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What's your opinion on this robot harry?For me it's so annoying he can't even pretend to be excited for his own tour, his social media presence is such a turn off

Well I’m sort of digging myself a grave with this one, but since I haven’t seen a post I can fully agree with, here we go. Disclaimer, I actually study this at uni. I was the Social Media Manager for the planning and putting together of a fashion show, on all platforms. I just handed in last month a 6-months marketing plan that was based around social media promo. So I do have a bit of knowledge in this area. I am by no means an expert, but this is my future field of choice, so I like to think I’m at least educated.

The situation isn’t as black and white as people have put it so far. All I’ve seen is “he’s horrible at engaging with fans” and “he doesn’t own you shit so stop complaining”. The answer is a very big grey area in which Harry’s actual social media presence fits perfectly in my opinion. First of all, there’s two main templates we studied for marketing purposes this year, Gaynor Lea Greenwood’s promotion suggestions (2009) and Burcher (2013)’s Paid, Owned and Earned media concept. Long story short, the first one is your traditional marketing campaign and the second one relies more on social media and advertising on it. Now, I think Harry’s team went for the more traditional approach, and let me explain why.

Harry started distancing himself more and more from twitter and Instagram ever since the hiatus started.Even before, during OTRA and MITAM promo, most of his tweets were promo stuff, lyrics I’m not sure we fully understand even now, charity work, promoting friends or tweeting about holidays/important days or events. His fan interaction has been low for quite a while, and I’m honestly baffled people are acting like this is news. Looking through his Twitter in 2015, there are some tweets to fans, yes, but they’re very sparse.I counted about 12 in 5 months, most of them in September, when Perfect came out, and around the release of MITAM.His tweets were mostly thanks to fans for various awards and nominalisation, promoting the songs/album, some lyrics and, without fail, after every concert he tweeted a thank you for coming.

It felt more personal than what we have now (tho in all honesty, his tour hasn’t started yet and if we eliminate the OTRA tweets it’s already a different story), but Robot Harry has been a thing then, and people were riding along with it instead of condemning it to the extent they do now.But, the thing is, Harry didn’t have the entire burden of engaging with the fanbase like he has now.Louis, Niall and Liam always took turns in taking the lead in replying to fans and interacting with them, which allowed Harry to do his part and everyone was mostly happy.

And yet, I personally don’t feel this frustration many people feel. I think it’s quite interesting actually. A bold move that wouldn’t work for other artist whose career relies on people who live and breathe social media (maybe Beyonce or Adele, but they are in another league). I was very intrigued by Harry’s statement in the Behind the album video, in which he said that there was a time in his life when people knew everything about him, and he didn’t like it.He has been overexposed since 2012, his personal life splashed across tabloids, fake relationship or not.And now he disappeared for a year (and has been retreating into himself for at least 2) and he wrote this mysterious™ album, trying to see if people can listen and understand it without knowing much about the current him. In this context, having an album that surrounds itself in mystery and then doing 4 Q&As on twitter and 3 livestreams sends…extremely contradictory messages. I can, and will fault his team for presenting a dual image of Harry that sometimes makes 0 sense, for handling a lot of things so poorly, and for the entire Carolina mess, but I will say that his social media fits this old school mysterious rockstar image they’re showing of him. I also think his actual reason is very personal and very real, and I respect the fact that he didn’t compromise this choice he made for promo purposes.

His promo relied on more traditional channels. TV and radio appearances, print magazines, and most importantly, the secret gigs. Now, I’m sorry, but I felt entirely more connected to Harry running across London at 8AM in my pyjamas than by any twitter spree he’ll ever do. I never did this before. This reminded me of the stories my dad told me, of queuing up for days in front of the box office so he’d get the tickets when they went on sale. It was very old school and it worked for me. It was a phenomenal experience, something I will never forget. And he did this for us. All profits went to charity, he didn’t do this for money. And while I know this was for a few selected cities and a handful of lucky fans, it was intimate and it was special and I think everyone, regardless if they were there, or vicariously living through pics and videos, felt a connection to Harry. We got emotional on his behalf when he sang with his idol on stage 2 weeks later, you don’t do that for someone you have no connection to.

Now, the actual reason I’m happy with what we’ve got is that it is genuine from my POV. Liam is the perfect candidate for a comparison, since he also took a bit of a break from social media (not as heavy as Harry’s, but he definitely wasn’t as active as Louis or Niall) and his promo is as textbook as it gets. He slowly, but surely increased his activity since January, a few more tweets, a few more pics on Instagram.A big turning point was April when he posted 13 pics on Instagram, compared to 8 in March, 4 in February and 3 in January. His Twitter went through a similar process.Now, the moment he started posting more, I knew his music was gonna be out soon. It’s pure marketing. You start your campaign weeks before the actual launch, it’s only natural. Unless you want to drop it as a surprise, but that’s another discussion. Actually Harry did it too, with the TV ad, but that was ruined by the info getting leaked beforehand and everyone getting pissed off by that so whatevs. Now, Liam is going for the approachable celeb route. Streams, Instagram stories, snapchat, tweeting fans, loads of pics, videos with popular Youtubers. It’s nice and about as well handled as it gets (apart from that weird video release earlier than it should have been and Liam just generally being a bit…odd?off?idk how to explain it, but a lot of people feel the same way from what I’ve seen). It fits with the image Liam is going for, it aims at the right target audience. He’s not trying to enter a new market like Harry is. He’s consolidating his place in the current market from what I’ve seen (and I’ll admit I haven’t followed his promo as closely as Harry’s). Trying to imagine Harry doing this sort of promo doesn’t really work for me.

Niall has been present on and off social media ever since he came back from his trip last year. Literally, if I pull up the calendars people have been making each month, he doesn’t get more than a handful of days without doing something, so it’s unfair to compare him to the others, since he’s always around and posting and doing stuff.

Louis deserves a better team and I won’t have anyone uttering anything else in my presence, and yet somehow, despite Niall’s constant presence and Liam’s textbook engagement, I’ll never feel as connected to them as I feel to Louis. Louis’ tweets are the perfect mixture of absolutely adorable fan service (“our year” 😭😭) and some of the things he’s passionate about (tv shows, fashion, footie/sports). His promo for JHO was….I have no words for it and I’m gonna have a rage fit if I start thinking about it, but his overall persona is charming and endearing when he’s posting things himself. He created a real communication channel between us and him and he knows how to use it when he needs to send a message (warning selfies anyone?Only you?). There’s an actual analysis of Instagram stats that shows he’s the number 1 male account in engagement and overall likes and that doesn’t surprise me one bit. Louis is a smart businessman, he has a loyal fanbase who is here for him through thick and thin.

And on top of everything I said so far, none of them owe us anything outside the promo bubble. Apart from shoots, songs/albums/tours info and official announcements, they do not owe us anything. If they chose to share a picture from their home, that’s their personal space, and while it’s good for PR, amazingly good in a society that thrives from the feeling of knowing everything about everyone (like what’s your fave’s breakfast and how’s their cat is doing), it’s still a part they can choose to keep private and no one should be entitled to ask for more.

Have you seen Adele’s Instagram? It gives you this illusion of closeness to her, with make up free selfies, funny poses and landscape shots. Too bad literally everything is from touring and other official appearances right? There’s one picture of her home, and that’s to celebrate the end of the tour. Harry sort of did the same with the booklet pictures. He allowed you into his personal space in a controlled manner, just like Adele did. Only he did it in a different way. His promo is just different and you have to think a bit outside the box to see that he actually did a lot of things other artists do. Just a bit differently. Was it perfect?Fuck, no. Was it as bad as many people make it look like?Personally, I don’t think so. It was just different and people are entirely justified to see it as a good or a bad thing. I see it mostly as a good thing. Mostly.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day 5 - First Fight

I have to admit that I’m shocked and a little bit proud of myself for managing five fics for this week so far. Will I have one for tomorrow? Not sure. Anyhoo, here’s a little fight-let… hehe, I crack myself up. Thanking the radiant @mizjoely for looking it over for me. Rated T for a naughty word. Enjoy ~Lil~ (On a side note, apropos to nothing, I’ve been singing some Adele tonight and KILLING it!)

-Impractical About Death-

Molly Hooper sat curled up in the corner of John’s sofa, crying and breaking his heart just a little.

“I’m sure it’s not nearly as bad as it seems,” he said, trying to offer the woman some support.

Sniff. “I don’t know, John.” Sniff. “You didn’t see his face. I was awful.”


“It was my fault! Mine! Our first fight and I started it!”

Yes, that is slightly unbelievable. “Doesn’t matter who’s fault it is…”

Her head snapped up. “Of course it does! I’m buggering this all up. Me! Not Sherlock, me!”

John had watched the couple over the last five months, and he had also watched Molly slowly unraveling. He knew something was coming and that it probably wasn’t good. “Are you not happy?”

She shook her head. “No, it’s not that.”

“What is it then?”

A moment passed as she stared across the room. “I’m waiting.”

“On what?”

“The other shoe.”

He sighed. “You can’t do that Molly. It’s not fair. You knew exactly who he was when…”

“No, you misunderstand, John. I’m waiting not for him to fail. I’m… afraid.”

“Of what?”

She sat up on the edge of the sofa, her elbows on her knees and said, “I’ve always been a very practical person. Mum died when I was seven, my dad when I was twenty. I’m surrounded by death. Normally I…” She paused, wiping her face with her sleeve. “But I finally found someone that I don’t think I can live without.”

He reached for her, rubbing his hand across her back.

“I’ve seen the things he does, John, what lengths he’ll go through to solve a case. He puts himself in danger without a thought.” Turning her face she added, “I-I don’t th-think…”

At that moment the kitchen door burst open and Sherlock strode into the room. “Give us a moment, John,” he said, his eyes firmly planted on Molly.

John got up and left without a word.

Sherlock had heard the entire exchange. It was underhanded, even he knew that, but he was completely out of his depth and had no idea what had set Molly off that morning. So he went to the only person who could help him figure out his relationship.

He knew who was knocking on John’s door, so he asked his friend not to disclose his location as he stepped into the kitchen. Then he listened to her heartbreaking words.

It really was completely unlike Molly to pick a fight about dirty clothes left on the floor; clearly the heart of the problem was something much larger. As he stood just behind the door, listening to the woman he loved explain her fears to his best friend, Sherlock made a decision.

Sitting down next to his girlfriend of just a few months, Sherlock pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to her.

“Thank you,” she said in a small voice.

“Molly, do you want me to stop solving crimes?” he asked as she cleaned her face.

She looked up, horrified. “No! Of course not!”

“Then what do you propose we do about your anxiety over my mortality?”

With a defeated shake of her head she said, “There’s nothing we can do, Sherlock. I’m a neurotic mess. You’re not happy and I’m a wreck. I th-think it might be best if we… just forget this whole thing.” She smiled sadly. “We had some good times though, right?”

“You’re suggesting that we… break up?”

“What else is there?”

“Not giving up, for one thing!” He stood and paced across the room. He was more than a little shocked at her defeated attitude. “Molly… I’m… Yes, my job is dangerous. And yes, I tend to take unnecessary risks from time to time.”

Her eyebrow shot up as she folded her arms across her chest.

“Okay, I often take unnecessary risks. But it’s very unlike you to simply give up.”

Molly stood and crossed to him. “I watched you jump off a roof. I’ve seen you high off your arse five different times. I was the one in the back of that ambulance, Sherlock. I ran those tests. I visited you after Mary shot you. Then after you broke out of the hospital and nearly died again! I know what Smith did to you. I know that you were tortured whilst you were on your mission for Mycroft. I know everything! It plays like a fucking movie in my head.”

“What’s different now?” he asked calmly.


“What’s different, Molly?” She didn’t answer, so he continued, “You’ve always known those things and you’ve always loved me. So what’s different?”

He watched as her eyes filled with tears. Shaking her head she said, “I don’t… I don’t know. I really don’t.”

Sherlock smiled. “I do.” He put his hands on her shoulders, pulling her closer. “If I had died any of those times, you would have lost a friend, someone you cared for and even loved. And you would have mourned me. But now, you’d be losing a partner, a lover, your future…” He swallowed. “Well, we’re not quite there yet, but I think you get my meaning.”

She nodded. “How…”

“Because I fully understand. Losing you would break me, Molly.”

Burying her head in his chest, Molly sobbed, “I’m so sorry, Sherlock. The clothes don’t really bother me.”

He held her tight. “I know that, sweetheart.”

“You’re not a slob.”

“I sort of am.” He kissed the top of her head.

“Or an arsehole.”


She pulled away, looking him in the eyes. “Not to me, you’re not.” She looped her arms around his neck.

“That’s special treatment because I get to see you naked.”

Molly giggled and tugged his head closer. “Sorry I went a little nuts.”

“Are you kidding? You took the pressure off of me. I really thought I’d be the first one to screw up.”

Molly rolled her eyes then sobered. “I’ll try not to worry so much.”

“And I suppose I could be more careful. But I’m going to need more naked girlfriend to make up for missing out on all that danger.” Sherlock said with a huge smile before kissing his girl breathless.

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March 2017 in Numbers

How oh how is it April tomorrow? I still have a very clear moment in my memory from when I was a kid, and my mom saying “in the year 2000,″ and I was all like “no way, that’s the future!” And now here we are, well into the future

March flew by, as has 2017 so far. Here are some of the highlights for me from March 2017. 

16  ⇨ The number of times I worked out this month

Which, considering there were 31 days in March, means I worked out 51% of the days.  Truthfully it feels like way more than that (any day I go to CrossFit and/or a run is still a big, big, BIG deal, ha), but I’m still happy with this number (especially when I hardly worked our a mere few months ago).  I’m also really trying to focus on balance; by this I mean not go to the gym six or seven times a week, but rather something normal and consistent. For example I missed CrossFit last night to hangout with colleagues in town from Toronto, and as I type this I feel sick (cold) so I’m skipping it… balance! 

5 ⇨ The kilometers I ran this month (okay, so I went on one run, but it was a great run through downtown Detroit). 

I definitely had a holy crap I’m running through Detroit!!!!! moment on my run. It’s absolutely amazing the wonderful twists and turns life throws; WHO WOULD HAVE GUESS I’D EVER RUN THROUGH DETROIT?!

Here some bright n’ fun wall graffiti murals I saw on my run. 

6   ⇨The number of white roses I received. 

They’re pretty, eh? Along with this theme, and to throw another number into this post; 8. Eight is the number of dates I had with 1 guy.  I don’t really know what I’m doing or why, but it’s new and fun and for lack of a better way of saying it, a very adult “relationship.” (In quotes because hey oh, it’s not that serious yet.)  

I get dressed up in high heels and red lipstick, and we eat at beautiful restaurants, and walk around the Detroit Institute of Art. He brings me roses(!) and candy and cooks for me. He opens doors and kisses my forehead and holds my hand. It’s all very movie-ish right now; including me taking to my blog to write about it.  He’s a Doctor, which is interesting to hear about; both his everyday and the American health care system. 

I’m currently feeling very Sex and the City like though; dating at 32 and enjoying the city a lot! 

68 ⇨ The percent of income I saved 

68% is a bit misleading; I received a bonus this month for my rotation in Detroit, so my income is inflated this month. And to be transparent I get a lot of perks living in Detroit (car is paid for, allowance, etc.) so I advise to not compare your budget numbers to the ones below!  

Remember when I did that do-not-buy-things challenge for myself for the first month of January 2015? well I still think it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself; it completely broke my habit of buying clutter and things, and triggered my savings; I’d still highly recommend it.  

0 ⇨ the number of books I finished

Ughhhh. This was a bad reading month. I finished a book last month, and don’t have a new one; suggestions are welcome! 

5 ⇨ the number of Big Little Lies I watched (it’s, so, so good)

Have you watched it yet? Get, on, it.  It’s a short series (5 episodes total) with Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon and it’s binge TV heaven. 

2.4 ⇨ the number of pounds I lost

Boooohiss as 2.4 pounds seems very little for a month of eating really relatively well and working out. 

That being said, my clothes are fitting SO MUCH BETTER. So much so, let me add a self indulgent outfit collage below. I really need to start looking at the camera and/or not parting my hair to one side, but let’s ignore those two factors for a hot second, because I am feeling pret-ty good in my own skin lately.  My bum is looking great (for me) if I do say so myself (s.q.u.a.t.s.), and I took a nap in my jeans the other day. I repeat. I TOOK A NAP IN MY JEANS (#youknowyourelosingweightwhen).

3  ⇨ the age Lily turned in March

On March 14th, my beautiful niece, Lily, turned THREE! Obviously I headed back to Toronto to help her celebrate her ladybug themed birthday!  The night before my sister and I put together ladybug loot bags, and prepared everything for her big day.  She played with her friends, blew out her candles, opened presents, and celebrated the milestone with a consistent smile on her face. 

That evening her dad asked her, “Lily, what was your favourite part of today?” and she replied, “Seeing Olivia and Adele and Mason and Audrey and Auntie and Grandpa…” and the list went on! It was so cute. 

1,800 ⇨ the calories I aim to hit each month 

I hit over 55 days on My Fitness Pal counting calories. True, March wasn’t the most perfect month; I’d often start recording breakfast and lunch and then forget / not bother at dinner time, but still, I tried and didn’t drop off. As I type this I hope to stay consistent in the month of April. 

4 ⇨ the number of times I went to the Detroit Institute of Art

I’m not sure why I enjoy the D.I.A. so much or why I put so much effort into heading to their exhibits; but I absolutely love it! I live very close too, so sometimes I walk there and then stroll around for an hour or two, or sit in their cafe and listen to the harp man play.  It’s all very adulty of me, or at least I feel that, and a nudge to embrace the art in Toronto when I’m back, as I hardly ever went to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) downtown, or Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) when I lived really close to them too! 

8 ⇨ The number of new restaurants I went to this month

Okay, I actually have no idea how many new spots I went to in March, but I’ve been exploring the restaurants in Detroit, and have been so impressed.  Here’s the link to my Detroit Google Map (I’ve been to the red restaurants, and still want to go to the brown ones!)

213 ⇨ The days till Courtney’s wedding!

On the day of Lily’s birthday party I was triple booked! In the morning I zoomed to the west end of the city to meet the Bride-to-be Courtney, and her other beautiful bridesmaid to choose dresses!  

Here’s mine:

And with that, that’s a happy summary of my life in Detroit.  I started this post on April 30, and today it’s April 5, which shows how BUSY life has been! 

I’m slowly making friends and settling in and really enjoying the Detroit life. I’m still waiting to hear from work whether my stay here will continue on throughout the summer or not, but I’m really hoping it does; especially as I have so many Northern Michigan to-dos! We shall see :) 

Office Christmas Party (Steve x Reader) (Part 2/2)

A/N: I’m so tired. I hope you enjoy the last part! Here’s the link to part one! (x)

prompt: Steve and Reader are co-planners for the annual company Christmas party, just one problem, they completely HATE each other.

word count: 1506

Originally posted by mishasminions

“So, I guess, call me?” you muttered as you shoved a piece of paper with your cell phone number scrawled on it into Steve’s hands as he chuckled in reply, neatly folding it up and tucking it away in his coat pocket. The act made your blood boil in anger, as your frustration at your boss’ actions made you grumpy and annoyed.

“Totally not how I imagined getting your number,” he joked, shivering into his jacket subtly as the winter winds picked up. Many of your co-workers had left but the two of you decided to talk over coffee after Perry dismissed you. By talking over coffee, you meant the two of you passively aggressively texting your desk mates over the current situation and getting more frustrated when all they send back is four laughing emojis. Finally, you called it quits, deciding the coffee date was nothing more than a waste of time.

“I’m serious, Steve. You need to call me,” you glared, making him promise you silently as you attempted to intimidate him with you gaze. You could see he tried hard not to laugh as the corner of his lips twitched in reaction, the little hairs of his beard quivering as well.

In the end, he couldn’t help it as he busted in laughter, sticking his hands in his coat pocket as he bent down. “I’m sorry. It’s just, you’re just pretty cute when you’re trying to scary. I’ll call you (Y/N). Do you want me to call a cab for you?”

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a grand(e) kind of love

part 1: i got one less problem without you

Pairing: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin
Summary: College was built for hook-ups and one-night stands. Clarke never really had minded that, and besides, it was supposed to be a one-time thing with Bellamy, just to get him out of her system. The problem is, it was indeed only a one-time thing, and that fact bothers her more than she likes. The more time passes–and the further he gets from her–the more she wants him, and she has no damn idea what to do about it. { wc: ~2k | AO3 }

 Part of my Hands In, Aca-Bitches! series

Clarke shifted on the hard wooden floor of the small practice room, turning her head towards the other girls. Harper had her head on Monroe’s stomach, laughing as Monroe inflated and deflated her belly over and over again to jostle her. Octavia was sitting up, leaning against the piano. She and Caris–who was lying on the instrument’s bench–were arguing over which Taylor Swift album was the best one, and Fox was on her phone with her earphones in, knees propped up and foot jiggling to whatever beat she was listening to.

Niylah nudged Clarke’s foot. “We should get started, yeah?”

She smiled at her co-director. “Five more minutes?”

Rolling her eyes, Niylah started to unfold her crossed legs to stand. “Two minutes. Then get your ass off the floor.”

As soon as Niylah started shifting, however, the other girls started to move too. Drawn out of their own little worlds, they started to chat more, the whole group chiming in about the upcoming homecoming weekend. They be performing at a sampler for the visiting parents and alumni–along with the Waldentones and other campus a capella groups–and they needed to finish their centerpiece song soon. Otherwise, she’d never hear the end of it from Wells. Ever since freshman year, they had kept up a friendly competition of outperforming each other. Clarke wasn’t about to let her first performance as the Ark’n’Sass director fall flat.

“Alright, circle up,” she announced, hauling herself off the practice room floor. “We got some decisions to make.”

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Volume Control Part 2 - Requested (Luke)

A couple of people asks for this so here we go……..Part 1 if you haven't already read it, sorry if it crap, ive not wrote in what seems like forever, life is crazy at the minute!!!

‘No the end where they had the family, oh my god Luke’ you take a sigh ‘It was the cutest ending, I loved it’ you gush about the final Hunger Games which you and Luke had just been to see and both hadn’t stop talked about the whole walk home. You glance up noticing the smirk on his lips, causing your eyes to narrow in suspicion. ‘What? What’s that face?’ You asks, he licks his lips, shrugging as he bites his lip to stop the smirk, ‘What face?’ he asks innocently. ‘You’re a dick, tell me’ you whine, blocking the gate to your house so he couldn’t keep walking and he smile down at you, raising his eyebrows, you do the same in return, crossing your arms stubbornly.

‘I didn’t think a Clifford could be such a romantic’ he tells you with a smug smirk, you frown slightly, ‘Me?’ you notice your tone higher than usual at the judgement, grabbing your heart with your hand, ‘I’m…I’m not, I only thought it was cute’ you argue and he nods smirking still, ‘Stop, stop smirking, I’m not a romantic’ you tell him, pushing his chest slightly making him laugh as he raises his hands in surrender. ‘Okay, okay’ he smiles now as his eyes seem to be looking to your lips which you subconsciously lick before pulling your bottom one between your teeth.

‘You know, it wouldn’t be terrible if you were, it’d mean I could sp..’ as Luke spoke, his voice a breath-taking whisper now as his lips get closer, you want to take in a breathe but he is so close and you haven’t kissed yet. Your eyes fix on his piercing ones for a moment wondering how it will feel, you look up to find his eyes on your lips as he speaks so blue….so………

‘I GET IT MICHAEL!’ you jump slightly at the interruption, turning to see Calum closing your house door, you turn back to see Luke has stepped away, Calum now noticing you both and turn to smile, ‘Your brother is driving me crazy’ he huffs, walking towards the gate where you stand, ‘Need anything from the store?’ he asks unlocking the gate, you shake your head. ‘Ok, be back in a few’ he breaks off into a jog and you turn giving Luke a shy smile as you walk through the door, he looks lightly flustered which makes your heart jump as you enter the house.

‘Hey’ you smile stopping in the door way of the living room where Michael and Ashton are watching a movie, they both snap their heads towards you, Luke sliding past you to sit next to Ashton who gives his blond hair a ruffle. ‘How was the movie?’ Ashton asks looking to you, you nod with a smile, ‘Did you kiss? Where were your hands?’ Michael asks Luke, causing you to groan as Ashton laughs, Luke smirking. ‘Michael seriously? Like you have any right to ask that’ you give him a pointed look making both Luke and Ashton laugh out now. ‘Speaking of where is my wonderful best friend?’ you ask, leaning out of the living room you look towards the empty kitchen.

‘How would I know’ Michael grumbles shrugging, you look towards the smirking Ashton who shakes his head, ‘She’s in your room’ he tells you, you thank him before running upstairs.


Twenty Minutes and a whole lot of begging later you manage to get Cassidy down stairs and pounce on the sofa Calum is lying on, managing to snap his legs in before you jumped on them, he shakes his head as you laugh, Cassidy sitting next to you. You pull out your phone, opening up Facebook as Michael, Ashton and Luke are in discussion about who knows what, Calum on his phone texting.

‘Okay, what about Trevor?’ you look up to Cassidy as she gives you a disgusted look, ‘Trevor who was gonna ask you? No thanks’ she shakes her head, ‘Okay…oh oh oh’ you sit up excited seeing Adrian on your Facebook feed, ‘Adrian Johnson’ you suggest, you notice her face contort slightly, ‘What are you doing?’ Calum asks, putting his phone down, you shuffle further over to him, letting him see your phone. ‘Finding Cassidy a date to the dance’ you tell him, he nods approving of Adrian and you look to Cassidy, ‘He’s taking Quin’ she sighs.

‘Don’t you have a date?’ Calum asks, you notice her eyes widen ever so slightly as her crush speaks to her, ‘Would I be stalking Facebook like a creeper otherwise?’ she sasses making you smile as Calum chuckles. ‘I’d hope not’ he mutters making you smile ever more. ‘Who are you taking?’ you ask him, looking up. ‘Candice hopefully but I gotta ask her again’ he rolls his eyes.

‘Seriously…’ you pull a face, ‘What? What was that?’ he asks you noticing your contorted features, you force a shrug, ‘She’s just a bitch, who makes someone re-ask when they went to so much effort?’ you ask looking to Cassidy for support and she nods agreeing. ‘Who else can I take?’ He asks, you want to tell him not to be a fool and ask Cassidy but she would kill you and Ashton already has an answer. ‘What about Danni, she’s nice’ he offers, ‘Oh yeah, I bet she wouldn’t even want a big drama either’ you add, he nods, pulling out his phone again, ‘DON’T TEXT HER’ you yell, smacking his hands.

‘Ow…I was gonna ask her on a date you dick’ he moans picking his phone up that you knocked from his hands. ‘Oh’ you blush slightly laughing. ‘What about you Ash?’ You look to the eldest of you all and he smiles, ‘Kate Jenner’ he tells you, you coo ‘She’s so nice, why can’t all girls be that nice?’ you speak looking to Cassidy, ‘She asked if we wanna go shopping for a dress with her by the way….i guess that makes sense now’ Cassidy tell you making you smile, ‘I’ll text her later’ you nod and she smiles a little.

‘Luke wh….oh’ you feel an intense heat flush your face as the five laugh at you, a slight moment of blonde taking over, you close your eyes tight shaking your head, ‘I hate you guys’ you moan as they continue to laugh at you. ‘Michael?’ you look to your brother hoping to take the attention away slightly, ‘I erm..I asked Danka yesterday’ you hear a groan from your side and look to Cassidy, ‘Even Michael has a date, this is getting depressing’ you bite down a smile at the comment.

Since catching Michael and Cassidy making out on your sofa last week they have been even nastier to each other that usual, determined to prove it was a huge mistake, none of you are buying it but you leave them to it, they will sort themselves out eventually. ‘Maybe you’d have a date if you weren’t such an annoying bitch’ Michael snaps, you feel your jaw drop slightly snapping your head to your brother who is staring Cassidy down. ‘You’re a dick’ she growls pushing herself up and leaving the room.

‘Wow Michael, new fucking low’ you glare as you get up to go after her, ‘What? She started it!’ he yells after you, you storm back into the room grapping a pillow and roughly throwing it at him, ‘Don’t be an arse hole’ you growl.


‘Here you go’ you turn to Luke as he hands you a red cup filled with an orange liquid, ‘I’m pretty sure I took it from the only punch bowl Dylan Oscars hasn’t spiked yet’ he smiles, you take a sip and hum, ‘How responsible Lucas, you scared Michael might kick your ass if you take me home drunk?’ you tease, ‘No, no I’m terrified you mum will hang me by the nuts’ he tells you, eyes wide, you choke on your drink slightly laughing, Luke smiles as he rubs your back, ‘You good?; he checks when you stop coughing.

‘I’m sorry, the image is hilarious’ you splutter, ‘Please don’t, that is not how I want to you imagine me’ he moans making you smile, ‘You bought it up’ you shrug making him smile as he shakes his head, taking your hand in his, that shock wave of fire flashing through your skin at his touch, you smile up after taking in the sight of your hands locked together. ‘We should dance’ he tells you, leading you gently to the dance floor, rammed with couples and friends all swaying side to side, many singing the Adele tune terribly making you smile as Luke stops. You step closer to him, his hand gently holding your waist while the other brushed a strand of hair from your face, before placing that one of on your wait, you wrap your arms carefully around his neck, connecting your hands behind his neck, his slide round further as you step as close as possible. You find yourself playing with the bottom of his hair while you sway together.

‘I never would have thought I could do this with you’ Luke whispers in your ear, his head ducking down slightly to you. ‘Me neither’ you look up as he stands straight again. It’s happening, his lips coming to your level again, you feel your breath halt again, his hand traces down to the small of your back, while the other gently takes under your chin. You stumble to the side, Luke’s hands catching you and pulling you to his side, you see two figures that knocked you, in a deep…gross looking kiss, the guy waves a hand of apology as Luke laughs turning back to you, his hands taking his previous position, ‘Where were we?’ he sighs, moving in again, ‘Wait’ you press a hand to his chest, ‘Was that James Brown?’ you ask, looking to the couple, you see your right and your heart speeds up.

‘What the fuck’ you mutter, your eyes quickly scanning the room for your best friend, ‘Luke where’s Cassidy?’ you ask, he sighs shaking his head as he looks back at you. ‘I’m so sorry, I have to find her’ you apologise, turning to rush off, his hand grabs yours, you look back in a rush and he smiles, ‘I’ll help’ you nod as you both rush towards the exit to the corridor.

‘Where you two off in such a rush?’ Ashton chuckles as you crash into him, this hands on your shoulders to steady you, you step back, ‘James Brown is over there sucking Jessica Leech’s face off’ you growl, pissed off for Cassidy. ‘And?’ Calum asks from just behind Ashton. ‘He came with Cassidy’ Kate answers for you from next to Ashton, you smile to her.

‘We can help you find her’ she offers, you nod, ‘Thanks’ you notice Ashton nod and Calum rolls his eyes, ‘I guess I can help’ he places the two drinks he is holding onto the closest table and the five of you make your way to the corridor, you and Luke heading straight down while Ashton and Kate go left, Calum right. You check a couple classrooms before you hear Kate whisper shout behind you. ‘Come on’ she waves a hand, you frown to Luke but follow her anyway, noticing Calum running behind to catch up. ‘Shh’ she hushes him as you reach Ashton who is smirking, you frown further, Ashton nods to a room, you look through the square window on the classroom door and see your best friend pinned to the wall by Michael. You shake your head, turning with a grin.

‘I’m so sorry’ you apologize to the amused faces, they shake their heads, giving a quick wave before the three of them head back for the hall. You look to Luke but before you can speak his lips are on yours, your back hitting the wall next to you, his hands cupping your face, you take a moment to move your lips with his, taken aback slightly. He pulls away for a breath.

‘I wanted that to be less….well better but..’ he shakes his head. ‘It’s overdue’ you finish for him, smiling as you grab the back of his neck pulling him back in.

From Chelsea

Wreck & Ruin

“When I tell you….you’ll look at me differently. You’ll see me as wounded and I’m not. Not anymore. And I don’t want you to think of me like that. I’d like you to see me as a friend.”

Peeta Mellark has struggled with moving on from his childhood. Can he do it with peer counselor Katniss Everdeen? Modern AU. Rated E for language, adult content, emotional and physical child abuse, and disturbing violence toward a child.

Keep reading

When We Were Young - Adele (Calum Hood Imagine)

You had recently received an invitation from your old high school best friend to her wedding.

‘We haven’t spoken in god knows how long?’ you mumbled, questioning it. You shrugged it off, smiling to yourself. You were glad she was happy and found someone to spend the rest of her life with.

You grabbed a pen and quickly ticked yes, planning to attend as you slipped it back into the envelope, sitting it down, planning to post it later on.

Weeks had passed, and you were now smoothing down your red lace dress, which ended just above your knee. The wedding was starting in an hour or so, and the journey to the church was about a 15 minute drive. You had plenty of time. You grabbed your handbag, the wedding gift for your friend and slipped on your black heels. You got into your car and drove to the church.

The wedding was over within an hour and it was beautiful. You had sat in the back row of the church. Your friend looked stunning in her white, ball gown wedding dress. She looked so elegant and her hair was up in a bun, beautifully complemented by her veil. The newly wedded couple left the church and everyone followed along soon. You walked to your car, which wasn’t parked very far from the church thankfully.

You arrived at the reception an hour or two ago and all the speeches had been finished with and you had just devoured an amazing three course meal. You were sat with your old high school buddies, reminiscing on old times. 'Oh my god! Remember when Mr. Smith made us do those awful push ups?’ Rebecca exclaimed. Everyone nodded and agreed and laughed sharing memories. 'Anyone want another drink?’ you offered. They all shook their heads. You stood up from your seat to get a drink from the bar, when you were stopped by a voice. 'Y/N.’ 'Y/N L/N,’ the voice paused, and you turned around to face the familiar voice. 'I haven’t seen you since high school!’ you were faced with your old best friend, running towards you to pull you in for a hug. Though she struggled, as her dress kept interfering. 'Oh my god! Hey! Congratulations.’ you said, smiling and returning the hug. 'Aw thank you so much! How’ve you been?’ she replied chirpily. 'I’ve be-’ suddenly your smile faltered and you froze, looking at the bar. Was that..? No. It couldn’t be. The memories came flooding back.

- 4 years ago -

You and Calum were sat next to each others on the swings, swinging high, seeing who could go higher and listening to music from your phone. Suddenly your favourite song, 'Death Of A Bachelor.’ started to play. 'Oh my God, my song!’ you smiled. 'I bloody love Brendon Urie, man.’

'More than me?’ Calum pouted. 'Yes.’ You giggled. He gasped putting a hand over his heart, 'I’m hurt!’ You stuck out your tongue at him, when suddenly he stopped swinging and stood in front of you. You stopped as soon as he did so, afraid of hurting him. 'What’s the matter?’ you asked. 'Dance with me.’ He said. 'What?’ 'Dance with me,’ He grinned. 'You said it was your favourite song, so dance with me.’ You stood up and you slowly started to sway, your hands around his neck, and his on your hips. 'I want this to be my wedding song, I adore it.’ You mumbled into his neck. He hummed in response, enjoying the song and your company. Slowly he pulled away so you’d be facing him. You looked up in confusion, narrowing your eyebrows. Next of all he leaned down and kissed you passionately and pulled away. You looked up at him in shock. 'Y/N..I think I’m in love with you.’ He said, shocked at himself. 'Calum,’ 'mhm?’ 'I think I’m in love with you too.’ (A/N: Yes, I know DOAB didn’t exist four years ago, but we can always pretend ;)

You snapped out of your daydream.

Oh my god, Y/N reply! You screamed mentally. You cleared your throat, 'Sorry for that, I’ve been good, and yourself?’ She squealed, continuing on and on for what seemed like hours. No matter how hard you tried your focus was still focused on the boy at the bar. It couldn’t have been him. Could it?

’..and that’s it!’ she smiled. You smiled back at her and as she was about to speak, someone called her. She said goodbye to you, suggesting you both meet up soon for coffee, a catch-up and what not. You agreed, and just as she turned to walk away you grabbed her arm lightly, 'wait!’

'Yeah Y/N?’ She asked. ' wouldn’t happen to be..’ You scratched the back of your neck.

'Spit it out Y/N!’ she laughed.

'Is that Calum, Calum Hood at the bar?’ You said, breathing out.

'Yeah it is! How’d you know?’ she asked. 'And nobody told me..’ you muttered to yourself.

'I remember you used to have the biggest cru-’ 'No I didn’t,’ You snapped. She looked at you shocked.

'Sorry I snapped, We just have bad history. He 'left’ me on a bad note.’ You sighed.

'Oh I’m so sor-’ 'Its okay,’ you sadly smiled. It’s not your fault.’

Your friend was called over once again, 'I really have to go now Y/N. We’ll speak later!’ she sadly smiled pulling you in for one last hug, taking off running - struggling to do so, once again.

You had to speak to Calum and ask why he had lied to you, breaking your fragile heart

all those years ago.

You slowly walked towards the bar, your hands shaking. You stopped half way taking in his appearance. Woah, He was dressed in a black suit, looking as handsome as ever. Now you really thought you had the wrong person.

'One glass of Coke, please.’ You said, notifying the bartender, who was cleaning glasses.

He simply nodded his head in response. 'That’ll be 1.50 please.’ You left the money on the counter waiting for your drink. Now was the time you’d approach Calum.

'Calum Hood.’ You firmly said.

The boy across from the bar sipping on a glass of white wine, turned his head towards you, his eyes widening in shock.

You bit your lip, nearly about to start crying. 'Y/N L-L/N,’ he stuttered.

'It’s you..’ he whispered.

'You broke my heart 4 years ago, and I had to find out what really happened months later on my own. That was the worst part of it all.’

'I can explain.’ He said shakily. 'How could you possibly explain more than what Google has to offer about your band?’ you raised your eyebrows.

He sat there silently. 'You’re pathetic. Exactly how you were 4 years ago.’ You spat, grabbing your coke and walking away.

Suddenly he grabbed your arm, 'Don’t go.’ He said softly. 'Give me one reason why I shouldn’t.’ You sighed, yanking your arm away from his grasp. 'Because I’ve a lot more to offer than Google.’ He pleaded. You gave in and sat down, sipping on your coke.

'I’ll need a vodka after this,’ you said to the bartender, who nodded. 'And I don’t drink.’ you said glaring at Calum, who was nervously fidgeting with his fingers.

'Go ahead Calum, rip my heart out.’ You laughed bitterly.

'I didn’t want to hurt you,’ he blurted out. 'Pfft, yeah right.’ You argued back.

'I didn’t,’ He snarled, taking you by surprise.

'It’s easier to tell someone you love that you moved overseas rather than hey! I’m touring with the most famous band ever, One Direction and I’ve no idea when I’ll be back.

'You loved me?’ you said softly.

'Yeah, I kinda did.’ He chuckled. Did. 'If you loved me, why’d you let me go? Why couldn’t you have just told me the truth? I would’ve been happy for you Calum!’ you said on a verge of tears.

'No you wouldn’t,’ He sadly chuckled 'I know you inside out, Y/N.’

'I didn’t know when I’d be getting back Y/N! I didn’t know! Look at me now. I’m so busy, It would’ve broke your heart.’ He exclaimed. 'You lying to me already broke my heart.’ You spoke through gritted teeth.

'Y/N honestly, there’s nothing more I can say. All I can hope for is your forgiveness. My 16 year old heart didn’t know how to say it to you. I could never just come back after tour, because it would be confusing. I said I moved half way across the world and next of all I’m at your doorstep and leaving again. I made a huge mistake, but I can’t take that back. If I could I would. I would take back all the pain and sadness I caused you. I’d take back the tears when you found out I lied. I would take it all back..’ He said, looking you in the eyes, tears welling up his eyes.

You sat in silence, repeating his words over and over again until he spoke up.

'I was sad too you know? I remember the way it felt inside. I cried too. Missing you got so bad that I wouldn’t eat and I refused to speak to people. I remember the look you had and those eyes. Those damn eyes. The gleam in them was gone and it was all my fault. I’m just so sorry.’ He cried.

You sighed and thought about it for a moment. He was genuinely sorry.

'One more chance Hood, don’t blow it.’ 'Oh, thank you so much Y/N!’ he grinned, hugging you.

'Don’t push it, You still have four years of friendship to make up for.’

'I promise, I will.’ He smiled.

Suddenly a familiar song started to play.

Death Of A Bachelor. You smiled to yourself, humming along.

'Care to dance?’ Calum asked. 'I’d love to.’ You smiled. He grabbed your hand, escorting you to the dance floor.

You both started to sway, like old times. It was like Déjà vu.

'The literal lace in your dress tangles my neck.’ He snickered at his own joke.

You laughed and shook your head.

You both swayed gently, Calum twirling you the odd time.

'This reminds me of when we were young.’ You said into his neck.

'Yeah,’ he paused.

'I still remember kissing you.’ He chuckled.

'You were my first kiss.’ You blushed. 'No way! You were mine too!’

You smiled to yourself as you both just enjoyed the silence, and the vocals of Brendon.

'Y/N?’ he asked. 'Yeah?’ you said looking up at him.

'I never stopped loving you.’

'Honestly, deep down I never stopped loving you.’ You replied.

He beamed at you, not expecting that answer.

He suddenly kissed you out of nowhere and left you breathless. 'You could not kiss like that at 16 Calum Hood. Where the hell did you learn? He just simply smirked, laughing.

Death Of A Bachelor came to an end and now it was time to throw the bouquet.

'Can’t wait’ You rolled your eyes and untangled yourself from Calum. He laughed as you walked away.

You raised your hands, putting in no effort at all to catch it.

'3, 2, 1!’ and the bouquet was thrown.

Next of all you feel something in your hands.. You had caught the bouquet. You smiled and laughed awkwardly not really knowing what to do. Everyone looked at you and smiled, some were really disappointed they didn’t catch it.

You walked back to Calum waving the bouquet in the air. 'Woo!’ you said sarcastically. 'You’re gonna get married soon how great is that? Now you can have Death Of A Bachelor at your wedding!’

'Very funny. I can’t believe you remember that.’ You put your hands to your face in embarrassment and rolled your eyes. 'I’m serious! and I always thought I’d marry you.’ He winked, bursting out laughing.

You started to laugh. The remainder of your night was spent speaking to Calum and getting to know him.

He was a really great guy, he’d never changed and if it wasn’t for your friend you wouldn’t have been reunited with him. And if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have been the man you happened to marry years later.