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poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs

A snipped from my piece for @shiroxrest zine!!! You can support the zine by buying a copy when the pre-orders are up! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the phenomenally fast funding of @yurionicetarotproject!!! You can still back it to help us reach stretch goals, but we’re fully funded!

You all gladly accepted the card offered, and just like The Fool, we all embarked on an enlightening journey at the beginning of March… And here we are, approaching the end! I’ve met a lot of really cool people, connected with an online community for the first time, and evolved in my drawing skills in the short span of 3-4 months and I’m still in disbelief (GUYS. I took part in 2 theme weeks without any pre-drawing because this project kicked off such hype)! 

Thank you 100000 times over and I hope you all enjoy the end products! For those who didn’t get to back the Kickstarter, then I hope you get the decks/merch you wished for when we sell the leftovers! This was the best first zine/fan project experience I could have ever wished for and I’m so glad I got over my nerves and pessimism to apply!

mafia head + his bodyguard

Thoughts on Brainscan 33

I say thoughts because I don’t do reviews, they take too much time and revision that I am more than happy to just word vomit. I was hoping to take my time reading this but as someone who decided to start witching because I could, I couldn’t really stop reading till I finished it.

Brainscan 33 DIY Witchery has to be my favorite piece of literature(?) about witchcraft. I felt nostalgic reading this. I’ve always been interested in magic and witchcraft but in my younger years everything I ran into was love spells and Wicca when I wanted something else. I tried religion and it never worked for my younger self so I couldn’t see my self following any religion and at one point gave up on witchcraft because of how closely everything I found was related to a sort of religion.

It wasn’t until I was reliving some awful memories that I turned to witchcraft because it seemed like the only thing that would give me control over my life and past. From there I started to find things that worked for me and found things that didn’t. This zine puts the last two years I’ve been stumbling through witchcraft into words and gives me a sense of better understanding that I’m getting somewhere even if it feels like I’m all over the place. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone waiting for it. But it’s the zine I wish my younger 11 year old self would’ve had when she first took interest in witchcraft.


Once upon a time I made this mini zine with some random thoughts about being ill and since may is apparently mental health awarness month it seems only right to leave it here.