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Star Butterfly birthday

This just came to me while I was sleeping. Remember how Adam and Daron (well, Marco and Star fan 13) they said her birthday is Stump day. Well, look who’s guest starring Monday: Patrick Stump. This can’t be a coincidence. So, what can this mean? We all know how Princess stories go: gotta find a future king by certain age, blah blah blah. Could this be where Star is headed? Here’s a scenario: Star is turning 15 and must return to Mewni and must preform something to prove she is either coming along with her training by doing a princess song (hence the Stump day thing) or must get married. This doesn’t sit well with either Star or Marco: they would have to leave each other. As we all know it would break up what essentially makes one person because their personalities complete each other. This leads star to saying to herself “time to get a little awkward” and our two heroes talk to each other. Synopsis, synopsis, synopsis… They admit their feelings for each other at the end of the season, become official Starco. Anyway, what do you think? Do you think this could be possible or do you think something else may happen?

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