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Hey my boyfriend has really unaccepting parents so i wanted to buy him a binder but my parents wont let me cos his parents wouldnt be happy if they found out - helpp please

Lee says:

Do you think you could give the money to a mutual friend so they could buy the gift card and then buy him the binder?

Free binders:

How do I buy a binder if I’m not out?

I can’t get a binder. How can I make my own?

  • Ren made some sweet info on binding with sports bras (x, x) and we also have a post about binding with camisoles. If you’re binding with a sports bra, you want this type.
  • Here’s a post about asking for a sports bra.
  • Please do not try to make a DIY binder. Chances are, it will not be safe and you could hurt yourself.
  • Binding without a binder

I am instituting a new rule. If you ever make anything for/inspired by me, I definitely will want to see it. So given that tumblr shows a complete inability to consistently notify about tagged posts, please message me a link. Even if it’s:

[link*screams and runs away*

Because I always, always want to see it, you will not bother me, and apparently we’re going to just have to work around this hellsite.

Idfk how Chris brown is trending rn w his bullshit movie cause no matter what Rhianna did or said that bastard physically beat her to hell and back and y'all out here excusing his behavior? Saying it doesn’t matter anymore? This man has abused women numerous times and now that he’s suddenly relevant again y'all try to defend him? No matter how good his music may be or whatever, he is a man that beats women and that should be the only thing you consider when you think of him.

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hello could i perhaps have a list of your favourite pining shiro fics???

god yes i love every single pining shiro fic but here are some faves (+ mutual pining bc i think that counts???)

pining shiro

mutual pining


10 seconds after being subbed in, Lussi pulls Colaprico’s hair and steps on her arm. She should have been sent off with a red card and suspended. Instead got a friendly talk with the ref.