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Victuuri Week // Day 1 // AU: A Different Career - The Artist & The Barista

I can totally imagine Victor as an artist (wanted to add tattoos, but I suck at drawing, so maybe whenever I get more free time to do them properly) and Yuuri as a drawing hobbyist/barista, one day out of the counter and the poor soul gets the foreigners’ attention. Imagine the kid getting on eros mode lol ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

I’m so sorry for joining so late, I better run if I want to catch up with everyone.

Edit: The idea was referenced from one of Viria’s drawings. In a rush, I forgot to post it before, thankfully an anon reminded me. I’m so embarrassed ( ´△`)

What Passer-bys and unknowing friends probably know about Natsume:

-really jumpy and nervous
-gets dizzy, fainting spells, and sick all the time
-he really likes cats
-cats seem to like him too
-he talks to his weird cat sometimes
-really hates bugs
-(like seriously. They offend him)
-in a rush to be somewhere 50% of the time
-talks to himself (probably helps him think??)
-stares off into space a lot
-tired all the time
-has really crappy vision and sometimes doesn’t see stuff correctly/mistakes them for other things
-just recently getting better at speaking to people regularly
-but still helps a lot of random people??
-knows a movie star???


I honestly have no freaking clue what the heck happened here. I was just watching Harry101UK’s portal videos and this idea suddenly attacked me.

So have a fire…dragon…core? All I know is that it’s a core.

Book collage on Fangirl by rainbowrowell - TAKE 2!

So, I made a Fangirl book collage way back when I first read the book (and fell completely and madly in love with it) and I’ve been wanting to redo the design for quite a while now because I really hate it I feel like maybe I’ve got a bit better at doing them?

Changed up the colours to reflect the AMAZING Collector’s Editions that came out earlier this year. I like it a lot more than the original, hope you guys do too!


You can see the crappy old version of the Fangirl print HERE

Attachments book collage (I’ll also be redoing this one pretty soonish, because I also hate it I originally made it in a huge rush to get Rainbow to sign it)

Eleanor & Park book collage 

Landline book collage



You can see the whole collection of my book collages HERE

Summary: You’re Dean and Sam’s little sister, after Dean escapes purgatory he finds that Sam and his little sister are not longer together until one day they get a call.

A/N: Hello! This my first story here on tumblr so I’m really anxious to post this! There’s probably spelling mistakes so my apologies and the crappy title. I plan on writing more so some feedback is great. The end is a little rushed but I hope it isn’t too bad!

Warnings: Some language and violence.

Word Count: 2,446

Flashbacks are in italics

Sam waited anxiously outside of the cabin’s door. His palms were sweaty and his knees felt weak. What was he going to tell Dean that him and Y/N were no longer together? That he let their baby sister go off on her own in this cruel world. Sam took one final breath before entering the cabin. Within a split second Sam felt his head hit the floor then sprayed with Holy Water and…borax.
“Dean! I’m not a demon or leviathan!” But with that statement didn’t stop his brother from taking Sam’s hand and slicing it. “Or a shapeshifter.” Sam sighed and sat up but was taken aback when Dean started to do all three things to himself. The  brothers stared at each other, smiled and embraced each other in a tight hug. The hug was long lasted when Dean noticed a certain somebody wasn’t there. Dean let go of Sam and took a double take of the room.
“Sammy. Where’s Y/N?”
Sam’s jaw clenched. “Well…Y/N and I, we went our own ways.”
“What do you mean you went your own ways?” Dean let out a sarcastic chuckle. “She’s 17 years old Sam! Do you really think it’s a smart idea to let her off? By herself?!”
“Dean, things weren’t exactly easy once you had disappeared!”
“What happened Sam? Have you even tried to look for her or even text her?”
“Of course I did Dean! I called and called and was always sent to voicemail. She was smart enough to turn off her GPS on her phone. ” Sam pinched the bridge of his nose before continuing. “She wanted to hunt but I wanted to settle down. I hit a dog an-”
“You hit a dog and you two go your separate ways?” Dean snapped.
“Let me finish! I wanted to settle down, there was this girl and Y/N still wanted to hunt. I followed through on a few cases she may have been at but the trail has been dead for a month or two. We had an argument and she just vanished in the night.”
Dean sat down on the couch, throwing his head back. His mind was racing with a million thoughts. The trail was dead that could only lead to two things, either you were dead or, you had given up hunting. “We’re finding her. Let’s go.” Dean glared at Sam, grabbing the keys to the Impala off the end table.


“Y/N!” Tiffany yelled. “Jeez girl, you walk so damn fast I can hardly keep up!”
Y/N smiled at her friend. “Sorry Tiff, I just want to go home.”
“Go home? Uh hello! The homecoming football game is tonight and you’re coming! I can come over to your place and we can get ready then!”
“N-No! Not my place..” you said almost too quickly for Tiffany’s liking. Truth is you didn’t even have a house, you lived in a motel room and earned her keep by working the receptionist table. “I’ll just meet you at yours sometime later, okay?”
“Right..and try to dress cute or something instead of those flannels. Eric is coming over with Mark, and we all know who has a crush on you.” Tiffany winked and walked to her car.
You sighed and shook your head. Honestly, you would rather just stay at home all night, scarf down a cheeseburger and sleep. You walked towards the motel, which she was lucky enough for a short walk from the school. “I don’t have anything else to wear but flannels..” You talked to herself kicking a rock in front of her, “I have t shirts to wear under and I only have these pair of black converse..” You rambled on as she unlocked the door to her motel room after that she threw her backpack down. You jumped on your bed, pulling out your phone. Just then Y'Ns  world came crashing down, Dean’s contact name plastered on the phone screen. Your heart dropped to her stomach and you instantly felt sick. 5 new text messages and a voicemail. You threw down her phone and jumped off her bed. Yeah, you were definitely going to need go out tonight.


You threw down the keys to the Impala, glaring at your brother Sam. “What the hell do you mean you want to give up hunting?!” You glared at Sam.
“Y/N, c'mon, we all wanted out of this life and with Dean gone it isn’t the same as it once was.” The last thing Sam wanted was for you to be upset or angry at him, with Dean not being around he saw how stubborn and hurt you were and Sam knew how much you missed Dean.
“If Dean was here he would be punching you in the face and talking some sense into you. Sam it’s not like we can leave this life y'know.”
“Y/N, I know that. It’s just we have a chance here. I can work and you can go back to school.”
“No, WE don’t have a chance! YOU do! Not me, I don’t want to go back to school. You just want to stop because of that stupid vet girl you met, is that it Sam?’ You crossed your arms, staring daggers into Sam.
"It’s not all of that. You’re still young and you have a chance here Y/N. Won’t you please think about it?’ Sam pleaded.
"Yeah, whatever, I’ll think about it.” And with that you slammed the bathroom door.
The next morning Sam woke up, you were gone without a trace left and Sam knew you had thought about it.


You knocked on Tiffany’s door shifting yourself on one foot to another. You had decided to go with a gray t shirt which was well fitted around your curves with a red flannel tied around your waist with your best looking skinny jeans, and by best you meant they only had one hole in them. You had even decided to put on some mascara. Finally what felt after eternity Eric opened the door, smiling when he saw you. Even everyone around the school knew that Eric has the biggest crush on Y/N.

“Hey Y/N. We were just ready head out, here I’ll walk you to my car. Tiff should be out in a second.”

You nodded and politely smiled at Eric. Sure he was cute but, you knew if you got close tragedy would happen, just like everything else in your life. Just on cue Tiffany and Mark came out.

“Wow look at you Y/N. You actually look somewhat decent for once.” Tiffany smirked which earned a small chuckle from Mark.

You rolled your eyes, “Yeah whatever, let’s go.” And with that the four of you got into Eric’s car and headed towards the school.

You had lost track of time by gazing out the window and thinking about Dean. How did he even come back? Was he okay? Was it really even Dean or some sick prank. No, that wouldn’t make sense, it was his number. Maybe it was just Sam. You were at constant war with yourself by thinking of ideas. You were snapped out of thoughts when Eric’s voice broke the silence in the car. “Guys my brakes aren’t working..” He said, applying more pressure to the brake. Instant fear took over your body. You knew what this could be.

“Okay try and slow down.” You turned your body to him.

“I don’t think he should do that.” Mark said and then laughed.

“Uh Mark, what’s wrong with your eyes.” Tiffany tried to back away from Mark in her seat.

You snapped your head around to see the eyes of a demon staring back at you. “Why hello Y/N.” The demon smirked before taking off a knife and slitting Eric’s neck. You and Tiffany screamed at the sight, you knew this day would come but not quick and not now. The car swerved out of control and slammed into a tree, causing you to blackout.

You came to your senses when you heard Tiffany scream and the demon standing over her.

“NO!” You screamed when the demon bent down and snapped her neck. You tried to lift yourself up but, couldn’t, a good chance your shoulder was dislocated. “Come on love, time to go.” The demon smirked before knocking you out and throwing you over his shoulder.


Dean leaned back on the couch, popping the cap to his beer bottle open. The brothers were sitting in the cabin, watching an old ‘50’s show on the TV. Dean’s phone started to vibrate on the table, an  unknown number appearing on it. “Who is that?” Sam watched Dean picked up the phone and put it on speaker.

“Hello?’ Dean said, turning the phone to the speaker was up.

"S-S-Sam…Dean..I-I-I need y-your help…come quick…” Your beaten down voice echoed through the phone.

Dean’s eyes widened when he heard you voice. “Y/N! Where are you what’s wrong!?”

“He killed all my friends Dean…They’re dead…I-I don’t kn-.”

“Ah ah! Isn’t the littlest Winchester something else eh? With her beautiful looks and her charming personality! Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?” The demon’s voice came through the phone with a slight chuckle. “Turned on her GPS, better come find her before I get all my way with her~.” Then the demon hung up.

Sam and Dean looked at each other before getting up off the couch and running out the door.

“Sam! Where is it? Where is he holding her!” Dean started the Impala before slamming on the gas.

“Somewhere in Nashville, Tennessee. I-uh, the address isn’t appearing but on google maps it appears to be an old abandoned warehouse.” Sam said, his heart beating a mile a minute. His baby sister was in danger, being attacked by a demon.  What if you were barely living?  "Dean, can’t you drive any faster?“ Dean knew Sam was anxious but, he glared at him. "I’m trying Sammy!”

Finally from what seemed like forever the brothers stopped at the building and quickly scrambled out. “Wait Sammy, what if there’s more than one?” Dean grabbed his brothers arm.

“Dean, whatever is happening to her! It’s my fault! Let’s go!” Sam shook off his brothers arm and slammed open the warehouse doors. There you were sitting, tied a chair, head hanged low. “Y/N!” Sam screamed, running up in front of you before getting hit in the back of his head.  "Sammy!“ Dean’s eyes widened once he saw his two siblings unconscious, his heart pummeling. "Ah the eldest Winchester, let’s make this easy shall we.” The demon appeared, holding up your head with a knife to your neck, “Come on in and sit.” The demon smirked. Dean sat down in the chair, never loosing eye contact with the demon. The demon dropped your head once Dean sat down. Your unconscious form almost looked lifeless. Sam groaned, holding his head. “Ah! Winchester number 2 is finally awake. Sit down Sam, we can do this peacefully.”

Sam turned and looked at Dean, who slowly nodded for Sam to listen to the demon. Sam sighed and plopped down on the chair beside Dean.  "You know, this little one is a fighter. She can put up quite a fight and stays pretty loyal to her brothers, unwilling to give up your location, anything to keep her dear brothers safe.“ He laughed.

"What did you do to her?” Dean barked, anger boiled up in his stomach.

“Oh just the classic torture. Some cuts and bruises. Oh! Did her a good favor by popping her shoulder back into place! Just as new!” He smirked and turned to you once a groan came out of your body. You lifted up your head and your eyes widened once you saw Sam and Dean. You were speechless at the sight of Dean, your big brother was really there. A tear streamed down your face, “Dean..I’m so sorry. I just didn’t know what to do. I wanted to see you.” You started sobbing. “Y-you shouldn’t have came he’s planning on killing you two.” Your eyes glistened. The demon smirked once again. “Aw Y/N! Spoiling my big plans! Now shall we start the fun?” The demon threw Sam and Dean against the wall, holding them up against it. “Shall we work youngest to oldest.” The demon walked over to Y/N, running his hand through her hair.

“Wait! I’ll make a deal with you! Take me!” Sam yelled, “I’ll do anything! Don’t hurt her!” The demon laughed. “I’ll pass upon that one. Why not take all three Winchester’s out at a time?” He craned his head to look at the brothers. “Hell, I’ll be famous.”

“N-Not famous enough.” You said, getting up out of the chair. You moved your knife up, taking a swing at the demon but he moved, faster taking the knife out of your hand and twisted your arm, a loud snapping sound following after. You screamed in pain but refused to give up. Your brothers were there, you needed them safe. It was the least you could do for them.

“Y/N! NO!” Dean yelled once the demon was over you and then it all happened to fast, the brothers worst nightmare coming true. It was one clean stab and there you were, lying there with the blood seeping out of your wound. “NO!” Dean yelled, struggling to get free from the grip.

The demon turned and faced the brothers, “Well one down, two to go.” He chuckled.

You laid there, feeling the blood slowly seep out your body. You weren’t hit in a vital spot but, you had to lay there, try at least. Try to lay lifeless. You heard the demon step away from your body and move to your brothers. Once you knew you stood up and got behind the demon before plunging the blade you kept hidden in your belt, in it’s body. The electricity crackled and Sam and Dean fell off the way. You fell with the demon’s body, feeling the amount of your energy deplete. Your brothers ran over to you, feeling Dean pick you up. “Don’t you ever leave us again! Don’t you ever!” He yelled but then softened up, stroking your hair. “I’m so sorry baby girl. I am..” Dean smiled down at you.

“Dean, I-I’m fine. Just a little w-w-wounded.” You looked up at your brother. “I’ve missed you Dean-o.” You turned your head to Sam, “And I’ve missed you too. I am so sorry for everything. I was selfish a-and I love you guys.” You smiled.

“Quit talking squirt, we’re going to get you all patched up and we can talk about this.” Sam kissed your forehead.

You smiled in Dean’s arm. “I’m never leaving you guys again.”

No Memory

Summary: Before he was taken into the Maze, you and Newt had a son. Now, almost three years later, Newt shows up again in the Scorch. Except, he doesn’t remember you. His memories were erased. And then he meets his son. (Sorry, the summary is crappy. I wasn’t exactly sure how to sum it up.)

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word Count: 5362 (I’m so sorry. I got a little bit carried away.)

Warnings: Fluff, possibly some angst if you squint really hard.

(A/N): This idea came to me when I was listening to ‘Rockabye’ by Clean Bandit. So it’s very loosely based off of that song. Enjoy!

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You’re My Drug

Summary: You were drugged to death in an alleyway from a horrible party. Castiel manages to find you hours later, hate and guiltiness flooding through his body, he visits his favourite location.

Warnings: Mentions of being drugged, death, angst

Characters: Castiel x reader, Sam, Dean

Word count: 2k

Originally posted by magneticcas

“Ca-as?” Your throat felt as though it was closing up. “P-please,”

If only you knew Castiel couldn’t hear you over his brothers and sisters blood curdling screams. You would’ve screamed louder, harder. 

It was a long and painful five minutes before you fell unconscious, your body laying in the dirty alleyway on display for anybody who walked by. 

You weren’t doing too good. Though you were unconscious and practically already dead to the world, you could feel a thumping migraine, and it wasn’t pretty.

It felt like an hour passed before your lungs had finally failed to operate with your brain. It was like you were purposely not breathing. If you were awake, you’d no doubt be clawing at your throat and gaping like a fish out of water.

As if like somebody had clicked their fingers, your heart stopped beating. 

Here you were, laying in the grubby alleyway, dead.

Really dead.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think that Dean's "heterosexuality" is the only thing on the way of making destiel canon? For example, if they made Dean bi since the beginning would they have already got them together?

Nope. It’s a love story that transcends time, space, morality, religion and death. Dick isn’t such a big deal :)

It’s the story that is the really key thing here, we don’t ship them because they’re hot or whatever, its because of the story being told. The fallen angel who wants to belong, the self-hating man who wants to be loved etc etc. Their story is long drawn out and it isn’t anywhere near finished yet. Having them together earlier would result in either rushing their own individual endgame stories or more likely them being together, breaking up, being together again and tbh I am not down for that, I want an ultimate love story, not a crappy half arsed attempt at one.

The main thing is that it is the STORY which lends itself to endgame, not their sexuality. 

No but seriously, if Dean was canonically bisexual it would just probably be more blatant to the casual audience with a lot more overtly visible flirting and real textual stuff instead of subtext for 8 years with just 1 year of the much more obvious writing. 

Probably 90% of fans would ship them at this point as it would just have been more obvious for longer…. but at the rate Dabb is taking this, by mid way through season 13 I’m feeling we will have had enough fodder that the numbers will grow very very swiftly to be honest!


“Chuuya, you…don’t know him?”

“No.” Chuuya shakes his head weakly. “I’ve never seen him in my life.”

“You don’t remember having a partner?”

A birthday fic for @curiouscat99!

Happy Birthday @curiouscat99! I typed this at noon so it’s rushed and I haven’t written in awhile so it’s crappy. I cannot write angst anymore so this isn’t angst, i’m sorry ;-; Also, Mafia!Dazai and mentions of Fyodor.

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What’s in a Name?

John just wanted a drink after a long day at work, the last thing he wanted or needed was to break up a fight between a group of drunk men. 

Rated T ~ For @hiatustory Submission of the month: Alternate Meetings ~ 3,249 words

John was sitting at the bar when the commotion started. Cursing under his breath he took a deep sip of his scotch. He couldn’t believe it, a bloody fight, in here? The whole reason he enjoyed coming to the gay bars was because there was hardly ever any fights. Turning around to see what the fuss was about he saw two men, they had some poor bloke cornered. John couldn’t see the man but he could hear him, he was clearly trashed, but to make matters worst, the two bullies had no clue they were even in a gay bar. They were accusing the man of checking them out. They were yelling all sorts of derogatory and inflammatory comments, and even in his drunken state, the solo man annihilated them. He had quite the vocabulary and he used it expertly, verbally walking circles around them, insulting them in ways they couldn’t understand.

A moment later, John witnessed one of the bullies take a swing at the guy. He jumped up from his seat and making his way over to the group, he imagined the guy would need help, there was two of them after all and only one of him. Surprisingly enough though as John made his way over he watched the man dodged all attempts of being hit. He even landed a solid punch against the bigger of the two men, and it was then that John got a good look at the drunk man. He was beautiful; tall, dark riotous curls, and bright blue eyes set in a flushed face, red from either from exertion or drink, either way, John didn’t care. He stopped in his steps, momentarily stunned. But when the smaller man grabbed the drunkard by the collar of his coat, John jumped into action, rushing over and pulling the man off.

By now the big man was back on his feet and was swinging at John. He ducked, sending two well-placed punches to the man’s solar plexus, the man went down hard. John turned to the smaller of the two bullies, intending to handle him next, but what he sees is Mr. Drunken Beauty himself has the bully in a headlock. John stands and admires the man openly, the man’s curls were going every which way as he fought to restrain the man. John thought he maybe had dark brown hair but he couldn’t really tell on account of how crappy the lighting was in the bar.

The drunk man let the bully go and made the mistake of turning his back on him thinking he was properly cowed, he wasn’t. John watched in horror as bully number two grabbed Mr. Beauty Queen by the arm, swung him around and threw a punch. The man dodged at the last second and the punch skims his face. John was grateful; if the man had made a direct contact this beautiful specimen in front of him would have had a broken nose at the very least. John rushed and grabbed the bully before he has a chance to go after the other man again.

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storm-fly  asked:

8. Were you ever going to tell me?


Astrid sighed and looked away, keeping herself from gazing into her Dragon’s innocent eyes. “He’s an idiot.” She explained. “A lying idiot on top of that. A marriage contract with Cami? How could you keep that from me?”

Stormfly squawked, settling down into the soft grass a bit more before wrapping her tail about her rider, who was sitting beside her with her back against the dragon’s side. Astrid looked out at the ocean below the sea stack she and Stormfly were now seated on, regret and sadness in her gaze.

“I just… we’ve been dating for weeks now. So what, he’s gonna let me fall in love with him-”

Storfmly rolled her eyes, already knowing that Astrid had been in love with Hiccup for years now… they just hadn’t expressed their feeling until three weeks before.

“-then go and break up with me because he has to marry Camicazi? I mean- how could he!?” Astrid, in the quick moment of frustration picked up a pebble and tossed it in the air, letting it drop to the ocean. 

Astrid huddled into herself, her head dropping against her knees while her hands wrapped about her legs. A single tear trailed down her cheek, dribbling down into the corner of her mouth. “I love him, Stormfly. I just… I just can’t believe he’d hide this from me! Isn’t marriage kind of a big deal?”

Stormfly crooned sadly, bumping Astrid’s hand gently. 

“I just…” Astrid sighed, closing her eyes and letting the wind tickle her skin. “I just don’t know…”

“Astrid!?” came a shout from above, causing her to give a small jump in surprise, her fingers itching for her axe. “Astrid you out here!?”

She bit her lip and remained silent, hoping Hiccup would just fly off without noticing her-


Stormfly squawked and lifted her head, amiably giving away their hiding spot.

Astrid groaned and turned away when Toothless landed, Hiccup jumping to the ground and making his way towards her.

“Hey, Astrid? What’re you doing all the way out here?” He crouched down beside her, sitting comfortably before wrapping an arm loosely around her stiff shoulders. She went rigid, digging her teeth into her lip to keep herself from screaming at him to go away.

Hiccup seemed to realize something was wrong, for he pulled away and grabbed her shoulders, forcing her to look at him. “Astrid?”

She opened her eyes and stared at him, removing her teeth from her lip so she could answer. “Go. Away.” She hissed before shrugging out of his hold. “I know, Hiccup, and I don’t want anything more to do with you.”

Liar. She said to herself mentally, but refused to voice any such thing out loud. Hiccup was already promised to somebody else, she had to act this way or things would just get all the more complicated. 

Hiccup’s face went void of all expressions for a moment, before it was filled with shock and confusion. “Wh-what? Why? I-I thought… what happened, what’d I do?”

“You lied.” She forced out, trying to keep calm. 

He blinked. “Wh-what? I’m confused, I don’t think I-”

“I know about Cami, Hiccup.” She said stiffly. She blinked back tears, her voice dropping to a whisper. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

HIccup’s eyes widened and he shook his head. “No, no, nononono, Astrid, that’s- what did you hear? Gods.” He ran a hand through his unruly hair, looking drained and panicked. “Did Snotlout-”

“Yes. Snotlout.” She whispered angrily. “Snotlout told me. Snot. Lout.” she spat the last words, now furious that it had been Hiccup’s cousin to relay the information, and not Hiccup himself. 

She tried to get out of his grip and stand to her feet, but Hiccup grabbed her shoulder and arm again, keeping her from escaping. 

“No, Astrid, listen. Snotlout probably told you Cami and I have a wedding contract- right?”

She nodded, the tears stinging her cheeks as the tears undauntedly streamed down. “Yes.” She whispered.

“He’s wrong.” Hiccup shook his head. “He forgot to tell you one very important bit of information.”

She grasped onto this small hope, desperately begging the gods that what Hiccup had to say would make all this right… that he hadn’t lied to her and that they could still go on being a couple, and perhaps someday wed.

“We broke that contract years ago.” Hiccup added. “Nobody knew about it- even I didn’t know about it- till about two years ago. Dad knew I wanted to make my own future and how much of a tradition breaker I was, so he ended the contract. Cami was actually overjoyed with it, because she’s found her own love. So the tribe’s peace treaty was settled, just without the wedding contract.”

Astrid blinked, joy filling her chest.

“Snotlout found out yesterday about it while reading through the history books.” Hiccup explained, not looking away, but instead staring at her with a calm and hopeful gaze. “He was just trying to get you mad.”

“He succeeded.” She quipped, a smile slowly spreading across her face. “Oh, Hiccup, I’m sorry- I-I should’ve known Snotlout-”

“Hush.” Hiccup pressed a finger to her lips, effectively silencing her. He too was smiling, albeit softly and apologetically. “I’m sorry, I should’ve told you I suppose…”

“No, this is my fault.” She gestured to both of them, then the area about them. “I overreacted. I’m sorry.” 

Hiccup grinned and once again wrapped an arm about her shoulders, drawing her close to his side. “Eh, just a little misunderstanding.” He stated happily. “So… we’re good now, right?”

“Oh yes.” She whispered, smiling up at him, “Good as new…”

I’m sorry this was rather rushed and not all that great, but this was a rewrite because I lost the original version, so there’s my explanation, I’m sorry again :) I hope this wasn’t too crappy though…

And to those who’ve sent me prompt requests, thank you! I’m having so much fun writing them, especially since isn’t working at the moment. This really gives me something to do, and I’m really enjoying writing them. :D But I have quite a few to do, so I’ll probably only have the requests open for a little while longer, so if you have a prompt request send it now! :D

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Secret Lives (part 4)

Words: 3.1k

Summary: The Winchesters need your help on a case and you finally get to meet Castiel.

Warnings: Angst, language, very brief smut

A/N:Tag is list is at the end, let me know if you’d like to be added.


It had been 2 years since Steve had gone missing and you threw yourself back into hunting. You had become reckless, but in a sense you had become a better hunter. Even if you got hurt, you wouldn’t let it stop you from getting your kill. You also no longer allowed yourself to be distracted by the idea of happiness. “Hunters don’t get a happy ending,” you’d tell yourself.

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ameliapll1  asked:

Could I please request a characterisation post for Mark Mardon?

I’m going to do this in the style of my character profiles which I did for each of the Legends (and shorter for some Flash characters). But note that Mark is outside my typical wheelhouse of analysis and also has had limited appearances so that makes it harder, and that I won’t mince words when it comes to his villainy and in-canon cruelty.

                                          Mark Mardon Profile

Driving force(s): revenge, power, family, the bottom line (goal attainment at all costs)

Traits: goal-oriented, cutthroat, mercenary, charming, confident and bold, likes people, violent

Tentative HP House: Slytherin Primary, Gryffindor Secondary

Originally posted by ronweasley

The night the particle accelerator exploded, Mark Mardon apparently broke (pretty much) every bone in his body. He pushed through that and survived. He pushed through losing his brother, probably while he was still in recovery. He pushed through trauma and pain. 

But he definitely didn’t come out the other side as a better person. It doesn’t seem like he was an especially good person to begin with. He was engaging in criminal activity when his plane was struck by lightning and being given power over the weather didn’t make him want to turn over a new leaf despite his extraordinary potential. Instead, it made him primarily seek revenge.

It’s interesting that in every episode we’ve seen him in so far, Mark isn’t worried about money or making away with the goods. He’s explicitly interested in getting back at those who have wronged him. First Joe West, for killing his brother, and later The Flash, for locking him up. He’s also willing to go to dizzying lengths to enact that revenge: he didn’t just want Joe to die, he wanted Joe to watch Iris dying, and he was willing to send a tsunami to the city that would kill hundreds (thousands?) of innocent people (families, children) in order to see that happen.

In fact, he almost deliberately planned it so that there would be maximum casualties, with the way he went about things. First killing the medical examiner, then heading to the CCPD so that he could go toe-to-toe with these people and flaunt his powers, then dragging Joe out to a boat so he could maximize his powers’ potential and take out not just Iris (which a single bolt of lightning could likely do, or his hail-snowball powers) but so many others with her.

What that says about him is that Mark goes for maximum impact in everything. He’s not “eye for an eye”, he’s “head for an eye” or more. You hit him, he hits you back 20x as hard. I imagine he has few enemies left alive and quite the reputation. 

This is all compounded in The Flash 2x09 where he and the Trickster set up a plan that involves bombs that directly target young children, for the record. Mark doesn’t appear to have much of a conscience, a fully-fledged clinical psychopath (not to stigmatize psychopaths; you can be one without taking it the route that Mark does. He’s evil irrespective of that, but it does seem to be part of his demonstrated personality).

That being said, Mark has some qualities that humanize him a lot more. For starters, his love for his brother. Clyde seems to have meant the world to Mark. And if you consider Chronicles of Cisco as canon (even extra-canonical), then this chapter shows Mark asking Cisco to leave a half-empty (half-full?) bottle of bourbon on his brother’s grave.

Mark is also charming. He has a clever sense of humor to go with his grand and dramatic entrances, and is flush with confidence most of the time. Again in that Chronicles of Cisco, we get the impression he is good-natured with Cisco and doesn’t mind negotiating a little. He’s often ready with a smirk, and it seems to me that he takes people as they are (including James Jesse) in a relatively non-judgmental way. You’re crazy? Cool. You’re boring? Alright whatever. You’re a nerd? Just don’t make me watch your crappy sci-fi films.

He seems to be pretty good at putting a plan together, but it’s hard to say if that’s him or the people he’s working with (like James Jesse), and if it’s really just that his powers are so strong that he doesn’t need much finesse to get the job done. He’s certainly quite bold, which is part of why I have Gryffindor as his secondary house: he rushes in, brash and brave and without fear holding him back. He lacks the “do the right thing” part that Gryffindors have, but he’s got the “fight me” attitude, even with Nimbus in a closed space, which is just asking for trouble. Or maybe he truly has just that bad of impulse control.

It should be noted that he knows when to retreat (as he does in 1x22 when the tides turn against him) and how to play nice. He seems happy enough to work with others and seems totally capable of getting along with them (again, confidence, charm, non-judgmental) and maybe even likes people, on the whole. Unlike Len who kills his crew when they step out of line, Mark appears to make more ‘friend’ type connections: he doesn’t want to kill or control people, he wants to work with them and have fun, so long as they aren’t someone he has to fight or avenge himself against.

Finally, Mark also pays his debts, as he did to Leonard by getting him out of Iron Heights, even if he was ready to throw down with Leonard at the first sign of a fight (not a friend, not quite an enemy, sort of a liminal space for Mark at that p point). And note that he didn’t mind being talked back from that. It seems like he does a lot better when he has someone acting as the voice of reason to keep him in check?


Pairings- Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Awkward Bucky. Awkward Reader. I love awkward. Steve and Nat shipping you and Bucky slightly/

Request-Hi! if youre still doing requests, can you do one where the reader is a doctor or medic or something (whatever you want!) and thinks bucky doesnt notice her or whatever but he secretly does and hes intrigued but too shy/thinks he’ll scare her? from anon

AN- I’m sorry I didn’t put it up earlier! I know I said a day but my boards are in a couple of months…. and I’m also sorry it’s kinda awkward….

  “Morning, Dr. (l/n),” someone greeted you as you walked past them. You smiled and greeted hem back, as well as returning the many other “morning”s and “have a nice day”s thrown at you.

   You saw to a few of your patients- children, mostly, before getting back to the Avengers facility. It was a part of your weekend routine- every Saturday morning you would go to the hospital where you volunteered, and treated people for free.

  Your actual, paying job was working as a doctor/surgeon for the Avengers- one of the most gifted people in your field, you worked closely with Dr. Bruce Banner.

  This particular Saturday, Steve and the Winter Soldier were set to return from a mission, and you were certain you would have to patch them up. You were on first-name basis with all the Avengers- you were quite close with Wanda- except the Winter Soldier.

  His name was apt. To you, he was cold, winter-y. But then, he was like that to everyone but Steve.

 He would talk quietly to Steve, sometimes to Nat and Wanda. Clint and Sam he would just occasionally nod at, Tony he completely (and understandably) steered clear of. And you, he didn’t acknowledge your existence. Ever.

  Which was maybe a little okay- this way, he probably didn’t notice how nervous he made you.

   You made your way to the infirmary, where Nat was cleaning up a long cut down the side of her shin with a piece of gauze.

 “What happened?” you asked, putting on a white coat.

 “Steve and Bucky called for a bit of backup around the end,” she replied with a grim sort of smile.

  “Where are they?” you asked.

  “Steve’s in his room, Banner’s seeing to him, but Bucky has a few deep cuts that need stitching, he’s in the back room with the surgery things,” Nat said, winking at you.

  “W-what?” you stammered.

  “Ooh, nothing,” she said in an offhand way. “You’ll be stitching up Bucky.”

She knows, you realized with mortification. Nat was grinning all over her face.

  You sighed and quickly went to the side room, banging the door shut behind you.

  Ahh, that sight.

The Winter Soldier was sitting back in the surgery chair, his shirt off to reveal several deep gashes down his chest.

  He raised his eyebrows when he saw you. “Dr. Banner told me to wait here for my stitches,” he told you. “He’s attending to Steve.”

  “Uh, yeah, I’m here to do you,” you said. “No! I mean- I’m not here to do you, I’m-”

  You broke off when you caught the look of confusion on his face. You realized he probably didn’t know the meaning of the term just yet.

  Tugging on a few loose strands on your hair, you quietly brought yourself up to his side. You pulled on some gloves and got a needle and some suturing thread.

 The first thing to do was to clean up the wounds- even though the super-soldier serum made  him mostly immune to germs and also made his wounds heal faster, it was always safer to clean and patch up.

 Placing one hand on his  pectoral, you began to sponge away the blood on his chest, biting your upper lip the whole time. 

  His intense gaze was on you. You glanced at his face once or twice- he was making you nervous, and being nervous annoyed you with yourself.

Not another word passed between you two. After you were done stitching him up, he got up, thanked you with a polite smile, and left. You could only sigh wistfully.

    You were out for another round of the hospital that evening- working made you feel good.

  Helping people made you feel good. The smile on a sick child’s face when you told her you would make her okay, make her healthy. The ecstasy of the poor, single mother whose baby you had treated for free. It made you feel good, and it kept your mind off of your growing crush on the Winter Soldier.

  You were just heading out of your tiny office in the hospital when-

“Dr. (l/n)?”

  You nearly jumped a mile when you heard his voice behind you- you turned around to see the Winter Soldier, the hood of his Captain America sweatshirt drawn over his head.

 “O-oh, hi!” you said, nearly dropping the clipboard in your hand.

“You’re needed,” he said, his blue eyes boring into your (e/c) ones. “Wanda had a little…accident… in the kitchen, and Wanda’s arm got slashed by one of the butcher knives. Steve sent me to get you.”

  “Oh, yeah, I was just heading out,” you said, frowning when you heard about Wanda. She was probably trying to juggle the knives with her magic again- no matter how many time you told her not to, she’d do the stupid thing over and over. She hadn’t ever gotten hurt at it, though.

 You walked out of the door with him at your heels. There was a car waiting outside with a driver up front- which meant it was you and him in the backseat.

  You sat down beside him somewhat awkwardly, holding yourself stiff and straight.

  “What do you do here?” the Winter Soldier asked, his tone curious. “I thought you only attended to us- the Avengers, I mean.”

  “I volunteer here for free,” you replied. “I treat people who are too poor to pay for long medical procedures.”

  He didn’t say anything, but you noticed a change in his expression. He looked…impressed.

Somehow, you started seeing more and more of him. You’d bump into him at breakfast, and instead of giving you a cold once over he’d actually mutter a ‘good morning’.  Your breakfast times seemed to coincide, and soon, you found that when you came downstairs he’d actually make some extra coffee for you.

  Then there would be his missions. Suddenly, he became ‘germophobic’ and began to insist that even the smallest of cuts on his body be cleaned. You obliged, even though there wasn’t any need to attend to such minute scratches.

  Oddly, you would catch him haunting the floor that had your room on it. He’d nod at you, ask if you’d seen Nat or Wanda, who lived on the same floor. You would reply, and regardless of whatever you replied he would skulk away.

 His behavior was driving you insane. You could look at him without your heart pumping as if you’d just run a mile. It wasn’t as if he was increasing in friendliness particularly, though. You were still calling each other a very formal “Dr. (l/n)” and “Sergeant Barnes”/”Winter Soldier” respectively.

 You were just on your way to Bruce’s room- passing by Steve’s, you heard your name mentioned.

  You weren’t an eavesdropper, but you couldn’t help but stand still outside.

“I can’t Steve,” you heard the Winter Soldier’s muffled voice. “I’ll….I’ll scare her away.”

 “No, you won’t, Buck! She deals with the Avengers, for Pete’s sake, have you ever met a group of more screwed up people?”

“Steve, I just can’t ask her out. What if she says no? I’m…me. Messed up and PTSD. And she’s…innocent. You get what I’m sayin’? She’s….pristine. Untainted. Being with someone as unhinged as me…it could affect her.”


“I DO!”

   You couldn’t take it.

You pushed the door open to see the Steve and the Winter Soldier standing face to face, glaring at each other. They broke eye contact when they saw you though.

  “You like me?” you asked, breathing deeply.

 He opened his mouth to reply, then closed it again.

  “I gotta go,” Steve said hurriedly before fleeing the scene.

 “Winter Soldier…” you said.

 “Bucky,” he interrupted. “Please, call me Bucky.”

  He looked mortified and upset.

 “Bucky,: you said, smiling slightly. “And you can call me (y/n).”

“(y/n),” he said, savoring the feeling of your name rolling off his tongue. “I’m…I’m sorry about what you might’ve just overheard…”

 “I’m not,” you said, blushing but still quite decided. “I-I kinda like you too.”

He stared at you for about a full minute.

  “You don’t think I’m dangerous?” he asked.

“Well, I never said that,” you shrugged. “Dangerous is quite an appealing shade on you.”

  There was awkwardness, while the Winter Sold-Bucky, Bucky bit his lower lip and you twiddled your thumbs.

  “So, uh, you wanna hang out some time? Hang out, that is what the kids say these days, isn’t it?” Bucky broke the silence, his words rushed.

  You let out a small laugh. “I’d love to,” you said.

You heard a huff behind you.

  “Really? Hang out? What are you, thirteen? Go on a date, you idiots!” Nat said. You turned to face her, just to see her rolling her eyes at the two of you in a very expressive way.

reallyyy sorry it’s turned out so weird and crappy. i swear i’ll try to do better. but i write these things at midnight when insomnia is keeping me up but also making me wuzzy because im tired and its so late g’night y’all.

anonymous asked:

Gaiden is pretty lackluster don't you think? I feel that the baby mama drama is a real annoying trope to show Sarada's story. I feel it would be better to scrap off the baby mama drama and focus on Sasuke's mission and show the prologue to Boruto regarding the Otsutsuki instead of a crappy villain like Shin. As for Sarada wanting to become Hokage, I think it would be better that she hears Itachi's story and aspire to become a Hokage to continue his path

I agree, the plot of Gaiden was completely unnecessary. It was an enjoyable read, but it really did feel kinda rushed due to the time constraints. Kishi could have written Gaiden in a multitude of different and better ways, and they all would have reached the same conclusion, without having to include all of the drama that he did. Not only that, but he chose to exclude scenes as important as Karin’s flashbacks, all in favour of expanding on Shin’s philosophies, because everyone knows what a memorable villain he was…