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its hard to believe you graduated hs and yet you draw so amaturely could you at least try whos bright idea was it to give you the ability to digitally draw there are people on here much younger or the same age as you that draw so much better you cant even color correctly this is such shitty art thats just my opinion thouhg

((ok thanks))

I think about Beauxbatons!Scorpius a lot

  • Imagine Draco moving out of the manor post war
  • Scorpius growing up somewhere in France away from all the death and ghosts and awful memories of the manor
  • Draco deciding against enrolling his son in Hogwarts because he knows he’ll be treated differently and bullied for being his son
  • and enrolling Scorpius in Beauxbatons because maybe if he’s away from all the bad things he’s done he’ll get a chance of being a normal child
  • Scorpius being his own person at Beauxbatons 
  • not being associated with his father’s mistakes or living in his shadow and not being bullied and having friends and being treated well and being generally well liked there
  • imagine Scorpius being a happy and not lonely child
  • now imagine the Triwizard Tournament taking place in Beauxbatons
  • (Scorpius and some other bilingual students are assigned to be translators and help their guests settle and feel at home)
  • imagine Rose being the Hogwarts champion because let’s be real who would be a better champion than her I mean c’mon
  • Al is there for moral support
  • and failing miserably because instead of helping her figure things out for the tasks he’s too busy drooling over Scorpius
  • who just looks so good in those light blue robes that complement his eyes so well are you seeing what i’m seeing rose he’s gorgeous
  • and one day Al just gathers all the french he learned from being around aunt Fleaur and Victorie and blurts something completely random and not understandable at all like omelet du fromage
  • and Scorpius is just?? so confused??
  • “pardon? parlez-vous français?“
  • “uhm.. . not really.. no, I just wanted to get your attention”
  • but Scorpius finds him adorable so they build a friendship
  • and flirt
  • holy shit do the flirt
  • and Al is just so nervous to ask Scorpius if he wants to be his date that when he says yes Al almost doesn’t hear it
  • and they dance all night a kiss and it’s beautiful and this has gotten so long omg i’m sorry please consider Beauxbatons!Scorpius

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mia loves him

no but she sees him in the impound and brings him food from the cafe, even thouhg tia thinks she shouldn.t flo sees it happening and discreetly leaves leftovers in boxes so mia can bring them to the ddelinquent roadhazards

when they get released from the impound, dj doesnt want to leave radiator springs. he adn mia hang out with ramone a lot getting the mods on their cars vamped

i’m so bloody tired.. but i relaly wantde to draw something..

so have a very quick, super pissed and flustered bat!jack 

i’m going to do the dieshs and then pass teh fcufk out

[don’t use my art w/o permission]
[don’t tag as kin/me]
[keep the comments on]

vamp bat!jack©me i guess haha

2015 was the best year of my life. I’m not even just saying that because I had a few more freedoms, I had some good days, or because I smiled more than the year before. It was my best year, because of all of the wonderful people who allowed me to be apart of their lives, create unforgettable memories, and chose to protect my happiness when I couldn’t. 2015 was a highlight year, everything I had dreamed of (seeing Taylor on tour, b-stage, getting into my top-choice college, finding lifetime friends) actually happened for me. All of my handwork and lonely days led to such happy memories. I can’t thank you all enough for that! I’m so thankful for all of the people who follow me, so here’s to 2016 and all of the adventures we have in store, and all of the spontaneity life is sure to bring. All the love, Makaiyla

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