ragequitting after the game is over and hes already out of my life hopefully forever. No more Ms. Nice Mercy. Ive gotta prove myself now.

Load up quickplay. Pick Mercy before anyone else can even look at the options. Absolutely demand tanks until we have three. Run out to defend the hollywood jackass’s limo with a fire in my heart, a team already scared into submission, and anger tears in my eyes.

This is gonna be great.

1. The other team has a Mercy, too. Not for long. She’s watching out for our tanks, not me and my peashooter.

2. Our Rein is doing a great job of shielding everyone. Put it down, bub, y'all’re gonna get shot and I’m gonna fix it. 

3. The enemy Widow lands a bodyshot. I make reaper flank her so I can fly up there and peashoot/slap her to death.

It goes on like this.

I’m bossy, demanding, and very, very good at it. Someone on the other team gets POTG for a pretty nice ult, we all compliment each other, I thank my team profusely for going along with my useless revenge plot, life goes on.

And that’s the story of the first time I broke 20k healing :)

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Hey I saw that your inbox was open! So how about the companions react to Sole asking "Will you hold this?" And holding their hand. (don't judge my fluff obsession) Thank you! 😎👌🏽💕

OK, its finally done! Thank you for asking! This was a lot of fun to write. (No judgement here!) A big HUGE thanks to @mustinvestigate for editing and all that jazz. It wouldn’t have been half as good without their help. 

Snackcakes, I think this was what you had in mind, but I did do a romanced Deacon and Nicky, because well, they need some lovin’, okay? ;) I hope you like it, and for everyone else, my inbox is OPEN and I would love to write some more reacts!


Deacon blinked behind his dark sunglasses, the action catching him off-guard. Their hand was sure and firm, rough calluses brushing the back of his hand. When was the last time someone had looked at him like this? Instinct telling him to run away, he opened his mouth with a quip at the ready.

“Anything for you, sugar,” he replied, blessing the fact that his eyes were hidden. Instincts could take the back seat; SoSu was different.

Now, it was SoSu’s turn to blush, but mirroring their companion, they shot back.

“Oh, really? Not too heavy for you? Because I might have some work later that’ll have you sore for miles, honey.”

“I can handle anything you throw at me, doll.”

This continued for a while, eventually dying off into other topics, but for some reason neither of them let go.


“Uh, you got something for me?” Nick asked, glancing down at their intertwined hands questioningly.

SoSu’s hands were warm, wonderfully warm, and Nick’s nerve complex picked up even the small cut on their middle finger.

“It’s just that, Nick, nothing else,” they said, unwavering.

Nick couldn’t meet their stark human eyes as he slithered out of the grip. It wasn’t right. SoSu was wonderful, the best partner he’d ever had. They couldn’t be wanting anything more than they already shared. Not with him.

“You don’t want that, SoSu.” The sooner it was said, the better.

“What if I do, Nick?” they asked, bumping his fedora up so that he couldn’t hide from their gaze.

Nick pondered the information, staying silent for a long time. SoSu just sat down beside him, and waited, fiddling with the fabric on their sleeve.

He glanced over to where they were sitting. They were nervous, that much was clear. They were fidgeting, and not looking at him, their target of uneasiness. His lip twisted as he contemplated the next part. Nick had honed this skill, and it had saved his life many times over, but he hated using it on his friends. He went into stand-by mode and reviewed his recent memories.

There they were. Smiling as they laughed at one of his witty comments. Wincing in pain as they suffered a bullet wound from a trigger-happy raider. He tried to focus in on the little moments. The ones that didn’t make sense. He wondered at what he found, and was amazed he didn’t see the signs sooner. They were all there, clear as day. The question was, what did he do with it?

When Nick rose from his brume of thought, he only asked SoSu one question.

“Are you sure?”

Nick’s golden eyes pierced through SoSu and when they replied, his extensive investigative skills wouldn’t let him believe any different than their complete honesty.

SoSu loved him, and damn him if he didn’t love them, too.


“Ma’am/Sir, I am not sure why this is necessary for our current operations,” X6 said, making a point of not looking at their hands.

“Come on, Sixie, you know this is completely necessary,” SoSu said, looking up at him with that irritating glint in their eyes.

“Please do not refer to me in that manner, Ma’am/Sir” X6 replied, heat creeping up his neck. “I need both of my hands to -”

SoSu leaned up and kissed him, and X6 froze. But also, he stopped talking…at least until their lips left his.

“I find that- that I do not find these actions completely unnecessary.”


“Blue, uh, that’s real cute,” Piper sputtered. “R-real cute.”

SoSu smiled and squeezed her hand, sending chills running up her spine. Now, Piper could handle a whole basket of angry people, been threatened more times than she’d taken breath. However, when faced with the trials of flirting, she was no match for - well, anyone.

“Come on, Pipes, got nothing for me? A witty comment? Well-time sting?”

“No, but…” she said, rearranging their hands. “Are you always this hot? Your hands are on fire.”

SoSu smirked.

“No! No, I just meant - the temperature! Not that I mind, but - Oh, you know what I meant,” she finished, ungracefully.

“Uh huh.”

Piper’s cheeks burned hotter, but she didn’t say anything more to avoid embarrassing herself further. What she didn’t say was that she enjoyed holding SoSu’s hand, but she wouldn’t open her mouth anymore, so she just relished the moment, memorizing the feeling of their hands intertwined.


“Oh, yes, what is it that you are giving me?” Curie said, bringing their hands up to her face. “Is this some kind of metaphor?”

SoSu giggled as they watched Curie puzzle over what the gesture meant. The synth looked quizzically at their hands and SoSu as she tried to understand.

“Will you hold this…” Curie said slowly. “Will you hold - Oh! Is zis one of those lines that Madame Cait loves to use? What did Monsieur Deacon call it? ‘Smooth moves’?”

At that, SoSu burst out in laughter, having to retract their hand from Curie’s grip to hold their stomach. Curie fell deeper into her well of confusion.

“Oh, SoSu, I still don’t understand your human mating rituals. It is such a complex thing.”

SoSu just winked and said: “Don’t worry. I’ll teach you.”


“Uh, very funny, boss,” he said, sliding out of the embrace. “You’re getting almost as savvy as me.”

SoSu flexed and inflexed the hand that had just been holding MacCready’s.

“Oh ho ho, little man’s got a big ego.”

“Little man? Little man? I can shoot better than you on any day of the week.”

“Doesn’t say anything about your stature, Mac.”

“Pfft, like you’re any better, SoSu.”

“Oh, shut up.”

“Stupid mungo.”

“What the hell is a mungo?”


“Uh, General?” Preston said. “We need to focus on this settlement.”

SoSu twisted their lips up in an amusement as Preston chattered on about the location of the settlement, the grounds surrounding it, and finally marked it on the map of their Pip-Boy.

“Be careful, SoSu, this is a particularly nasty den of raiders.” he said, and they went on their way, just giving Preston a quick wave before heading off down the broken road with Dogmeat at their heels.

As Preston went on his rounds he mulled over their last conversation. Something felt off about their conversation. Had he told them everything they need to know? No, that couldn’t be it, he went over it all at least twice. They had known all they needed. What was it then?

He held his laser rifle close and absently rubbed the cold metal as he searched for anything out of the ordinary. His hands touched the glass of his firearm that was slightly warm from the laser stream. It was then when he remembered what had been wrong- no, right, about that conversation.

He tightened his grip on the weapon and thought that maybe, if he was brave enough, he might see if that offer was still open.


“Hey, hey, new kid on the block’s got style. Like it on you, SoSu,” he said, smirking.

SoSu opened their mouth, gaping at him for a moment, before shaking their head and smiling.

“Should’ve known I was messing with the master,” they added, looking at the ground. “Got myself into a duel with a the great John Hancock - who ever will win?”

Hancock raised his eyebrows and reached in his pocket for an inhaler of Jet. After taking a long drag, his eyes rested on SoSu.

“Ok, sunshine, you’re on,” he said, swinging their arms up and down. “HEY, GOODNEIGHBOR, I’M IN LOVE! I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS PERSON RIGHT HERE!”

SoSu blushed furiously, looking around and swatting Hancock on the arm, but all they got was a few annoyed glances and a small smile from Daisy.

“See? I win,” he said, eyes rearing for a challenge.

“Okay, okay, hotshot, I can do better…” they said and thought for a moment before yelling:


A small smattering of applause followed.


“Soldier?” Danse said, confused. “Do you have something for me?”

SoSu rolled their eyes and let go of the Paladin’s hand. They were back at the Prydwn, and had changed out of his power armor, intending to turn in for the night. Before he had though, SoSu had caught up with him, and just as he was detailing their mission for the next day, they interrupted and asked him to hold… Nothing?

“Oh, forget about it, Grognak,” they said. “Finish telling me what you had.”

Danse looked at her one more time, trying to figure out the meaning of what she’d just called him, before he shook his head and continued his schpiel. When he finished, he gave them a quick salute and turned away, intending to head for his quarters. Something odd struck him - it was the feeling of their hands against his, warm and alive, nothing like the cold steel that hugged him day and, more often than not, night.

He turned around to glance at their figure turning the corner. Only to see them looking right back.


“What’re you doin’?” Cait said, flustered.

“A little known thing called flirting.” SoSu said, smiling at Cait with their signature candidness. “I mean, I have studied under the best. Just being practical.”

“Well, I… umm…”

Sure, Cait knew how to flirt. Hell, she flirted easier than she breathed most days. Hearing it from SoSu though, that was a whole world away from what she practiced, edging into something she wasn’t sure she was comfortable with. At the same time, her heart pounded in her chest, a new energy running through her that she had never felt before.

“You know that you’re safe with me? Right, Cait?” SoSu said, breaking away from the contact. “If you’re not ready for this, I won’t -”

At this moment, Cait glanced around. Seeing no one on the road around them, she hesitantly reached, and felt her hand covered once again by the sure grip. Her heart pounded a little less now, and she felt the rest of her thoughts and worries fade away, if just for the moment.

If this is what love feels like, I think I’ve damn near found it.


“Yes! Human wants to test strength!”


“With brothers, we count on one -”

“Strong, stop -”

“Two -”





Mistress/Mister is a strange human. He barked and licked their face before scouting ahead for more danger.

Tony Stark Imagine

Tony has always been the one who likes to say witty things or comments about other people. One of the things he likes the most is to show off how smart he is and when someone is wrong. It all changes when you came into the picture. You hadn’t even been at the Avenger tower a full day when Tony realizes he had found his match. 

“Damn we now have two Tonys” said Natasha as she watched the two of you exchange witty comments and small smiles from time to time. 

“Or we have two (Y/N), it sound like she is kicking his ass” Clint said as he sat next to Natasha, like they were both watching a movie. 

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A fathers love (Father!Moriarty x daughter!reader x Sherlocks son

A fathers love (Father!Moriarty x Daughter!reader x Sherlocks son

Request: Can I request an one-shot where reader is Moriarty’s daughter; she is dating a boy, who is a secret child of Sherlock and unknown women and they are both hiding it from parents but the secret is somehow revealed? :) I’d love to read it xoxo - Anon

Writer: Jupiter

Paring: Father!Moriarty x Daughter!reader x Sherlocks son

Warning: None, really. Some kissing, is that even a warning?

Summary: Reader has a hard time being the child of the world’s most dangerous criminal, since he is often away. Then she meets Hamish, the son of the world’s only consulting detective, and they end up falling for each other. Things go well, until Moriarty finds out…

Author’s note: Hello world of Tumblr! Finally, I got time to write a request… And now I really want to see an episode of Sherlock in which Sherlock has got a son and has to deal with him… I hope you guys like this. Also: New layout!

Being the daughter of the world’s most dangerous consultive criminal wasn’t an easy thing. Sure, it had its perks. For example, you never missed out on anything. If you needed something, whether it would be something simple as new shoes or something slightly more difficult like bracelet of the queen of Scotland, you only had to give a shout and one of your father’s little ants would come crawl towards you and hand you it. Besides that, you also had inherited your father’s clever mind and skilful way of thinking, which came in handy from time to time.

But at the other side, there were some downfalls…

A normal life wasn’t something you had ever know. Yes, you lived in a huge house other for which other people would murder someone for, and you got every physical object your heart ever desired for and you knew that was more than some other people would ever have, but you had soon realised money couldn’t buy anything. It couldn’t fill the empty space you felt in your heart, as your father told you he wouldn’t be home for a long time once again because had something to take care of in a place far, far away from you. Because yes, you might be the daughter of the feared James Moriarty himself, but that did not chance the fact that you were a teenager who needed her father at her side, especially since your mother had died when you were only a baby. And that was a part you missed, sometimes.

And then there was the fact that whenever you would tell people your name, your real name, they would crumble in fear. Because you, (Y/n) Moriarty, was someone who should be feared, or who people thought should be feared. And even though they sometimes tried to hide it, whether it were random people or the workers of your father, you would always see right through their facade. You didn’t need to have a sharp nose to smell their fear, their eyes already spoke the words their mouths didn’t say. And at those moments, you wished you could be normal. No, not normal. Anything except that. But sometimes, you wished there was sometimes who wouldn’t look at you like you were a lion that could consume anyone with her sharp teeth, but who would see you like you really were. Someone who would understand you, who would listen, when no one else was there.

And that was when you met him.

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Britain's Got Talent

Today was probably the best day of my life and it’s hard to know where to begin. I had a ticket to the Edinburgh auditions for Britain’s Got Talent, and I knew I had to get there early. However, I got there too early because I was the only person there at about 8:30am. The contestants were starting to arrive and I ran into one in the Subway across the street. I didn’t recognize him until he came on stage later, but he’s auditioned a few times before.

Then I found a few other people that were a bit lost and joined them. Security asked us to line up because they weren’t exactly sure where we were supposed to be. After 15 minutes or so, a guy came out and told us the “early birds” would get our tickets first then come inside to the holding room to be “back of shot” people.

Then after another 20-30 minutes, he came back out and handed us our tickets and they led us into the holding room where some of the acts were getting ready to be interviewed. We were just there to fill up the room but once all the contestants came in with their family and friends it became a bit warm and cramped. 

I sat with a lovely family with a young girl auditioning. I’m not sure how much I can give away so I won’t say any more because I don’t want her or myself to get in trouble! I signed a release form saying they could put me on television and also that I wouldn’t take any pictures of the backstage area - so, sorry none of those. Some people around me got asked to be on camera for BGMT but I didn’t get asked. I think my shirt may have had too many patterns on it for a close up shot, but you might see me in the back of some shots.

Then we got led to our seats and since we were coming from the holding room, we went through the whole backstage area. We passed Stephen Mulhern’s dressing room as well as some BGMT filming areas and other things. Then went to our seats - RIGHT BEHIND THE JUDGES!! 

I was 4 rows behind them so I’ll probably be in a few audience shots or when they show the judges. I saw Stephen for a brief second through a door, but he shut it quickly. Then Ant & Dec came out. This was the first time I’d ever seen them in the flesh and as soon as I saw Ant come through the side of the stage I felt so incredibly happy. They said hello, commented on what they were wearing (I filmed it all don’t worry) and said the whole thing about us being the ‘fifth judge’. Finally they introduced the four judges. At first they weren’t ready so they had to do it again. Simon said hello to everyone and then the boys went back to their spot in the wings. 

The warm-up guy, Ian Royce, was asking the audience questions and he asked who had come from far away to see BGT. I raised my hand and said I came from Canada. I stood up and he asked me why I came all that way. I said something like “I got a ticket and came because I’m a huge fan of Ant & Dec,” which made David Walliams and Simon Cowell both turn to look at me. David started making weird faces at me so I waved and he waved back. 

Then a couple acts later, David turned around and said to me, “Did you get to meet Ant & Dec outside?” to which I said “no” and shook my head with a sad face. He nodded a bit and everyone around me started going “HE’S GOING TO GET YOU TO MEET THEM”. I figured he had something planned but it was waaay better than what I thought.

Another couple acts went by and David went to the wing to follow an act. He came back out with a microphone and said “Can the lady from Canada come backstage to meet Ant & Dec?” and everyone started cheering. I grabbed my camera and went as fast as I could to the stage. I walked across with David as he asked my name, then he said “Ant & Dec, this is Heather, she’s come all the way from Canada to see you.”

THEN THEY HUGGED ME. Not only did they hug me, but Ant gave me a kiss on the cheek!! Dec asked how long I was there for and I said a couple weeks. David took a couple pictures of us in the wing which was really surreal since that’s “their spot”. I mentioned I was going to be at the NTAs in a couple days and Dec said “Oh we’re going to them!” and Ant replied, “what are you up for?”. I couldn’t think of a witty response in time though. David made a comment to Dec about how it’s always fixed and they giggled. The BGT camera was on us the whole time and they even held a boom mic over my head!

Then I turned to Ant and said “You actually watched my video I made a couple weeks back..” Before I could even say which video Dec interrupted me saying “THAT WAS YOUR VIDEO?!” and they went on about how amazing it was. David didn’t know what they were talking about so they were explaining to him. Ant said “it’s better than anything any of these lot can do” and pointed to the BGT cameramen. Then he (jokingly) offered me a job on BGT and of course I said yes. Then I went to say bye and Ant gave me another hug/cheek kiss combination and Dec gave me a lovely hug.

As I walked back across the stage, Ian (the warmup guy) asked how it was in the microphone so I said “best day of my life”. He went “aww best day of her life,” looked at David and said, “look, you made that happen.” Amidst everything I’d kind of forgotten about David until that point so right in the middle of the stage I turned to him and gave him the biggest hug and said thank you. Everyone in the audience “aww’d” and I went back to my seat.

AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, Ant & Dec pressed their golden buzzer later in the show!!!! With it being the first auditions and them not pressing it until the very last day the previous year, I didn’t have much hope in that happening. BUT IT DID!!!! As soon as they came running on stage we all got up and I started jumping about like an idiot. I was probably in the back of the shot behind them so that’s pretty exciting.

All in all, I could not have even dreamed up a better day. 

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chocobros react to a s/o who is just. so savage. or just really snarky and sarcastic all the time and they just always have a hilarious and witty comment to make (dude I LIVE for sassy humour omg)

Friend I’ve got you covered let’s DO THIS.


  • If he’s your boyfriend, he’s your biggest victim. Noctis just offers so much potential material for a snarky person to work with
  • “It’s bedtime!”
  • “Yes, your highness, let’s get you comfortable in your royal chambers.”
  • He’d just kind of stare at you in shock the first time it happens. You’d think nothing of it, probably walk past him to go claim a nice bed before Prompto does
  • Gladio would grin at him and smack his shoulder to tease him. He’d probably wink, too
  • Eventually Noctis would realize that this is your sense of humor and he’d start to play along
  • By play along, I mean accept everything you say as a joke and either just sigh or curse under his breath, trying not to laugh
  • I don’t think you’d rub off on him, just because his brand of humor isn’t really sarcastic or savage–like this guy isn’t calling anyone out any time soon
  • But he’ll accept it and there’ll be a pattern of you making fun of him and him making fun of himself and it’ll be great


  • So you’re basically telling me that you and Ignis are the same person
  • Which is cool!! Unless you’re Notcis or Prompto!!
  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Ignis throws shade at Gladiolus all that much?
  • Now that I think of it: to hell with it, you’d call out Gladio for the sole reason that you can and your boyfriend is missing out on comedy gold
  • “Man, it’s hot.” - Noctis
  • “Then lose the jacket.” - Gladio
  • “You’d know a lot about that, Gladio.” - you
  • Ignis would snort, like he does in that one dialogue when you’re looking at pictures of Noctis being dumb
  • You two would never talk about your humor, but the two of you would just mesh so well that you’d be making each other laugh literally all the time
  • It would eventually get to a point where you’re just calling out the other three to see which one of you can get the other to laugh first


  • He’s not that savage himself, per se, but he does have little one liners here or there
  • “That was bad and you should feel bad” is literally one of my favorite lines in the game, thanks Gladio
  • So where his lines are like that, yours are more like… Playing along with whatever foolishness comes out of Prompto’s mouth with this subtle hint of sarcasm
  • Gladio catches on to your humor first and gives you this knowing look, trying so hard not to grin
  • Honestly he just thinks it’s so fantastic that you’re comfortable enough with the whole gang to be roasting Prompto better than anyone else
  • Like, it’s so important for Gladio’s S/O to be comfortable around his friends! I see his relationships not working without that
  • When you two are alone, he’d smack your shoulder or your ass or something, idk, and be all like “You’re really ribbing Prompto, huh?”
  • You’d snort. The guy walks right into it, basically


  • He thinks you’re hilarious, even when he’s the butt of your sarcasm
  • Actually, he’d love when he’s the butt of your sarcasm
  • “Aw, come on (Y/N)!”
  • Because that means that you think he’s funny and he thinks you’re funny and you’re just going to be funny together and humor makes Prompto’s world go round
  • I’m not saying he’s immature or childish or anything, because he’s not (oh god, he’s really really not), but he’s one of the very lucky few who find genuine joy in very mundane things
  • Like banter with their S/O. Or chocobos
  • Anyway. You’d come out with a line like “Yeah, we can leave Noct behind and bring a chocobo instead!”
  • And he’d lose it. Laughing for a solid minute and a half, the works
  • You never honestly thought you were funny before you met him, but having him laugh so freely at the savagery that comes out of your mouth is one of the most confidence-boosting things ever
  • #CoupleGoals tbh, good for you bud

I’m the weirdest person you will ever meet because like

I am really aggressive on here and if you ever talk to me alone but then a stranger comes to talk to me and I’ll start shaking and struggle not to break into a fit of tears and I’ll stammer a lot or make witty comments the entire time to hide my impending fear

And I also am allergic to cats but I love them but that’s a completely different story

Let the Shadows Fall Behind You

Mark, Felix, and Jack are amateur ghost hunters who have decided to stay overnight in an infamous haunted mansion, abandoned years ago and known for the numerous deaths that have occurred inside of it. Too bad our fearless leaders are huge chickens.

STARRING: @markiplier, @pewdie, and @therealjacksepticeye

Read on AO3 here

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“Wait…we’re allowed to be in here, right?”

“Why are you asking that now?”

“It didn’t occur to me until now!”

Mark rolled his eyes. So much for professionals. He snapped his head over his shoulder to shush his two teammates. “Would you guys be quiet? We’re already inside!”

Alright, so, ameteur professionals.

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An Empire Falls

A/N: Hi guys, this is my first attempt at a Marvel/insert fic, so feed back is welcomed, but please be respectful. I do NOT speak Russian, so if any of my translations are incorrect, feel free to correct me, because I’m not so sure google translate is as accurate as a person who actually speaks the language.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: Violence, swearing, possibly incorrect Russian

Word count: 907

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An Empire Falls, pt. 1

Summary: At the last stand in Siberia, there is more to the mission report from December 16, 1991 than a video. Tony’s younger sister, (Y/N), who was thought to have been killed in the accident with her parents despite her body being so badly damaged that a positive identification was never made, was recruited for the Winter Soldier program, and Zemo has dragged her from cryo to make sure the empire falls.


The heavy door gave easily, despite the age look and frigid temperatures, signalling that it had been used recently. 

“Looks like we’ve got the right place, F.R.I.D.A.Y.,”  Tony mumbled to the AI facetiously, before falling quiet and letting the computerized female voice guide him to the star-spangled pain in the ass and his Manchurian Candidate boyfriend. 

After announcing his presence to the pair with his signature Tony Stark flourish, the trio moved deeper into the compound, all of them on high alert as they edged into the room where they cryo chambers were humming quietly, soft glows emitting from four of them, the fifth one opened and empty. Tony shrugged off the deep seated feeling that everything was about to go very bad very quick, before inspecting the chamber closest to him. Goosebumps chilled his skin as he saw the angry bullet wound between the eyes of the soldier, snapping his head around quickly as he heard Zemo’s voice.

“If it’s any comfort, they died in their sleep,” he said casually, the smugness all but oozing from his accented voice. Tony didn’t have time for a witty comment though, a slight figure in a black leather combat outfit was turned away from the three, their head bowed and shoulders heaving. A computer screen flickered, holding his attention. 

“… December 16, 1991. An empire toppled by it’s enemies can rise again. But one which crumples from within… that’s dead. Forever.” Tony hadn’t realized Zemo had been talking until he heard that date, his heart dropping into his stomach as a cold sweat broke over his skin. 

“I know that road…” he muttered, his heartbeat pounding in his ears as he tore his gaze away to look wildly at the captain and Barnes. “What the hell is this?” He hissed, watching the impact of his father’s car with the tree, flinching. His anger grew as he continued watching, listening to his parents pleading and his younger sister struggling with rear door. He heard his sister yell at the motorcyclist who’d caused the crash, but he didn’t understand a thing she was saying. He felt sick as he rounded on Barnes, his lips pulled back into a feral look. 

Before he got a word out, his eyes darted back to the tiny figure, who’d finally decided to move. 

He felt like he was floating  out of his own body, unable to feel his fingers, as he laid eyes on the tiny wisp of a girl before him, who had dull brown eyes, his eyes, and shoulder length, greasy hair.

“(Y/N)?” He gasped softly, the whir of the cybernetic right side of her neck the only sound meeting his question. As he felt his body coming back to him, he looked her over in shock. 

The right half of her head was shaved, probably so her hair wouldn’t get trapped in the plates of her neck. Her right arm as he knew it, with the scar from when he pushed her off her bike, was gone, replaced with glinting vibranium, and a dangerous looking scarlet V was stamped on the metal, much in the same fashion as the super soldier to Tony’s right. 

Tony snapped. 

He whirled and slammed his fist into Barnes’ jaw as hard as he could, his mask coming down to shield his face in the same instant. 


You knew him. 

Your brow furrowed and you clenched your fists in confusion. 

You were always told you had no name, no family, no relations. No life. Your pondering was cut short and your pulse spiked as you heard a thickly accented voice call out in Russian. 

“железо (iron)” 

“No,” you hissed and turned to the origin of the voice, giving the man a menacing glare. 

“отпуск (holiday)”

A flash of red. The smell of smoke filling your lungs, choking you.

“пять (five)”

A dramatic pause. You knew, vaguely, that he was dragging out the helpless feeling that came with those ten words, and you could see the sadistic twist to his features.

“разбитый (broken)”

The faraway sound of a bone saw. The panic at looking down and seeing not even a stump where your right arm was. The blood. So much of it, you didn’t know how you were alive. You wished you weren’t.

сумерки (dusk)” 

You screamed, a raw sound tearing from the back of your throat. 

“алый (red)” 

The sting of a hard slap across your face with a metal hand. Blood in your mouth. 

“атаковать (attack)”

A glimpse of a tired woman in a glass door. You. Gleaming metal, from your ribs, scaling half way up the right side of your neck. Your right eye wasn’t normal. The image was like looking through a night vision camera, grainy, unsettling.

преисподняя (inferno)”

You growled and lunged towards the thick glass between you and the man, snarling curses at him in English and Russian as your right fist smashed the clear surface over and over. 

“компас (compass)”

Snarling at the man with a left arm similar to your right, before lunging, ramming your vibranium right knee into his stomach. “снова (again),” the rough male voice ordered from behind the bars of the training area. Again.

нет милосердия (have no mercy)”

You ceased your attack as your mind fell numb, staring blankly at the man behind the cracked glass, waiting for a command.

“солдат? (soldier?)”

“готовы соблюдать. (Ready to comply.)”

Part 2 


“I hope your nights feel empty without my words lighting up your phone,
I hope every time you drive home alone at night you feel a sudden urge to grab my thigh only to realize I am no longer there,
I hope when you’re lonely you start to feel incomplete without me staring lovingly at you and that sensation of being cherished vanishes in a blink of an eye,
I hope every time you come across something I loved, your day starts to feel dull as I’m not next to you with my face lit up in excitement,
I hope every time you watch our favorite show you feel silenced as our witty comments and laughs no longer fill the room.

I hope all these things but to be completely honest,
I hope you never feel as broken, hurt and empty as I do, for you are still the only person who once made me forget those emotions ever existed.

—  “I hope you’re still happy”
the signs in a group chat/email
  • aries: is always interrupting important discussions randomly to talk about some ridiculous incident that occurred during their day, also spams everyone incessantly
  • taurus: shows up only to read everyone's messages and doesn't even bother replying to them, might start typing out a response but then gets lazy/distracted halfway
  • gemini: overuses emoticons all the time and sends witty comments in response to every single thing. also somehow thanks to them everyone else ends up with a giant collection of pictures of people/things they don't even care about
  • cancer: freaks out and rants about whatever's currently bothering them way too much, makes lame jokes, also starts fierce and intense debates on the most random and unimportant topics
  • leo: makes hilarious puns almost all the time and goes on a long rant about whatever's happening in their life
  • virgo: comes up with the lamest jokes ever honestly. also has a super serious side which involves them sending lengthy and detailed paragraphs on various intellectual topics
  • libra: shows up to say something like "why is everyone fighting pointlessly like guys pls....chill" or sometimes talk about something interesting that happened during their day
  • scorpio: keeps asking how everyone else is doing every 5 minutes + sends pictures and other life updates when no one else is online just to make sure the message thread is active
  • sagittarius: gets annoyed by the group chat after a while and ignores all messages, finally shows up 1 month and 1000000 messages later only to say "wtf why do yall talk so much honestly you're crazy....also btw today i--" and send a hundred more messages
  • capricorn: keeps asking questions like "have you watched/listened to/seen/made/done the following things?? because you should" also probably the best at sending the most sassy and sarcastic replies
  • aquarius: hardly ever shows up honestly but when they do it's either a super short message meant to tease one specific person OR some gigantic 10-page long essay on the complexity of life
  • pisces: is the poor kid permanently getting cyberbullied by everyone else :/

“…It’s great when they do appreciate what you do, and no matter what you do there will be some people out there that do appreciate it. But frankly, those that don’t, it doesn’t matter if it’s your own personal enjoyment. You gotta take what you have, and you gotta, like, appreciate it for what it is and you gotta let it grow inside you for the personal growth that it is and not for everyone else.”

An important message and one that I think a lot of people need to listen to and understand (x)

Fairy Tale Endings // Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by mtv

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 2,836 (lol sorry I sorta got carried away) 
Warnings: A few swear words if that type of stuff bothers anyone
Request from @captainelsaeverdeen:  Hello, it’s me, annoy, intrusive little shit :D Could you possible write a Stiles imagine, something like the Snow White story, where the reader eat a poisoned apple, and Stiles wakes her up by true love kiss ?

A/N: I am seriously so proud of this one for some reason. I hope you love it as much I as I did!

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Don’t Be Sorry

Fandom: BBC Merlin

Word count: 1840

Characters: Merlin x reader, Arthur, Uther

Warnings: being separated from the person you love?

Summary: The reader, a princess, meets Merlin when she accompanies her sister to Camelot to marry Arthur.

The carriage bumped and jolted its way through the forest. Across from you, your sister had closed her eyes and was clenching her skirts tightly. She had gone deathly pale, and you knew that the rough journey was only half of the problem.

“Brianna,” you said soothingly, reaching across to take her hands in your own. “There’s no need to worry. The prince will love you.”

“What if he doesn’t?” she replied through gritted teeth. “Y/N, so much depends on this match. If I make just one mistake, it could be catastrophic for our kingdom. I don’t even know the man.”

You swallowed. Your own nerves were jangling in sympathy with Brianna’s, but she couldn’t pick now to fall apart. And neither could you. Carefully, you stood up and moved so that you were sat next to her, and put your arm around her shoulders. She leaned into you.

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Alix’s sister Minnie and her husband the tsesarevich visited London in the summer of 1873. Alix and Minnie had planned their wardrobe meticulously beforehead.

 ’ I will order the 9 dresses you want,’ Alix told her sister, ’but I think that it will be better to wait with the decolleté toilettes until you come they sew so quickly and some dresses at least we must have exactly alike.‘ 

These identical frocks led the fashion for double dressing : Minnie and Alix wore the same costume on at least thriteen occasions that summer -  a caprice that may have been meant to signal the closeness of relations between Russian and English royal families.  {Bertie a life of Edward VII }

Crash - Part 5 - Something Wicked This Way Comes

Words: 2538
Dean x Reader
Summary: Two months after the crash, all of you are doing your best to cope and to track down the demon responsible. But how far are some of you willing to go to solve the problems you face?
A/N: Fair warning, this ends on a cliffhanger. *maniacal laughing* This is part of series! Read the other parts first! :D

Part 1 - Crash
Part 2 - Shattered
Part 3 - The Way Things Are & Will Be
Part 4 - Las Cruces

Your name: submit What is this?

This was now the usual scene. The bunker was silent with only the irritating ticking from one of the old clocks cemented to the wall in the main room. The Impala was stowed in its parking space. Bobby was absent, having gone home weeks ago. You, Sam, and Dean were each pouring over an ancient lore book, leaning on the table with your elbows, heads in hands, eyes whirring from left to right. But there was something different about you and it was the scar on your head from the staples and something changed within you and the metallic wheels you needed to get anywhere…

It had been two months since the crash. Dean and Bobby had rebuilt the Impala, and she looked as good as new. Sometimes, Dean would go out into the underground garage and just lean with his hands on her hood, staring through the windshield like he was hoping the answers to all their problems were going to appear on one of the seats inside.

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