no those aren't tears



zapponinja  asked:

Theory! The cup of our tears? Those tears? They aren't ours. They're YOURS! Every time ine of us are nice (Which is quite often) a tear rolls down your cheek because of joy. Joyful tears of happiness. How can I explain the cup saying "Reader's Tears?" Easy! That's a sticker on the cup hiding the real sentence "Noko's Tears."

You…. might be right a lil ? I mean… I’m not use to kindness so, I’m kind of a cry baby, gosh… I’ve spent my month at Alaina’s place crying for silly stuff… tho… 

Most of it are yours…

me: manga finale chapter of zestiria was released today in zero-sum and I’m so excited and ready, let’s do this!!!

me: *sees official screencaps on mangaka’s page*


anonymous asked:

What if Fushimi accidently cried infront of Munakata? And he's trying to pretend that those aren't tears, because there's no way he had cry, right?

I imagine this happening after the whole big final battle thing and it looks like Munakata’s going to die but then he survives and maybe this is the first time he and Fushimi have interacted since the big episode eight fight. And Fushimi just walks away really quick because he has work to do you know, Munakata follows him and kinda corners him wanting to apologize for what he had to say then and to praise Fushimi for doing such good work. Fushimi’s got his back turned and tells Munakata to stop saying stupid things, Fushimi knows this was all part of the plan and he just did what he was told. But his voice is a little choked and Munakata takes another step forward, saying that even if it was all the plan he knows it was still painful and he thinks Fushimi deserves an apology. Since they’re all alive and well, now that things have settled down Munakata wanted to be certain that Fushimi was still all right. Fushimi tells him to shut up again and his shoulders are totally shaking and he’s like biting back the tears. Munakata smiles a little and puts a hand on his shoulder, telling him that it’s fine if he wants to cry and Fushimi’s like shut up I’m not crying even though he is totally crying. Munakata manages to resist the urge to give Fushimi a hug (because come on who could see crying Fushimi and not want to hug him) and he just kinda puts a hand on Fushimi’s head and tells him he’s done a good job, and Fushimi’s just standing there with his fists clenched and his head lowered, unable to stop crying. Once he gets himself back in control he kinda shrugs off Munakata’s hand as he starts to walk away and Munakata lets him go with this fond little smile. Fushimi gets to the door and stops for a minute, still not looking at Munakata as he mutters that he’s glad Munakata didn’t die and Munakata looks surprised for a second as Fushimi makes his getaway.


Oh, Ian, noooo.