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“…It’s great when they do appreciate what you do, and no matter what you do there will be some people out there that do appreciate it. But frankly, those that don’t, it doesn’t matter if it’s your own personal enjoyment. You gotta take what you have, and you gotta, like, appreciate it for what it is and you gotta let it grow inside you for the personal growth that it is and not for everyone else.”

An important message and one that I think a lot of people need to listen to and understand (x)

anonymous asked:

could you do headcanons for the chocobros with a s/o who is just. so savage. or just really snarky and sarcastic all the time and they just always have a hilarious and witty comment to make (dude I LIVE for sassy humour omg)

sure thing, anon! sassy, witty humor is my favorite kind of humor (even though I’m the least sassy human alive), so I had a lot of fun with this request. thanks for sending it in, and I’m sorry I took so long! I hope you like it <3


  • Okay but he loves it
  • He doesn’t always join in, but he always appreciates the little contributions you make to different situations
  • Lets you lead everyone into battle, just to hear what will come out of your mouth
  • Thinks about that one time you called Ardyn a “walking thrift store” a lot
  • When he doesn’t want to deal with certain people, he makes you handle them
  • Never knows how to respond. Is it sarcasm? Are you serious? He isn’t sure
  • He loves taking you fishing with him
  • Not because you actually fish
  • Not because you like fishing
  • But because you always have the best commentary while you watch
  • Who needs the Ring of Lucii when a couple of words from you could send a man to the mountains in shame
  • When things get out of hand, do not expect him to know how to defuse the situation. You can, however, expect to find him right there by your side
  • Because even if your humor carries you away sometimes, Noct will always have your back

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Ruby is delicate.
Yoshiko is not.
And yet Ruby loves her anyway.

Ao3: (x)  FFnet: (x)

A/N: Apparently I love YohaRuby so much to suddenly wake up at 4am and write a messy drabble thingy and then post it for the world to see




Delicate isn’t the word that Yoshiko would use to describe herself.

She’s not necessarily made of sharp edges either. No, she would describe herself as someone made of rough unsure jagged pieces held together with a lot of grandiose pride. She was loud, out-there, and admittedly strange at times but unafraid to express that she wouldn’t simply settle for plain or ordinary.

(Or maybe it was less the fact that she wouldn’t settle and more that she was afraid of facing the possibility that was all she could be.)

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Midnight Games HC + Buzzfeed Unsolved

The Midnight Man

  • Ryan doing most of his research to know everything there is to know about the lore and history/experience with the ritual.
  • Ryan gathering all the supplies needed for the ritual.
  • “Wait, I have to prick my finger?
  • “Yeah, and let the blood soak into the page.”
  • “Are these at least sanitized?”
  • “Shut up Shane!”
  • The set up switching back and forth from the origin of the story to Shane and Ryan bickering with one another.
  • “22 knocks at 12am exactly? What’s next? He needs more of my blood handed to him in a teacup?”
  • A whole lot of wheezes.
  • Shane purposely blowing out Ryan’s candle just to see the younger man freak out and try to relight it in 10 seconds.
  • Ryan jumping at the slightest of sounds and claiming to feel cold.
  • Shane blowing out his own candle and challenging the Midnight man to:
  • Ryan pouring salt over Shane because he’s genuinely terrified for the safety of his ghoulfriend at this point.
  • “Shane, I think I heard something!”
  • “Oh. So he responds to you? What do you have that I don’t, Bergara?”
  • “Shut up, Shane!”
  • Ryan purposely bumping into Shane just to get closer to him.
  • Shane griping about seeing the same counter ten times already.
  • “What would Father Thomas say about this?”
  • More witty comments from Shane.
  • Ryan finally breaking after hearing a loud thump from upstairs. Dragging Shane towards the middle of the floor and pouring a plethora of salt around them.
  • Ryan and Shane sitting in a small circle next to each other for the remainder of the game.
  • Shane reluctantly staying still til the end even though he fucked up the salt circle twice already and taunted the demon more.
  • “We are never doing that again.”
  • “But he has my blood and my full name, we’re practically soulmates at this.”
  • “What?”
  • More wheezes ensues and the video ends.


I walked out of my Thursday lecture with a spring in my step, still incredibly happy that thanks to my schedule I always had a four day weekend, only actually expected in uni on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I did have to try not to think about how much I was paying simply to do those 3 days a week, because that would ruin the whole thing.

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So, I’m a Mercy main, because why else would I be on this blog being salty? But this story actually starts with me not playing mercy. It starts in arcade mode. Why?

1. I have over 70 hours on mercy

2. I have lost all faith in humanity.

3. I’m tired of babysitting.

I wanted some clusterfuck runs, some chillin with the enemy team runs, the type of general fuckery that used to happen in quickplay before Blizzard took hero stacking away from us. (yes, i really do miss having three hanzos on a team.) i wanted some nice, casual, fun.

instead i got this asshat.

This Asshat, as he will now be referred to, thought we were in comp or something. He kept bitching over voice chat about how we weren’t playing as a team, and we were going to lose, and he was the best player here and kept taking out the torb turrets.

1. no shit, asshat, we have two widowmakers and symmetra keeps portaling herself off cliffs. thats what were here for.

2. I honest to god do not care about losing. im having fun, dammit. :(

3. the enemy team has two or three torbs. as dva, ive taken out about 5 turrets by now. No, you are not, in fact, the mvp for killing one.

This Asshat’s main complaint, naturally, is our lack of a healer. specifically, our lack of a healer whos pocketing him. Yes, he actually said that. I fired back something about how I am here for one reason and one reason only, which happens to be, yknow, not playing Mercy. 

Asshat starts raging. 

Now Ive gone from being a “useless” teammate to the literal bane of his existence. It’s people like me that manage to singlehandedly throw every lost match in the history of the game and also I’m the leading cause of cancer in the US. There was a lot more swearing and slurs, but you get the idea.

Here’s the kicker.

“ur probably a shit mercy anyway u [r-slur] bitch. u just dont want to heal me bc u know im better than ull ever be [f-slur]”

I fire back some it-seemed-witty-at-the-time comment and end the game with a solid 0-2 loss and a decent card. Ingame, I seem calm, cool, and collected. But I know. I know, and I’m just hoping he doesnt. He won. I’m mad.

The thing about me is that I am unfortunately a very calm person. I say unfortunately, becuase spite works miracles. 

I bascially ragequit, if its considered ragequitting after the game is over and hes already out of my life hopefully forever. No more Ms. Nice Mercy. Ive gotta prove myself now.

Load up quickplay. Pick Mercy before anyone else can even look at the options. Absolutely demand tanks until we have three. Run out to defend the hollywood jackass’s limo with a fire in my heart, a team already scared into submission, and anger tears in my eyes.

This is gonna be great.

1. The other team has a Mercy, too. Not for long. She’s watching out for our tanks, not me and my peashooter.

2. Our Rein is doing a great job of shielding everyone. Put it down, bub, y'all’re gonna get shot and I’m gonna fix it. 

3. The enemy Widow lands a bodyshot. I make reaper flank her so I can fly up there and peashoot/slap her to death.

It goes on like this.

I’m bossy, demanding, and very, very good at it. Someone on the other team gets POTG for a pretty nice ult, we all compliment each other, I thank my team profusely for going along with my useless revenge plot, life goes on.

And that’s the story of the first time I broke 20k healing :)

disclaimer: i do not own supernatural or any of its character’s, only the plot in which i write.

Dean couldn’t help it. He knew it was hypocritical of him to be doing this when he had gotten on to Cas about it a thousand times over from the day he met him to this very day. But the ex-angel was— dare he say it— breathtaking in moments like this.

His face was lax, completely rid of what looked like an almost always pained expression. He didn’t look so tense anymore, what with how he was turned on his side, facing Dean as he slept, and slightly curled in on himself. His hand was resting beside his head on the pillow where his head rested, twitching a bit in reaction to what Dean assumed was a dream of some sort; eyes moving behind his lids.

The wrinkles on his forehead, and entire face in general, looked smoothed out, making the man look younger than he really was now that he wasn’t permanently making a face that was practically blank but very nearly a frown.

Cas’ hair and outfit was amiss to its usual tidiness. Not that he was wearing all of his usual attire or had his, what Dean liked to call sex hair, well kept. The Winchester had convinced him, somehow, to at least take off his shoes, trenchcoat, and black jacket underneath it before the man finally hit the hay and succumbed to the call of sleep he so desperately tried to avoid as much as he could before he passed out unwillingly from exhaustion.

Castiel had told him it was nothing, but Dean knew better than that. Of course he did. This was Cas, he liked to think he knew him a little more than he let on sometimes. Dean assumed it was nightmares. Cas has seen a lot throught his millenia of existence, and, now that he was human for the time being, it would be a little odd for him to not experience at least a few nightmares in his dreams. He was a hunter too, Dean remember, and being a hunter didn’t exactly come without the oh so lovely luxury of suffering in your sleep as well as being awake.

Dean frowned at that. Why did life had to be so fucking cruel? Couldn’t it give them a damn break every once in a while? If anyone deserved it, it was definitely them.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and, soon enough, Castiel’s blue eyes flew open wide, quickly taking a sitting position on his bed, hand clutching the pillow that had been resting there a minute ago with a strength that should have tore the god awful casing on the pillow; breathing coming a bit more shallow and faster through his nose.

Dean tore his gaze away from Cas, as if to not let the other know he had been staring.

The Winchester sat up easily, looking at Cas with concern.

“You okay there, Cas?” His voice was quiet, trying to mind that Sam was in the room right next to them and could probably hear them in the shitty motel they were in for the time being.

Cas swerved his head in Dean’s direction, now, visibly sagging in relief when he saw the man was okay.

“Yes, Dean, I’m fine.” Cas sighed, running a hand over his face to rid it of any grogginess or left over panic.

Dean arched an eyebrow at that. Cas knew Dean was aware of how that was absolute bullshit.

Rolling his eyes, Dean scooted over on his bed, moving over to the other side of it and lifting the blankets.

“Come on, Cas. You need to actually sleep instead of waking up and just staying up until me or Sam get up. It’s not good for you and it’s definitely not helping us on this hunt.”

“You and Sam do it all the time.”

Dean snorted. Trust the no longer angel to make witty comments at this god forsaken hour. He didn’t fall into Cas’ attempt to distract him from the matter though. This has happened far too often for Dean’s liking, but who was he to not make sure the people he cared about were okay? He’d done this for Sammy plenty of times when they were younger. Why couldn’t he do it with Cas too? If it worked, hey, he wasn’t complaining. Especially when it got Cas to get a good night’s sleep and they could get the hunt done and over with in no time and Castiel wasn’t a grumpy ass the entire time. It lead to getting back to the bunker faster after all and they could all sleep in their own beds. That on itself was an automatic plus.

Huffing in faux annoyance, Cas flung his own blankets off of himself, rising to his feet and padding over to Dean’s motel bed, sliding underneath the still lifted blanket, and laying down.

“Come here, dumbass.” Dean said exhasperatedly, tugging Cas closer to him. The nightmares wouldn’t keep at bay unless Cas was curled up close to someone, that someone fortunately being Dean.

The only thing Dean recieved in response was a grunt and Castiel doing as he was told; head resting on Dean’s bicep where it lay as a pillow for him and one of his hands clutching onto Dean’s shirt.

If Sam had saw them do this any other time, he never said anything, and that was enough for them to keep resorting to this form of comfort.

And, hell, maybe it was a little more than just comfort, but none of them had admitted it to each other, nor themselves, but that was okay. Maybe when things weren’t so damn complicated they could figure things out, but, for now, this was enough.

Soon enough, however, Castiel’s breathing had long since evened out, signaling that he had fallen back asleep once more, hand loose on Dean’s shirt and merely resting on his chest now.

The green eyed man turned his head, trying not to jostle Cas too much as he tried to adjust himself to get more comfortable, and looked at Cas, sleeping soundly.

He was so relaxed. And Dean swore it made his soul sing to be the only one to see it.

Sound of Silence

for @cordelia-stark-jones hope you like this honey!

AN: Quiet doesn’t necessarily mean shy or cowardly, and the reader has just about enough of being underestimated like that.
Characters: John Murphy, Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffin, OC Delinquents
Pairing: Murphy x reader
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Canon non-compliant  


“Morning House Mouse,” Bellamy called as he walked past you and into the dropship, “still not talking I see?”

You rolled your eyes fondly at the older man and went back to work cataloguing all of Clarke’s medical supplies.

“She talks, Bellamy.” Clarke reminded, “She just doesn’t talk to you.”

“Or Mbege, or Atom or Finn or literally anyone who isn’t you.” Bellamy corrected without any real malice.

Things were quiet and peaceful at camp for once, and neither of your leaders were particularly keen on ruining that with more pointless squabbling. Bellamy took his usual seat, lounging on the makeshift couch next to the door, and began giving Clarke his report on the repairs of the wall, namely that progress was slow but it wasn’t a complete waste.

You tuned this conversation out and went back to cataloguing, humming to yourself absentmindedly as you worked. Soon enough, the sound of someone approaching broke you out of your reverie and a familiar face made its way into the dropship.

“Morning Oh Fearless Leaders,“ John Murphy crooned, giving you a sideways smile as he did, “morning Y/N, you’re looking lovely today.”

You blushed and shook your head, “Morning Murphy, still being a complete menace?”

Bellamy choked on his water as sat up, his eyes wide and disbelieving. Seemingly at a loss for words, he pointed between you and Murphy, his eyes watering from the choking.

“You spoke!” he eventually exclaimed, “You spoke! She spoke-did you he-she spoke!” he turned to Murphy, “You made her speak.”

Murphy shrugged and gave you an exaggerated wink. You giggled and went back to your work mumbling ‘menace’ under your breath as you did.

“I told you,” Clarke smiled, “she does talk, just not to you.”

Bellamy made an indignant noise and began to argue with Clarke. You tuned this out as well, too used to this kind of good natured debate to be really worried. Murphy leant his elbows on the counter you were working on and watched for a while. This also wasn’t unusual, but you’d never quite gotten used to looking up and having him so close, it was exhilarating and nerve-wracking all at once.

“You’d think that by now they would’ve just given up and had sex, huh?” he commented casually, gesturing to Bellamy and Clarke with his head.

You made the mistake of looking up and regretted it as soon as his ice-blue eyes met yours and your face flushed bright red again.

Embarrassed, you looked back down and shrugged, “I thought Clarke and Finn were a thing.”

“Oh, they are.” Murphy continued, effortlessly cool and collected, as usual, “but some things are just inevitable. Finn’s too…goody goody for Clarke. She’ll eventually get bored of him and then, voila, the Bellarke moment we’ve all been waiting for.”

You snorted and looked up again, “Bellarke?”

“Yeah, Bellarke,” Murphy explained, leaning closer, ”Bellamy and Clarke, Bellarke. Come on, that’s pretty clever, right?”

You weighed the options in your mind before giving John a bright smile to signify that you agreed.

“Knew you’d see things my way.” He said, obviously pleased, “Listen, come find me later yeah? I feel like you and I haven’t spent much time together recently.” He looked down and, for the first time, looked nervous, scratching the table with his nails to avoid making eye-contact, “I miss you.”

You tried not to smile at that, but put your hand on his comfortingly, “I’ve missed you too. As soon as I’m done we’ll hang out okay? Just like old times.”  

Murphy smiled and rapped the wood of the table with his knuckles as he left. You tried to put his smile out of your mind as you worked, chuckling every time Bellamy or Clarke made a particularly witty comment.

The day passed quickly enough and, eventually you relented and began to talk to Bellamy, which made him almost comically happy. He was good company, Bellamy Blake, quick to laugh and generous with his humour, and before long it felt as though you’d always been friends.

“So,” he eventually asked, “what’s with the whole Not Talking thing you do?”

You shrugged, “People tend to be more honest when they think you’ll never tell anyone their secrets.” You admitted, “So I let people believe I’m mute. The more they underestimate me, the safer and more powerful I become.”

“Is that so?” Bellamy asked

“Oh, most definitely,” you assured, “You wouldn’t believe all the things I know about the people in this camp.”


 The ground was damp beneath your feet when you finally left the dropship. The sound of laughter and the steady hum of movement wrapped around you like a blanket and it was, after all this time, a comforting sound. It had been almost two months since the grounder attack and, in that time, the camp had grown strong again.

You stopped and leant your head back so that the heat of the evening sun could leach into your skin and warm your bones. John had always said that you were bred for the cold, that your bones were made of ice and your blood ran a few degrees colder than anyone else’s, but in reality you liked the sun more than most. You were still and silent, but you weren’t really cold, not by nature. You’d learned to listen and bide your time the hard way, and you refused to apologise for it.

John said that that was part of your charm and that your silence made everything you said more important. When you’d first been shoved roughly into a cell, it’d been John Murphy who’d comforted you. He’d made sure that you were fed and treated properly and he’d never pushed you to talk before you were ready to, nor mocked you for your silence. You’d loved him for that.

Suddenly, you heard the bark of cruel laughter that singled out Roberto, a bully who’d had it out for Murphy since his banishment.

“Still here are you, traitor?” the boy spat, something glinting evilly in his hand.

“I don’t want any trouble,” Murphy said quietly.

Your heartrate increased as you strode towards the boys. John was surrounded, five of Roberto’s cronies formed a loose circle around him and, as far as you could see, Murphy had nothing to defend himself with.

“Well, you should’ve thought of that before you sold us out to the grounders then, shouldn’t you?” one of the others sneered.

“Yeah, we lost a lot of good people thanks to you. From where I’m sitting, it seems like we’d be justified just slitting your throat right now.” Roberto threatened.

Quick as a flash, someone had Murphy’s arms pinned behind his back and Roberto had a knife pressed to John’s throat. You pushed your way into the circle, which broke before you out of pure shock. You put your hand on Roberto’s arm. Murphy’s eyes flicked to yours quickly, filled with panic.

“Stay out of this Ghost Girl,” a boy warned.

“Let him go,” you said, letting your voice ring out through the camp, “let him go or I swear to God I’ll snap you in two.”

For a long moment the boys just stared at you in shock.

“Oh? And how would you manage that?” Roberto asked, his voice quivering lightly. He was afraid, merely because you were such a mystery.

“Quite easily I should think.” You answered, “After all I did kill two guards. It took another four to take me down.” You explained, “One girl against six grown men. Would any of you like to see how you’d fare?”

Without another word, the boys dispersed, and Murphy was safe. You felt your body relax and you pulled the boy into a tight hug.

Murphy squeezed you tight, laughing with relief, “You’re amazing, you’re absolutely amazing.”

 “Are you alright?” you asked after you released him, “Did they hurt you at all?”

“No, no, I’m alright.” He promised, “Thanks to you. Y/N, honestly you’re the most awe-inspiring person I’ve ever known.”

“You didn’t think I’d let them hurt you, did you?”

Murphy’s eyes softened and, for a long moment, he looked sad.

“They’re right though, all those people who died; they died because of me.” He said softly.

You shook your head, “Murph, they died because the grounders killed them, not because of you.”

“The grounders killed them because I told them how to. Their deaths are on my shoulders.”

“It’s in the past,” You promised, cupping the boy’s cheek with your hand and making his breath pause in his throat, “please, stop tearing yourself apart over it. What’s important now is that we fight for what we have left.”

“What do I have left?” he asked, his voice barely a whisper.

You thought for a moment, “You have me.”

“I do?”

“Yes, and I have you, don’t I?” you continued, feeling your heart beat like a kick drum in your chest.

John nodded, a hint of a smile on his lips, “You’ve always had me. Every day, since the moment we met.”

You leant up and captured his lips with your own, winding your fingers through his hair and sighing as he gripped your hips.

“I love you,” he whispered against your lips.

“I love you too,” you replied.

“You mean that?”

You looked up at the boy and smiled, “I mean everything I say John, I thought you knew that.”

Yoon Jisung Hogwarts Au

I know I did Daniel as a Hufflepuff as well, but I can’t see Jisung as anything other???

• Hogwarts had always seemed a mystical place that you’d never get to visit,

• You’d been home schooled for a good 5 years,

• But there’s only so much someone can learn about potions in their kitchen,

• And you’d turned your sofa into a dog house by accident and your family had decided maybe Hogwarts was the place to go,

• Finally,

• I mean yeah home school could be cool but hOgWarTs!!!

• At this point you’re not even embarrassed to turn up and get sorted with the 1st years,

• You show some of the Muggle Born’s a Patronus on the boat trip to the castle and they loose their s h i t,

• Anyways,

• You get sorted into Hufflepuff, and boy are you glad because you feel they’d be the most welcoming to a complete newbie,

• And no offence to the 1st years but you kinda want some friends your own age,

• The first lesson the next day you are definitely lost,

• Why is this castle so big and why does it’s staircases move?

• Health and safety?

• And you swear you watched a room disappear, how is that practical?

• But nothing will get you down because you’re finally here,

• You spot a boy around your age walking past, and he just so happens to be Hufflepuff as well,

 • It’s not like you waited in a corner for 10 minutes to pic out a friendly looking target,

• Pfffft.  . . 

• “Heya, I’m new and totally lost, would you mind showing me where transfiguration is?”

• The boys soft brown hair and shiny eyes relax you enough to smile brightly,

• “That’s where I’m headed, you can walk with me,”

• You where not expecting this boy to have a smile to totally melt your heart,

• You’re taken back,

• How rude of him,

• His smile seems to trigger a reaction in you where you can’t help but smile back,

• “ I’m Y/N,”

• “ Jisung,”

• And just like a mama bird, he totally takes your vulnerable little self under wing,

• Jisung is actually a huge dork and a walking meme,

• (No matter how hard you try to explain, hardly anyone in Hogwarts understand what a meme is and it’s a s t r u g g l e),

• And he helps introduce you to your first ever proper friends :’)

• You learnt how to ride a broom and you knew of Quidditch before, but have you really lived if you haven’t gone to a proper Quidditch match?

• Hufflepuff wins although a Slytherin girl falls off her broom and almost nearly dies but gets saved and you hope every match is filled with this much excitement,

• A whole new world opens up to you and it’s all thanks to Jisung,

• And he just never stops showing you around?

• Everyone is 100% sure you know your way around everywhere but Jisung will be like,

• “No this way is a short cut,”

• You start to wonder how Jisung Knows even secret passages or knacks for getting things in the castle,

• Then you realised it’s Jisung he probably either asked nicely or made people so at ease with him that they’d just tell him,

• You’re normally sat in the Hufflepuff common room doing some work and he just appears,

• Takes your hand in his extremely soft ones and gently lead you away,

• And boi if you don’t LIVE for those moments, 

• He’ll take you a little into the forbidden Forrest or to a secret corner of the lake,

• He’ll find the highest window in the castle so you can watch the starts from it,

• Constantly wrapping his robe around your shoulders because you always forget yours,

• Haha, ‘forget’, nice one,

• But really why is his robe so much softer and warmer than yours?

• He always looks you in the eyes to speak to you so you feel as if you have his whole attention,

• Okay it’s been 3 months and you’re head over heels,

• Just when you think there can’t possibly be another secret place,

• The room of requirement,

• Jisung looks a little nervous when the door appears and he leads you inside,

• You figured it must be quite personal to him,

• oOps there goes your heart again,

• The room is small and quaint and colourful bean bags sit in one corner and bookshelves in the other and a hammock and the place looks so cozy you’re not sure you’re ever going to leave,

• You guys are sat on the bean bags and chatting but Jisung is half out of it and you start to worry,

• Is this the bit where he says that he was just being nice and showing you around,

• But then you remember his dorky smile and your open-heart conversations by the lake and when he went out of his way for you all of those times just to see you smile,

• You remember all those witty comments that always made you giggle, maybe just because Jisung said them,

• No one is purely that kind to people they don’t like, not even Jisung,

• “Hey Y/N, I kind of sort of like you?”

• While Jisung starts sounding confidant he drifts off at the end in an adorable raise of the eyebrow and uncertain tone,

•You can’t help but laugh a little at it,

• But you quickly stop so he doesn’t think you’re being mean,

• “We that’s awful lucky, because it just so happens I Like you too,”

• Neither of you can stop your little grins,

• Jisung lips are soft, just like his actions and both of you make slow lazy movements, almost as if trying not to frighten each other,

• Although a car could crash through a wall and you wouldn’t be startled,

• (Which is almost as dangerous as those stairs),

• From them on in it’s all gently taking each other hands when next to each other,

• His carefully slipping an arm around your waist in corridors,

• You tentatively slinging you arms around his neck as he places his hands on your hips when you’re alone,

• The highest your PDA goes is carefully wrapping yourself around each other,

• You’re both so sly though hardly anyone notices,

• Should of been a Slytherin,

• He loves it when you play with his hair so you’re forever running the soft strands through your hands,

• He almost seems to purr like a cat it’s kind of adorable,

• It’s awful though because if one of you starts to cry the other does as well and you become a group mess,

• But better be s group mess than a mess alone, right?

• You two have definitely been found in some corner somewhere crying about stupid things,

• “You got full marks on your defense against the dark arts test, oh my god," 

• Everyone just sort of leaves you to be emotional,

• Jisung always brings you little flowers he finds or snacks from the kitchens or manages to smuggle little gifts from Hogsmeade  to you,

• How does he do it though you’re always with him at Hogsmeade???

• How do you not see???

• You decide it’s better not to ask,

• Jisung is pure blood so he doesn’t know much from the Muggle world, so you get him little gifts and it makes his day,

• A rubix cube wasn’t a good choice though, he was addicted to it for an entire week,

• The two of you are combined a ball of sunshine and wit and it’s really damn cute,

• Overall Jisung is special to you on a whole different level- not only did he show you a new sort of love, he showed you a new sort of family,

Thanks if you’ve read till the end, I hope it’s satisfied all you Jisung Stans, heh.


Gifset: Jaime x Brienne - Traveler AU

Jaime Lannister, manager and right-hand man to the CEO of the company, his father Tywin, lives a life that goes its course almost entirely by itself. From the early beginnings of his life, he was framed to, one day, inherit his father’s “family empire.” And Jaime never bothered, really, being a natural in what it takes to fill in such a position. It just seemed like the most natural conclusion to go with the flow.

Nothing out of the ordinary happens – until it does.

A car accident right outside the family company’s office building leaves Jaime’s right hand permanently damaged. And this experience shows Jaime one thing: He didn’t witness anything exciting, anything extraordinary, and almost died not having achieved much of anything outside the family business.

At first, he is simply depressed, caves in at home, does not show up at work, is done with life. But then, perhaps by a wink of fate, Jaime finds an old map, from the last holiday he took when he was still in college, and bought himself a ticket to Lys out of the blue. He almost completely forgot over business life that this was his last actual holiday, and a good one, actually. And as he sits there, going back over some of the good old memories, Jaime has to realize that he hasn’t taken any time for himself, hasn’t traveled – beside for work – in ages.

In a cloak-and-dagger operation, Jaime buys backpack, boots, tent, and whatever else he can gather, only to wind up by the Citizens Advice Bureau first chance he has to get the papers needed. After that, Jaime takes a taxi to King’s Landing Airport and wants to board the next-best plane he can catch, much to the irritation of the woman sitting behind the counter.

When asked to where he would like to go, Jaime simply replies, “Doesn’t matter. Just away from here. So long I can fly right now, I don’t care what the location is.”

And so, Jaime finds himself walking on Dornish soil soon thereafter.

Already at the airport, as he waits for his luggage to arrive, Jaime gets one confused phone call after the other from his family members, asking him where he is.

“Dorne. What would you want to do in Dorne?!”

“Making holidays,” Jaime replies simply, again and again.

“And you couldn’t have told anyone beforehand?”

“I got the last ticket.”

“When are you going to come back?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?! But Jaime…”

“As I said, I don’t know, and my bag just arrived. I am hanging up now, bye.”

Jaime reckons that the vacation will do him good, but he soon grows dissatisfied. Doing the usual tourist routines has him rather annoyed. Even the prospect of seeing some of the most beautiful sights Dorne has to offer has Jaime shockingly little excited. He thought that this would be it, that this is what he is seeking, but… it’s not.

The realization comes to Jaime one late night, watching a travel documentary on a small TV in his hotel room: He doesn’t need vacation, he needs to travel.

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A fathers love (Father!Moriarty x daughter!reader x Sherlocks son

A fathers love (Father!Moriarty x Daughter!reader x Sherlocks son

Request: Can I request an one-shot where reader is Moriarty’s daughter; she is dating a boy, who is a secret child of Sherlock and unknown women and they are both hiding it from parents but the secret is somehow revealed? :) I’d love to read it xoxo - Anon

Writer: Jupiter

Paring: Father!Moriarty x Daughter!reader x Sherlocks son

Warning: None, really. Some kissing, is that even a warning?

Summary: Reader has a hard time being the child of the world’s most dangerous criminal, since he is often away. Then she meets Hamish, the son of the world’s only consulting detective, and they end up falling for each other. Things go well, until Moriarty finds out…

Author’s note: Hello world of Tumblr! Finally, I got time to write a request… And now I really want to see an episode of Sherlock in which Sherlock has got a son and has to deal with him… I hope you guys like this. Also: New layout!

Being the daughter of the world’s most dangerous consultive criminal wasn’t an easy thing. Sure, it had its perks. For example, you never missed out on anything. If you needed something, whether it would be something simple as new shoes or something slightly more difficult like bracelet of the queen of Scotland, you only had to give a shout and one of your father’s little ants would come crawl towards you and hand you it. Besides that, you also had inherited your father’s clever mind and skilful way of thinking, which came in handy from time to time.

But at the other side, there were some downfalls…

A normal life wasn’t something you had ever know. Yes, you lived in a huge house other for which other people would murder someone for, and you got every physical object your heart ever desired for and you knew that was more than some other people would ever have, but you had soon realised money couldn’t buy anything. It couldn’t fill the empty space you felt in your heart, as your father told you he wouldn’t be home for a long time once again because had something to take care of in a place far, far away from you. Because yes, you might be the daughter of the feared James Moriarty himself, but that did not chance the fact that you were a teenager who needed her father at her side, especially since your mother had died when you were only a baby. And that was a part you missed, sometimes.

And then there was the fact that whenever you would tell people your name, your real name, they would crumble in fear. Because you, (Y/n) Moriarty, was someone who should be feared, or who people thought should be feared. And even though they sometimes tried to hide it, whether it were random people or the workers of your father, you would always see right through their facade. You didn’t need to have a sharp nose to smell their fear, their eyes already spoke the words their mouths didn’t say. And at those moments, you wished you could be normal. No, not normal. Anything except that. But sometimes, you wished there was sometimes who wouldn’t look at you like you were a lion that could consume anyone with her sharp teeth, but who would see you like you really were. Someone who would understand you, who would listen, when no one else was there.

And that was when you met him.

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Fairy Tale Endings // Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by mtv

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 2,836 (lol sorry I sorta got carried away) 
Warnings: A few swear words if that type of stuff bothers anyone
Request from @captainelsaeverdeen:  Hello, it’s me, annoy, intrusive little shit :D Could you possible write a Stiles imagine, something like the Snow White story, where the reader eat a poisoned apple, and Stiles wakes her up by true love kiss ?

A/N: I am seriously so proud of this one for some reason. I hope you love it as much I as I did!

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Tony Stark Imagine

Tony has always been the one who likes to say witty things or comments about other people. One of the things he likes the most is to show off how smart he is and when someone is wrong. It all changes when you came into the picture. You hadn’t even been at the Avenger tower a full day when Tony realizes he had found his match. 

“Damn we now have two Tonys” said Natasha as she watched the two of you exchange witty comments and small smiles from time to time. 

“Or we have two (Y/N), it sound like she is kicking his ass” Clint said as he sat next to Natasha, like they were both watching a movie. 

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Britain's Got Talent

Today was probably the best day of my life and it’s hard to know where to begin. I had a ticket to the Edinburgh auditions for Britain’s Got Talent, and I knew I had to get there early. However, I got there too early because I was the only person there at about 8:30am. The contestants were starting to arrive and I ran into one in the Subway across the street. I didn’t recognize him until he came on stage later, but he’s auditioned a few times before.

Then I found a few other people that were a bit lost and joined them. Security asked us to line up because they weren’t exactly sure where we were supposed to be. After 15 minutes or so, a guy came out and told us the “early birds” would get our tickets first then come inside to the holding room to be “back of shot” people.

Then after another 20-30 minutes, he came back out and handed us our tickets and they led us into the holding room where some of the acts were getting ready to be interviewed. We were just there to fill up the room but once all the contestants came in with their family and friends it became a bit warm and cramped. 

I sat with a lovely family with a young girl auditioning. I’m not sure how much I can give away so I won’t say any more because I don’t want her or myself to get in trouble! I signed a release form saying they could put me on television and also that I wouldn’t take any pictures of the backstage area - so, sorry none of those. Some people around me got asked to be on camera for BGMT but I didn’t get asked. I think my shirt may have had too many patterns on it for a close up shot, but you might see me in the back of some shots.

Then we got led to our seats and since we were coming from the holding room, we went through the whole backstage area. We passed Stephen Mulhern’s dressing room as well as some BGMT filming areas and other things. Then went to our seats - RIGHT BEHIND THE JUDGES!! 

I was 4 rows behind them so I’ll probably be in a few audience shots or when they show the judges. I saw Stephen for a brief second through a door, but he shut it quickly. Then Ant & Dec came out. This was the first time I’d ever seen them in the flesh and as soon as I saw Ant come through the side of the stage I felt so incredibly happy. They said hello, commented on what they were wearing (I filmed it all don’t worry) and said the whole thing about us being the ‘fifth judge’. Finally they introduced the four judges. At first they weren’t ready so they had to do it again. Simon said hello to everyone and then the boys went back to their spot in the wings. 

The warm-up guy, Ian Royce, was asking the audience questions and he asked who had come from far away to see BGT. I raised my hand and said I came from Canada. I stood up and he asked me why I came all that way. I said something like “I got a ticket and came because I’m a huge fan of Ant & Dec,” which made David Walliams and Simon Cowell both turn to look at me. David started making weird faces at me so I waved and he waved back. 

Then a couple acts later, David turned around and said to me, “Did you get to meet Ant & Dec outside?” to which I said “no” and shook my head with a sad face. He nodded a bit and everyone around me started going “HE’S GOING TO GET YOU TO MEET THEM”. I figured he had something planned but it was waaay better than what I thought.

Another couple acts went by and David went to the wing to follow an act. He came back out with a microphone and said “Can the lady from Canada come backstage to meet Ant & Dec?” and everyone started cheering. I grabbed my camera and went as fast as I could to the stage. I walked across with David as he asked my name, then he said “Ant & Dec, this is Heather, she’s come all the way from Canada to see you.”

THEN THEY HUGGED ME. Not only did they hug me, but Ant gave me a kiss on the cheek!! Dec asked how long I was there for and I said a couple weeks. David took a couple pictures of us in the wing which was really surreal since that’s “their spot”. I mentioned I was going to be at the NTAs in a couple days and Dec said “Oh we’re going to them!” and Ant replied, “what are you up for?”. I couldn’t think of a witty response in time though. David made a comment to Dec about how it’s always fixed and they giggled. The BGT camera was on us the whole time and they even held a boom mic over my head!

Then I turned to Ant and said “You actually watched my video I made a couple weeks back..” Before I could even say which video Dec interrupted me saying “THAT WAS YOUR VIDEO?!” and they went on about how amazing it was. David didn’t know what they were talking about so they were explaining to him. Ant said “it’s better than anything any of these lot can do” and pointed to the BGT cameramen. Then he (jokingly) offered me a job on BGT and of course I said yes. Then I went to say bye and Ant gave me another hug/cheek kiss combination and Dec gave me a lovely hug.

As I walked back across the stage, Ian (the warmup guy) asked how it was in the microphone so I said “best day of my life”. He went “aww best day of her life,” looked at David and said, “look, you made that happen.” Amidst everything I’d kind of forgotten about David until that point so right in the middle of the stage I turned to him and gave him the biggest hug and said thank you. Everyone in the audience “aww’d” and I went back to my seat.

AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, Ant & Dec pressed their golden buzzer later in the show!!!! With it being the first auditions and them not pressing it until the very last day the previous year, I didn’t have much hope in that happening. BUT IT DID!!!! As soon as they came running on stage we all got up and I started jumping about like an idiot. I was probably in the back of the shot behind them so that’s pretty exciting.

All in all, I could not have even dreamed up a better day. 

Mr. Robot’s Tyrelliot problem

I usually just stay in my lane, enjoy the show on my own time and reblog the occasional gif set because the show is goddamn gorgeous. Today though I was prowling the tag and noticed a rampant “Tyrelliot” presence flooding it with misplaced negativity which lead me to writing this post.

So from my 3 years of being a distant part of the fandom, a majority of my experiences have been positive ones. I’ve seen a lot of intelligent, witty and at times downright hilarious comments/discourses about the show. I’d go as far as to say that the Mr. Robot fandom is one of the smarter and less annoying ones out there. Which is what makes the whole radical Tyrelliot section of the fandom all the more frustrating to behold.

Now while I’m personally not here for the pairing at all; I’m all for people expressing their right to have their own opinions and viewpoints. All of the fanfiction and fanart is fine because it’s simply filtering those viewpoints through an artistic lense that isn’t hurting anybody. Where I draw the line though is this childish ass habit that I’ve seen amongst the Tyrelliot sect to project their ideas/beliefs on the show and then dismiss it when they don’t get what they want.

1. Elliot has never once come off as legitimately interested in Tyrell romantically. Or even come off as interested in men for that matter.

2. Tyrell Wellick, despite being an interesting character, is a destructive man child with a zealot complex who strangled a woman to death. The fact that some of yall romanticize/coddle him the way that you do is super problematic.

3. Elliot has no business being in a romantic relationship right now. Plus there are FAR more important things going on, you know…like rebuilding the world.

I’m sick and tired of seeing one of the smartest and most timely shows on television reduced to Supernatural levels of nonsense with this shipping bullshit. Tyrell & Elliot not shacking up isn’t an example of bad writing and no amount of temper tantrums is gonna change that. If you honestly decide to stop watching the show because a crack pairing doesn’t happen then that’s on you, not the show.

Grow up.

Friends ( Dick Grayson x Reader )

Summary: Dick visits (y/n) after a little sorta of argument with Kori… Or not.?

Pairings: Dick Grayson x Reader

Warnings: 3 bad words (if you don’t count hell 2..haha)

a/n: SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTSSS.. PLES HELP KLAUS.. BECAUSE AJSNSAHHA.. I can’t spoil.. Anyways, writing this was quite the journey.. Considering I’ve never felt this myself because I’ve never properly talked to a boy… Hahahahahahahah… I’m awkward excuse me.

A repetitive jingle echoed through your room awaking you from slumber. You opened your eyes wide in annoyance. The infuriating jingle, you somehow chose as your ringtone, continued to play. You were going to change it soon, but never actually did it. You sat up right and seized your phone, looking at why the noise was being made. Dick was calling you once again. You say once again, because he’s has been calling you almost everyday of this week ever since an argument occurred between him and Kori which led them to a take a small break from each other. He had been ranting to you, his best friend for several years, about how both of them could easily get along again if they just did this or that, but there was always a but. You answered it and placed it on speaker.

“hey (y/n), I’m on my way over!” Dick’s voice happily sprung from the phone.

You eyes widened even more. You haven’t even taken a shower. You didn’t have much food to even offer either. All you had was some leftover pasta and water. Worst of all, your ‘humble’ abode was squalid and garnished with trash all around. You questioned why you didn’t bother to accomplish anything earlier, but now was not the time to think about it.

“I thought you were in Blüdhaven!” You responded showing your shock. You were trying your best to sound happily surprised which you were at the back of your mind. The true emotion that was prominent was panic.

“I’ve decided to come back and hangout with my bestest friend!” His voice filled with such ecstasy.

Friend was a common term between the two of you. You would call him friend and he would do the same. People around you both would pleasantly regard you as friends. You did not care about the respective titles in your first few years of friendship. You were happy being friends with him, until one day. He informed you of his first kiss. During this, he completely fell for Barbara. You could only listen in quiet misery to his praises of how beautiful and amazing she was. Then was Kori, and much of the rest is an inordinate mess.  You were always happy for him when he was happy, and that just always seemed to be the case. All his past girlfriends has done one thing you never could; jumping over the small gap between girl friend. That small tiny gap was a thing people regularly called ‘friend zone’, but you called it the dark abyss that no single human can come back from. That was a giant risk and anyways it was a cycle. Friend to Girlfriend to ex. You didn’t want to get caught up in the predictable moment.

“Uhm. In how many minutes exactly will you be here?” You asked standing up and brisk walking over to the closet. You rummaged through the different types of articles in fastest way possible.

“In about thirty minutes, ugh..” He stopped and sighed over the phone. “Make that forty-five, traffic..” He continued.

“Okay, talk to you later byeeee.” You ended leaving him to hang up.

You found a (t/s) and pants pairing greatly together. You scurried back over to the nightstand and dialed a familiar number.

“Hi, Could I order a pizza?”

You threw the last crumpled paper into the trash bin in triumph. You and the apartment were all clean and there was pizza. It seemed like no tragedy would arise from those subjects, but you knew that you would still be able to screw up immensely.

A knock came from the door and you slowly walked over thinking what exactly to say.

‘Hey Dick..? or Howdy partner? Wait why the hell would I even say that.. Um.. Ahoy? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MIND THINK NORMALLY? WHY ARE YOU EVEN WORRYING?”

You were too caught up in your thoughts that you walked right into the door earning a concerned look from the other side of the wall.

“You okay over there, (y/n)?” He asked as you stood right back up, obtaining a slight ache all over your body.

“Yeah, I’m alright.” You responded trying to sound as fine as you could be. You twisted the knob of the door to see the raven haired and blue eyed man himself. You smiled happily at him and he returned it right back. You gestured for him to come in. He walked in looking around as you closed the door behind him.

“I see you’re not the same. I expected a the same messy (y/n) scrambling to fix her papers last month.” He teased causing you to furrow your eyes in anger. “Listen, Grayson. I’m a changed woman who is completely hygienic.” You crossed your arms.

“You sure you didn’t just wake up forty-five minutes ago and rushed to clean the place.” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“ugh fine I did. I hate you.” You admitted in defeat. “Anyways, one of the things I did do during those forty-five minutes was order a pizza.” You pointed at the pizza box on the table. He quickly sprinted over and opened the box grabbing a slice of pizza. You slowly followed and sat down on the couch.

“and I see you’re still the chatty Dick Grayson.” You rolled your eyes as he instantly devoured the pizza. “Hey! it’s part of my charm.” He responded smirking. He sat down beside you and placed an arm over your shoulder. You instantly blushed at this sudden action of his, quickly picking up your phone. “So, I was thinking we could watch ‘a series of unfortunate events.’” You commented scrolling through the various shows on Netflix until the said show.

“Yeah, sure. I’m up for whatever, even the unfortunate. As long as i’m with you..” He smiled as his arm was still over your shoulder. The only thing heard in your mind was incoherent screaming followed by a phrase of ‘what the fuck’s’. You grasp the event that was occurring at the moment. Your mind was at a complete blank.

You played the first episode and theme song commenced. During the episode he would make his usually witty comments, but this time there was a strange addition, flirty remarks. He would compliment you add compare to some female characters based on their charm, intelligence and much more causing you to stay flustered. He also seemed to hug you more intimately. It was truly a strange thing, considering you were both ‘friends’. Once the last episode ended it was seven in the evening and Dick just yawned in response.

“Well that truly was a cliffhanger, wasn’t it babe.” He asked his eyes somewhat closed. You fully froze up at the nickname he gave you, babe. You stuttered at those few and simple words. “u-u-h, ye-yeah.” You mumbled barely audible. You looked out the window to see the moon shining brightly in the night sky.

“You sh-should stay the night.” You continued stuttering. You regretted those words immediately after it escaped your mouth. It was dark, yes, but probably had to head back to the mansion, but at the same time you didn’t want to seem like a bad host.

“Of course. Do you mind if I sleep with you?” He asked standing up.

You nodded, but once again regretted the action asking yourself what the actual fuck you were doing. You were letting your best friend sleep with you.

“uh. I need to go change first.” You quickly responded running into your bedroom and shutting the door.

‘what are you doing.’ were the words reiterating in your mind as you picked out a tank top and pajamas to wear. You quickly changed attire and threw the rest into the laundry.

You opened the door to see a shirtless Dick Grayson.

You weren’t okay at all. Your best friend who you love dearly was shirtless and about to sleep with you. Soon you found yourselves sleeping on the edges of each side of the bed until Dick got close to you and hugged you. You faced him with the most confused face ever and he just kis-

You sprung up from you bed. You checked beside you to see no Dick Grayson at all.

“it was just a dream.” You sighed. You then heard you phone ringing the annoying jingle. You groaned in response and picked it up. You answered the call and placed it on full speaker.

“hey (y/n), I’m on my way over!”

Let the Shadows Fall Behind You

Mark, Felix, and Jack are amateur ghost hunters who have decided to stay overnight in an infamous haunted mansion, abandoned years ago and known for the numerous deaths that have occurred inside of it. Too bad our fearless leaders are huge chickens.

STARRING: @markiplier, @pewdie, and @therealjacksepticeye

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“Wait…we’re allowed to be in here, right?”

“Why are you asking that now?”

“It didn’t occur to me until now!”

Mark rolled his eyes. So much for professionals. He snapped his head over his shoulder to shush his two teammates. “Would you guys be quiet? We’re already inside!”

Alright, so, ameteur professionals.

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