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Personalities based on ACOMAF OTPs

Feysand main shippers:
-wears lingerie and looks sexy and adorable
-rules over cat dressed as bat photos on Instagram
-constantly taking selfies because OMG LOOK AT THIS EAR CUFF
-smartass witty comments. All. The. Time. -rock and roll. like the culture. they constantly looks badass
Nessian main shippers:
-oglegs legs more than boobs/or butts
-shamelessly reads smut in public (👏)
-cried during the jungle book live action
-shouted during the jungle book live action
-angsty af but still watches pixar movies
Moriel main shippers:
-guy/or girl next door
-will take care of you when you’re sick
-because they are actually med students soo
-watches gruesome horror movies. Laughs.
-“ive seen worse.”
Elucien main shippers:
-“holy shit ur my mate”
-throws popcorn at people who talk during movies
-doesn’t choose friends well. Needs help in this area
-will do anything for taco night
-loves all flowers you give them. No exceptions.
Tamlin and Feyre shippers:
-need to read the next effing BOOK.


“…It’s great when they do appreciate what you do, and no matter what you do there will be some people out there that do appreciate it. But frankly, those that don’t, it doesn’t matter if it’s your own personal enjoyment. You gotta take what you have, and you gotta, like, appreciate it for what it is and you gotta let it grow inside you for the personal growth that it is and not for everyone else.”

An important message and one that I think a lot of people need to listen to and understand (x)


Alix’s sister Minnie and her husband the tsesarevich visited London in the summer of 1873. Alix and Minnie had planned their wardrobe meticulously beforehead.

 ’ I will order the 9 dresses you want,’ Alix told her sister, ’but I think that it will be better to wait with the decolleté toilettes until you come they sew so quickly and some dresses at least we must have exactly alike.‘ 

These identical frocks led the fashion for double dressing : Minnie and Alix wore the same costume on at least thriteen occasions that summer -  a caprice that may have been meant to signal the closeness of relations between Russian and English royal families.  {Bertie a life of Edward VII }

Guys… I’m sorry for my drunken posts last night and I’d like to thank @witch-of-the-west-country for entertaining them with her usual witty comments!

I actually had a really good time! Didn’t pull like lol but I danced with my college buddies, some weird Japanese guys and drank a lot of leftover drinks. Also I planted a shitload of kisses on peoples faces haha.

It was just me and Sally left in the end… the other two ladies were getting a tiny bit worse for wear lol. Also I sort of regret not asking beardy Tolkien guy for his number, he was ovbiously interested and he said I was his perfect girl (on the account of loving RE7 and wearing an evenstar necklace). Oh well… I joined tumblr and the dodgy side of the RE7 fandom so I’m taking comfort in my fellow sexy and talented weirdos.

Still slightly drunk, head spinning… I love you guys. So hungry need Pizza

Btw @witch-of-the-west-country I’d bet you’d be an AWESOME night out!

Also if you want a face to kittenmoon im on the right (dark hair, dark eyes)

What Dating Baekhyun Would Be Like

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  • A lot of hand-holding, kisses on the cheek and embraces in public because he wants to assure you that he’s there for you, no matter what the time is or where you are.

  • Him doing the silliest of things to put a smile to your face, even after you’ve told him over and over again to stop.

  • Hearing a lot of sassy and witty comments the majority of the time.

  • Going to the gym and working out with him for a while before you catch him with chocolate covering his mouth in the night and hearing him tell you he tells you he’s given up on his abs, that food is just too good and that you both should not diet before he invites you over to have some chocolate with him. 

  • Whether you’re in public or in the comfort of your own home, there will always be second-hand embarrassment.
  • Dates would be hilarious and fun, going to fancy restaurants and only requesting you eat something like you’d get from McDonald’s, going ice-skating and falling onto your butts or him setting up a candlelight dinner that only involves eating your favorite kind of pizza and whatever drink there is in the fridge.

  • Feeling your heart flutter everytime he does something cheesy or cute because you find his actions, as well as him endearing. 

  • Having bubble baths together after he comes back from a long day at work. 
  • Constantly being reminded of how caring and sweet he is, whether he leaves little love letters in the house for you or him taking care of you when you’re sick, he always takes care of you and is incredibly sweet about it which warms your heart. 

  • Hearing a lot of singing in the house, both good and bad.
  • Him loving you gently and with everything he’s got, always wanting to show you how important you are to him and showing you how much he appreciated you being in his life. 

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  Oh man, Lance had no idea how to explain how this even happened. He honestly couldn’t remember, getting lost in the moment, well…that was something he didn’t think would ever happen with Keith of all people.

   But before he even had time to process another witty comment came his way. He paused looking to the male in front of him.  ❛ What?! No way, I mean- No, I wasn’t trying now if it was….I dunno some cute girl then I might try.❜ He paused a bit as he took a step away from him crossing his arms over his chest as he glanced away.

  ❛Plus, I was doing all the work. ❜

     This whole situation had BAD IDEA written all over it, that much was so blatantly clear. It was a stupid slip but one that had already happened and now they both had to back track and figure out where to take this. Of course, Keith was COMPETITIVE when it came to Lance. So, maybe that wouldn’t be easy.

     ❝ YOU were doing all the work? ❞ Came the incredulous response, eyes narrowed as Keith looked the other up and down. WAS HE SERIOUS?

     ❝ On what planet was that YOU doing all the work? Don’t make me KISS YOU AGAIN just to prove you wrong. ❞

man I am so sick of petty childish behaviour. when will people realise that being judgemental, putting others down or being a smart ass won’t get them anywhere? how someone chooses to fill their life and the activities they decide to do are not for you to condescend. I’m so sick of people thinking they are ‘cool’, ‘funny’ or for whatever reason better for it, seriously get over yourself. while you’re wasting your time thinking how you can come up with some witty, smart ass comment, that person is out there living their life and enjoying what they’re doing. where do you think making those comments is going to get you in life, compared to the person living there life? nowhere? funny about that. so here are a few things to think about:

  • don’t put down someone’s passion or hobby just because it isn’t yours. passions and hobbies are what keep us sane and keep us happy, what a horrible thing to put down someone’s happiness
  • if someone is taking a photo, whether it be of themselves or whoever/whatever, why judge them? we all love photos, they’re living memories, who wouldn’t want to capture happy times or pretty much anything in your life - you only have one life it would be nice to be able to recall on memories of the past. generally most people will want a photo at some time and would you like to feel judged when doing so? no? then neither would anyone else. I mean seriously if I want to take a selfie, imma take a selfie, because you know what? I fucking love myself and I want to celebrate feeling happy and confident with who I am and if you want to put that down then a lot can be said about you, none of which I care the slightest for
  • if someone tries something that they may not be good at, then how about giving them support and boosting their confidence to help them succeed and improve. everyone starts somewhere and just because someone may not be as experienced or ‘good’ as you are, certainly doesn’t give you the right to mock and discourage them. 
  • if someone has a mark on their face, blood stains, toilet paper stuck to their shoes or anything of that embarrassing nature, how about help them out and tell them about it rather then laughing about it with whoever your with? sure it may be a little bit embarrassing for them or you, but in the end they’d be appreciative that you’ve saved them further embarrassment - wouldn’t you like someone to tell you?

everyone is better then this kind of behaviour.