no this is patrick stump

i was texting someone and i didn’t look at what i was typing so i accidentally said “fall lit boy” instead of “fall out boy” and my sleep deprived, hopped up brain took that typo and fuckin sprinted

i’m not even remotely sorry


Young and Menace (Piano Version)- Fall Out Boy Mania Tour in Cleveland 10-20-17

👏🏼 GUYS👏🏼 THE👏🏼SHOW👏🏼WAS👏🏼SO👏🏼DAMN👏🏼GOOD👏🏼!!!!!!!

I’ll be posting lots of thoughts and videos and such tomorrow, but for tonight:

-“For the next 90 minutes you’re ours” 🖤

-“This show is definitely what you call medium”

-Joe was AMAZING

-Pete was AMAZING

-Andy was AMAZING (also, hello muscles!?!!)

-Patrick was PERFECT

-“Last of the real ones/Y&M/Champion” live was everything I’ve ever needed in my life



Save Rock And Roll- Fall Out Boy Mania Tour in Cleveland 10-20-17

Inktober Day #23 - Pretty In Punk

“April 29th, 1986. Glenview, Illinois.

“If you’re gonna kick my ass,” Patrick snarls, “just fucking do it, pussy.”

Shirtless laughs.

It’s not a pretty laugh - it’s brash and sharp and jolts through Patrick - but it’s genuine and warm, it twinkles up into his eyes and creases their corners, stretches his lips into a wide grin as his mohawk wilts and flops down onto his brow. His free hand cups Patrick’s cheek, pinching soft flesh between fingers tipped with black-painted nails, “Oh man, you’re cute as shit. Chris,” he addresses the dickweed that hauled Patrick through the club, “can we keep him? I’ll name him Baby P and I swear I’ll walk him every day.”

Featured today are Patrick and Pete from @sn1tchesandtalkers fanfic “Pretty In Punk”, which you should all go check out now and fall in love with Baby P like I did!


Saturday- Fall Out Boy Mania Tour in Cleveland 10-20-17