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Me watching the ending of ASiB

*Irene texting Sherlock “Goodbye Mr Holmes”*

*Irene’s text alert goes off* “When I say run, run.”

*Loud passionate, romantic music playing in the background* *Scene fades out from Irene smiling, scene fades in to Sherlock laughing fondly at the memory*

“The Woman. The Woman.”

You Never Walk Alone, BTS

(on recent twitter drama)

This comeback has been one of the roughest yet. I didn’t think it was possible to have so much drama in such a short time span. It’s been barely five days since the drama with the Run! episode, and now we’ve got twitter exploding with drama again, notably the anti-BTS account S*elja and other death threats against Jimin and Bangtan as a whole. 

I’ve taken a brief look at some of ^^that person’s tweets and the other ones that I’ve seen, and while it’s not unusual or even unexpected for other fandom fans to hate on BTS/ARMY, this person takes it too far. It’s never acceptable to talk about hurting other people, to wish them pain or harm or death, and the blasé attitude they’ve taken to these subjects is deplorable. The primary goal of these accounts, including the death threats, is to gain attention–it’s immature attention-seeking behavior. But given the seriousness of the posts, I think we should still work against them, with a grain of salt in mind. 

I’ve reported them as best I can (^^that person is on her third account already) but the best way to counter these actions is to send their account info to BigHit Entertainment to add to their defamation/harrassment lawsuit and to report them on twitter for targeted harassment. Don’t send them messages insulting them or asking wtf is wrong with them or asking them to stop, don’t @/ them in tweets or posts– attention is what they want, don’t give it to them, it validates their behavior. 

The important thing is to bring awareness to their hateful actions--not themselves, don’t give them attention/fame by @/ themand to make sure that the proper authorities are in the position to handle them.

It’s also very important during this time to support BTS, to send them good messages and make sure they have positive support to balance out the negativity!!! Trending hashtags like #WeLoveYouJimin is really good, sending them cute messages on twitter. 

The best way that we can help protect BTS is by ensuring that the right people have the information they need to give them the best security while on tour and at home!!! 

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::throws up hands and tosses away the stylus:: That’s it! 6am! I cannot allow myself to work on this any longer! I’ve been nitpicking at this for several hours now and if I do anything else to it i will surely over-render it some more lol

Daily paint is a day late thanks to me sleeping for a glorious 10 hours yesterday along with other daily tasks that needed my attention. But here’s hoping i can catch up before I go to work later on tonight!

…Oh yeah, suppose explanation is in order: I’ve always headcannon’d Wheeljack to have like this monstrous visage behind that mask of his, kind of like a counter point to the “oh no he’s hot” or “he’s horribly disfigured” trope that’s been following him about (mind you this was before TFP when I thought of this.) 

Anyways i’m off to bed! Sorry for the unfinished quality of this but that’s how it goes sometimes!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the UK Nonnatuns. I love that we have a day to celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and mother like figures in our life. These are the people that are there for us from the moment we take our first breath. They listen to our fears and worries no matter how big or small. Our mothers are the ones that pick us up when we fall, they heal wounds in ways only mothers can. They’re our first friend, our first confidante. Through their words of wisdom in the good and bad times they help you become the person you are. You might fight and fall out and bonds are tested. But the bond is unbreakable.
Our Mothers, Grandmothers and Mother like figures all deserve to be celebrated today 💖