no this ruins the illusion for me

Graves/Credence playlist on Spotify that I made. 

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tracklist: Off to the Races Lana Del Rey - Into You Ariana Grande - Hypnotic Zella Day - Coming Down Halsey - Gods & Monsters Lana Del Rey - Overtime Brika - No Good Ivy Levan - I’m Not Calling You A Liar Florence + The Machine - Dark Paradise Lana Del Rey - Killer The Ready Set - Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1) AURORA - Soap Melanie Martinez - Drumming Song Florence + The Machine - Hold Me Down Halsey - Unique In Its Madness of Verona - Killing You Ivy Levan & Sting - Young God Halsey - Perfect Illusion Lady Gaga - Bedroom Hymns Florence + The Machine - I’m A Ruin Marina and the Diamonds - Out of My Head Digital Daggers - Never Forget You Conor Maynard - Various Storms & Saints Florence + The Machine - Monster Imagine Dragons - Ghost Halsey - Dark in My Imagination of Verona - Who Can You Trust Ivy Levan - Nothing’s Broken Digital Daggers - The Haunting (Acoustic) Set It Off - Which Witch Florence + The Machine - Immortal Marina and the Diamonds

hey what’s the deal with older people (my family) asking me questions about why bisexuality is becoming prominent among younger people and why so many people are experimenting with many sexual and gender identities only for them to talk over me every time i try to explain. like. you asked me, i’m trying to explain as calmly as i can because educating people is nice and i like knowing people are genuinely curious, but unfortunately the illusion is ruined when you gang up on me because the things i’m trying to explain clash with antiquated beliefs you refuse to let go of as you implied you were willing to do earlier??? i’m so tired. 

In Camping Trip Star is incredibly cute and considerate with Marco, listening to him and feeling sorry when her father ruins his plans… and she looks at him, like a lot, even more than usual.
I’ve clearly lost every last hint of objectivity, but to me most of this episode reeeeally looks “different”, not just the normal “looking at someone while you talk with them”.


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anonymous asked:

What's your main blog

[ Hahaha ooooh, I would reveal myself - but that’d probably ruin the illusion of staying anonymous myself, wouldn’t it?

I’ll just say this, I’ve been following a handful of people before I made this blog, ( obviously Ghost blogs ), so VERY FEW may already know who I am.
And the alias I go by is Infernal under my personal blog, ]

The problem with Domestic!Avengers stories is that certain characters become very difficult to find gifs for. I’m not complaining - they’re great fun to write, but it means I have to stretch to using gifs of the actors rather than the characters which in some cases can ruin the illusion. It’s nothing too drastic here though, it actually works quite nicely, so I hope that @twilighost123‘s request is as fun for you guys to read as it was for me to write. Enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: Can you a Bucky x reader where whenever you’re alone with him he’s flirty and playful with you but whenever someone else shows up or is around he goes into tough Winter Soldier mode please


You hadn’t known him that long. So when Bucky Barnes came and put his arm around you, to say your heart was beating out of your chest was an understatement. You had peacefully been watching television when the Winter Soldier had collapsed onto the sofa next to you. The next thing you know he was sliding his arm incredibly subtly around your shoulders.

“What’re you doing there Buck?” You asked when you felt his hand brush past your neck.
“Just gettin’ comfy.” He said. After taking a quick breath, you continued channel hopping as Bucky gradually snuggled closer and closer to you. When you settled on a documentary about dinosaurs, he grunted.
“This is dull.”
“No, it’s not. It’s-”

Bucky scrambled across your lap and attempted to pry the remote from your fingers. You stretched your arm further out but he was determined and soon was leaning fully across your lap before he had finally gotten hold of it. Instead of returning to his seat, Bucky simply decided to stay there and block your view of the TV with his torso whilst finding something more suitable. He skipped past a couple of things before eventually deciding to go back to the documentary.
“You’re right. Nothing else was on.”

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Lightening bugs, lead me into the dark night,

And, Trust, save me as I walk blindly,

And step, foot, again and again

Into the elusive illusion.

You ask for trust, but where were you then?

You can’t take what I can’t give, can’t use

What can’t exist; photographs, frozen time,

Captured lies of smiling faces on flat screen,

Televisions flicker, hands murmurs symbols

That shouldn’t have been given so much meaning,

Power in words burn bridges. Shallow

Laughs pitiful, meaning lost in lies, but


Fireflies, its summer, again, it takes

My hand, lead me on, protects the truth with

Lies, ruining lives, save what can’t be

Saved, because there never was a savior.

Elevated beyond night, above the fireflies,

And the weight drags me down.

Rain falls, But I only begin to burn.

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You don’t scare me one bit–“ He laughs, "Your profanity is over the top can you cut it down a bit– it’s not pleasing to the ears.” He sighs, rubbing his temple in annoyance, “Hyung I know you want to act cool but look at you– you’re really just a marshmallow.” He grins, “Don’t act too tough, yeah? It ruins the illusion.” He shrugs, “Take it as a good advice.”

  • Family member: you are so stupid. How can you be so incapable of doing anything? Get your life together
  • Me: I have multiple mental problems that I have told you about numerous times which you choose to ignore and instead laugh at my face and tell me to stop making things up and you also prevent me from seeking professional help because that would ruin your illusion that I am just a very incapable neurotypical person and so I have to go seek help behind your back in secret

“can you believe we’ve already been on tour for almost a month? i miss the plants,” phil says as he looks out the window of their tour bus. “yeah, it’s crazy right? time is an illusion,” dan responds, laughing as his boyfriend shoots him a glare. “way to ruin it, dan.” “look, i’m just stating facts,” dan laughs again at phil’s exasperated expression. “you’re the worst person in the world,” phil groans, leaning his head onto dan’s lap. dan runs his fingers through his hair. “you love me.” “sometimes i wish i didn’t,” phil replies, smiling and sitting back up to kiss dan. “see?” dan says contentedly. phil just leans back in to kiss him.


Come dance with me darling. Even though the bun ruins the illusion haha. #eddiegluskin #ClosetCosplay #Outlast

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Girl Meets Friendship

Maya: Everybody’s got something they’re hiding. Even Lucas. I’m gonna find out what it is.
Riley: Maya, if you do…
Maya: Yeah?
Riley: Don’t tell me.

Riley is desperate to cling to the idea that Lucas is some hero, some perfect boy. She’s shutting out the fact that deep down she has to know that no one is and what she’s doing. That’s why Riley doesn’t want to know what’s wrong with Lucas, because she doesn’t want to ruin her illusion of him.


Real talk tho, I NEVER want to find out Dipper and Mabel’s backstory. I never want to hear about their home life. No. Because that’s the whole magic around it; Dipper and Mabel can be whatever you want them to be. You can create some tragic backstory or some fairly normal one depending on how you interpret it.

Because that’s what makes them so relatable.

Admit it, you relate to Dipper or Mabel or somewhere in between both of them. That is what’s so friggin great about this show. Idk about you guys but there are times where I go “Yep, Dipper is me” or “I am Mabel”. And I don’t want to ruin that illusion? Gravity Falls has been about audience participation since day 1. It isn’t nearly as fun to just watch the show as to decode, decipher, theorize, and analyze it to death. I feel like the twins are also parts of the involvement; wherever they came from, whoever they may be, they’re there and they’re in Gravity Falls. Just like us. I mean just as the twins are solving the mysteries in the show, we’re solving them in real life through all these resources we have. We are acting out the part of Dipper and Mabel.

I think this is why we don’t know Dipper or Mabel’s middle names (read:  Full Name Thoery). According to Alex Hirsch, their middle names are their parents’ first names. And also from the same source, Alex admits that their parents will probably never be featured in the show. So we don’t know. There’s one mystery of the Pines family that we’ll never find out; a full and accurate backstory for our protagonists. And tbh I don’t want to solve it.

her brown eyes hold a sort of guilelessness. it’s hard to believe that a girl like winona is innocent, of course, & then she opens her mouth & ruins the illusion of purity. ‘ honestly, i HATE driving here. it’s like these people got their licenses off of the BACK of a cereal box or decided that instead of wasting their brains at the beach, they wanted to try & travel somewhere. ‘ a scoff escaped from her pink lips. ‘ it’s enough to make me WANT to hit their cars to teach them a lesson. it’s not like they need to be driving ANYWAYS. ‘ 

Where I've been

I wrote my first story for in 2014. It was a Harry Potter-related fic: Get Busy Living. It was fun. The story practically wrote itself, it flowed so easily, and the comments were so addictive! I “met” some awesome people through my stories and theirs.

Then the trolls invaded

People can be hurtful, especially when they can remain anonymous. I’m under no illusion that my writing was amazing, but the hate that some people spewed under the guise of feedback … Wow.

I deleted my stories. I deleted my twitter. It was an impulse decision. I didn’t completely disappear. I still had an account on AO3, where I was in the process of writing an Avengers/Darcy Lewis story, and I uploaded my Harry Potter works on Granger Enchanted, but I stopped reading HP fanfiction. Yeah, the trolls ruined it for me. They won.

I do regret that I gave them that power.

I finished my final Avengers story earlier this year and left the country for a few months. That sounds dramatic. My leaving was not related to my online experience, but a need to shake up my life. I came back feeling more me than I had in a long time. So when I was asked through an AO3 comment if I’d upload my Harry Potter fanfics to AO3, as Granger Enchanted was defunct, I said yes.

It’s been fun revisiting those stories – and a bit painful. Get Busy Living, especially, was in dire need of editing. I’m not saying the evil commenters were right, but they weren’t wrong, either.

Still, they could’ve been nicer.

Long story short, I started this tumblr so I could say sorry for going dark. At the time, it was the only solution that made sense to me. And while I’m “back” in some regard, I don’t plan to dive into the fanfiction world with the same gusto and enthusiasm I had. Like I said, people are mean. My skin isn’t thick enough for some of the hate that’s spewed on the Internet. BUT, I do plan to upload my finished fics on AO3 so anyone who missed them can read them once more.

This may be the most self-centered thing I’ve ever written. Sorry.

Also, tumblr is confusing.