no time for the shota

Dorito Faced Bad Touch Sempai San
Dorito Faced Bad Touch Sempai San

I’m pretty sure it’s in the first page of the voice actors code for every single person to do their own take of @lychgate‘s Dorito Faced Bad Touch Sempai San comic at some point. So here you go anon, sorry it took 3 months. I had to find the secret to eternal youth so I could get my voice in to such a high pitch


To the anon who sent me the shota/loli ask:

Well, I think it’s not necessarily so but depends on the environment instead. I won’t use these words in real-life conversation, but typically in fandom and even manga/anime/LN they are widely used just as a way to call little boys/girls.  

And as you can see, I mainly post about manga/anime/games, etc, on my blog. As how I see these words are usually used in tons of anime/manga/doujin, they are typically regarded as harmless. I am sorry for having disturbed you, but I do not see the point to stop using them in this environment.

Is there a Criminal Minds drinking game? LOOK I made a Criminal Minds drinking game!

Take a drink every time…

  • Hotch face happens
  • JJ has illegal hair porn
  • Derek uses a nickname for Penelope
  • Penelope matches her glasses with her outfit
  • Emily does anything that could be construed as queer
  • Reid gives a statistic
  • Dad!Rossi moment
  • A rotating female member (Todd, Seaver, Blake, Kate) has more than one minute of consecutive screen time
  • Strauss is a dragon lady
  • Someone dies
  • Establishing shot of the jet

Drown your glass every time…

  • An unsub gets shot
  • A team member gets wounded
  • A team member gets taken hostage

Take a shot for every time…

  • There is a family moment ending
  • You see a team member’s family member (Will/Henry, Jack/Haley, Elizabeth)