no time for color today sorry

Some anons asked for Xros Wars! Lapidot and I couldn’t say no :3c so here a redraw from a scene from ep 50~

dgraymanweek  || Day 3: Blood Crusade

↳ Option B: Favorite Happy/Sad Moment

“I will still continue to pray
Please bestow upon this child your love”

The Signs as Bad Fanfiction Writers
  • Aries: turned off spellcheck and never looked back
  • Taurus: "lol fuck canon"
  • Gemini: would actually be a pretty good writer if they would stop calling characters by their hair color all the damn time
  • Cancer: can't imagine a fanfiction where they write their favorite character shagging anyone but their OC
  • Leo: three words: Throbbing Meat Wand
  • Vigro: can't describe anything without writing at least 30 fucking adjectives for the same thing in front of it
  • Libra: "Ohayo, Snape Sensei," Harry-kun said blushing, "You are looking Sugoi today, desu."
  • Scorpio: Thinks their writing is better & more mature the more times they have the characters curse at & insult each other, no matter how inappropriate (ie. Smurfs)
  • Sagittarius: "Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears"
  • Capricorn: has written 10 different fanfics about their most hated character dying within the past month
  • Aquarius: writes the most anatomically impossible sex you've ever seen
  • Pisces: "hi this is my first fic sorry i suck at summaries hope you enjoy"

mendel: if you feel alright for ten minutes, feel alright for twenty minutes! feel alright for forty minutes! drop it and smile!!! why don’t you feel alright for the rest of your life?


Day 23!~

“ 23 - AFTERTALE - What comes to mind? Let your imagination run wild. “

well at first if i just think aftertale all i really think of is AFTERTALE so i decided to twist it up and thought what if i dont know aftertale yet?what if somebody asked me what i think about “aftertale” before i even know about it,so i thought about it being a happy fairytale story about a princess and a prince living happily ever after together,i mean after-tale right? it sounds like a happy fairytale after the prince and princess gets married.

i was supposed to color this but i dont have enough time today,but hopefully i can color them next time cause i already have a color palette i can use for them! man drawing geno in a dress was so fun~

geno sans belongs to @loverofpiggies

reaper sans belongs to @renrink

the challenge was created by @shinydiamondblog (why havent i been tagging them before?? sorry about that shinydiamond)

andykayudha  asked:

Hi, I look your taking request..So could u draw Nalu? Thanks before! 😍😍

Hiii! Thank you so much for your request! I’ve been wondering for a while what kind of NaLu piece I wanted to do for you, and then I saw the FT Dragon Cry movie spoilers come out today and I KNEW I had to draw them in their new outfits!!! I love them so much!! T^T

Anyways, here’s a rough sketch sneak peak;) Check back tomorrow for the colored digital version! (Sorry, I ran out of time tonight!)

Lapidot Week Day #1 - Water/Magnetism

Sorry this is a day late! I was REALLY hoping to get it out on time for this @lapidot-week, but I had a huge English essay as well as my Geography project to work on. This also meant I couldn’t be quite as creative as I’d liked to have been and I had to do this IN CLASS on my iPad. So quality is terrible and lacking in color, sorry!

Today’s might be an iPad doodle as well since I’ll most likely have homework tonight, but we’ll see!

Anyhow here we have Peridot holding up Lapis on a trashcan lid and Lapis holding up Peri with a water blob haha


sorry today’s post is late, but this took me all day to do owo;

Anyways, the Christmas season is here! Pull out your santa hats and ugly sweaters!
Grab someone you love and a mistletoe, and let’s have a good time!

I also might do the sockathan week next week, since I have some ideas ewe

sock and jonathan © Erica Wester

Hi guys!

Today I have for you a recolor of Dreamteamsims’ conversion of Pixicat’s buckle boots! These are definitely my favorite shoes I have in TS4 (and in TS3 tbh), and I thought it was time to give them some more colors! 

Still kinda new to creating recolors and actually sharing them with others instead of everything just sitting in my mods folder, so I’m sorry for the shitty preview

There’s 50 swatches, each with a custom thumbnail in CAS:

!! You’ll need the mesh for these to show up in your game: HERE

Credits to @pixicat​ for creating the mesh and @dreamteamsims​ for converting it to the Sims 4! Big thanks to both of you! <3

Download: SimFileShare 



aerial ethereal challenge: day six ~ favorite relationship

His lips tic, and this time they really curve upward. “You have some demonic-looking eyes, myshka.” He stares right into them, and I barely graze over the foreign word myshka. “They’re nearly black.”
    They are. Add that to RBF and I can’t really denounce my demon-like qualities. My eyes flit to the red glow necklace that he wears. “If i’m a demon, then you must be the devil.” It may be the corniest thing i’ve ever said. 
    “Maybe I am,” he replies, very deeply. “And yet, here you are.” His gaze remains on me and only me. “And myshka…” His voice turns to liquid sex. “You can’t possess me, even if you tried.

anonymous asked:

I'd like to learn more about your synesthesia if you wouldn't mind sharing!! Any information you could provide would be amazing! Your own personal experiences, how it works for /you/, etc etc explain it how you like!

ok so this is probably gonna get a bit long and boring so im gonna put it under a read more!! also sorry this is the last ask im answeing today bc im ssuper tired ~ o ~ ill try to answer the rest of the asks tomorrow tho!

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5/9/2015   It’s Hanji’s Birthday today!! I have drawn a messy comic for levihan~|
Sorry that I don’t have time for coloring (Actually, I did all the draft between works lol so it’s quite lucky that I finally finished drawing it :P)z
Hope you will like it~Love Levihan for forever <333

If you like my drawing, you can help me rate it in my pixiv page~
(Copy the image link to have a larger view :) )

Anywho sorry for my ugly face. It took like a billion tries to get a decent photo, you don’t understand. I can’t smile for a photo bc it feels fake so I gotta laugh so I took this while watching Legend of Korra. Also sorry for my ugly hair, I haven’t brushed it today and if you don’t brush it 7 times per second it will light itself on fire.
Anyway here’s me and I hope none of your eyeballs burned out bc of me

~mod Melly

(you slipped  underneath the sleeves of my sweater like the first cool breeze of october, and i can’t remember the last time someone’s touch left goosebumps on my skin. these soft pin pricks remind me that i’m alive.)

(i want to kiss you just to see if you taste like the colors of the autumn sky because that’s what you remind me of.)

(your arms feel like moonlight holding the crashing tide part of me together, something strong and inimitable like gravity and i’m reminded again why this is called falling.)

(i want you. that’s what this all comes down to, and i’m sorry but i tried to ignore it, i really did. my days consist of sleepless nights and 4 am mornings and my brain is a screaming limbo of lost time. but somehow you planted seeds in my heart and grew inside me like a rose bush defying all logic and that’s the entire point of this isn’t it ? the thorns prick my lungs but the smell of your smile hides the bleeding. and i’m okay with that. i really am.)

—  CRUSH (SUB)TEXTS, x.v  1/?

I don’t have much time to dedicate to art right now due to college, but I still wanted to participate in tamersona week daily. So I will contribute with sketches instead of finished and colored art, sorry about that! I’m also late and it’s already day 4, so I’ll post days 1-3 today.

Day 1- First meeting

My adventure began when I was only 10. I was back home from school when fog covered the area around the building I lived in. I was afraid of what could be happening, but I still wanted to investigate. I climbed the stairs to the top of the building to take a better look.

When I reached the top, I saw that the fog had gotten really intense, but thankfully I could see thanks to my glasses. I saw something I could never believe: a real life digimon. I was a fan of the digimon adventure series since it first aired in Brazil and collected toys and cards. It was a popular franchise back in time.

Falcomon was thrashing about, flapping his wings and running around, and then jumping as high as he could. His wings gave him a bit of a lift, but he fell down right after. He couldn’t fly. I saw him run over to the edge of the building top to try and jump off, but thankfully I could stop him.

Still in disbelief at seeing a real life digimon, I tried to talk to him. “Are you trying to fly?”

“It’s none of your business!” he shouted, and looked like he was about to attack me. I was scared for a second, until he stopped mid-charge and fell to his knees, holding his left wing. I noticed it looked hurt.

“Let me help you,” I muttered, and ran downstairs to bring over a roll of bandages.

Falcomon was reluctant and stubborn, but eventually gave in and I could wrap the bandages around his wound. I tried to make conversation, “you know, my dream is to fly as well. I’ve always wanted to soar in the sky.”

He looked surprised, but didn’t question it. It was true: since I could remember being alive, I wanted to become a bird and fly. It was like it was something I should have been able to do, but gravity’s pull caged me to the ground. Later on in my life I learned the feelings I had were relatively common, and I was a bird therian. But it didn’t make sense back then: I lived as an outcast due to not being able to relate to people and instead lived in my own world, thinking about animals and fictional monsters.

We spent some time on the building top, watching as the sun set and the sky turned rose-pink and then purple. “Let’s go to my apartment,” I eventually muttered, and proceeded to sneak Falcomon into my room. It was the day my adventure began, and we have lived many years together since then.