no those aren't tears

A Ride Around Town

In a small village, basically everybody knows you. Like literally. That’s not a small town cliche exaggeration. It’s gotten to the point where it’s weird to see a stranger. You can’t go out without everyone knowing who you are and seeing people you know. People often walk around town and kids play out, so when you’re out you can see upwards of 15-20 people at a time.

We just went to the store, and I had had a rough day so I really just wanted to get home. But I wasn’t driving, so we ended up taking an impromptu night-time family 4 wheel ride around town. I was called to and smiled at and waved at by many kids. Then on the way home I got told, “See, there are kids here who love you.”

Ohhhhkay I see what you did there.


I mean goddamn. If anyone needs some inspiration right now (and not just fitness but mental and spiritual) watch this video of a man regaining control of what was promised would never be his again. Seriously, I needed this right now. I needed it and I’m hella sure some people here need it too.